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How much money do you spend in De Salam Food Cafe each time
rm10 Rm4.50 rm 4.00++ RM 6.00 15m 10 rm6 rm5-rm7 rm5-6 7 rm 4.50 6 5 RM4 - RM5 5.50 RM4.50 to RM 5 RM5- RM6 RM5-RM7 4.50 RM3-RM5 more than rm5 the counter above RM4.50 3.50 RM3.50 RM5.00 RM4.00-RM5.00 depending person in charge at RM3.50 and 7? RM 5 rm 7 RM 6 rm 6.00 RM10-12 4-6 RM 4.50 - RM10.00 RM6.50

RM 3-6

30mins to 1 hour around RM5.00 rm5 4-5

more than RM5 RM6 RM5

30 minutes

rm5 average

not less than rm4



How often do you consume in De Salam Food Cafe on average

1 - 2 times per week 3 - 4 times per week 5 - 6 times per week 7 times per week 0 time per week

16 32 21 4 1

22% 43% 28% 5% 1%

What do you think about the services provided by De Salam Food Cafe



google.Google Drive 1 2 3 4 5 9 20 29 15 1 12% 27% 39% 20% 1% What you think about the cleanness of De Salam Food Cafe 1 2 3 4 5 1 12 40 16 5 1% 16% 54% 22% 7% What do you think the serving size of the food? 1 2 3 4 5 6 26 29 12 1 8% 35% 39% 16% 1% What do you think about the price of the food from De Salam Food Cafe 1 2 3 4 5 29 33 10 2 0 39% 45% 14% 3% 0% https://docs.com/forms/d/1AyQn70C19u92cwvgQ1Qhz2uUSiYOe03XLqHaq6MYl68/viewanalytics 2/7 .19/11/2013 De Salam Catering & Services .

the drinks are bad. but it is actually a little bit worse than before.. Too much water. thought it will be a big different between De Salam Food Cafe with Wahid's. Not much choice of food.google.70. I hope they will be more I variety. little bit expensive. Sometimes prices are very expensive. There is lack of foods that you can grab it quick such as bread and so forth. the price is actually quite not reasonable. the dishes are not ballance. hv to wait until almost 12 pm.50 for small pieces The price of economy rice is unreasonable. Sepatutnya harga perlulah murah kerana majoriti pelanggan adalah pelajar yang hanya mengharapkan wang PTPTN. Milo tastes like water.Google Drive What is the reason to consume in De Salam Food Cafe Price Food Quality Service Quality Location Other 8 17 5 55 9 9% 18% 5% 59% 10% Are you satisfied with De Salam Food Cafe right now? Yes No 14 60 19% 81% Please state why The food is worth the money spent. rm2. food not too variety. the price is not reasonable of chicken I wish it had more food varieties and please be because consistent with the pricing.. Plus. Sometimes it uses the calculator but others don't. Unfortunately.com/forms/d/1AyQn70C19u92cwvgQ1Qhz2uUSiYOe03XLqHaq6MYl68/viewanalytics . The food tastes good. they don't serve the veggies. Price is unreasonable sometimes the chicken is too small. Peniaga hanya meletakkan harga yang agak mahal. if come in 10-11 am. as for students. 2 type of vegetables and rice will price of food is expensive and food provided not consistent everyday a cost RM3.19/11/2013 De Salam Catering & Services .. what the heck. My concern is more to service 3/7 https://docs. but the price is expensive. Harga yang mahal..

Without any meat or chicken choice of food and expensive expensive The price quite expensive for a student The price is not suitable for It is resonable Two piece tofu . sometime(the same food)he charge me RM4.google.vegetables. and no bread for sales! seems like the price keeps increasing somehow of the food are cold expensive. the price rise to RM 1. somemore the cafe doesn't offer The choice of food is very little and most because the price of the food sometime cheap but sometime very the size of food is small and expensive They always lack of cents in return of the balance. me they always give unreasonable price -_expansive i see no reason not to just give any price that they want. next day Price inconsistent. i could get 2 vegetables and a meat outside at the price of RM4...00. Stall is not opened at operating hours without notices and valid reason Food is expensive. is okay. Not even a smile craved at his face. got food eat ok alrdy 4/7 https://docs.because if you bought same menu yesterday.but next time I order the same food. The owner(short and dark guy usually) 1. from Wahid Cafe. The price of food not fixed.the price for today is usually different.50. Especially the western food side. I think that no standard price. they The price is very expensive and there More chairs and tables. Its a bit pricey for a small portion of foods. Just Sucks! No other choice. The prices are The food there is too expensive.00. more expensive each time I went. location upkeep with very decent food. the old Wahid is better.I'm not saving it is too expensive but it The price are unreasonable with the portion of food and they don't price matter The food price is not reasonable for student. The price of food is expensive expensive for student and the food doesn't taste very well. the price is so expensive kadang kadang lauk terlalu kecil . he charge me RM5.chicken) everyday. Not open on saturday and sunday kemudahan tidak mencukupi. and some bad attitude of cashier. Sometimes. One day u are paying RM 1 for something.19/11/2013 De Salam Catering & Services . too expensive Running out of food at 12p.. rice and some curry paste on it cost me RM4. Today. the cashier charge the food depends on his mood=. and i consider that a little expensive as well. EXPENSIVE too pricey price very It is because of the pricing. he charged with RM5. which is lunch hour..20 The foods is expensive. questions are pretty much self-explanatory in my perception. any order service for food like fried rice.Google Drive quality. structure the price properly. RM4 could get me 1 vegetable and 1 meat. Please cook more food and less spicy food is confusing sometimes I'm not satisfied with the price. because i have no choice Good The price if you can get it slightly lower.com/forms/d/1AyQn70C19u92cwvgQ1Qhz2uUSiYOe03XLqHaq6MYl68/viewanalytics .he take this opportunity to raise up the price. No fixed price structure. lack of choice of vegetables.. student. and in some situations. cucumber . Please. it´s ok with me. so as long as the service is satisfying. The variety of not so many. Its depending to the person in charge at the counter.from food to the serving Not much no better than the previous. Mahal 2. The price is not consistent. Too little choice of food If you want to compare. Plus this is the only nearest place to eat. The food is very extremely So expensive because it is no description for the price of the food except for some items Open on weekends.m. This is so frustrating.. The answers to the previous The price of food is getting pricing are bad 4 Unreasonable pricing. menu lauk tak variasi sebba ada ikan ngan ayam je. another case is when i want to make a double confirmation about the price. unreasonable. Even with the same portion of food (normal portion-scope of rice.00. Last semester. everything is bad. i have to pay RM5 for 1 vegetable and 1 meat. More foods even in the evening.= sometime charge price unreasonable. sedap & banyak plihan.

they could slightly lower prices a little bit and customize the give cheaper prices The food is quite delicious actually. dengan cara ini. cafe in the fac. Overall.. College. So they better not to take advantage on their customers especially students. lower the price and add more table Peniaga menyediakan Just change a new dealer la. chinese. rather than ride motorcycle to go to 12th The food there is too expensive Same no. please state why Because it near FSKTM choices. korean. sayur berape.. for food without a price list display.. Please improve a bit on the pricing of the dishes. https://docs. ayam berape. i'd go to salam food cafe again expensive.I rather eat at my Wahid serves better foods yes and Running out of food at 12p. if no choice. Keep it up. e. suggest to have international variety food. EXPENSIVE That's the nearest cafe compared to other cafes. I consume Purely sucks! Please give some suggestion to improve De Salam Food Cafe Reduce the price or prepare a description on the price n chair arabian. i rather cook myself. price very expansive becauseI HAVE to eat here because of time. Price matter Food choices resit makanan. No much choice. Stall is not opened at operating hours without notices and valid reason Food is I dont want to be cheated again and again. Reduce the price lower the Constant renew the food for the mixed Make the portion bigger if rice so that it keeps warm you want to extra charge.google. but we have no other choice of cafe until now. have no choice I am consuming food in De Salam Cafe just because i Because its too expensive. sebgai contoh: dalam satu pinggan ada ayam. nasi berape. lunch hour.. it is okay. It takes time and petrol. sayur dan nasi.. reasons as above. which is Refer above!! The price is very expensive residential college its more cheaper no...19/11/2013 De Salam Catering & Services . O Give an affordable price food to student..m..com/forms/d/1AyQn70C19u92cwvgQ1Qhz2uUSiYOe03XLqHaq6MYl68/viewanalytics Lower the 5/7 . We're just student.. pelanggan dapat menilai.until they improve everything the services is unsatisfactory. No other choice.jadi peniaga perlu menyenaraikan harga.g. adakah munasabah harga yang dikenakan dengan kuantiti yang diambil price Turun kan harga makanan.Google Drive Would you like to consume in De Salam Food Cafe in the future? Yes No 49 25 66% 34% If NO. japanese. The answer is no because of Sometimes pricing is a little inconsistent. But price for each item so that fair calculation can be done(dishes) the price is somehow doesn't make sense because it keeps changing even if i take the same dishes. Expensive and not too much choice Not if I have other expensive The only Yes Too expensive. no other place is this close to fsktm ! the price is too expensive even though the portion that we take is small. Too little choice of food there only if i have no other choice.

more food Fix the price of foods. makin mahal. and serve more food and please make the portion is suitable with add more food stalls. tables.com/forms/d/1AyQn70C19u92cwvgQ1Qhz2uUSiYOe03XLqHaq6MYl68/viewanalytics .put gaardenia bread Please lower prices and provide better service.but the put more chairs and reduce the price of perbanyakkan kerusi meja.. more choices of food of food available price for food -Student price variety food lower the food price -A good reasonable add more variety more the price for the food. and more healthy food 6/7 Please put televisions and junk foods.. -There are flies flying around the very important. and increases the paying line during peak time makanan dikawal. it's a bit stale and tasteless as well as mind-numbing. so students wont get different prices everyday while getting should be reasonable and they structure the price.. So just make the price more satisfying. give more choice of food and reopen the hawker that cooks and provide a la carte service. dishes so that the customer can hv a ballance diet. have a FIXED PRICE please. Please check the cleanliness of the workers( the worker who is in charge of drinks have a very long fingernail) Lower the price. The price keep changing everyday. price should refers on quantity and quality of the food i want wahid!!!! -More seats Please provide more table and chair and tables.. The recent hike is ridiculous. actually RM5.19/11/2013 De Salam Catering & Services . cepat-cepat bersih meja lepas pelanggan guna Variety choice.. and better services! Not the same menu everyday. But they should smile more. The price make a scheme on the pricing.. -Luxury and optional: WiFi coverage. such as the dishes for economy rice. https://docs. -Make the price suitable for student Standardize the food prices among all Increase the variety of food provided and please change the water guy. -Have kitchen menus like Wahid has last time. variasikan pilihan lauk dan sayur juga.. The servers are friendly. the price More food and less expensive please Make the price more reasonable.some might Cut down the price and varity the food GET CHEAPER FOOD Add in be ok with the price but some might not. ..Google Drive price.. exactly same meals ! decrease the food pricing and provide more variety of food Put a price structure! variety of menu Please. lower price Offer cheaper prices.. food. such as Nasi Goreng and Mi Goreng. Give a reasonable price. Display how items are charged at what price. the food and also provide more place to sit. choices. Currently. Fix the tap water that was previously makann pnas(contoh: nasi goreng) dsediakn lebih awl.30...Wahid was way better More appropriate prices for the food. we trust course. I think they need to put more tables for us to I would like the person with spectacle (I dont know what his name. -The buffet food should be served fresh. -Hold the price down.google.. I think he is the Open the stall at operating hour Provide more food hope that it provide more food show serve the veggies together with other Please rationalize the price of foods.It should not be getting more expensive and more expensive as time goes on. I think they need better cashier. eat. harga change of the price frequently make me feel like i had been cheated. Provide cheaper food Provide various type of food the fix price for each of the food (economy rice) Cheaper food. and come up with various type of meals besides the local ones but with reasonable price of add more table. Make improve everything In Wahid sure that the drinks are provided in good condition and worth the price. And dont just left the sisa2 lauk just like that. Just make the price of the food more reasonable with the food .. customers. price consistency is Change to different caterer.pukul 12-12. Please improve this issue. chef) to be in charge at the counter.00 is not very expensive. The cleanliness is good. .Please offer affordable and reasonable price for the students.

google.com/forms/d/1AyQn70C19u92cwvgQ1Qhz2uUSiYOe03XLqHaq6MYl68/viewanalytics 7/7 .19/11/2013 De Salam Catering & Services . Number of daily responses https://docs.Google Drive choice.

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