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exciting news for banglalink customers!

enjoy the power of internet now on your mobile with your pre paid! post paid and call " control connection too# with banglalink gprs you can send and receive e mails and browse the internet or download contents through your mobile# be always online even when you are out of home or office$ stay updated with your work and the world around# currently banglalink is providing following gprs packages
duration who can buy pack id p2 postpaid! prepaid! call " control monthly packs prepaid! call " control p( p% p)( p& p)2 p* p/ p)) daily packs prepaid! call " control p. p+ p)' pay as you go postpaid! prepaid! call " control p) unlimited night time unlimited ()2 *am free usage only " *:')am )):&+pm )kb,'#'2tk-vat )gb morning unlimited monthly (& )'am free " )':')am to /:&+am )mb,)#'(tk-vat )''mb morning unlimited weekly (&am )'am free " )':')am to /:&+am )mb,)#'(tk-vat &'mb 2''mb morning unlimited daily (&am )'am free " )':')am to /:&+am )mb,)#'(tk-vat )&mb &mb 2mb )kb,'#'2tk (prepaid )kb,'#')&tk (postpaid and call and control subscribers package details package price (excluding vat) tk# %&' tk# ('' tk# 2.& tk# 2'' tk# )'' tk# .' tk# &' tk# &' tk# 2' tk# 2' tk# * tk# / free

weekly packs

prepaid! call " control

0note: all items are subject to )&1 vat in addition to the abovementioned charges# how to purchase dialing 0&''2 internet menu! a subscriber can choose from different packs# or! s3he can dial directly to place request for a specific pack as follows#
pack validity pack id p2 p( monthly p% p)( p& weekly p)2 p* p/ p)) daily p. p+ p)' pay as you go p) direct dialing ussd code (internet menu) 0&''0)0)0)2 0&''0)020)2 0&''0)0(0)2 0&''0)0/0)2 0&''0)0&0)2 0&''020)0)2 0&''02020)2 0&''0(0)0)2 0&''0(020)2 0&''0(0(0)2 0&''0(0/0)2 0&''0(0&0)2 0&''0/0)2

alternatively! he3 she can request by typing pack id (e4ample: p2 or p% or p)' and sending sms to ((/(# whichever way the subscriber places the request! s3he will receive a reply sms will come from ((/(# prepaid and call and control subscribers will have to follow the instruction to confirm the purchase of desired pack# internet balance check & un subscription prepaid and call and control subscribers can dial following:
purpose balance check un subscription ussd code 02220(2 0222022

please note! if your handset has any previous settings of other operator then you need to make the banglalink gprs settings as your default3preferred setting# banglalink internet fair usage policy applies#

services and features wap/ internet browsing handset browsing

@elecom 8angladesh Atd# home B legal B faq B sitemap B .++ http:33mmsc):)''2)3mmsc3') gprs 00 ma4imum allowed size for mms is )'' kb$ messages e4ceeding )'' kb will not be delivered# click here to download banglalink internet manual setup guide# top 7 2')2 8anglalink 9:. (<=>:?<.with gprs you5ll be able to browse the internet using your gprs enabled handset# most websites available in the internet can be accessed through gprs enabled handsets# laptop/ personal computer (pc) browsing you will also be allowed to use the gprs enabled handset as a modem and log in to the internet using a pc or a laptop# standard connectivity tools like data cable! infrared! bluetooth! as well as driver software is required for laptop3pc browsing pcmcia/usb connect card standard pcmcia or usb connect cards can be connected to pc3laptops for browsing# handset is not required! only the sim card needs to be inserted inside the connect card for internet browsing frequently asked questions gprs service )# how can i know if my handset supports gprs6 ans: most current handset models released within the last 2 ( years supports gprs# you can also verify with the handset manufactures or the handset manual# 2# what is the difference between gprs and edge6 ans: technically edge is a faster data bearer than gprs! but both technologies provide the same services (# i am using other operator5s edge3gprs service with my handset# can i use banglalink gprs with the same handset6 ans: yes! but banglalink gprs settings needs to be set as the default setting /# can i check email using gprs6 ans: yes! you can check any web based email account like yahoo! hotmail through gprs# other email accounts (business email! email account provided by internet provider might also be accessed through gprs$ depending on the type of handset used# &# can i only activate wap or web browsing service6 ans: no$ all the gprs services need to be activated (wap! web # however! you may use only wap or web browsing if you so wish# %# what is wap6 ans: wap (wireless application protocol is a special protocol that enables mobile phone users to access the internet in a simplified format# most handsets have built in wap support# .++ http mms mms settings profile name apn (access point name gateway (pro4y ip gateway (pro4y port relay server url data bearer banglalink mms blmms )'#)'#&&#(/ *.# my handset does not support web! but supports wap# can i browse the internet6 ans: yes! you can visit the simplified wap versions of most popular web sites# if you enter the web address! you will be automatically taken to the respective web site5s wap versions# connect card )# what is a gprs3edge connect card6 ans: it is a device where you can insert a gprs enabled sim card and get connected to the internet through a pc3laptop# 2# how do i install a connect card6 ans: the connect card needs to be connected to either pcmcia port (laptop or usb port (laptop3pc # most connect cards are bundled with appropriate driver software! which can be installed easily# (# do i need a data cable for my mobile to use connect card6 ans: no! actually connect card totally eliminates the need for using the handset and its accessories for using internet# /# can i receive calls during using a connect card6 ans: you have to remove the sim card from your handset in order to insert it in to the connect card and hence you cannot receive calls# &# why would i use a connect card when i can use internet by connecting my handset through data cable3infra red6 ans: handset battery charge depletes very fast when it is used for gprs browsing# also! infra red connectivity is unstable! and a slight movement might cause disconnection# %# where can i find a connect card6 ans: connect cards are available in most computer shops situated in idb# also! it can be found in etc# gprs settings internet web settings profile name apn (access point name 00protocol blweb blweb http wap wap settings profile name apn (access point name gateway (pro4y ip gateway (pro4y port 00protocol blwap blwap )'#)'#&&#(/ or ')'#')'#'&&#(/ *.