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Asian American

Asian Americans are Americans of Asian descent. The most commonly used definition of Asian American is the U.S. Census Bureau definition of Asian, which includes individuals of East Asian, South Asian, and Southeast Asian origin. The term Asian American was used informally by activists in the 1 !"s who sought an alternative to the term Oriental, arguing that the latter was derogatory and colonialist. #ormal usage was introduced by academics in the early 1 $"s, notably by historian %u&i 'chio(a, who is credited with )o)ulari*ing the term. Today, Asian American is the acce)ted term for most formal )ur)oses, such as government and academic research, although it is often shortened to Asian in common usage. As with other racial and ethnicity based terms, formal and common usage have changed mar(edly through the short history of this term. The most significant change occurred when the +art,Celler Act of 1 !- eliminated highly restrictive .national origins. /uotas, designed, among other things, to restrict immigration of those of Asian racial bac(ground.0!1 The new system, based on s(ills and family connections to U.S. residents, enabled significant immigration from every nation in Asia, which led to dramatic and ongoing changes in the Asian American )o)ulation. As a result of these )o)ulation changes, the formal and common understandings of what defines Asian American have e2)anded to include more of the )eo)les with ancestry from various )arts of Asia. Because of their more recent immigration, new Asian immigrants also have had different educational, economic and other characteristics than early 3"th century immigrants. They also tend to have different em)loyment and settlement )atterns in the United States. As of 3""4, Asian Americans had the highest educational attainment level and median household income of any racial demogra)hic in the country, and the highest median )ersonal income overall.0$1041


The most commonly used definition of Asian American is the US Census Bureau definition of Asian,051 chiefly because the Census definitions determine many government classifications, notably for e/ual o))ortunity )rograms and measurements. 6eo)le with origins in the #ar East, Southeast Asia and the 'ndian Subcontinent are included in the Census definition of Asia.0 1 The use of a se)arate .Asian. category in the Census is a recent addition, beginning in 1 ". Since then, the Census definitions have varied. The 3""" census divided the Asian/Pacific Islander grou) and created Pacific Islander ethnicities as a se)arate category. 'n the 72ford English 8ictionary, .Asian )erson. in the United States is sometimes thought of as a )erson of East Asian descent.01"1 'n vernacular .Asian. is often used to refer to those of East Asian descent or anyone else of Asian descent with e)icanthic eyefolds.01110131 This lags behind the US government definition0510191 and general usage in many )arts of the US and many consider those of East, South or Southeast Asian descent with or without e)icanthic

eyefolds to be .Asian..015101-1 'n the US Census, )eo)le who originate from the original )eo)les of the East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia are classified as )art of the Asian race: while )eo)les from Siberia, Central Asia, and ;estern Asia are classified as .;hite..01!1 Before 1 4", Census forms listed )articular Asian ancestries as se)arate grou)s, along with White and Black or Negro.01$1 Asian Americans had also been classified as .other..0141 The 1 4" census mar(ed the first classification of Asians as a large grou), combining several individual ancestry grou)s into .Asian or 6acific 'slander.. By the 1 " census, Asian or Pacific Islander (API) was included as an e2)licit category, although res)ondents had to select one )articular ancestry.01 103"1 'n the 3""" census, )eo)le re)orting <iddle Eastern ancestry but not re)orting race are )resumed to be in the white race category rather than Asian.0 1 The definition of Asian American has variations that derive from the use of the word American in different conte2ts. 'mmigration status, citi*enshi) =by birthright and by naturali*ation>, acculturation, and language ability are some variables that are used to define American for various )ur)oses and may vary in formal and everyday usage.0311 #or e2am)le, restricting American to include only U.S. citi*ens conflicts with discussions of Asian American businesses, which generally refer both to citi*en and non,citi*en owners.0331 'n a recent 6BS interview, a )anel of Asian American writers discussed how some grou)s include )eo)le from the <iddle East in the Asian American category.0391 Asian American author Stewart '(eda has noted, .The definition of ?Asian American@ also fre/uently de)ends on whoAs as(ing, whoAs defining, in what conte2t, and why... the )ossible definitions of .Asian,6acific American. are many, com)le2, and shifting... some scholars in Asian American Studies conferences suggest that Bussians, 'ranians, and 'sraelis all might fit the fieldAs sub&ect of study..0351

'n 1$!9, #ili)inos established the small settlement of Saint <alo, Couisiana, after fleeing mistreatment aboard S)anish shi)s.0531 Since there were no #ili)ino women with them, the <anilamen, as they were (nown, married Ca&un and Dative American women = miscegenation >.0591 Chinese sailors first came to +awaii in 1$$4,055105-1 the same year that Ca)tain Eames Coo( came u)on the island. <any settled and married +awaiian women. Some 'sland,born Chinese can claim to be $th generation. <ost Chinese, Forean and Ea)anese immigrants in +awaii arrived in the 1 th century as laborers to wor( on sugar )lantations. Cater, #ili)inos also came to wor( as laborers, attracted by the &ob o))ortunities, although they were limited.05!105$1 Dumerous Chinese and Ea)anese began immigrating to the U.S. in the mid,1 th century for wor(, because of )oor economic conditions in their home nations. <any of the immigrants wor(ed as laborers on the transcontinental railroad. Although the absolute numbers of Asian immigrants in the late 1 th century were small com)ared to that from other regions, much of it was concentrated in the ;est, and the increase caused some Americans to fear the change re)resented by the growing number of Asians. This fear was referred to as the .yellow )eril..

The United States )assed laws such as Asian E2clusion Act and Chinese E2clusion Act to shar)ly restrict Asian immigration.0541

Arts and entertainment

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'.<. 6ei, world,renowned architect. [edit] Art Sueo Serisawa hel)ed establish the California 'm)ressionist style of )ainting. Eim Cee is considered to be one of the most )o)ular comic boo( artists and is one of the founders of 'mage Comics. Adrian TomineHs cartoons are featured in The Dew %or(er. Cos Angeles, based artists Eames Eean and 8avid Choe have received domestic and international recognition within the Cowbrow art scene. [edit] Architecture Asian Americans have designed notable wor(s of architecture, such as the Couvre 6yramid and East ;ing of the Dational Iallery, designed by the worldwide famous architect '. <. 6ei, the ;orld Trade Center, designed by <inoru %amasa(i, and the Jietnam Jeterans <emorial and Civil Bights <emorial =1 4 > designed by <aya Cin. 'n commercial architecture, Iyo 7bata, a founding )artner of +7F, designed the Dational Air and S)ace <useum in ;ashington 8.C. and the Tai)ei ;orld Trade Center. #a*lur Bahman Fhan designed the Eohn +ancoc( Center and the ;illis Tower =formerly Sears Tower>. [edit] Entertainment Asian Americans have been involved in the entertainment industry since the first half of the 1 th century, when Chang and Eng Bun(er =the original .Siamese Twins.> became naturali*ed citi*ens. Through much of the 3"th century, there were few acting roles in television, cinema, and theater for Asian Americans, and many of the available roles were for narrow, stereoty)ical characters. Early Asian American actors such as Sessue +aya(awa, Anna <ay ;ong, and Bruce Cee encountered a movie,ma(ing culture that wanted to ty)ecast them. Cee abandoned +ollywood and achieved worldwide fame in +ong Fong. 'n 1 !-, a grou) of actors formed East ;est 6layers =E;6>, to )rovide Asian American actors

greater o))ortunity to )erform in leading roles. Several other Asian American theater com)anies were formed in other cities, )roviding similar outlets there. <ore recently, young Asian American comedians and film,ma(ers have found an outlet on %outube, allowing them to gain a strong and loyal fanbase among their fellow Asian Americans. Dotable %outubers include comedians such as Fevin ;u, and Christine Iambito: musicians such as 8avid Choi and Fina Irannis: and the film,ma(ing grou) ;ong #u 6roductions. They have gained notable followings, mainly with young Asian American students, through solo and collaborative videos, short films and tours.
[edit] Theater

<ain articleG Asian American theatre Flower Drum ong is based on the San #rancisco nightclub #orbidden City. Bodgers and +ammerstein ada)ted it into a musical that was )roduced on Broadway in 1 -4 and on film in 1 !1. Cargely remembered for the hit song .' En&oy Being A Iirl., it would not be )roduced with an all,Asian,American cast until a 3""3 Broadway revival. 'n 1 44, 6laywright 8avid +enry +wangHs Broadway hit !" Butterfl# won a Tony Award for Best 6lay, among other awards. Benowned singer and actress Cea Salonga is active in Broadway. <argaret Cho won the American Comedy Award for Best #emale Comedian in 1 5. Comedian Byron %eeHs show .6a)er Son. was awarded .7utstanding Solo Show. at the Dew %or( 'nternational #ringe #estival.
[edit] Film

Ang Cee, director <iyoshi Ume(i won the Academy Award for Best Su))orting Actress in 1 -$ for a#onara" +aing Dgor won the Academy Award for Best Su))orting Actor in 1 4- for $he %illing Fields. Cucy Ciu was one of the lead actresses in the )o)ular CharlieHs Angels movie series.

Cucy Ciu, television and film actress <. Dight Shyamalan has directed a number of movies, including igns, $he &illage, 'n(reaka(le, and the Academy Award,nominated $he i)th ense. <ira Dair has acclaimed movies li(e alaam Bom(a#, !onsoon Wedding and $he Namesake to her credit. Ang Cee is the world,renowned director of the critically acclaimed Broke(ack !ountain, *at Drink !an Woman, ense and ensi(ilit#, +rouching $iger, -idden Dragon. 8irector Eustin Cin brought attention to the e2)eriences of Asian Americans through his movie Better .uck $omorrow, which included an almost e2clusively Asian,American cast. +e also directed $he Fast and the Furious/ $ok#o Drift, its )re/uel Fast 0 Furious and the u)coming Fast Fi1e. Eohn ;oo is famous for directing such films as !ission/ Im2ossi(le 3, Windtalkers, and Pa#check. Cou 8iamond 6hilli)s had leading roles in several motion )ictures including %oung Iuns, Stand by <e, and E2treme 6re&udice. Shin Foyamada became best (nown to audience after his co,starring role ?Dobutada@ in ;arner Bros. 6ictures Action e)ic $he .ast amurai, starring Tom Cruise and starred in .;endy ;uG +omecoming ;arrior. with Brenda Song. Eohn Cho, a Forea,born American actor, famously )ortrayed +i(aru Sulu in the Star Tre( reboot, as well as a))earing in the )rimary American Pie series and the -arold 0 %umar series along with 'ndian American actor Fal 6enn. <ing,Da ;en was the leading actress in 4o# .uck +lu( and the voice actress for the leading role <ulan #a in !ulan. Cary,+iroyu(i Tagawa fre/uently fills film roles that re/uire an Asian American star and has an e2tensive film and television a))earance history. ;hile often )ortrayed as a villian, such as the soul,stealing sorcerer Shang Tsung in the film ada)tation of the video game <ortal Fombat, he was interviewed in the documentary The Slanted Screen =3""!>, directed by Eeff Adachi, about the re)resentation of Asian and Asian,American men in +ollywood. The international star Eoan Chen =Chong Chen> was featured in numerous films from China, the USA, Australia, and some other countries. She won /uite a number of awards for her acting.

<a&or films have been based on Asian American novels, such as Ehum)a CahiriHs $he Namesake =3""$> and Amy TanHs $he 4o# .uck +lu(. 7thers have been created on stories about Asian American communities. ;ah Chang was the designer for many of the )ro)s on the Star Tre( series as well as The Time <achine, which received an Academy Award for s)ecial effects. 8arren Criss is a half,#ili)ino actor who recently gained fame through the viral hit A &er# Potter !usical and the )o)ular TJ show 5lee.
[edit] Television

<argaret Cho, comedienne Ieorge Ta(ei and 6at <orita became well,(nown from su))orting roles in tar $rek and -a22# Da#s, two of the best,(nown series of the 1 !"s and 1 $"s. 7ther Asian Americans who a))eared on the small,screen during this time )eriod include Eac( Soo of &alentine6s Da# and Barne# !iller, and Bruce Cee on the 5reen -ornet. 'n 1 $!, <orita starred in <r. T and Tina, which was the first American sitcom centered on a )erson of Asian descent. <argaret Cho, stand,u) comedian and actress, had a leading role in her own TJ comedy series All American 5irl in the 1 "s. +er character was a Forean,American =as Cho is>, who struggled with her family and cultural issues in San #rancisco. The show included other Asian,American actors such as Amy +ill, who starred in TJ and movie roles throughout her life. +ill )layed ChoHs grandmother. 8es)ite being a brea(through in )rime,time television, All American 5irl show was cancelled in two seasons due to low ratings. After the show ended its unsuccessful run, due to the way it was handled and the things that were forced on <argaret Cho to conform to try and ma(e the show a success caused a huge brea( and disa))ointment in her that it led to her becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol. Although as of =As of 3"" > <argaret has sinced gained new )o)ularity and success from her new show Dro2 Dead Di1a. 7livia <unn, actress, model, and television )ersonality is best (nown as being co,host on I5Hs Attac( of the ShowK, and is now being recogni*ed as an actress, having big,screen roles in movies such as 'ron <an 3. Comedian Eohnny %une made many a))earances on the .Tonight Show. in the late $"Hs. The late Thuy Trang is )robably a familiar face to many children and young adults for her role as

Trini Fwan, the original yellow ranger, in the hit youth television show <ighty <or)hin 6ower Bangers. SuChin 6a( was a news corres)ondent fre/uently seen on <TJ news and is now the host of I ;ord for 6lanet Ireen. Cucy Ciu had a big )art in the All# !cBeal TJ show from 1 4 to 3""3 before going on to lead roles in feature films. 8aniel 8ae Fim and Sendhil Bamamurthy have achieved some recognition as se2 symbols from their res)ective roles on .ost and -eroes as has Eon Iosselin from the reality show 4on and %ate Plus 7: B. 8. ;ong currently stars on .aw 0 Order/ &' after being featured in the critically acclaimed series O8. Brenda Song is a Thai,+mong American actress. Fnown to younger audiences for starring in several 8isney Channel )roductions including $he uite .ife Of 9ack and +od#, Wend# Wu/ -omecoming Warrior : and 3, tuck in the u(ur(s and most recently =As of 3"" > $he uite .ife on Deck. Both <ar(,6aul Iosselaar and Eennie Fwan in the )ast were both )o)ularly (nown to the Teen and Children Audience for their roles on television series a1ed (# the Bell and +alifornia Dreams res)ectively both aimed at youth in the 1 "s. Ceyna Dguyen a news anchor, is also heavily )ortrayed in news anchor roles in ma&or television shows and movies. Some e2am)les include Boston Cegal, Without a $race, .as &egas, $wo and a -alf !en and Austin Powers in 5oldmem(er.0-31 6arminder Dagra =actually British> is one of the lead actresses in the medical drama Television series *;: )receded on the series by <ing,Da who herself also starred in other successful TJ shows such as targate 'ni1erse and As the World $urns. Bei(o Aylesworth was )art of the cast of the critically acclaimed hit TJ series 35. Fal 6enn was one of the lead actors in medical drama +ouse. +e was one 8r. +ouseHs four fellows. Fir( Acevedo was a lead actor on various TJ shows and was (nown for his regular roles on )o)ular television shows such as O9, .aw 0 Order/ $rial (# 4ur#, and Fringe. Curt A)duhan is a DATAS DewsL8ocumentary Cinematogra)hy Emmy awarded cinematogra)her for the Sundance Channel =United States> feature documentary Amargosa. Tila Te/uila is the star of the <TJ show A Shot at Cove with Tila Te/uila. <asi 7(a and Eames Fyson Cee are two lead Asian actors that are on the )o)ular TJ Series +eroes. <asi 7(a is also the only lead actor on the show to be nominated for either an Emmy or Iolden Ilobe Award. Becently =As of 3"" > the hit U.S. TJ series Survivor created teams along racial lines during SurvivorG Coo( 'slands. 6eo)le of East and Southeast Asian ancestry com)osed the Asian American tribe.0-91 Asian American %ul Fwon won the season.
[edit] Music

%o,%o <a, world renowned cellist

Dorah Eones, an 'ndian American Irammy Award winning singer, songwriter, )ianist, (eyboardist, guitarist, and actress. Cellist %o,%o <a has )erformed internationally and made new recordings of world music, as in $he ilk ;oad Pro<ect. The classical violinists Sarah Chang and <idori IotM have each been awarded the )restigious Avery #isher 6ri*e, as has <a. The com)oser Bright Chang has received e2tensive recognition for his wor(, including being invited to be com)oser,in, residence at the Dew %or( City Ballet. Tan 8un is a contem)orary classical com)oser, well (nown for his Irammy and 7scar,award winning scores for the movies Crouching Tiger, +idden 8ragon and +ero. 'n )o)ular music, Amerie is a notable BNB singer, as is De,%o and Cassie. Utada +i(aru is a world,famous )o) artist, with two songs in the Fingdom +earts video games, as is Cea Salonga who has )erformed for three U.S. )residents. Janessa +udgens and Dicole Scher*inger are also well,(nown recording artists. Tony Fanal is the bassist for the )o)ular roc( band Do 8oubt. Eames 'ha is best,(nown as guitarist with The Smashing 6um)(ins. Eoey Santiago is the lead guitarist for the 6i2ies, while Fir( +ammett is the lead guitaritst for <etallica. <i(e Shinoda and Eose)h +ahn are members of the ra) roc( band Cin(in 6ar(. Fenny Choi is the lead singer and guitarist of the indie roc( band 8a)hne Coves 8erby, as well as his solo )ro&ects. 'n hi),ho), A) is a member of The Blac( Eyed 6eas. A colorful video by ra))er Ein s)iraled him to fame in 3""9. Ceehom ;ang is a well,(nown musician in mainland China and Taiwan, and also )layed a )art in Ang CeeHs 3""$ film .ust, +aution. 'n the heavy metal genre, A&a Fim, has achieved notoriety as lead vocalist in the role of Bruce HCeeH Chic(inson for the tribute band, The 'ron <aidens. 'n 7ctober 3"1", #ar East <ovement became the first Asian,American band to brea( into the To) 1" of the Billboard +ot 1"" with their single .Ci(e a I!., which eventually reached O1. Also in 3"1" and 3"11, half,#ili)ino singer,songwriter Bruno <ars bro(e into the To) 1" with his singles .Eust the ;ay %ou Are. and .Irenade..0-510--1

Singer,songwriter 8awn Piana <oon is noted as the first American to fuse her traditional Chinese roots with ;estern fol(, )o), and &a**. 8on +o was a Irammy Award winning +awaiian )o) singer and entertainer. Tia Carrere is a +awaiian singer and actress. Singer songwriter Dorah Eones is also very successful. ;hile Dadia Ali is one of the most successful female Electronic dance music N Trance singer and musician. #ormer member of the band ii7, whose 3""1 hit .Ba)ture. reached O3 on the UF Singles chart. [edit] Literature 'n literature, Asian American writers have received numerous awards. <a2ine +ong Fingston won the Dational Boo( Critics Circle award in 1 $! for her memoir Woman Warrior. Bharati <u(her&ee won the Dational Boo( Critics Circle Award in 1 44 for her short story collection $he !iddleman and Other tories. Chang,Bae,Cee received the +emingway #oundationL6ED Award for his novel Nati1e 2eaker =1 ->. +e has since written .A Iesture Cife. and .Aloft.. Amy Tan has received )o)ular acclaim for her wor(. +a Ein won a handful of awards including the Dational Boo( Award, 6ushcart 6ri*es, a Fenyon Beview 6ri*e, the #lannery 7HConnor Award for Short #iction, the 6EDL+emingway Award, and the 6EDL#aul(ner Award, and he was a finalist for the 6ulit*er 6ri*e. Ehum)a Cahiri won the 3""" 6ulit*er 6ri*e for #iction for her short story collection $he Inter2reter of !aladies. Firan 8esai won the <an Boo(er 6ri*e =3""!> and Dational Boo( Critics Circle Award =3""!> for her second novel $he Inheritance of .oss. +er mother Anita 8esai was nominated for ma&or awards for her novels. Daomi +irahara won a 3""$ Edgar Award for her novel nakeskin hamisen. Eessica +agedorn won a 1 " American Boo( Award for her novel Dogeaters. [edit] Fashion design <any Asian Americans have also )enetrated in the fashion world with <oni/ue ChuillierHs dresses )arading on the +ollywood red car)et and Chloe 8ao winning Pro<ect ;unwa#. At the #ashion 'nstitute of Technology, 39 )ercent of the nearly 1,3"" students now enrolled are either Asian or Asian,American.0-!1 Jera ;ang and Anna Sui have been highly accom)lished and rewarded fashion designers for years. 7ther designers include 6hilli) Cim, 3""! C#8A Emerging Talent Award ;inner 8oo,Bi Chung, and 3""- ;inner 8ere( Cam.

[edit] Business
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Co,founder of %ahooK Eerry %ang ;hen Asian Americans were largely e2cluded from labor mar(ets in the 1 th century, they started their own businesses. They have started convenience and grocery stores, )rofessional offices such as medical and law )ractices, laundries, restaurants, beauty,related ventures, hi, tech com)anies, and many other (inds of enter)rises, becoming very successful and influential in American society. They have dramatically e2)anded their involvement across the American economy. Asian Americans have been dis)ro)ortionately successful in the hi, tech sectors of CaliforniaHs Silicon Jalley, as evidenced by the Ioldsea 1"" Com)ilation of AmericaHs <ost Successful Asian Entre)reneurs.0-$1 Com)ared to their )o)ulation base, Asian Americans today are well re)resented in the )rofessional sector and tend to earn higher wages.0-41 The Ioldsea com)ilation of Dotable Asian American 6rofessionals show that many have come to occu)y high )ositions at leading U.S. cor)orations, including a sur)rising number as Chief <ar(eting 7fficers.0- 1 Asian Americans have made ma&or contributions to the American economy. #ashion designer and mogul Jera ;ang, who is famous for designing dresses for high,)rofile celebrities, started a clothing com)any, named after herself, which now offers a broad range of lu2ury fashion )roducts. An ;ang founded ;ang Caboratories in Eune 1 -1. Amar Bose founded the Bose Cor)oration in 1 !5. Charles ;ang founded Com)uter Associates, later became its CE7 and chairman. Een,+sun +uang co,founded the DJ'8'A cor)oration in 1 9. Eerry %ang co,founded %ahooK 'nc. in 1 5 and became its CE7 later. Andrea Eung serves as Chairman and CE7 of Avon 6roducts. Jinod Fhosla was a founding CE7 of Sun <icrosystems and is a general )artner of the )rominent venture ca)ital firm Fleiner 6er(ins Caufield N Byers. Steve Chen and Eawed Farim were co,creators of %ouTube, and were beneficiaries of IoogleHs Q1.!- billion ac/uisition of that com)any in 3""!. 'n addition to contributing greatly to other fields, Asian Americans have made considerable contributions in science and technology in the United States, in such )rominent innovative BN8 regions as Silicon Jalley and The Triangle.

[edit] !overnment and politics

[edit] "tate government

Bobby Eindal, current Iovernor of Couisiana Ieorge Ariyoshi, who served as the Iovernor of +awaii from 1 $5 to 1 4!, was the first American of Asian descent to be elected governor of a state of the United States. +e continues to hold the record as the longest,serving state governor in +awaii. Ben&amin Eerome .Ben. Cayetano =born Dovember 15, 1 9 > served as the fifth Iovernor of the State of +awaii from 1 5 to 3""3. +e is the first #ili)ino American to serve as a state governor in the United States. 'n 1 ! Iary Coc(e was elected governor of the state of ;ashington, becoming the first Chinese American to be elected governor in United States history and the first Asian American governor on the mainland. Coc(e served as governor from 1 $,3""-. Bobby Eindal served in various e2ecutive )ositions in Couisiana and the U.S. 8e)artment of +ealth and +uman Services before being elected to the Congress in 3""5, and finally winning the Couisiana gubernatorial elections in 3""$ =thereby becoming the first non,white governor of Couisiana since Beconstruction>, the first elected 'ndian American governor in U.S. history, as well as the second Asian American governor to serve in the continental United States. Bavi Sandill was elected to be the first 'ndian,American &udge in the state of Te2as in Dovember 3""4. Sandill won the 13$th &udicial district court in +ouston and defeated incumbent Eudge Sharlyn ;ood.0citation needed1 Di((i +aley is the 11!th and current Iovernor of South Carolina. +aley )reviously re)resented Ce2ington County in the South Carolina +ouse of Be)resentatives from 3""- to 3"1".0!"1 She is the second elected 'ndian American governor in U.S. history, as well as the third Asian American governor to serve in the continental United States. [edit] #ongress

Senator 'nouye of +awaii is the 6resident )ro tem)ore of the United States Senate and the highest ran(ing Asian American in congressional history. See alsoG Cist of Asian 6acific Americans in the United States Congress and <embers of the 111th United States CongressOAsian and 6acific 'slander Americans Asian Americans have a high level of )olitical incor)oration in terms of their actual voting )o)ulation. +owever, as a result of this grou)Hs historically low voting rates, overall )olitical incor)oration of the general )o)ulation is relatively low. Although the )o)ulation of this grou) has increased in si*e by !""R in 9" years due to immigration, heavy naturali*ation and voter outreach efforts have )rovided this )rimarily foreign,born community with less than 1R of voters but 1.3-R of congressional )o)ulation. +owever, as 5.5R of the total )o)ulation in the United States, this 1.3-R still re)resents less than one,third of the total Asian American )o)ulation.
[edit] Historic

Benito Cegarda y Tuason and 6ablo 7cam)o &oined the +ouse in 1 "$ as Besident Commissioners, becoming the first Asian Americans to serve in the Congress, and beginning the re)resentation of the 6hili))ines which ended in 1 5$. 8ali) Singh Saund, an 'ndian American from 'm)erial and Biverside Counties, was the first South Asian American elected into Congress and was one of only two 'ndian Americans to have been elected serving from 1 -$ to 1 !9. +iram #ong, who served three decades in the Senate from 1 - to 1 $$, became the first Chinese American member of Congress. 8aniel 'nouye =serving since 1 - > was the first Ea)anese American in the +ouse and later the first in Senate. 6atsy <in( =served 1 !-,$$ and again from 1 "S3""3> was the first Asian American woman in Congress. Bobby Scott, elected in 1 9, is the first US born member of Congress to have #ili)ino ancestry. 'n 1 4, 8avid ;u was elected and becoming to only Chinese American of Taiwanese ancestry to serve be a member of congress As of 3"11. 'n 3""4, Eose)h Cao of Couisiana became the first elected Jietnamese American in Congress: he left office in 3"11. 'n 3"1", 'noue was sworn in as 6resident 6ro Tem)ore ma(ing him the highest,ran(ing Asian American )olitician in American history.
[edit] #urrent

There are several Asian Americans in the +ouse and two in the Senate, si2 of whom re)resent +awaii and three of whom re)resent California. #rom +awaii, Senator 8aniel 'nouye and Be)resentatives <i(e +onda, 8oris <atsui, <a*ie +irono, and Colleen +anabusa are all Ea)anese Americans. Senator 8aniel A(a(a of +awaii has Chinese ancestry.

8oris <atsui and <i(e +onda from California are Ea)anese Americans. Eudy Chu of California became the first Chinese American woman in Congress when she won a s)ecial election in 3"" . She &oins 8avid ;u, a Taiwanese American from 7regon. Bobby Scott of Jirginia, who is also half African American, has #ili)ino American ancestry: in 3""1 he was &oined by Eohn Ensign of Devada, and in 3"" he was &oined by Steve Austria of 7hio enlarging the number of those who claim to be #ili)ino American in Congress to the highest )oint since the 6hili))ine 'slands had been re)resented as a territory. [edit] #a$inet Dorman <ineta became the first Asian American cabinet member, serving as Secretary of Commerce in 3""", then was a))ointed Secretary of Trans)ortation between 3""1 and 3""!. Elaine Chao was selected as a ;hite +ouse #ellow, and then served in a series of a))ointed )osts )rior to becoming the Secretary of Cabor from 3""1 to 3"" . Iary Coc(e became the first Chinese American Secretary of Commerce, and the third Asian American in the )resent cabinet. +e &oined Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Jeteran Affairs Secretary Eric Shinse(i, the most Asian Americans in any administration in United States history. Bachel 6aulose was a counselor in the 7ffice of Cegal 6olicy of the United States 8e)artment of Eustice. She is the former U.S. Attorney for the 8istrict of <innesota. She was the first 'ndian American woman, the youngest attorney, and the first woman in <innesota to hold this )ost.

[edit] %ournalism

#areed Ta(aria, &ournalist and author Connie Chung was one of the first Asian,American national corres)ondents for a ma&or TJ news networ(, re)orting for CBS in 1 $1. She later co,anchored the +B *1ening News from 1 9 to 1 -. At ABC, Fen Fashiwahara began re)orting nationally in 1 $5. 'n 1 ", Sheryl ;u8unn, a foreign corres)ondent in the Bei&ing Bureau of The Dew %or( Times, became the first Asian,American to win a 6ulit*er 6ri*e. Ann Curry &oined DBC Dews as a re)orter in 1 ", later becoming )rominently associated with $he $oda# how in 1 $. Carol Cin is )erha)s best (nown for being the first to brea( the news of ,11 on CDD. 8r. San&ay Iu)ta is currently CDDHs chief health corres)ondent. Cisa Cing, a former co,host on $he &iew, now )rovides s)ecial re)orts for CDD and $he O2rah Winfre# how, as well as hosting Dational

Ieogra)hic ChannelHs *)2lorer" #areed Ta(aria, a naturalised 'ndian,born immigrant, is a )rominent &ournalist, and author s)ecialising in international affairs. +e is the editor of Dewswee( 'nternational, and the host of #areed Ta(aria I6S on CDD. Becently =As of 3"" >, Eu&u Chang, Eames +atori, Eohn %ang, Jeronica 8e Ca Cru*, Betty Dguyen, and Eulie Chen have become familiar faces on television news. Eohn %ang won a 6eabody Award. Ale2 Ti*on, a Seattle Times staff writer, won a 6ulit*er 6ri*e in 1 $.

[edit] Military

Secretary of Jeterans Affairs Eric Shinse(i: )reviously, as the 5,star Chief of Staff of the United States Army, Shinse(i became the highest ran(ed Asian American ever in the military. <ain articleG <ilitary +istory of Asian Americans See alsoG Cist of Asian AmericansO<ilitary Since the ;ar of 1413 Asian Americans have served and fought on behalf of the United States. Serving in both segregated and non,segregated units until the desegregation of the US <ilitary in 1 54, 91 have been awarded the nationHs highest award for combat valor, the <edal of +onor. Twenty,one of these were conferred u)on members of the mostly Ea)anese American 1""th 'nfantry Battalion of the 553nd Begimental Combat Team of ;orld ;ar '', the most highly decorated unit of its si*e in the history of the United States Armed #orces.0!11

[edit] "cience and technology

Ste)hen Chu, Dobel laureate in )hysics and current U.S. Energy Secretary

Asian Americans have made many notable contributions to science and technology. Chien, Shiung ;u was (nown to many scientists as the .#irst Cady of 6hysics. and )layed a )ivotal role in e2)erimentally demonstrating the violation of the law of conservation of )arity in the field of )article )hysics. Tsung,8ao Cee and Chen Ding %ang received the 1 -$ Dobel 6ri*e in 6hysics for theoretical wor( demonstrating that the conservation of )arity did not always hold and later became American citi*ens. Samuel Chao Chung Ting received the 1 $! Dobel 6ri*e in )hysics for discovery of the subatomic )article ELU. %oichiro Dambu received the 3""4 Dobel 6ri*e in 6hysics for his wor( on the conse/uences of s)ontaneously bro(en symmetries in field theories. +ar Iobind Fhorana shared the 1 !4 Dobel 6ri*e in 6hysiology or <edicine for his wor( in genetics and )rotein synthesis. The Chinese American mathematician Shing,Tung %au won the #ields <edal in 1 43, as well as other im)ortant awards. The geometer Shiing,Shen Chern received the ;olf 6ri*e in <athematics in 1 49. Subrahmanyan Chandrase(har shared the 1 49 Dobel 6ri*e in 6hysics and had the Chandra P,ray 7bservatory named after him. 'n 1 45, 8r. 8avid 8. +o first re)orted the .healthy carrier state. of +'J infection, which identified +'J,)ositive individuals who showed no )hysical signs of A'8S. Steven Chu shared the 1 $ Dobel 6ri*e in 6hysics for his research in cooling and tra))ing atoms using laser light. 8aniel Tsui shared the 1 4 Dobel 6ri*e in 6hysics in 1 4 for hel)ing discover the fractional Vuantum +all effect. 'n 3""4, biochemist Boger Tsien won the Dobel in Chemistry for his wor( on engineering and im)roving the green fluorescent )rotein =I#6> that has become a standard tool of modern molecular biology and biochemistry. <ichio Fa(u has )o)ulari*ed science and has a))eared on multi)le )rograms on television and radio. 'n 3"" , Charles F. Fao was awarded Dobel 6ri*e in 6hysics .for groundbrea(ing achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibres for o)tical communication. and Jen(atraman Bama(rishnan won the )ri*e in Chemistry .for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome.. [edit] "pace This section re/uires e2)ansion withG e2am)les and additional citations. See alsoG Cist of Asian American astronauts CTC Ellison 7ni*u(a became the first Asian American =and third )erson of Asian descent> when he made his first s)ace flight aboard STS,-1,C in 1 4-. 7ni*u(a later died aboard the S)ace Shuttle Challenger in 1 4!. Taylor Iun,Ein ;ang became the first )erson of Chinese ethnicity and first Chinese American, in s)ace in 1 4-: he has since been followed by Ceroy Chiao in 1 5, and Ed Cu in 1 $. 'n 1 4!, #ran(lin Chang,8ia* became the first Asian Catin American in s)ace. Eugene +. Trinh became the first Jietnamese American in s)ace in 1 3. 'n 3""1, <ar( C. 6olans(y, a Eewish Forean American, made his first of three flights into s)ace. 'n 3""9, Fal)ana Chawla became the first 'ndian American in s)ace, but died aboard the ill fated S)ace Shuttle Columbia. She has since been followed by C8B Sunita ;illiams in 3""!.

[edit] "ports
See alsoG CategoryGAmerican s)orts)eo)le of Asian descent

#igure s(ater <ichelle Fwan ;ataru <isa(a bro(e the DBA color barrier when he )layed for the Dew %or( Fnic(s in the 1 5$S54 season. The ne2t Asian,American DBA )layer was Baymond Townsend, who )layed for the Iolden State ;arriors and 'ndiana 6acers from 1 $4 to 1 43. Eri( S)oelstra is a #ili)ino,8utch,'rish who became the youngest coach ever in DBA history. +e is currently the head coach of the <iami +eat.0!31 Current Fansas Eayhaw(s coach Furtis Townsend is Baymond TownsendHs brother. Eeremy Cin had a distinguished collegiate bas(etball career and signed with the Iolden State ;arriors in 3"1". Asian Americans first made an im)act in 7lym)ic s)orts in the late 1 5"s and in the 1 -"s. Sammy Cee became the first Asian American to earn an 7lym)ic Iold <edal, winning in )latform diving in both 1 54 and 1 -3. Jictoria <analo 8raves won both gold in )latform and s)ringboard diving in the 1 54. +arold Sa(ata won a weightlifting silver medal in the 1 54 7lym)ics, while Ea)anese Americans Tommy Fono =weightlifting>, %oshinobu 7ya(awa =1"",meter bac(stro(e>, and #ord Fonno =1-"",meter freestyle> each won gold and set 7lym)ic records in the 1 -3 7lym)ics. Fonno won another gold and silver swimming medal at the same 7lym)ics and added a silver medal in 1 -!, while Fono set another 7lym)ic weightlifting record in 1 -!. Also at the 1 -3 7lym)ics, Evelyn Fawamoto won two bron*e medals in swimming. Amy Chow was a member of the gold medal womenHs gymnastics team at the 1 ! 7lym)ics: she also won an individual silver medal on the uneven bars. Iymnast <ohini Bhardwa& won a team silver medal in the 3""5 7lym)ics. +a)a Bryan Clay won the decathlon gold medal in the 3""4 7lym)ics, the silver medal in the 3""5 7lym)ics, and was the s)ortHs 3""- world cham)ion.

<ichael Chang the youngest ever winner of a Irand Slam tennis tournament

Since Tiffany Chin won the womenHs US #igure S(ating Cham)ionshi) in 1 4-, Asian Americans have been )rominent in that s)ort. Fristi %amaguchi won three national cham)ionshi)s, two world titles, and the 1 3 7lym)ic Iold medal. <ichelle Fwan has won nine national cham)ionshi)s and five world titles, as well as two 7lym)ic medals =silver in 1 4, bron*e in 3""3>. 'n football, Asian AmericansH contributions are also gaining notice. Dorm Chow is currently the offensive coordinator for UCCA after a short stint with the Tennessee Titans of the D#C, after 39 years of coaching other college teams, including four successful years as offensive coordinator at USC. 8at Dguyen was an D#C middle linebac(er who was an all,)ro selection in 3""9. 'n 1 4, he was named an All,American and won the Bednari( Award as well as the Combardi Award, while )laying for Te2as AN<. +ines ;ard is an D#C wide receiver who was the <J6 of Su)er Bowl PC. <ichael Chang was a to),ran(ed tennis )layer for most of his career. +e won the #rench 7)en in 1 4 . Tiger ;oods, who is of mostly Asian descent, is the most successful golfer of his generation and one of the most famous athletes in the world. Eric Foston is one of the to) street s(ateboarders and )laced first in the 3""9 P,Iames street com)etition. There are several to) ran(ed Asian American mi2ed martial artists. BE 6enn is a former U#C lightweight and welterweight cham)ion. Cung Ce is a former Stri(eforce middleweight cham)ion. Ben +enderson is the former ;EC lightweight cham)ion.

[edit] #ultural in luence

[edit] Health and medicine
Asian immigrants are also changing the American medical landsca)e through increasing number of Asian medical )ractitioners in this country. Beginning in the 1 !"s and $"s, the US government invited a number of foreign )hysicians )articularly from 'ndia and the 6hili))ines to address the acute shortage of )hysicians in &rigins o oreign nurses in the '"0!-1 rural and medically,underserved urban areas. The trend (ercentage o #ountry o &rigin Total )*!s in '" in im)orting foreign medical )ractitioners, however, 6hili))ines -".3 became a long,term, chronic solution as US medical 'ndia 1.9 schools failed to )roduce enough )hysicians to match +ong Fong 1.3 the increasing American )o)ulation. Amid decreasing 'srael 1." interest in medicine among American college students South Forea 1." due to high rates &ob dissatisfaction, loss of morale, stress, and lawsuits, Asian American immigrants maintained a su))ly of healthcare )ractitioners for millions of Americans. 't is well documented that Asian American international medical graduates including highly s(illed guest wor(ers using the E1 Jisa )rogram for medical wor(ers, tend to serve in health )rofessions shortage areas =+6SA> and s)ecialties that are not filled by US medical graduates es)ecially )rimary care and rural medicine.0!!10!$1 Thus, Asian American immigrants )lay a (ey role in averting a medical crisis in the US. A lasting legacy of Asian American involvement in medicine is the forcing of US medical establishment to acce)t minority medical )ractitioners. 7ne could s)eculate that the introduction of Asian )hysicians and dentists to the American society could have triggered an

acce)tance of other minority grou)s by brea(ing down stereoty)es and encouraging trust.0!41
0! 1

Traditional Asian conce)ts and )ractices in health and medicine have attracted greater acce)tance and are more widely ado)ted by American doctors. 'ndiaAs Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine =which also includes acu)uncture> are two alternative thera)y systems that have been studied and ado)ted to a great e2tent. #or instance, in the early 1 $"s the US medical establishment did not believe in the usefulness of acu)uncture. Since then studies have )roven the efficacy of acu)uncture for different a))lications, es)ecially for treatment of chronic )ain.0$"1 't is now covered by many health insurance )lans. <editation and mindfulness )ractices are taught in mainstream medical schools and hos)itals. 'ncreasingly they are seen as )art of a holistic a))roach to health. 8octors and hos)itals treating diseases such as heart disease and cancer have ado)ted meditation as a )ractice recommended for )atients. +erbalism and massage thera)y =from Ayurveda> are swee)ing the s)as across America. <editation and yoga =from 'ndia> have also been widely ado)ted by health s)as, and s)iritual retreats of many religious bases. They are also )art of the s)iritual )ractice of the many Americans who are not affiliated with a mainline religious grou).

[edit] Education
Among AmericaHs ma&or racial High "chool Bachelor,s -egree Ethnicity categories, Asian Americans have the !raduation +ate or More highest educational /ualifications. 'ndians ".3R !$. R This varies, however, for individual #ili)inos ".4R 5$. R Bangladeshis 45.-R 51. R ethnic grou)s. 8r. C.D. Ce, 8irector 6a(istanis 4$.5R !". R of the Asian N Asian American Chinese 4".4R -".3R Studies Certificate 6rogram at the Ea)anese 9.5R 59.$R University of <assachusetts, writes Foreans ".3R -".4R that although 53R of all Asian Jietnamese $"."R 39.-R American adults have at least a Total US 6o)ulation 49. R 3$."R college degree, Jietnamese Americans have a degree attainment rate of only 1!R while Caotians and Cambodians only have rates around -R.0$91 According to the US Census Bureau, while the high school graduation rate for Asian Americans is on )ar with those of other ethnic grou)s, 54R of Asian Americans have attained at least a bachelorHs degree as com)ared with the national average of 3$R, and 3 R for non,+is)anic ;hites. 'ndian Americans have some of the highest education rates, with nearly !4R having attained at least a bachelorHs degree.
Educational AttainmentG 3""5 =3- and 7lder>09910$110$31

[edit] +eligious trends

Some scholars see a movement of religions, as Buddhism, +induism and Si(hism have moved into American culture0citation needed1, and Christianity has been ado)ted by more East Asians. <ost #ili)inos are also already Christian =Catholic or other denominations>0$51 when they immigrate. <any South Foreans, es)ecially, are already Christian0$-1 when they immigrate to the US, and hence most Forean Americans are born into Christian families. Besides 'ndian religions, there has also been strong influence of the American ado)tion of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and vegetarianism from 'ndia.0citation needed1

<any Asians Americans are also <uslim with ancestry from 6a(istan, 'ndonesia, 'ndia, Bangladesh, <alaysia and China0$!1 among others. Eight )ercent of Asian Americans are <uslim0$$1 and they re)resent 99R of the American <uslim )o)ulation.0$41 Beats on the ;est Coast were among those attracted to Buddhism in the 1 -"s. American Buddhist grou)s established then and in the 1 $"s have built tem)les, ordained numerous American Buddhist mon(s, and taught generations of new )ractitioners. Buddhist conce)ts and )ractices such as mindfulness have )enetrated mainstream culture. ;hile much ;est Coast )ractice was first influenced by Ea)anese Ten Buddhism, which originated in China =(nown as ChHan Buddhism>, more recent generations throughout the country have been influenced also by Jietnamese and Tibetan Buddhist mon(s who have lived and taught in the ;est. As a historic first, 6resident Barac( 7bama a))ointed two 'ndian Americans, Eboo 6atel =a <uslim> and An&u Bhargava =a +indu>, to the 6residentAs Advisory Council on #aith,Based and Deighborhood 6artnershi)s. The Advisory Council is )art of the ;hite +ouse 7ffice of #aith Based and Deighborhood 6artnershi)s and is com)osed of religious and secular leaders and scholars from different bac(grounds.

[edit] #ultural issues

)ersonal and household income in the United States Census in 3""-

6ercent of households with si2 figure incomes and individuals with incomes in the to) 1"R, e2ceeding Q$$,-"".

Until the late 3"th century, the term .Asian American. was ado)ted mostly by activists, while the average )erson of Asian ancestries identified with his s)ecific ethnicity. 0$ 1 The murder of Jincent Chin in 1 43 was a )ivotal civil rights case, and it mar(ed the emergence of Asian Americans as a distinct grou) in United States.0$ 104"1 Study has indicated that most non,Asian Americans do not generally differentiate between Asian Americans and Chinese Americans. Stereoty)es of both grou)s are nearly identical.0411 A 3""3 survey of AmericansH attitudes toward Asian Americans and Chinese Americans indicated that 35R of the res)ondents disa))rove of intermarriage with an Asian American, second only to African Americans: 39R would be uncomfortable su))orting an Asian, American )residential candidate, com)ared to 1-R for an African American, 15R for a woman and 11R for a Eew: 1$R would be u)set if a substantial number of Asian Americans moved into their neighborhood: 3-R had somewhat or very negative attitude toward Chinese Americans in general.0431 The study did find several )ositive )erce)tions of Chinese AmericansG strong family values = 1R>: honesty as business )eo)le =$$R>: high value on education =!$R>.0411 There is a wides)read )erce)tion that Asian Americans are not .American. but are instead .)er)etual foreigners..04310491 Asian Americans often re)ort being as(ed the /uestion, .;here are you really fromW. by other Americans, regardless of how long they or their ancestors have lived in United States. <any Asian Americans are themselves not immigrants but rather born in the United States. <any are as(ed if they are Chinese or Ea)anese, an assum)tion based on ma&or grou)s of )ast immigrants.04910dead link10451

[edit] "tereotypes
<ain articleG Stereoty)es of East Asians <ain articleG Stereoty)es of South Asians

[edit] Model minority

<ain articleG <odel minority Asian Americans are sometimes characteri*ed as a model minority because the culture encourages a strong wor( ethic, a res)ect for elders, a high degree of )rofessional and academic success, a high valuation of family, education and religion.04-1 Statistics such as high household income and low incarceration rate,04!1 low rates of many diseases and higher than average life e2)ectancy04$1 are also discussed as )ositive as)ects of Asian Americans. This conce)t a))ears to elevate Asian Americans by )ortraying them as an elite grou) of successful, highly educated, highly intelligent, and wealthy individuals, but it can also be considered an overly narrow and overly one,dimensional )ortrayal of Asian Americans, leaving out other human /ualities such as vocal leadershi), negative emotions, ris( ta(ing, ability to learn from mista(es, and desire for creative e2)ression. #urthermore, Asian Americans who do not fit into the model minority mold can face challenges when )eo)leHs e2)ectations based on the model minority myth do not match with reality. Traits outside of the model minority mold can be seen as negative character flaws for Asian Americans des)ite those very same traits being )ositive for the general American ma&ority =e.g., ris( ta(ing, confidence, em)owered>. #or this reason, some0who=1 believe Asian Americans encounter a .bamboo ceiling,. the Asian American e/uivalent of the glass ceiling in the wor()lace.

The model minority conce)t can also affect AsiansH )ublic education. By com)arison with other minorities, Asians often achieve higher test scores and grades com)ared to other Americans.0441 Stereoty)ing Asian American as over,achievers can lead to harm if school officials or )eers e2)ect all to )erform higher than average.04 1 Those who consider Asian Americans a .model minority. fail to reali*e that Asian American is a broad category encom)assing many different ethnic grou)s with different histories. ;hen divided u) by nationality, it can be seen that the economic and academic successes su))osedly en&oyed by Asian Americans are concentrated into a few ethnic grou)s. Jietnamese, Cambodian, +mong, and Caotian Americans are less li(ely than African Americans to be high school graduates and also have a lower median )ersonal income. They are also less li(ely than African Americans to have high s(ill occu)ations.0 "1 #urthermore, the model minority conce)t can even be emotionally damaging to Asian Americans, )articularly since they are e2)ected to live u) to their )eers who are )art of the model minority. +owever, studies have shown that Asian Americans suffer from higher rates of stress, de)ression, mental illnesses, and suicides in com)arison to other races.0 11 The )ressures to achieve and live u) to the model minority image have ta(en a mental and )sychological toll on Asian Americans.0 31

[edit] (olitics
#rom the 1 5"s to the 1 "s most Asian Americans were anti,communist refugees who had fled mainland China, Dorth Forea or Jietnam, and were strongly anti,Communist. <any had ties to conservative organi*ations.0 910 51 'n recent years more liberal Asian,American grou)s such as newer Chinese and 'ndian immigrants have greatly changed the Asian American )olitical demogra)hics, as well as a larger )ro)ortion of younger Asian Americans, many of whom have com)leted college degrees.0 -1 #ili)ino Americans are becoming more socially liberal, )artly due to the grou)Hs increasingly younger age average.0 !10not in citation gi1en1 'n the 1 3 )residential election Be)ublican Ieorge +. ;. Bush received --R of the Asian, American vote com)ared to 91R for 8emocrat Bill Clinton. Asian Americans voted Be)ublican and were the only racial grou) more conservative than whites in the 1 "s, according to surveys.0 91 The Asian American vote has slowly shifted since then with 8emocrat Eohn Ferry winning -!R of the Asian American vote in the 3""5 U.S. 6residential Election and 8emocrat Barac( 7bama winning !3R of the Asian American vote in the 3""4 U.S. 6residential Election.0 $1 'n 3""5, Chinese and 'ndian Americans were more li(ely to su))ort Eohn Ferry: whereas Jietnamese and #ili)ino Americans su))orted Ieorge Bush.0 41 The Ea)anese leaned towards Ferry, while the Foreans leaned towards Bush.0 41 7verall, Asian Americans as a whole tend to vote for 8emocrats, but this trend has been fairly recent. As recently as 3""" )olling number had difficulty determining Asian American voter affiliation. ;ith some )olls indicating a tendency to vote Be)ublican, while other )olls indicated a trend to vote 8emocrat. 8ue to the smaller si*e of the grou)s )o)ulation, in com)arison to the )o)ulation as a whole, it remains difficult to get an ade/uate sam)ling to forecast voter outcomes for Asian Americans.0 1 'n 3""4, )olls indicated that 9-R considered themselves non,)artisan, 93R 8emocrats, 1 R inde)endents, and 15R Be)ublicans.01""1 6olitical affiliation aside, Asian Americans have trended to become more )olitically active as a whole, with 3""4 seeing an increase of voter )artici)ation by 5R to a 5 R voting rate.01"11

[edit] "ee also

;i(imedia Commons has media related toG Asian Americans

Amerasian Asian Argentinian Asian Australian Asian Bra*ilian Asian <e2ican Asian Catino Asian Canadian South Asian British, East Asian British, ;est Asian British Chinese for Affirmative Action +a)a +y)henated American 'nde2 of Asian American,related articles Eade Bibbon Cam)aign United States foreign born )er ca)ita income The 6rice of Admission

Asian American Communities and +ealthG Conte2t, Besearch, 6olicy, and Action =6ublic +ealthLJulnerable 6o)ulations>, Chau Trinh,Shevrin =Editor>, Dadia Shil)i 'slam =Editor>, <ariano Eose Bey =Editor>, )ublished <arch 3""

[edit] +e erences
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15. . Cornell Asian American Studies: contains mentions to South Asians 1-. . UC Ber(eley , Ieneral Catalog , Asian American Studies Courses: South and Southeast Asian courses are )resent 1!. . .State N County Vuic(#actsG Bace.. U.S. Census Bureau. htt)GLL/uic(facts.census.govL/fdLmetaLlongZB+'53-3"!.htm. Betrieved 3"" ,"4,91. 1$. . 1 4" CensusG 'nstructions to Bes)ondents, re)ublished by 'ntegrated 6ublic Use <icrodata Series, <innesota 6o)ulation Center, University of <innesota at www.i) Accessed 1 Dovember 3""!. 14. . Cee, Iordon. +y)hen <aga*ine. $he Forgotten ;e1olution. 3""9. Eanuary 34, 3""$ =archived from the original on 3""4,"9,1$>.

1 . . 1 " CensusG 'nstructions to Bes)ondents, re)ublished by 'ntegrated 6ublic Use <icrodata Series, <innesota 6o)ulation Center, University of <innesota at www.i) Accessed 1 Dovember 3""!. 3". . Beeves, Terrance Claudett, Bennett. United States Census Bureau. Asian and Pacific Islander Po2ulation/ !arch 3>>3" 3>>B" e2tem(er B>, 3>>C" 31. . ;ood, 8aniel B. .Common Iround on whoHs an American.. +hristian cience !onitor. Eanuary 1 , 3""!. Betrieved 1! #ebruary 3""$. 33. . .US Census Bureau, Asian Summary of #indings.. htt)GLLwww.census.govLcsdLsboLasiansummaryoffindings.htm. Betrieved 3""!,13,1$. 39. . Searching #or Asian America. Community Chats \ 6BS
24. . S. 8. '(eda. .;hatHs an .Asian American. Dow, AnywayW..

htt)GLLwww.imdiversity.comLJillagesLAsianLdialogueZo)inionZlettersLarchivesLi(edaZ a) 3-. X a b c Eessica S. Barnes and Claudette E. Bennett. The Asian 6o)ulationG 3""". Census Bureau )ublication c3(br"1,1!. 'ssued #ebruary 3""3. 3!. . Asian American 6o)ulation Estimates United States Census Bureau. Betrieved $ Eune 3"" . 3$. . Chinese American 6o)ulation Estimates United States Census Bureau. Betrieved $ Eune 3"" . 34. . #ili)ino American 6o)ulation Estmates United States Census Bureau. Betrieved $ Eune 3"" . 3 . . Asian 'ndian 6o)ulation Estimates United States Census Bureau. Betrieved $ Eune 3"" . 9". . Jietnamese American 6o)ulation Estimates United States Census Bureau. Betrieved $ Eune 3"" . 91. . Forean American 6o)ulation Estimates United States Census Bureau. Betrieved $ Eune 3"" .
32. . Ea)anese American 6o)ulation Estimates United States Census Bureau. Betrieved $

Eune 3"" . 99. X a b 6a(istan American 6o)ulation Estimates United States Census Bureau. Betrieved 3 7ctober 3"1". 95. . Bangladeshi American 6o)ulation Estimates United States Census Bureau. Betrieved Dovember 3"1". 9-. . .Selected 6o)ulation 6rofile in the United States.. '" " +ensus. U.S. 8e)artment of Commerce. htt)GLLfactfinder.census.govLservletL'6TableWZbm[yN,conte2t[i)N, reg[ACSZ3""$Z9%BZI""ZS"3"1G"91:ACSZ3""$Z9%BZI""ZS"3"16BG"91:ACSZ3 ""$Z9%BZI""ZS"3"1TG"91:ACSZ3""$Z9%BZI""ZS"3"1T6BG"91N, /rZname[ACSZ3""$Z9%BZI""ZS"3"1N,

/rZname[ACSZ3""$Z9%BZI""ZS"3"16BN, /rZname[ACSZ3""$Z9%BZI""ZS"3"1TN, /rZname[ACSZ3""$Z9%BZI""ZS"3"1T6BN,dsZname[ACSZ3""$Z9%BZI""ZN, treeZid[99"$N,geoZid[91"""US1! 4"N,geoZid[91"""US1 1""N, geoZid[91"""US911""N,geoZid[91"""US9-!3"N,geoZid[91"""US51$5"N, geoZid[91"""US514!"N,searchZresults["1"""USN,format[N,Zlang[en. Betrieved 35 August 3"" . 9!. . Bernstein, Bobert =1 <ay 3""4>. .U.S. +is)anic 6o)ulation Sur)asses 5- <illion.. '" " +ensus Bureau News =U.S. 8e)artment of Commerce>. Archived from the original on 3""4,"-,"!. htt)GLLweb.archive.orgLwebL3""4"-"!111!31Lhtt)GLLwww.census.govL6ress, BeleaseLwwwLreleasesLarchivesL)o)ulationL"11 1".html. Betrieved 35 August 3"" . 9$. . #inancing Affordable +ousingG A 6rimer By Bic( Ciu, Sam)an =archived from the original on 3""4,"!,1!> 94. . <SDBC <arch. 3$, 3""- .Blac(, Asian women ma(e income gains. 9 . . Canguage Use and English,S)ea(ing AbilityG 3"""G Census 3""" Brief 5". . EAC 'ssues Ilossaries of Election Terms in #ive Asian Canguages Translations to <a(e Joting <ore Accessible to a <a&ority of Asian American Citi*ens. Election Assistance Commission. "!L3"L3""4. =archived from the original on 3""4,"$,91> 51. . .Custom Table , American #act #inder.. 3>>DE3>>A American +ommunit# ur1e# BEFear *stimates. U.S. Census Bureau. htt)GLLfactfinder.census.govLservletLCTTableW Zlang[enNZts[3! 1!!" $4"9. Betrieved 35 August 3"" . 53. . .#ili)inos in Couisiana.. htt)GLLwww.)bs.orgLancestorsintheamericasLtimeZ"!.html. Betrieved - Eanuary 3"11. 59. . ;achtel, Alan =3"" >. outheast Asian Americans. <arshall Cavendish. ). 4". 'SBD $4,",$!15,5913,5. htt)GLLboo( hl[enNlr[Nid[iZS*mJ<1lCACNoi[fndN)g[6B5Nd/[louisiana]manilamen]marri ageNots[/Tw'Ib)4hoNsig[m3*$ul8(1Emhve5DSsE)g bc%B<Ov[one)ageN/Nf[ false. Betrieved - 8ecember 3"1". 55. . by ;ai,Eane Cha. .Chinese <erchant,Adventurers and Sugar <asters in +awaiiG 14"3,14-3.. University of +awaii at <anoa. htt)GLLevols.library.manoa.hawaii.eduLbitstreamL1"-35L193L1LEC"4""-.)df. Betrieved 15 Eanuary 3"11. 5-. . Fali(iano Falei =13 August 3"1">. .The Chinese E2)erience in +awaii.. University of +awai^i 6ress. htt) id[-$594Nauthorid[$$-!!. Betrieved 15 Eanuary 3"11. 5!. . The 7ffice of <ulticultural Student Services =1 >. .#ili)ino <igrant ;or(ers in California.. University of +awaii. htt)GLLo)manong.ssc.hawaii.eduLfili)inoLcali.html. Betrieved 13 Eanuary 3"11. 5$. . Castillo, Adelaida =1 $!>. .#'C'6'D7 <'IBADTS 'D SAD 8'EI7 1 "",1 5!.. $he 4ournal of an Diego -istor# =San 8iego +istorical Society> // =9>.

htt)GLLwww.sandiegohistory.orgL&ournalL$!summerLmigrants.htm. Betrieved 13 Eanuary 3"11. 54. . Iabriel E. Chin, .SegregationHs Cast StrongholdG Bace 8iscrimination and the Constitutional Caw of 'mmigration,. 5! UCCA Caw Beview 1=1 4> 5 . . 'ndians fastest,growing illegal immigrants in U.S. -". . 'llegal 'ndians in US -1. . +oeffer, <ichael: Bytina, Dancy: Cam)bell, Christo)her. .Estimates of the Unauthori*ed 'mmigrant 6o)ulation Besiding in the United StatesG Eanuary 3"" .. 8e)artment of +omeland Security. htt)GLLwww.dhs.govL2libraryLassetsLstatisticsL)ublicationsLoisZillZ)eZ3"" .)df. Betrieved 3"1","5," . -3. . Ceyna Dguyen -9. . Tyson votes himself out of Survivor and, worse, saves Bussell, Survivor, +eroes vs. Jillains <arch 3-th, 3"1". =archived from the original on 3""4,"!,15> -5. . Bruno <ars far east movement lead asianamerican )o) music --. . htt)GLLgoldsea.comLTe2tLinde2.)h)Wid[4!-3 -!. . ;ilson, Eric =Se)tember 5, 3"1">. .Asian,Americans Climb #ashion Cadder.. $he New Fork $imes. htt)GLLwww.nytimes.comL3"1"L" L"-LfashionL"-asians.htmlW Zr[1Nh) -$. . .1"" <ost Successful Asian American Entre)reneurs.. htt)GLLgoldsea.comL6rofilesL1""L1"".html. -4. . .Broad racial dis)arities )ersist.. htt)GLLwww.msnbc.msn.comLidL1-$"5$- L. Betrieved 3""!,13,14. - . . .Dotable Asian American 6rofessionals.. htt)GLLgoldsea.comLTe2tLinde2.)h)W id[35-$. !". . Belles of the South AudreyLAsian ;omenHs <againe , A)rilL<ay "!H !1. . 1""th Battalion, 553nd 'nfantry, !3. . <eet new <iami +eat coach Eri( S)oelstra !9. . 0 'nternational <edical Iraduates by Country1, American <edical Association. =archived fro the original on 3""4,"$,"-> !5. . Sweis, C, and Iuay, A. =3""$> #oreign,trained dentists licensed in the United StatesG E2)loring their origins. E Am 8ent Assoc 3""$:194:31 ,335 !-. . .#oreign Educated Durses.. ADAG American Durses Association. htt)GLLwww.nursingworld.orgL<ain<enuCategoriesLThe6racticeof6rofessionalDursin gLwor()laceL;or(, EnvironmentL'nfoforDursesLADA6olicy6a)ersandBrochuresL#ebruary3""!Survey'nf Betrieved 3"" ,"4,91.

!!. . Foehn DD, #ryer IE Er, 6hilli)s BC, <iller EB, Ireen CA. =3""$> The increase in international medical graduates in family )ractice residency )rograms. Eournal of #amily <edicine, 95=!>G5!4, . !$. . <ic( SS, Cee S%. =3""$> Are there need,based geogra)hical differences between international medical graduates and U.S. medical graduates in rural U.S. countiesW E Bural +ealth. 1 ;inter:1-=1>G3!,59. !4. . Somnath Saha, <8, <6+: Iretchen Iuiton, 6h8: 6aul #. ;immers, 6h8: CuAnn ;il(erson, Ed8. =3""4> Student Body Bacial and Ethnic Com)osition and 8iversity, Belated 7utcomes in US <edical Schools. EA<A. 3""4:9""=1">G119-,115! . . #e del <undo $". . Thang, P =3""9>. .Acu)unctureG Beview and Analysis of Be)orts on Controlled Clinical Trials.. ;orld +ealth 7rgani*ation. htt)GLLwww.who.intLmedicinedocsLenLdLEs5 3!eLOEs5 3!e.-. and Ernst E, 6ittler <+, ;ider B, Boddy F. =3""$>. .Acu)unctureG its evidence,base is changing.. Am 4 +hin !ed" 01 =1>G 31S-. doiG1".1153LS"1 351-P"$""5-44. 6<'8 1$3!--5$. $1. . $he American +ommunit#EAsians/ 3>>G. U.S. Census Bureau. #ebruary 3""$. htt)GLLwww.census.govL)rodL3""$)ubsLacs,"-.)df. Betrieved 3""$," ,"-. =#igure 11, ).1-> $3. . 6a(istani <igration to the United StatesG An economic )ers)ective. Betrieved 3"1", 1","1. $9. . A Closer Coo( at Asian Americans and Education, C.D. Ce X About me, C.D. Ce, asian, $5. . Beligious 8emogra)hic 6rofile 6hili))ines =archived from the original on 3""4,"9, "!> $-. . Beligious 8emogra)hic 6rofile South Forea, ) =archived from the original on 3""4,"9,"! $!. . <uslim 8emogra)hic ;orldwide =archived from the original on 3""4,"4,33> $$. . Beligion, S)irituality, and #aith, asian,
78. . 4 <illion <uslims in Dorth America, allied,

$ . X a b Alethea %i). .Bemembering Jincent Chin.. Asian ;ee(. htt)GLLwww.asianwee(.comL"!19 $Lfeature.html. Betrieved 3""$,"9,15.
80. . ACA6AA. .6ilicy Becommendation 8ocument.. =68#>. State of <ichigan.

htt)GLLwww.michigan.govLdocumentsLACA6AAZ)olicyZrecommendationZ1- 311Z$. )df. Betrieved 3""$,"9,15.

81. X a b Committee of 1"" =3""1,"5,3->. .Committee of 1"" Announces Besults of

Candmar( Dational Survey on American Attitudes towards Chinese Americans and Asian Americans.. htt)GLLwww.committee1"".orgLmediaLmediaZengL"53-"1.html. Betrieved 3""$,"!,15.

82. X a b <atthew %i, et al.. .Asian Americans seen negatively.. $he an Francisco

+hronicle. htt)GLLwww.sfgate.comLcgi,binLarticle.cgiW file[LcLaL3""1L"5L3$L<D1 4.8TC. Betrieved 3""$,"!,15. 49. X a b #ran( +. ;u. .Asian Americans and the 6er)etual #oreigner Syndrome.. Archived from the original on 3""$," ,34. htt)GLLweb.archive.orgLwebL3""$" 3415"411Lhtt)GLLwww.modelminority.comLarticle! $!.html. Betrieved 3""$,"!,15.0dead link1 45. . F. Berg/uist. .'mage Conscious.. htt)GLLmaga*ine.unlv.eduL'ssuesLS)ring"$L1!image.html. Betrieved 3""$,"!,15. 4-. . The <odel <inority 'mage, asian, 4!. . Bureau of 4ustice tatistics/ +riminal Offenders tatistics, Dovember 19, 3""-. =archived from the original on 3""4,"$,1!> 4$. . The Soft Bigotry of Cife E2)ectancy By ;illiam Saletan <arch 1!, 3""- .Asian, Americans were beating white life e2)ectancy by si2 years among men and !.- years among women. 44. . .Asian Americans out)erform whites in terms of their overall or average grades =I6A>, grades in math, and test scores in math., School 6erformance, Tseng, J., Chao, B. F., N 6admawid&a&a, '. =3""$>. Asian Americans educational e2)eriences. 'n #. Ceong, A. 'nman, A. Ebreo, C. %ang, C. Finoshita, N <. #u =Eds.>, +andboo( of Asian American 6sychology, =3nd Edition> Bacial and Ethnic <inority 6sychology =BE<6> Series =)). 1"3,139>. Thousand 7a(s, CAG Sage 6ublications =<S ;ord format, via <ulticultural #amilies and Adolescents Study, 6ublications>. 4 . . #ran( +. ;u =3""3>. Fellow. Basic Boo(s. 'SBD $4,",5!-,""!9 ,$. ". . htt)GLLwww.asian,nation.orgLdemogra)hics.shtml 1. . .<ental +ealth and 8e)ression in Asian Americans.
92. . .6ush to achieve tied to suicide in Asian American women.

9. X a b Eeffrey 8. Schult*, ed., *nc#clo2edia of !inorities in American Politics =3"""> Jolume 1 )) 3!1,!3 5. . ;illiam ;ei, $he Asian American mo1ement =1 -. . ;illiam ;ei, $he Asian American mo1ement =1 9> )) 1!, 33!, 3$5 9> )) 1$", 3$5

!. . 7bama wins #ili)ino vote at last,hour =Dovember 1", 3""4>, 6hili))ine 8aily 'n/uirer.
97. . *lection results, America &otes 3>>G, CDD:

X *)it Polls, CDD. 4. X a b Eim Cobe, Asian,Americans lean toward Ferry, Asia Times. Se)tember 1!, 3""5. . . Cee, Tae(u. .Asian Americans and the Electorate.. American 6olitical Science Association. htt)GLLwww.a)sanet.orgLcontentZ-1-5.cfm. Betrieved 39 August 3"" .

1"". . #eng, Be2 =35 7ctober 3""4>. .;ho 's The Asian American JoterW.. Asian;ee(. htt)GLLwww.asianwee(.comL3""4L1"L35Lwho,is,the,asian,american, voterL. Betrieved 39 August 3"" . 1"1. . Edwards, Tom =3" Euly 3"" >. .Joter Turnout 'ncreases by - <illion in 3""4 6residential Election.. '" " +ensus Bureau News =U.S. 8e)artment of Commerce>. htt)GLLwww.census.govLnewsroomLreleasesLarchivesLvotingLcb" , 11".html. Betrieved 3"1","$,3!.

[edit] Further reading

Chan, Sucheng. .The changing contours of Asian,American historiogra)hy,. ;ethinking -istor#, <arch 3""$, Jol. 11 'ssue 1, )) 13-S15$: surveys 1""] studies of defining events: Asian dias)oras: social dynamics: cultural histories. Chan, Sucheng. Asian Americans/ an inter2reti1e histor# =Twayne, 1 1>. 'SBD $4, ",4"-$,459$,5 Chau Trinh,Shevrin, Dadia Shil)i 'slam, <ariano Eose Bey. Asian American +ommunities and -ealth/ +onte)t, ;esearch, Polic#, and Action =6ublic +ealthLJulnerable 6o)ulations>, 3"" . 'SBD $4,",$4$ , 43 ,Chin, Iabriel E., Ed., '" " +ommission on +i1il ;ights/ ;e2orts on Asian Pacific Americans =3""-> 'SBD $4,",49$$,91"-,! Chiu, <onica, ed. Asian Americans in New *ngland/ +ulture and +ommunit# =8urhamG University of Dew +am)shire 6ress, 3"" . 2viii, 3-3 )).> isbn $4,1, -45!-,$ 5,1 Fwong, 6eter and 8usan(a <iscevic. +hinese America/ $he 'ntold tor# of America6s Oldest New +ommunit# =3""-> Cisa Cowe Immigrant Acts/ On Asian American +ultural Politics 8urhamG 8u(e University 6ress, 1 !. 'SBD $4,",4339,14!5,5 7(ihiro, Iary %. $he +olum(ia 5uide to Asian American -istor# =Columbia U6, 3""-> e2cer)t and te2t search 6yong Ia) <in Asian Americans/ +ontem2orar# $rends and Issues Thousand 7a(s, Ca.G 6ine Science 6ress, 3""-. 'SBD $4,1,513 ,"--!,#ran( +. ;u Fellow/ ;ace in American Be#ond Black and White Dew %or(G Basic Boo(s, 3""3. 'SBD $4,",5!-,""!9 ,$ Bonald Ta(a(i trangers from a Different hore/ A -istor# of Asian Americans Dew %or(G Cittle, Brown, 1 4. 'SBD $4,",91!,4919",$ Tia, +elen Asian American Dreams/ $he *mergence of an American Peo2le Dew %or(G #arrar, Strauss and Iirou2, 3""". 'SBD $4,",9$5,-3$9!,-.


4ournal of Asian American tudies

%artika ;e1iew

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6o)ulationG Estimates and 6ro&ections by Age, Se2, BaceLEthnicity, The 3"1" Statistical Abstract, U.S. Census Bureau UCCA Asian American Studies Center Asian,Dation Asian American +istory, Culture, Statistics, N 'ssues Asians in America , Dational organi*ations directory, &ob )osts and news Forean,Americans in America , Dational organi*ations, business directory, &ob )osts and news U.S. Asian 6o)ulation, Census 3""", info) JideoG 6anel 8iscussion on HAsian Americans Changing the Candsca)eH Asia Society, Dew %or(, <ay 1 , 3"1"

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+ace in the /555 'nited "tates #ensus

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