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March 20, 2013 To: Kit Beyer Cameron Sholty Tom Evenson Ted Blazel Anne Tonnon Byers

rom: !hil Brin"man #e: #ecommendations $or le%islative &ress credentials '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' !lease $ind enclosed (&dated recommendations re%ardin% &ro&osed )(ali$ications $or credentials to access the state Assem*ly and Senate $loors d(rin% the 2013+1, le%islative sessionThese recommendations .ere ado&ted *y the /isconsin Ca&itol Corres&ondents Board on March 0, 2013, and s(&ersede those &rovided to the 1e%islat(re in 2ecem*er *y the /CCB3s &redecessor, the /isconsin Ca&itol Corres&ondents AssociationThe doc(ment is identical to that &rovided earlier *(t $or one chan%e: the addition o$ 4online ne.s services5 to the list o$ ne.s or%anizations .e *elieve merit consideration $or le%islative credentials!lease contact me or /CCB &resident 6.yn 6(enther i$ yo( have any )(estions re%ardin% these recommendationsSincerely,

!hil Brin"man, secretary /isconsin Ca&itol Corres&ondents Board &*rin"man7madison-com 800+2,2+81,3

Wisconsin Capitol Correspondents Board Recommendations for 2013-15 Credentialing 1.1 Qualifications for Credentials The /CCB recommends the $ )(ali$ications $or eli%i*ility $or re%istration: The a&&licant is or re&resents an or%anization .hose core $(nction is %atherin% ne.s in one o$ the $ cate%ories:

9e.s&a&ers o$ %eneral circ(lation, incl(din% colle%e st(dent &(*lications /ire services that ro(tinely have material &(*lished thro(%h ne.s o(tlets o$ %eneral interest!aid, s(*scri&tion+*ased in$ormation services &(*lished on a re%(lar *asis#adio stations#adio net.or"sTelevision stationsCa*le television stations o$$erin% &(*lic a$$airs &ro%rammin%Ma%azines o$ %eneral interest!hoto service com&anies or &aid strin%ers .or"in% on *ehal$ o$ a )(ali$ied or%anization:nline ne.s services-

2.1 Application for Temporar Credentials The /CCB recommends all media re)(estin% a day &ass to le%islative $loor action shall s(*mit a re)(est to the Ser%eant at Arms and Chie$ Cler" 2; ho(rs &rior to entry<ncl(din% media re)(estin% access $or the State o$ the State and Biennial B(d%et Address3.1 Conduct and !t"ics for Credentialed #edia The /CCB recommends:

All re%istrants a*ide *y the r(les o$ the a&&lica*le le%islative cham*er#e%istrants shall not act as an a%ent in the &rosec(tion o$ claims, *ecome en%a%ed or assist, direct or indirectly, in any lo**yin%, &romotion, advertisin%, or &(*lic activity intended to in$l(ence le%islation or any other action o$ the 1e%islat(re, nor any matter *e$ore any inde&endent a%ency, or any de&artment or instr(mentality o$ the 6overnor3s o$$iceAll re%istrants shall hold the hi%hest =o(rnalism standards and shall $ollo. the Code o$ Ethics as esta*lished *y the Society o$ !ro$essional >o(rnalists, s&eci$ically: o Avoid con$licts o$ interest, real or &erceived-

#emain $ree o$ associations and activities that may com&romise inte%rity or dama%e credi*ility o #e$(se %i$ts, $avors, $ees, and s&ecial treatment, and sh(n secondary em&loyment, &olitical involvement, &(*lic o$$ice and service in comm(nity or%anization i$ they com&romise =o(rnalistic inte%rityo 2eny $avored treatment to advertisers and s&ecial interests and resist their &ress(re to in$l(ence ne.s covera%eo

$.1 Appeals

The /CCB recommends the 1e%islat(re maintain an a&&eals &rocess $or individ(als?or%anizations .ho are denied or revo"ed-

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