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Goods Shed South.

We are ADG
We are not limited by discipline, restricted by geography or held back by the technology of our time.
Our engineering project teams are multi-disciplinary, using our combined strength and expertise to provide the best possible outcome for our clients.
Saadiyat Construction Village.

North Brown Hill Wind Farm. 2010 - 2011

Gladstone Construction Camps.

Shard. 2012 Groote Eyeland Shed.

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Saadiyat Construction Village. Bromelton Nucleus Transmodal Hub.

The ADG difference ADG in resources

The ADG difference

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Working in the resources industry

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About ADG

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1 The ADG difference


The ADG difference

We believe in always moving forward. If we require advanced technology, we nd it. need to think about a problem differently to achieve the right outcome, we do it.
Our commitment to creative yet practical engineering is what sets us apart as technical experts. However its the personal involvement of our leaders, combined with the importance we place on the relationships we build both in the ofce and on the job site which set us apart in delivery. We begin each project by listening to our clients to ensure we understand their needs completely and offer the most appropriate solutions that are carefully evaluated from a cost, efciency and technical viewpoint. Our multi-disciplinary service offering affords us a unique perspective and approach to design.We are able to confer with experts across Structural, Civil and Environment, Building Services, Hydraulics and Virtual Design and Construction departments under the same roof in order to deliver a complete solution to a project. This integrated insight allows us, as a team, to foresee risk, overcome potential issues and create seamless efciencies in design. In addition to technical expertise, we have the support of thebest industry engineering management, CAD, BIM and computer modelling practices. They are integral to project delivery success. We collaborate with an experienced, proactive technical team and employ advanced drafting and modeling software. Our culture of hands-on design and accountability sees us operate strongly as part of the greater project team, working alongside architects, building contractors, project managers and sub contractors. We believe in involving ourselves in a projects broader objectives in order to work as an integrated, powerful team which, altogether, drives project delivery. The senior managers of our company lead by example in demonstrating a collaborative, challenging approach to decision making. Strong project delivery requires an understanding of the broader issues of a project and the ability to quickly resolve fundamental issues which arise. This often requires us to look at solutions in a broader sense than from a purely engineering perspective. Our job doesnt end when our designs are completed - we are with our clients at every step of the way, and see every project through to nal completion.

have an idea which will save our clients time, money and risk, we speak up.

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ADG in resources
In the mining, resources and energy industries, it is not just the mine facilities that matter.
The ADG difference brings a smarter approach to civil construction and design and construct services than most engineering rms dare. We consider every sites individual constraints as opportunities. We then leverage the best of our technology and all of our experience to ensure our clients get maximum value from their engineering and construction dollars. We have worked with development and construction clients since our inception more than ten years ago and know when you develop or construct major facilities or property, every day counts. We understand the importance of efcient engineering, the cost and availability of materials and the changing market forces that our clients are designing for, and building in. It is this approach that keep our clients coming back, time and time again. Across the resources industry, ADG is experienced in the complex staging of workforce accommodation, warehousing, support facilities and infrastructure that is required to deliver from pit to port, and involves just as much engineering as the mines and conveyors themselves. This is where our expertise lies. Our multi-disciplinary team works closely with civil and structural contractors delivering mine facilities, providing innovative engineering skills and readily available expertise. Our team is working hard on the supporting facilities and accomodation around major mines and LNG in Australias fastest growing regions of Mackay, Gladstone, the Surat Basin, Perth and the Pilbara. Our engineering underpins the construction of infrastructure, modular accommodation facilities, ofce and industrial facilities, conveyors and large warehousing needed by mine sites. With Safety Plus as one of our core values, our team put safety rst; managing risks on all projects carefully every day, on every site.


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2 Our services


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Rosebury Street Gladstone.

The construction environment is continually changing. We tailor each of our designs to suit the conditions.
Since our beginning in 2002, we have focused on delivering structural solutions that are cost effective and tailored to meet the changing market, site conditions and geographical constraints. We differentiate our offering through combining the latest technology, construction techniques and innovative ideas to provide unique solutions to complex projects. We have a track record of working closely with all levels of the project team including consultants, contractors and sub-contractors to develop the most suitable and effective outcome for all the stakeholders. Program, materials qualities, cost, logistics and labour are all taken into consideration through the design process. Were often employed by contractors to redesign structures to be more cost-effective and considerate of the construction timelines and constraints they impose and we are widely respected for this capability. We provide a full range of Structural Engineering services including: Deep basement construction Steel and composite construction Large span structures Deep foundations Difcult ground conditions Construction in high water tables Precast hybrid building construction Complicated transfer structures Stages or progressive strength analysis Complex temporary works analysis Dynamic and lateral analysis.

APLNG Condabri Central

Saadiyat Construction Village.

Santos House.


Cajuput FIFO. North Brown Hill Wind Farm. 2010 - 2011

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Civil & Environmental

A complete project approach draws on an impressive cross-section of expertise to deliver effective and creative civil design solutions.
The civil engineering landscape has changed drastically in recent years, with innovations in design strategies, along with legislative and social focus on environmental impacts. Our integrated Civil and Environmental engineering, planning and development approach results in a coordinated design with minimal interruptions during construction - saving our clients risk, time and money. Our team provides cost effective, environmentally sensitive, practical solutions by identifying the key design constraints and converting them into opportunities, such as using grass swales for drainage, rather than pit and pipe where transport, or availability of product is an issue. We are well respected for our outstanding skills in managing complex engineering projects for major mining groups, town planners, engineering and development consultants, government agencies and construction companies. We provide a full range of Civil and Environmental engineering services including: Project scoping and concept design Development and sub division master planning and design Development feasibility studies on browneld and greeneld sites Master planning of education, retirement and healthcare facilities Detailed design and contract documentation Project management and co ordination of specialist inputs Construction management and supervision Wastewater assessments Environmental monitoring and audit reports Environmental impact assessments Environmental risk assessment.

Ann Street. In progress


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2. / ADG CaPaBILITY DOCUMENT our services

LNG Construction Camp. In progress

Building Services

Sustainability starts with simplicity. Our Building Services design solutions take into consideration a whole of life approach, ensuring systems are simple to install, operate and cost effective to maintain.

A growing emphasis is now placed on environmentally sustainable building throughout our industry. Our team places a high priority on meeting Green Star requirements with a focus on initiatives that deliver sustainable outcomes in operation. We work closely with all project stakeholders to develop strategies to provide cost effective and commercially viable solutions. Our engineering team is experienced in working with clients to understand the key success factors for each building project. This allows us to condently develop our designs to achieve the required outcomes and demonstrate a cost benet of investment. We work closely with Architects and Construction Companies to maximise passive design opportunities early in the project. This yields signicant building efciencies through consideration of orientation, shading and daylighting amenity. Our services design complements this through consideration of low energy system designs, energy recovery and effective control systems. It is our primary goal to reduce the ongoing life-cycle costs of your building. Our team has experience in supporting infrastructure for the resource industry such as construction camps, housing and hotel accommodation as well as building upgrades and refurbishments.

We provide a full range of Building Services including: Mechanical services Electrical services Fire protection services Transportation services ESD services including Green Star rating administration, NABERS and BEEC ratings, energy modelling, water efciency, daylight modelling, energy efciency audits and building re-commissioning.


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2. / ADG CaPaBILITY DOCUMENT Our services

Comprehensive support and a focus on lasting design solutions with robust processes and long-term vision.
We study new technologies outside the design code to ensure we are abreast with the latest hydraulic design trends internationally. We adopt this mindset in all aspects of our design such as roof drainage, site drainage, and water reticulation. Our process aims to protect clients from cost overruns while ensuring effective and efcient hydraulic installation. We focus on comprehensive yet simple documentation in order to extract competitive pricing from the industry as well as constantly seeking the most efcient long term solutions for our clients. Services may include assistance with site selection, due diligence and feasibility studies, concept design, detailed design and development applications, budget estimates, cost plans, tender evaluation, contract administration and construction support. By providing practical solutions on a project to project basis, we ensure the delivery of effective and tailored results. We have successfully provided hydraulics engineering expertise for a range of resource, industrial and specialist developments. We have provided Hydraulic systems including: Potable water services Fuel gas services Filtration and purication systems Irrigation systems Rainwater harvesting Stormwater drainage and management Waste water collection and treatment systems.


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Virtual Design
Validating and enhancing design and risk through digital prototyping.
We provide digital modeling of facilities and buildings of all scales and sizes. Our BIM (Building Information Modeling) design process allows clients to understand the way (Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic departments) combine with architectural designs to deliver a nished asset. We then integrate this with the contractor scope and budget to offer the most cost effective construction options. We have a specialist BIM team skilled in Revit, Navisworks, 3DS Max, and a range of virtual reality and analysis technologies, which enable us to understand the design of every component of the building. Our systems allow us to simulate and report construction and installation scenarios for planning and onsite feedback. 3D modelling also provides an excellent tool for engaging stakeholders at all stages of the project to understand the planned construction in greater detail prior to approvals, and during the pricing and construction process. Our technology means greater accuracy in pricing and development, leading to more certainty and less commercial risk at construction stage. The ADG difference brings aspects of this technology to all of our projects. We know how BIM works in our business and have developed a detailed process for collaborating with other service providers. We are leaders in our eld and we pride ourselves on leading the technical design for whole design and construction teams. Our Virtual Design services include: Develop BIM execution plans Interference checking and constructability issues Scheduling integration and quantity take-off (4D & Construction Sequence Methodology) Site logistics planning and construction management models Value to clients and contractors through reduced paperwork and faster QA/OHS issues/defects logging and approvals onsite Barcoding tools to enable OHS compliance on site plant tracking and maintenance procedures Data capture plan for the client in the form of; as built 3D models, 2D drawings and O&M data into a cohesive and searchable system.

Gladstone Construction Camp. Sub Hydraulics. 22

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3 Working in the Resources Industry

We have a long and respected track record working with construction and resources companies... ...providing the engineering expertise to keep costs down and get the best outcome for clients.

...using innovative technology to deliver infrastructure with greater efciency.

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Working in the resources industry

ADG works with construction and resources companies on modular accommodation projects nationwide. We can work hand-in-hand with construction and resource companies in the design of each village or facility to t sustainably into its local surroundings. The ADG team seamlessly provide the Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic capability that is so critical in delivering a cost effective outcome for mining camps. Our team strives hard to offer exceptionally high levels of energy efciency and Green Star outcomes in our modular buildings.

Groote Eyelandt Shed.

Civil Construction
Our engineering and civil construction team works with construction and resources companies to design and deliver the civil infrastructure around mining and resources facilities. Our design techniques integrate the environmental engineering requirements and planning knowledge needed to drive a co-ordinated approach to civil construction. Our design team provides cost effective, environmentally sensitive, practical solutions by identifying the key design constraints and converting them into opportunities.

Saadiyat Contruction Village.

Design + Construct
ADG can offer construction and resources companies carefully thought out and buildable solutions that are both cost effective and time efcient for their client. We differentiate our offering through combining the latest technology and innovative ideas to provide unique solutions to complex projects. We pride ourselves on coming up with design and construct solutions that are both cost-effective and considerate of the construction time lines and constraints they impose, as well as minimise the impact on the environment and surrounds.

North Brown Hill Wind Farm. 2010 - 2011 Toguraci Mine.

Daunia FIFO. In progress


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4 Our clients


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Our clients
The ADG team are proud to have worked together alongside some of the most successful construction and resources companies in Australia.


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5 About ADG


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ADG CaPaBILITY DOCUMENT / about adg / 3.1

Downs Coal Mine. 2010 Cameby Goods Shed South.

About ADG
We believe project success is created through continuous collaboration with our clients, partners and colleagues as we go about the delivery of an outstanding outcome.
ADG was founded in 2002 by the partners of today, Marco Ficca, Tim Peters and Paul Andonaros. Today, the rm has grown to a staff of over 100, in ofces throughout Australia and the world and remains led by our founding partners. Our ofces are centred in major business hubs of Brisbane, Melbourne, Darwin, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Perth and Sydney, and are supported by regional presences in the Pilbara and Gladstone areas. This brings us closer to our Resources and Development clients, allowing us to provide all of our multi-disciplinary engineering, technical and drafting services required for both complex and simple projects. Internationally, we have ofces in Manchester, Abu Dhabi, Amman and Kuala Lumpur, serving some of the fastest growing regions of the world. Our dedicated staff encompass a cross-section of services including Structural, Civil and Environment, Building Services, Hydraulics and Virtual Design, and Construction so we can support our clients needs on all frontiers. We are led by our hands-on Managing Director, Marco Ficca, who has over 18 years of design experience across a variety of industry sectors throughout Australia and Asia. Marco has built a reputation for providing strong design and analytical skills in the areas of structural steel, reinforced and post-tensioned concrete and nite element analysis. From Marco, through all levels of the company, our culture is dynamic, energetic and creative enough to nd opportunities for our clients and support their success at every step.

Deakin University Accommodation.

Silo Living, Islington Street.

Goods Shed South.


Gladstone Construction Camp.

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6 Our projects


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Project Overview - 14362

Project Overview - 12902



APLNG Pongamia Camp

Spring Gully, Queensland, Australia

APLNG Condabri Central

Miles, Queensland, Australia The geotechnical conditions and lack of site stability presented engineering challenges for us to overcome

Client Mirvac Constructions (QLD) Pty Limited

Year In Progress

The project comprises of accommodation for over 200 man camp and associated support facilities. These include Single storey accommodation units Kitchen and Dining facility Administration and office building Laundry and Service facilities Medical and first aid facilities Wet mess and external BBQ facilities Interconnecting walkway infrastructure Parking and road networks Sewage treatment facility Potable water facilities Power generation systems.

Client Mirvac Queensland Pty Ltd

Year 2012

ADG provided the civil works and design of road infrastructure for the Mirvac APLNG laydown facility rollout across the Miles QLD area. The project was split into five stages, each approximately 7 hectares long with major and minor road networks associated. The geotechnical conditions and lack of site stability presented engineering challenges, and the topography of the land, which was very flat made drainage an important issue for management. Each challenge was tackled with due care. The project was designed and will be a significant milestone for the APLNG project when constructed ensuring a smooth transition into the operational phase.

Project Overview 15333

Project Overview 14370



Sherwin Creek Iron Ore Mine

Mataranka, Northern Territory, Australia

Bromelton Nucleus Transmodal Hub

Beaudesert Boonah Road, Bromelton, Queensland, Australia

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Client EcOz Environmental Services Pty Ltd

ADG have been engaged by EcOz Environmental Services Pty Ltd, on behalf of Sherwin Iron Limited, to prepare an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESCP) to accompany an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) being prepared for the proposed Sherwin Creek Iron Ore Mine. The proposed mine is located approximately 120km east of Mataranka in the Northern Territory (NT) and is within the Roper River catchment. The Sherwin Creek Iron Ore Mine Project involves the establishment of a new open pit iron ore mine, ancillary infrastructure, waste dumps, loading site, workshops, offices, internal access roads, accommodation facilities, and haul roads. Direct shipping ore is to be transported to the Darwin Port Facility for export. The Northern Territory Environmental Protection Authority (NTEPA) has determined that the proposal requires formal assessment under the NT Environmental Assessment Act. The report was developed in accordance with the International Erosion Control Association, Best Practice Erosion and Sediment Control Guideline (IECA, 2008) and is considered to represent Best Practice Environmental Management (BPM). ADG provided direct consultation with the mine operators to determine the desired outcomes and how operations would be considered relating to the hydraulic management and environmental requirements. The project required an investigation of the existing catchments and the interface of the proposed works with the receiving water bodies. Designed diversion and cut-off drainage was determined to suit the operational requirements. Control of the clean and sediment laden runoff was addressed using site available material and sediment basins with controlled outlets. Using best practice design considerations, ADG developed a cost efficient and environmentally appropriate solution to the ground disturbing activities proposed for the site.

Client Mirvac Constructions Pty Ltd

Year Under Construction

Bromelton is an approximately 100 hectare approximately 14km west of Beaudesert. It is on the rail link, and as such is zoned by EDQ as an industrial hub for heavy industry. The target tenants in this area are organisations needing rail transport either north to the port of Brisbane, or south to the southern states. It is the only area of its kind in south east Queensland where organisations can acquire very large scale parcels of land within close proximity to a resource base and transport infrastructure. ADG have been involved in the engineering design and documentation of the water and sewer for the local water authority QUU, including the conveyance design of water from Beaudesert to Bromelton. We have also been involved in carrying out the engineering design input for the infrastructure agreement for QUU to enter with any future land holder in this structure plan. Planning with DTMR included the infrastructure plan required for the area. During the initial phase of the project, ADG undertook a hydraulic investigation of the development to address the existing infrastructure and downstream properties were not adversely affected from the proposed development. These objectives are achieved through the use of detention storage measures designed to incorporate the proposed land use and achieve the desired flow controls. Each stage of the development needed to be designed to ensure there are no flood impacts to the surrounding properties. A large scale 1D and 2D hydraulic model was created for both the existing and developed case using more than 200 1D links/nodes and 30,000 2D surface points. ADG are very proud to be involved in this project, as it is the largest industrial project of its kind in the state.

Project Overview - 11923

Project Overview 12369



Cajuput FIFO Accommodation

Wickham, Western Australia, Australia To complete with overseas modular unit manufacturers ADG carried out extensive R&D including full scale testing to devise an innovative structural module design.

Daunia & Caval Ridge Mines

Northeast Queensland, Australia

Application of modular systems to open plan buildings while maintaining robustness during manufacture

Client Hutchinson Builders

Year 2013

Client Hutchinson Builders

Year 2012

The Cajuput Fly-in, Fly-out Accommodation project provided for the design and construct of two short term accommodation blocks. Each block consisted of three levels of accommodation with common use areas. ADG were engaged for structural, civil and hydraulic engineering services. The remote project location in regional Western Australia required the use of modular construction methods to remain economically viable. To compete with overseas modular unit manufacturers ADG carried out extensive R&D including full scale testing to devise an innovative structural module design. This was Hutchinson Builders flagship project in Western Australia. Despite many challenges and site constraints, ADG delivered an efficient design demonstrative of the teams innovative thinking.

The Caval Ridge and Daunia developments support coal mining operations in the Bowen Basin, Central Queensland, for BMA. The projects provide the administration and amenities hubs for each site, including facilities for, (5250sqm each site): Administration Maintenance Bathhouse Emergency response Go Line Gatehouse Muster.

ADG worked with Hutchinson Builders and Heise Architects to develop modular framing systems tailored to the provision of large open space buildings. The buildings maintained the quality and efficiencies, in construction and transport, achieved by modular solutions while exceeding the client performance specifications. Works further considered differing ground conditions and foundation requirements at each site. Fast track design submissions and approvals were achieved through collaboration with the project team and the EPCM manager Bechtel.

Project Overview - 12899

Project Overview - 12663



Groote Eylandt Workshop Expansion

Groote Eylandt, Australia

Lakey Street Development

Perth, Western Australia, Australia Creating a 358 lot sub-division in a rapidly growing area of Southern Perth

Client Claymont Group Client Hutchinson Builders Year 2012

Year 2012

The Groote Eylandt Shed project includes a large extension to an existing heavy vehicle workshop and a series of new stores, workshops and hardstands to service ultra-class mining trucks and other heavy machinery as a part of an existing mining facility. The site is part of the Gemco Facility in Groote Eylandt which lies about 630km south-east of Darwin in the Gulf of Carpentaria. ADG and Hutchinson Builders are currently working on the project together, with ADG engaged to optimise the designs for several slabs on grade, and steel framed structured to help overcome the limited construction in resources and supply issues encountered on the island. Through the use of post-tensioning, ADG were able to economise the depths of the slabs and consequently save on both concrete and reinforcement costs, despite the high wind speed locations of the site and restrictions on steel member lengths and transport issues. ADG were also able to provide a saving in structural steel tonnage through rigorous design and practical detailing. The project is currently under construction and is due to be completed in late 2012. ADG were able to economise the depths of the slabs and consequently save on both concrete and reinforcement costs, despite the high wind speed location.

Situated in Perths Southern Rivers Region, the Lakey Street Development is located in an area which is currently undergoing major changes. The region will be transformed to a modern community with a large residential area, shops, schools, parks and gardens. Build on an old contaminated land area and very close to the water table, there were design challenges for the project. But out cost efficient design and construction methodology led to an affordable housing development opportunities. We were involved in the ground treatment and disposal process during the site decontamination stage, as well as civil design, and general works project management for the client.

Project Overview - 09948

Project Overview - 11558



Gladstone Construction Camps

Queensland, Australia
One of the major challenges of the project was to construct temporary camps whilst maintaining a high level of awareness and management of their environmental impact.

Goodna Platforms
Goodna, Queensland, Australia Structural design for the Goodna Stormwater Treatment Plant

Client ATCO Structures & Logistics

Year 2012

ADG provided the design for environmentally-sensitive temporary accommodation facilities to house a construction workforce of over 2000 in the Gladstone region. We provided structural, civil, hydraulic and building services engineering for several construction camps servicing the LNG facilities proposed for Curtis Island. Located off the coast of Gladstone, Queensland, the temporary accommodation facilities are designed to house the majority of a non-local construction workforce, working in conjunction with accommodation facilities on the mainland. A significant amount of coordination was required to address the master planned engineering services for the island, including assimilation into the stormwater network. We proposed improvements to the master plan to improve upon the original concept design in terms of accessibility and construction cost for our clients section of the project. ADG provided real innovative design that allowed for a faster construction program by specifying site specific products suitable for remote work and a smaller workforce. The construction camps provide not only accommodation but also recreation and health facilities for construction workers and their families, including a pool, gym, outdoor sports court and administration buildings. An extremely tight delivery and construction schedule required the day to day involvement of our leadership team, as well as production of tender drawings and negotiations. The scale of the project required detailed negotiation with the Project Managers and Bechtel in conjunction with our client, ATCO.

Client Aromatrix Aust Pty Ltd

Year 2011

ADG undertook the design and documentation of a number of steel framed catwalks and viewline platforms for this project at the Goodna Stormwater Treatment Plant. ADG provided 3D analysis of the framing to allow an irregular support system which allowed free access to the spillage pipework passing through below. Our design and specialised analysis ensured this project was delivered both on budget and on time.

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