Bridgend Inspiring Growth AGM – Meeting Minutes 2/02/14

Present: Will Golding John Knox Sandra Macaskill Anna Danby Chris Macefield John Anderson Alice O’Rouke Charlie Cornelius Jo Chris Mr Henderson Sam Webb Darla Eno Martin Meteyard Apologies: Hazel Flett Jamie Ross Ellie Forgan

Summary progress since last AGM on 9/12/12 The minutes of the last AGM were presented and agreed upon by CM, seconded by JK. WG gave his chairs report updated the meeting on the extensive achievements BIG have realised over the past year. He documented the many positive steps BIG have made strengthening their role as a charity and move towards acquisition of the farmhouse and thanked everyone for their hard work and contributions over the year. Chairs full report available on request. JK presented the financial report for the year which detailed all incomings and outgoings for the related financial period. This was accepted by all present. Feedback on consultancy work from Sandra Macaskill SM reported on all the work she has carried out over the year. She summarised the results of the Options Appraisal, Feasibility Study and business plan which are all contributing a wealth of information to be utilised in the bid for ownership of the farmhouse. SM detailed how the initial options appraisal consulted on 3 potential outcomes for the farmhouse and the results of this led to a more focused vision and a coherent path from which to complete the feasibility study. This work is also supported by the architectural report completed by Malcolm Fraser. There was opportunities for questions to SM on any of this work. It was asked if an alternative location for the project to be housed had been thought through should acquisition of the farmhouse no be successful, SM advised that this had not been explored at this time. SM explained that she is currently finalising the last draft of the bid for the farmhouse and will circulate to the board in time for final comments before the submission deadline. All those present feel satisfied with the results of all SM’s work and thanked SM for all her hard work over the year.

Project report from Darla Eno DE presented her work over the past few months which has broadened the community engagement activity of the organisation and involved many more people, of all ages, in the participatory design process. This work has been key to actively involving the local community. DE and SW showed the film they have created as part of this work which all agreed is a brilliant achievement. There was a discussion around how best to use the film. Agreed it should be distributed as widely as possible once parental consent permissions for the children involved have been confirmed. DE explained that the full report on her work will follow once finalised. What to do with the remaining funds associated with this project was discussed, suggested it could be used to buy a projector for further screenings of the film etc. DE was thanked for all her hard work on the project. Community Benefit Society Update Discussion continued around the idea to establish a Community Benefit Society (CBS). MM provided more detail on what this involves detailing that a CBS could support the organisation by allowing for a trading arm and could help to provide bridging funding potentially around £50 000 to support BIG between acquiring the farmhouse as an asset and any large scale renovations taking place. Agreed that expression of interest form would be used to explore this option and scope out whether there are interested investors present. Community Development worker post WG updated the meeting on the recruitment for the Community Development Worker post. HF has secured a base for them at Craigmillar Medical Practice and the job description is written. It was discussed whether it would be best to appoint this position on a self-employed basis or whether BIG should act as an employer. It was agreed that at this time it would be most appropriate if the person appointed is selfemployed. This will be emphasised on job advert. Board Elections SM temporarily took over chairing of the meeting to hold the elections to the board. 6 nominations were put forward: Hazel Flett: Nominated by AD and Seconded by WG Will Golding: Nominated by CC and Seconded by AD Anna Danby: Nominated by AO and Seconded by JK John Knox: Nominated by AD and Seconded by DE Chris Macefield: Nominated by DE and Seconded by SW Jamie Ross: Nominated by WG and seconded by SW All 6 nominations were accepted and voted onto the board by those members present. Names above in bold represent the BIG board from the coming year with WG as Chair, John Knox as Treasurer and AD and CM sharing the role of Secretary.

DE to confirm consent for online viewing and get copies from teacher. DE and SW to organised hard copies of film to be made. AD will then add film to website.

WG to finalise job advert and send out, All to promote to appropriate networks.

Submission of farmhouse bid to Edinburgh Council SM updated that there are 10 notes of interest currently submitted from ownership of the building. The closing date for submissions is 6/12/14. Bids will then be assessed by the council officers who will make recommendations to the committee March/April 2014. Extensive discussion was had on the most appropriate way to frame the bid for the building. At this time the exact detail of the bid is confidential material however the board agreed they were confident that it reflects the collective vision created over the past three years for the farmhouse and effectively details how achieving this is possible.

SM is to finalise the bid incorporating all the suggestions for the meeting and send around to the board for final ratification before submission. SM and WG to submit in person on 6/2/14.

Next Meeting Friday 28th February 2014, 17:30 at Our Dynamic Earth.