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Teaching practice 1

My teacher experience
11/2/2014 UGB Jose Mario Sanchez Rivas

My teacher experience 2

My teacher experience

Jose Mario Sanchez Rivas

My teacher experience, bachelor degree in English IX Professor: Elmer Jorge Guardado, Mat February, 10th, 2014

My teacher experience 3

In this short paper going to be mentioned some of my experiences while I was doing my social service in the high school, to be specific was in INSTITUTO NACIONAL EL TRANSITO, I studied there and I remember that when I was a student one of my biggest wish was come back to this high school as a professional, but I was not a professional yet I went just to make my social service, I knew it would not be easy to do, because I still did not have the complete knowledge how to teach, I just had a few knowledge about the important things we have to managing in order to teach in an effective way, while I was doing my practice I was attending to the Teaching Methods class where I learned many important things to teach in a best way, I remember I learned about the Approaches, methods, methodology, strategy and some

techniques. Also I learned to determinate how we have to teach across ages and levels.

In order to do this research a little bit more complete I will answer the following questions

How you felt teaching?

What you learned during your social service?

Did you do use the correct methodology in your classes?

Explain what your teacher style is.

My teacher experience 4

Teaching is not just inside in the classroom, we can teach even outside of the classroom using things which catch the learner attention (cWaut54, November, 04, 2013) Also we can teach making use of things which are easier to assimilate for the students, for example we can use cookies, pens, erasers even the fingers or some pictures, while I was doing my practice at the beginning I felt a little nervous, because it was my first time, teaching to real students, I was did some practices, but it was with my classmates and with them I already have confidence; I remember that first I present by myself and I felt a little bit better, but according whit the things that I learned in Teaching Methods I was doing my practice in a wrong way, because at the beginning I did not create my lesson plan and did what the teacher also did. After some weeks I felt better and have the capacity to do my own lesson plan although I did not do this in the correct way yet, but I was trying it.

Experience: Active participation in events or activities, leading to the accumulation of knowledge or skill: a lesson taught by experience; a carpenter with experience in roof repair. (farless, 2014) I learned many important things, but for me the most important thing was the little piece of experience that I acquired while I was doing my social service, here I could see how the students behave depending of the kind of teaching that the teacher is using, I remember that one day the

My teacher experience 5

teacher told me ok Mario right now this section just have half block if you want you can go alone I said ok I walk to the classroom the student were outside and others inside the classroom and I told them ok we going to class right now and they asked me the teacher will not come today? And I said not, some of the were happy, obviously I was a nervous, we was starting a new unit i started to write in the whiteboard, and some of them were making noise, I was not controlling the classroom and I felt a kind of stupid, was here when I decided to tell them that if they thought that just because I was friendly or young I will let them be making noise, they were wrong, because I will design the exams and a part of the unit will be add to exam, and if they wanted, continue making noise, but after I did heard somebody saying that I was the guilty that they had bad grades, and suddenly they calm down. I was a angry because they were paying attention at the begging but after they paid attention and I felt really happy, to be exact we were talking about INTERNATIONAL TOURISM and we were mentioning beautiful places to visit during the vacations.

As I still was attending to teaching methods I did not know use the correct methodology to teach, sometimes I got lose about the topic its mean that the class was not very well planned the problem was that the teacher wanted do the things in a different way as I wanted, and I felt bad a day when she told me that she did not like to be just watching the class, so the most of time she prepared the classes and I just did what she told me that I must did, one of the most useful strategies used in the high school is the repetition drill and here when I participated in the classes, but it was just at the beginning then I was taking position in the classes and sometimes I choose my strategies.

My teacher experience 6

Methodology is a set of practices. This term may be used to refer to practices which are widely used across an industry or scientific discipline, the techniques used in a particular research study, or the techniques used to accomplish a particular project. People may also use the term methodology to refer to the study of such methods, rather than the methods themselves (Ask, 2014) To add the, methodology is created when we mingle two, or more methods in a lesson plan.

Just as people have individual learning styles; teachers have teaching styles that works best for them. It is important to be aware of your preferences when creating and delivering instruction (Bussiness)

Daniel K. Schneider thinks that teaching style refers to the teaching strategies and methods employed plus use of certain kinds of rhetorics. But often, the literature only focuses on one of these dimensions (see the typologies below). The term itself has no agreed definition but the more widely accepted definitions refer to it as "a set of teaching tactics" (Galton et al, 1980) "instructional format" (Siedentop, 1991). In [Physical education] circles the definition of it as "the general pattern created by using a particular set of strategies" ([Teaching Styles in Physical Education and Mosston's Spectrum], retrieved 15:43, 11 August 2007 (MEST)) Type of teachers:

My teacher experience 7

Expert Formal authority Personal model Delegator Facilitator (Teaching Style, 2014)

The teacher style will define our way to teach and it is very important define our teaching style, because just in this way we will know how to use the correct methodology and also of the teacher style will depend how the students will behave during the classes also we have to be good teachers inside and outside of the classroom.

As a conclusion during my practice I acquired many things which going to be useful for me in this career that I took, because I know how the students behave depending of the way how you are teaching, I like how my teacher model from the high school is teaching, because she know a lot strategies and method to maintain the student attention, and it is something very important, because if we lost the attention of the students it will come a complete disorder, I learned to use whiteboard and the reading way I remember that I used to read with the students in the classes it was good , we learned together.

My teacher experience 8

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