Farmhouse Renovation Group Job Profi e Job Tit e Hours !ommunit" Deve opment Pro#e$t Wor%er Part-time (18 hours a week) for 6 months. Flexible. Office hours – We nes a! afternoons " #rai$millar %e ical Practice

&en'th of pro#e$t Pa" &o$ation

&6 weeks. 'tartin$ b! %arch &(1). *&16 +er week,*1& +er hour (inclusi-e of holi a! an +ension). .arious/ 'outh 0 inbur$h. ('urroun in$ communities of 1ri $en ). Office a-ailable " #rai$millar %e ical Practice on we nes a! afternoons 1oar of 1ri $en 2ns+irin$ 3rowth 14.(( Fri a! Februar! &1st

Reports to ! osin' Date(

Intervie) *ates( 0n of Februar! &(1) Job Purpose  5o e-elo+ an su++ort the extension an $rowth of a communit! e-elo+ment a++roach to health an socialcare/ in relation to the reno-ation of 1ri $en Farmhouse  5o buil an +ilot a series of +otential communit! +ro6ects as i entifie as im+ortant to local communities in our recent feasibilit! stu !  5o enable an su++ort acti-e communit! +artici+ation in the e-elo+ment of 1ri $en Farmhouse  7ou will be res+onsible for +ro-i in$ in i-i ual an small $rou+/ 89ualit! of life8 su++ort to ser-ice users in or er to enable them to maintain interests in the communit! an also/ where there are carers in-ol-e / to enable the carers to ha-e social res+ite in or er to maintain their own social networks

+ ,ain Responsibi ities 1.1 2 entif! a++ro+riate acti-ities an o++ortunities for in-ol-ement of our ke! stakehol ers • : ults with learnin$ isabilities • 7oun$ Peo+le • Peo+le in mental health reco-er! 1.1 5o utilise an buil on recentl! carrie out +artici+ator! esi$n worksho+s. Or'anise- mana'e an* promote 1.& Or$anise an e-ent halfwa! throu$h the +ro6ect 1.; Or$anise a +resentation to +artici+ants an 123 members/ an write re+orts as re9uire . 1.) 5o +romote +artici+ation in social acti-ities for ser-ice users/ either in i-i uall!/ or in small $rou+s. 1.< #om+ile etaile +lans for +ro6ects/ timelines/ bu $ets an risk assessments. 1.6 %ana$e the a++ro+riate a!-to- a! runnin$ of the +ro6ects/ inclu in$ status re-iews an +rioritisation of tasks. 1.4 #om+lete all ata entr! associate with the +ro6ects. 1.8 =esi$n all the materials an communication associate with the +ro6ects. 1.> :tten meetin$s with local or$anisations to arran$e the initiation an e-elo+ment of +ro6ects 1.1(=e-elo+ +ro+osals with +artici+ants for further +ro6ects an fun in$ a++lications to carr! these out. 1.11?iaise with the 123 boar to +lan e-ents. 1.1&#reate etaile +lans communicatin$ an +romotin$ +ro6ects internall! an externall! of 123 Bui * re ationships 1.1;5o ensure that the in i-i ualit!/ +ersonal i$nit! an confi entialit! of ser-ice users an their carers are res+ecte at all times. 1.1)5o co-o+erate with/ an maintain $oo relationshi+s with +artici+ants. 1.1<5o com+l! with the 1238s constitution/ Policies an Ob6ecti-es. 1.165o e-elo+ +ositi-e an em+athetic a++roach to ser-ice users an carers. Deve opment 1.145o un ertake an! initial trainin$ an further trainin$ as re9uire / in or er to become familiar with how to co+e with the illnesses an isabilities of the ser-ice users bein$ su++orte F e.ibi it" 1.187ou ma! be re9uire to work flexible hours in kee+in$ with the o+erational eman s of the +ost/ inclu in$ e-enin$s an weeken s/ in or er to enable ser-ice users an carers to maintain a normal social life as far as +ossible. 5his ma! inclu e workin$ out with the base to which !ou are a++ointe / in or er to co-er the nee s of the ser-ice users an carers as efficientl! an effecti-el! as +ossible.


Job Spe$ifi$ Re0uirements

5here is an ex+ectation that short liste can i ates will meet a the essentia re9uirements state in the +ersonal s+ecification below an e-i ence their knowle $e an ex+erience b! rele-ant exam+les in the a++lication form. #.s will not be acce+te .

Persona Spe$ifi$ation
1no) e*'e- E.perien$e an* 2ua ifi$ations 1 0x+erience in $i-in$ +ersonal care/ workin$ with +eo+le in a carin$ role/ or in communit! work settin$ & 2t woul be beneficial if !ou ha-e ex+erience of workin$ with +eo+le with learnin$ isabilities/ those in mental health reco-er!/ !oun$ +eo+le an the $eneral +ublic. ; @nowle $e of 'ocial #are or #ommunit! Work Princi+les ) @nowle $e an ex+erience to com+l! with Aealth B 'afet! $ui elines < '.C 22 or willin$ to work towar s it/ an '.C222 or AD# in #are,=e$ree in #ommunit! work or #ommunit! 0 ucation or similar/ or workin$ towar s it 6 0 ucate to 'tan ar 3ra e 4 Full current ri-in$ licence an access to a car 8 Aan lin$ an %o-in$ certificate a$ain esirable but not essential > 0x+erience of workin$ within the o+erational +ractices an stan ar s of an or$anisation E0ua it" 3 Di'nit" at Wor% 1( Don-6u $emental attitu e !ommuni$ations 11 0ffecti-e -erbal communication skills 1& Ee+ort writin$ skills F e.ibi it" 1; :bilit! to work on own initiati-e an ha-e a flexible a++roach 1) 3oo or$anisational skills an self-moti-ation Team Wor%in' 1< :bilit! to buil $oo workin$ relationshi+s with others an it woul be beneficial if !ou ha-e a broa life ex+erience De$ision ,a%in' 3 Prob em So vin' 16 2t woul be beneficial if !ou ha-e knowle $e of local amenities an facilities 4n" 4**itiona Re0uirements 14 :ble to meet the eman s of the 6ob an atten work on a re$ular basis 18 Aonest/ trustworth! an reliable 1> 0x+erience in/ or interest in bein$ self-em+lo!e

Essentia Desirab e   

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