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February 7, 20 14

M ayor Stephan ie A. Miner City of Syracuse, 20 3 C ity H all 233 E. W ashington St. Syracuse, N ew York 1320 2 Dear M ayor Miner: I am writing in respo nse to Deputy Commiss ion er Ben W alsh's invitation fo r me to appo int a represe n tative to th e task fo rce yo u recently ann ounced that will "study a proposed stadium in the C ity of Syracuse."

fu you know based on yo ur meetings with and correspo ndence from the U niversity's con sultant, Irwin Raij, within the past several m onths there was an opportunity to pursue a new multi-sport stadiu m in the C ity an d community that would have included direct investment from the State, C ounty, and the p rivate secto r, including the U niversity. I was to ld that this opportunity likely wou ld h ave resulted in hundred s of millio ns of d o llars in new investment in the C ity and com m u nity, along with pote ntially hundred s of new con structio n and othe r jobs.
Given recen t develop ments, alo ng with public indications from potential governmental partners who h ad previo usly expressed support, it has becom e clear to m e that that the m om entum to arrive at a q uick decisio n o n this o pportunity, alo ng with the necessary funding to support it, h as, at least for the time being, subsided . In addition , I know that you and others are seeking more inform ation regarding how this po tential op portunity wo uld h ave ben efitted the community. In ligh t of th ese develop ments, I h ave d ecided to reassess and undertake the U niversity's own internal analys is regard ing the multiple options on cam p us for addressing the n eed to ren ovate or replace the Carrier Dom e, which continues to be a key asset to the U niversity and region . I understan d that your task fo rce will "study the im pact an y proposed new stadium would have on nearby n eighbo rhoods , municipal infrastructure, and econ o mic d evelopment," and I appreciate it is your pu rview to do so. Also, as C h an cellor, it is my purview to con sider re novation or replace me nt of the Carrier D om e as it is a U niversity responsibility. Therefore, I feel the best course of action is fo r the U niversity and C ity to u nde rtake these analyses se parately, and commit to fu ture good fa ith conversa tio ns on ce b oth processes are complete. With this in mind, I appreciate Mr. W alsh 's offer, b ut will n ot be appoi nting a U niversity represe ntative to the task force.

noo S. Cro use 1 \ vcn uc I Cro usc- 1lin cls I la ll . Suite 600 I Syrac use.

Cll ANC l: LLOR /\N I) PRE SIDENT New York 13244-21 30


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As your effort m oves fo rward , I d o commit to m ake Mr. Raij available to task force members so he can share with th em the d etails he h as give n to you about the previo usly proposed stadium concept, a nd offer other relevant information about it that he m ay be able to provide. If you h ave any fu rther q uestio ns, please feel free to co ntact me.

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