Bridgend Inspiring Growth (BIG - a charity) has been working diligently on plans to acquire and renovate Bridgend Farmhouse as a community hub and gateway to Craigmillar Castle ark! It is hoped to negotiate a trans"er o" the property "rom the current owners# City o" $dinburgh Council# and undertake some initial renovation prior to submitting a %ottery application "or a more substantial restoration and development programme! &ee www.bridgendfar !"#$e."rg.#% "or more in"ormation! 'ne way "orward we are considering is "or the property to be owned and operated by a co-operative registered as a (&ociety "or the Bene"it o" the Community) under the Industrial * rovident &ocieties +ct# with a Committee elected by members who would all subscribe "or at least one share (see below)! ,o do this we would need as much support "rom the wider community as possible! -ith the help o" the community we would like to raise enough money (./0#000) to complete acquisition o" the property# undertake initial renovation work# and appoint a manager! -e are there"ore asking now "or e&'re$$i"n$ "f in(ere$( (" in)e$(! In summary the main applicable terms and conditions are likely to be as "ollows1  &hares would have a nominal value o" .2/# with every member holding no less than 3 share and no more than the current legal ma4imum (.20#000)!  $ach shareholder would be entitled to be nominated and vote "or the election o" members to the Committee at the +nnual General 5eeting!  $ach shareholder would have one vote irrespective o" the number o" shares held!  Interest can be paid on the shares i" the surplus (pro"it) "rom trading is su""icient 6 although this is very unlikely until the business is well established!  ,he value o" shares o" a deceased shareholder may be trans"erred to another person in accordance with his7her wishes!  +t the discretion o" the Committee# share capital may be withdrawn upon giving due notice i" su""icient "unds are available! 8owever# it is likely to be a condition o" any share o""er that shares cannot be withdrawn "or an initial period o" / years!  ,a4 relie" o" up to /09 o" the value o" any investment may be available under the government)s &eed $nterprise Investment &cheme (&$I&) or the proposals "or social investment ta4 relie" recently announced by the ,reasury! There is no requirement for any cash or binding commitment at present. +ll that is being requested is an e4pression o" interest to enable us to make an initial assessment o" how much "unding could possibly be raised in this way! ,hose who e4press an interest in contributing will be contacted with more in"ormation once we have a clearer picture o" a possible timetable "or acquisition and development o" the property! ,his will include "inancial pro:ections "or the business! + certi"icate will be issued to each member showing the number o" shares purchased! I" you are able to help bring this much needed community "acility into being# then please complete the "orm overlea" and return it to the address indicated!

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i((ee "f Bridgend In$'iring Gr"w(! ,BIG-


I/We would be interested in investing in a Bridgend Farmhouse community benefit society YES / NO I/We are interested in urchasing shares to the value of! """""""""""""""""""""""" I/We are interested in #oining a steering grou to develo the ro osition I/We would be interested in volunteering I/We want to romote the ro osal through our own networ$s If yes% could you give us some details! YES/NO YES/NO YES/NO

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)lease return to! bridgendfarmhse*gmail+com

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