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Homework #10 - Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a managed third-party service that contains of hardware and software materials

readily accessible on the Internet. he services normally deliver admission to unconventional software applications and superb networks of server computers. Cloud computer is a common term for anything that comprises providing managed services over the Internet. ! modest e"ample of cloud computing is #ahoo email$ %mail$ or Hotmail. he only re&uirement is an internet connection and to start transferring emails. Cloud computing may be private or public. ! public cloud is services to any consumers on the Internet. ! private cloud is an e"clusive network or a data company that deliveries managed services to a narrow amount of people. 'hen a service provider uses community cloud materials to generate their private cloud$ the outcome is known as a computer-generated private cloud. he goal of private or public cloud computing is to deliver stress-free$ ascendable access to computing documents and Information echnology services. (ublic cloud services have three general classifications) software-as-a-service$ infrastructure-as-a-service$ and platform-as-a-service. *oftware-as-a-*ervice is recogni+ed and contains software applications supplied via the Internet. Infrastructureas-a-*ervice is being able to remotely manage a server and its storage capacity. ,inally$ platform-as-a-service is a software platform that allows designers create and organi+e Internet applications on a hosted organi+ation. 'ith the use of cloud computing$ it may be useful in our future. -efore it was widely known$ consumers have been using floppy disks$ flash drives$ and rewritable C.s and ./.s to carry documents. 'ith the cloud computing technology that has been created will replace the media devices. -y using cloud storage$ individuals will not have to worry about losing the storage device. Cloud computing for businesses could reduce cost$ accessible$ and easier to cooperate. It could help companies save money by reducing paperwork$ decreasing transaction costs and lessening investment in hardware. It could also reduce the need for an information technology administrator. It is easier to collaborate since services on cloud are simply retrieved disregarding distances. here may be a downside with the use of cloud computing which are$ bandwidth usages$ reliability$ data ownership$ and security. If a company has massive usage on bandwidth$ it may increase the cost for internet bills. here are always shortages or random outages which may cause the reliability of accessing the data. *ome cloud storage allow and disallow of recovering stored files on the Internet. 0astly$ the important files are submitted to a third-party which may be risky.

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