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Nurturing the Girl Child


TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents…………………………………...…………………….2 Acknowledgement and Report Summary………………….....……..3 Mindset Profile…………………………………………………...…………4 Our Service offering………………………………………………..5 Management Team…………....................................................7 Director’s Report ………………………………..…….............................8 Enrollment and performance review…………...13 Placements and Employment……......................15 Volunteers and Seminars…………….………….....15 Funding and Donations…………….………………16 Expenditure Summary Report ..…………………...18 Appendix I: Mindset in Pictures 2012…...………….………………....19 Appendix II: Mindset Visitors’ Book Memorable Comments……..26 End of Report……………………………………………………………..29

*Cover picture: 2012 Mindset Students Posing with Teachers from White School and Asimara from SWEDEN.

Our Partners and Friends: Tools With A Mission (TWAM) U. financial and otherwise. Stella and Maureen. in kind. Steven Golooba 2012 Volunteer For a Purpose. 3 .Acknowledgement To our main benefactor Access4 UK for the footprint they provided at inception in 2005 and to this very day continue to walk through for budget support and exploring of alternative funding for Mindset. Andrew. Trollehojdskolan and School Administration. The Anglican Kyaruhotora Church of Uganda for the memory project engagement. Report Summary This report describes in detail: training activities. Gregory. Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) of the National Ministry of Education of Uganda and all the others.K for the continued engagement and unwavering support with Mindset’s community service. Carol Lindsay Smith U. our staff members: Rose. Carina in Sweden and (carina’s parents) Rueben Larsson and Beda Renstrom. May God continue to bless you ALL.K and Uganda for the equipment that we use at Mindset as well as the continued valuable visits. Edward. funding and outcomes for Mindset Development Organisation in the months from January to December for the year 2012. Carina with Teachers from Sweden. Christer & Olive Ayebare. The report also has an appendix section showing Mindset in pictures 2012 as well as some memorable comments from Mindset’s Visitors book for 2012 and over the years. George. Special thanks to: Sue Wates and Kate Young of A4 for the untiring and continued counsel. To all our friends and well wishers thank you for all the support: encouragement. Thank you for your commitment.

O) in the Republic of Uganda registration number 2706 Wakiso district.B.MINDSET PROFILE Mindset Development Organization (MSD. MSD Org. Entebbe-Kampala highway Kitinda Zone. behavioral change programs and equip them with startup kits to enable them transform their lives economically and socially.Box 74 Entebbe. MSD Org.Org commenced operations in 2005 with the aim of empowering the vulnerable girl child and teen mothers with practical economic and social life skills.Org) is a Community Based Organisation (C. OFFICES: Yakobo House Plot 239. Uganda 4 .O. Also knowledge in behavior change is imparted as it is very crucial at this life stage of the girls as they tend to experience different body changes and behavior which can lead them to challenges like HIV Aids. MSD. Kitubulu P. runs a training centre where practical: catering. the girls are well placed for self employment. hand crafts. Vision To provide for an independent and self-sustaining Girl Child contributing positively to her Community development Objective To build capacity of the youth especially teen mothers through training in: catering. has since 2005 passed out 221 girls for training with over 45% immediate employment in the Hotel industry for the Catering Class whereas for the Tailoring class in partnership with Tools With a Mission (TWAM). UK’s Start-up kit of a Sewing Machine. tailoring and knitting. crafts and tailoring skills are passed on to the girls. knitting.

The girls are referred to community resources such as public health tutoring for their babies. hygiene. All our trainings are certified by the Uganda National Council of Technical and Higher Education through our affiliation with the Nsambya School of Tailoring. SOCIAL SKILLS Here Social Skills of: hygiene. Foods and Beverages Production including Local Cuisines. reproductive health. The girls are also helped to choose a career which will help them set long term goals. Flight Motel Entebbe. Anna’ Corner and Keba Inn for 3 months. KNITTING AND CRAFTS Here the girls undergo practical training in: general tailoring. The girls also Study House Keeping. behavioral change. Mindset’s social worker visits families to do assessment and selects those in the most need of Mindset services. Our teachers/trainers are sourced from practicing: Tailors. At the end of training TWAM gives us startup kits of sewing machines and knitters. Our teachers are sourced from practicing Chefs and Bakers. a number of hotels and guest houses placed our girls for internship. counseling and guidance on their sexuality. This year. communication. The Social worker subsequently helps the vulnerable girls and young mothers build: self esteem. we had our girls do their internship in catering concerns in Entebbe. Foods and Beverages service. knitting sweaters and craft work. artists and knitters some of whom are former students of Mindset. namely: the Boma Entebbe. Below are our practical training fields: TAILORING. is a training centre imparting practical skills with the sole aim of the Girls self sustenance thereafter. Front Office Management amongst others. Cookery. selfesteem and confidence are taught. CATERING Here the girls undergo practical training in: local and international dishes. 5 .OUR COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFERING MSD Org. Carpentry and Joinery and the Directorate of Industrial Training of the National Ministry of Education.

com/ Contact person: Maureen Mugisha. for Skill imparting volunteers not in Mindset’s locality.BUSINESS SKILLS We teach the girls: business idea generation and actualisation. DIRECTOR.VFP This is an initiative where we welcome One volunteer at any one time. basic book keeping principles and about money. credit. Mindset offers to provide accommodation. 6 . CONTACTS: Telephone: +256 +256 Email: Website: 772 702 396367 431064 msdorg05@yahoo. www. We welcome Volunteers from overseas who can be accommodated for a period of three months but contribute for their food in the host Face book: http://www.facebook. customer care and marketing skills.msdorg.blogspot. VOLUNTEER FOR A PURPOSE. saving. trust.

MANAGEMENT TEAM Director/ Training Supervisor: Maureen Mugisha (Certificate in Tailoring. Project Director: Andrew Muhimbise (Bachelors of Business Administration) Accountant: George Mugula (Bachelors of Commerce) Social Worker: Stella Owembabazi ( Bachelors of Social Sciences) Catering Trainer: Rose Nakate (Certificate in International Catering and Tailoring) Tailoring Trainer: Edward Ssebuliba (Certificate in Tailoring and practicing Tailor) Volunteer Skills Development Officers Madame Judith Gregory (Registered Nurse and Certificate in Catering) Visiting Trainer Robert Kyaluzi (Diploma in Catering and running a Confectionary business) 7 . Diploma in Business Administration and Secretarial Skills).

Olivia and Hunaisa at Anna’s Corner Guest house. 8 . However. Refer to the Enrollment List below for details. Tailoring This year we admitted 11 girls in the Tailoring class with 11 of them completing.Dorcus at Keba Inn-Kitala. Social Skills The Social worker has been able to add value to Mindset basing on the needs assessment and other techniques she has used to interrelate with the girls. Catering This year we admitted 9 girls in the Catering class with all of them completing. Miriam Fungaro at Flight Motel Entebbe amongst others. We continue to secure linkages for our students through internships. UK) continued to support our tailoring class graduates with the sewing machine start-up kit. Refer to the Enrollment List below for details. The girls successfully completed industrial training with six of them getting immediate employment at various hotels and guest houses example:. Gloria and Veronica at the Boma Guest House Entebbe. She has facilitated and created an environment where the girls can freely share their private information thus opening up thereby transforming their self esteem and confidence. Tools With A Mission (TWAM. Counseling has been provided and awareness on their rights highlighted.DIRECTOR’S REPORT This year we enrolled a total of 20 girls and successfully passed out all of them with skills in tailoring and catering. we still have a lot to cover in this area as all the girls commute from home and it’s heard to control their respective environments at home because of their different cultures and backgrounds but at least we are tackling the basics. We were lucky to have our students enroll directly for government examination through the National Ministry of Education and Sports’s ‘Skilling Uganda’ program and we are still waiting for the results.

credit. Under the Fund capital ranging from 10. It was an honor to host all our guests International travel I am forever very grateful to Ms Asa Maria the Mindset a compassionate Mindset friend and Ambassador in Sweden who connected us to Helene of Adult Literacy Empowerment Fund (ALEF). Lena. Christer . plates. fish. these monies are for mainly working capital (buying flour. contributing over half to the Mindset budget. Osa and the White School and Asimara.Business Skills The girls were taken through basic book keeping principles and about money. I appreciate Helene for facilitating our up-keep in Kisumu (Maureen & Irene). cloth material. sewing machine spares parts and oils) and expansion of existing operation (purchase of frying pan. The training was very successful and we shall soon have another-one of its kind in Uganda. Lois Pollock an International trainer also visited Mindset. acquisition of additional sewing machine) This Fund is overseen by Andrew Muhimbise the Mindset Project Director. Olive Ayebare. Aso. We shall ever be 9 .000/= ($75) is provided for those students who have completed or are in holiday and are keen on entrepreneurship. saving. Carina. customer care and marketing skills. Beda & Renstrom (Carina’s parents) and their church in Mala Sweden have continued to fundraise to support Mindset activities. who I had to travel to meet in Kisumu for a workshop. The Trollehojdskolan Mullsjo in Sweden initiative spear headed by school administration whereby students wash cars and do casual work to raise funds to support Mindset activities also continued to support Mindset. A Kate Young inspired Angel fund was put in place for group business activity known as the Eilis Davey Initiative to allow the girls’ hands-on experience working with money in keenly observed environment. Anna Mwewulize. UK) Mr. Maria. trust. Visitors We hosted the Chairperson of Tools With A Mission (TWAM. Bill Dewhurst. his lovely wife and David White. Global Journey friends from Sweden. he manages it on the philosophy of business considering his Stock market investments background.000/= ($5) to 200. Anette. charcoal stove. Kerstin. Funding Access4 continued to be our major benefactor.

I was happy to interact with trainers and inspired by their vision. We are very grateful to CLS and her positive engagement with not only Mindset but our community as well. The trainers are doing an incredible 10 . We thank Carina and her colleagues who visited Mindset and donated Tshirt. The name Mindset is so inspiring and sharing lots of ideas with Maureen was great. In his own words: “Being a volunteer at Mindset Development Organisation has been one of my best moments. at a Church community of Kyaruhotora (south western Uganda.VFP This year between the months of April and July. as in being given an opportunity to enjoy good company of the founders and trainers. Pens. she facilitated us to deliver. Volunteer For a Purpose. Most of the people did not know their close relatives and are now happy to trace their genealogy. the memory book project training and the people who watched the video show were inspired to start on their own memory books for the benefit of their younger generation. we had a Ugandan Volunteer by the names Steven Golooba. simple and manageable in terms of investment capital.of the infamous KONY 2012 YouTube video. he taught paper bead making a kind of skill that bears business that is environment friendly.). I also came to learn about the Memory Book and watched a movie of the idea which I am training my fellow youth on. The numbers were overwhelming.indebted to you. Christer and his colleagues to support one of our students Jane Kade for a diploma in fashion and design thank you very much so. she has gained practical skills and is now on the path to economic and social wellbeing Community Service This year once again Carol Lindsay Smith (CLS) inspired our Community service. (Jane is a student who survivor of the LRA rebel group she was abducted by the LRA Kony rebels. The Mindset Girls too watched the memory book project and some are writing small memory books for the benefit of their young children and siblings. She was burnt and she is physically handicapped!!) We appreciate that through Mindset and all her partners notably Carina and her colleagues. A humorous and God fearing youth. she was in captivity for some time. sport light and contributed to Jane Kade a knitter which she has as a start up kit.

Financial Management. 11 .job of empowering vulnerable girls with practical skills I have seen the girls having hope to better themselves and are now looking at life positively amidst challenges. there was much interest and great improvement as work was done in groups. Business Plan Development under the facilitated by TASO Uganda at Kanyanya and International trainer Lois Pollock who trained on pro bono. Robert Kyaluzi worked full time as M/s Judith Gregory went on leave for three months to the UK. I have realized that very many people acquire knowledge but the level of passing it on is an issue. 2012 We are honored to have had Steven Golooba volunteer at Mindset. we hired teachers from other institutions for a few modules as our trainer Rose Nakate went on maternity leave. I highly appreciate God for Mindset arrangement. Human Resources For the excellent work and effective training. before I think of what to get or gain. commitment and many friends they have made for the organization who have done their best to reach out of love is the best solution. There were those who are first learners and slow learners but as the time went on. personally I have always thought about what to give! Am glad Mindset provided me this chance. Teamwork. Training. I Golooba Steven have always been excited about people who want to take on the activity of passing on knowledge. Classes I trained in bead work or ornamentations to students as I took them through principals and elements. In my life. I salute you.Uganda has been voted the number one tourism destination for 2012 by the respected BBC’s Lonely Planet Travel website you know. Maureen and Andrew undertook a week long group training with The Aids Support Organisation (TASO) Uganda member groups covering: Leadership. Good team work.” Golooba Steven. Volunteer For a Purpose program Mindset Org. We encourage volunteers from overseas to come between March and September so as to maximize impact on girls and also in recognition of that fact that this fits well with Uganda’s tourism Calendar.

for the Tailoring class we resorted to buying material in bulk and constantly seeking cheaper alternatives. ALEF the adult literacy program execution partnership. Action Report and feedback on previous year Challenges:  Tough Economic environment.  Some girls fall sick and we cannot cater for all their needs like medical for this case. as the Bank’s fixed deposit interest rates were reasonably high and this cushioned our future expenditure from inflation. Management Set up an effective but simple management information system for a learner and agile management able to deliver results Expenditure Cost cutting measures from the 2011 inflation boom to be maintained and further be perfected. Uganda Threads Company a project by Enactus a University students business skills empowering project. Future Outlook  Funding Continue to explore our funding options. strengthen relation with the ‘Skilling Uganda’ a National Initiative for youth employment. since the beginning of 2011 cost of items has steadily moved upwards with inflation hitting a high of 30%.  Cost of operation increasing day by day.Challenges:  Mindset Funding after April 2014.contacted Mindset after seeing us in TWAM magazine 12     .  We managed inflation by purchasing non-perishable tailoring and catering requirements in bulk  We also fixed idle funds on our Bank account. this has affected especially our Catering class with some food items like sugar tripling in price at one time. notably shipping and levy costs for getting TWAM equipment over.

NALUBEGA TAILORING. OLIVIA NAKOTO √ √ 9. MARIA NANZIRI √ √ 4. JANE KADE √ √ 2. JUSTINE KUSEMERERWA √ √ 3. CATERING CLASS No 1. 6. DEBORAH NAKATE √ √ 10. 4. A number of yard sticks were used to assess the performance of the students like internal and external practical examinations. CHRISTINE NAKYANZI √ √ 5. 13 . employment levels including self employment and discipline exhibited during internship. 2.Enrollment of Trainees 2012 The Trainees started school in the fourth week of January 2012 with a total number of 20 students enrolling out of which 6 were teen mothers. 7. 5. 9. HAMIDAH NAMMUDU √ √ 8. NAKAZIBA SHARIFA NANSUBUGA LILIAN B. PHIONA KABASINDI √ √ 6. LYDIA KITIBWA SARAH NANTABBA √ √ Performance Review We have witnessed an improvement in performances for both subjects. Name GLORIA ATWIKIRIZE DORCUS AYEBARE MIRIAM FUNGARO VERONICA NANSUBUGA OLIVIA MUWANGUZI MOLLY NAKIMBUGWE HUNAISA . JANE KADE √ √ 7. 3. KNITTING & CRAFTS CLASS Completion No Name Completion Status Status 1. We monitor our Trainees and we have progressively cut down on our drop out students through profiling students on admission. 11. 8.A.

A graph showing: Enrollment. UK (TWAM). also previous year Trainee graduates once employed in current year we indicate it. 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 Employed 2007 Student droped-out Completed Students 2006 Enrolled students 2005 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 We follow-up on our girls and most of them are self-employed especially the tailoring class graduates because we give them start up kits from our partners Tools With A Mission. Completion and Employed girls 2005-2012. 14 .

Mindset has continued sourcing business opportunities for the girls too. Anna’s corner and Keba Inn. self employment. Volunteers and Seminars We conduct seminars with resource persons who share their experience and knowledge with the girls in various aspects of life. a manager at Anna’s Corner café in Entebbe. discussed etiquette skills in the hospitality business in general with emphasis in the hotel industry. connecting them to schools to make uniforms and sweater. Andrew Muhimbise discussed Entrepreneurship skills and Mary Okullo from Crane Bank Limited Baita taught them about savings and how to run a savings account and gave tips on saving.Placements and Employment The current population growth rate in Uganda is high and can not be matched with the employment opportunities and the best way to go about unemployment is by encouraging. This year.the Boma. Flight Motel. E. Start up kits (Sewing machines) from Tools With A Mission (TWAM) have been given to the Tailoring class graduates and a good number is already self employed. by providing the tools for. The catering students stand a high chance when it comes to employment in the Hotel industry in Uganda where we secure industrial training slots with some being retained. Sandra Kyagaba taught the girls about: dangers of HIV/AIDS.g. Claudio Berghenti. 15 . six girls secured employment at :.

& Lois and Judith Gregory in the UK Carina and colleagues(for purchasing a knitter for Jane Kade) Carol Lindsay Smith contribution towards Memory Book Project Training Mindset’s 2012 Community service 16 .900.000/= £70 $200 £100 Lunch for TWAM Sells of Mindset bags by Carol. London.707) 3.Funding and Donations Contributions in 2012 Money Realised UgX Access4.387/= (£9.815.000/= 400.020/= 2.300.390/= (Euro 3.559) Trollehodjdskolan Mullsjo Mala Missions Church ( courtesy of Carina’s Parents) Crafts and Cloth bags Sweaters and School uniform sales Catering Class sales (Cakes.700. United Kingdom (funding period: May 2012-April 2013) 35. Juice etc) 10.301.000/= 3. Chapatti.413.000/= 1.

K.Item Donations All the tailoring students of 2007 . Pens. A tabulation of donations in 2012 with details Name of Donor Carol Lindsay Smith Items donated Punch and a stapling machine Recipe books Carina Sweden Tools With A Mission United Kingdom and colleagues T-shirts. Other tool equipment were donated by Tools With A Mission U. The treadle revolving fund by M/s Sue Wates Access4 is still in place. lights and an apron 15 Sewing Machines. sport magazines and cook This work would not be done efficiently and effectively without your support and on behalf of the girls and Mindset we extend our deepest appreciation towards your support and may God continue blessing you. flash disk.2012 are self employed in different districts of Uganda having received their sewing machines at the end of their course and they were handed over by Mindset staff and Robert Tumuhairwe. 2 knitters. 17 . hardshbery and pieces if fabrics. pots and pans. two cake mixers. Tools With A Mission Manager Uganda.

1$ = 2. cooking fuel (gas and charcoal) and all usables during training Exchange rate:. paying utility bills.650 UgX Signed: Maureen Mugisha 25th February 2013 Maureen Mugisha 18 .flour. Catering:.117. vegetable. MayAugust and September-December Expenditure Statement with detailed activity and corresponding expenditure with the activities to which their funds have been deployed.860 - Sweden & Others 12. sugar. Summary Expenditure in Uganda shillings for the year 2012 and 2011 2012 Costs/Funders Capital Running/Operation Training/Activity 2011 Access4 0 37. allowances for trainers.000 52. oils.360 Total Expenditure 53.987. Running/Operation Expenditure. includes: premise rent. classroom and office furniture and equipment.918.500 Sweden & Others 16. wages.000 - Access4 0 39. communication and bank costs Training/Activity Expenditure includes: tailoring:.000 Capital expenditure is expenditure on immovable assets and includes mainly long-term catering and tailoring ware.036. machine maintenance and repair.cloth. The Accountant comes in once a month to balance the books and our books of accounts are audited by a Certified Public Accountant on an annual basis.EXPENDITURE SUMMARY REPORT Funders of Mindset receive an every Four Months that is: January-April.296.691. thread.

APPENDIX I: MINDSET IN PICTURES 2012 Catering class students 2012. in kitchen under instruction of tutor Judith Some Tailoring students in class having fun while learning. 2012 19 .

Tailoring Class 2012 during practical examination Catering class students working on their own with dough 20 .

Tailoring class paying attention to their instructor Jane Kade showing off a Knitter donated to her by Teachers from Sweden (Carina and colleagues) White school and Asamara school. Thank you for supporting Mindset Girls 21 .

2012 Volunteer for a Purpose’s Steven Golooba (fourth left) and students of the Tailoring class showing their work. Students attentive in the Business skills training class. 2012 22 .

Thereafter under guidance of Sandra Kyagabe (first left) below 23 .Above Mindset Girls watching the Memory book project DVD.

2012 Lois Pollock on visit to Mindset posing with some of the students. Teacher Rose and Maureen 24 .Maureen with TASO members in Training with Lois Pollock (white lady).

Guests admiring some of the Mindset’s girls merchandise (Crafts). 25 .

in a nutshell each one of our guests has been excellent guest YOU ARE WELCOME AGAIN. Trustee Access4 UK 7-05-2008 “Wonderful lunch from your trainees” Kate Young.from all walks of life our lovely visitors have come.they have prepared us meals in our kitchen. Consultant Access4 UK 7-05-2008 2012 Comments “Excellent project! Look forward to visiting again” Lois Pollock. Entebbe 30-07-2012 26 . Bendigo-Australia 29-06-2012 “Keep up the good work” Christer Torstensson. they have shared wonderful ideas with us.Org has welcomed several visitors at the training centre. we appreciate” Olive Ayebale. The Global School Sweden 30-07-2012 “Well done.APPENDIX II: Mindset Visitors’ Book Memorable Comments Over the years since inception in 2005/2006 Mindset. UK 27-06-2012 “Excellent and great hospitality” Julie Pearse. they have bought our bags. we have prepared them meals. we have entertained them they have entertained us. Below we share some memorable quotes from our Visitors’ Book: Mindset’s very first comment: “Nice to visit the Organisation” Robert Tumuhairwe. they have seen us at work.TWAM-Uganda Office 21-03-2006 Comment from Mindset’s main Benefactor.Access4: “Amen” Susan Wates.

we wish you all the good luck in the future for your work” Jenny. Enactus-UK 21-12-2012 “Thank you for the work” Nassali Juliet. Uganda 3-10-2012 “It is good to meet at last and to see such good work” David White. Directorate of Indusrial Training Uganda Ministry of Education 21-12-2012 “Good Work Done” Mukiibi Sakka. GISO Katabi 21-12-2012 Memorable Comments 2006-2011: “Thank you so much I’m very impressed. Hope you will have the power to go on” Carina Malanborg. 07-12-2012 “Lovely to meet you all and look forward to working with you” James Smith.a lot to learn” Babumba Kyeyune Betty.“Thanks for the warm welcome” Esther Lugoloobi. 06-05-2007 “This is the greatest service a person can do to her community” Gamal & Somaya Hassan. 12-07-2007 27 . 14-12-2006 “Thank you for your dedication blessings” Roger & Lynda Lewin. 17-10-2006 “Thank you for letting us visit you. Elin and Christian. TWAM-UK 11-10-2012 “Lovely to see you’re still continuing to do a wonderful work” Bill Dewhurst. Julia. TWAM-UK 11-10-2012 “Nice” Rico Chong. Uganda 3-10-2012 “This is so wonderful. Egypt 06-06-2007 “Amazing skills… May God bless your project + continue to inspire” Doctor Hannah Gales.

Thank you very much for the hospitality” Iris Oldoerp and Ruediger Brockmuller. 04-06-2009 “Do not follow where the path may lead. but everyone can do something! You have shown us today ” Ammika Freding.Canada 10-05-2008 “Excellent Project and May God bless the works of your hands abundantly” Shali Mbuvi.Sweden 03-11-2009 “I am very grateful that I have got to know you Maureen with people like you the world becomes a better place” Ingrid Gellerbrant-Rosberg.amazing work” Aliisa Paivalainen. Sweden 05-03-2008 “Thank you for introducing us to your program. You make a difference” Elsa Johansson.“I’m very impressed” Jan Lundgvist. Mombasa-Kenya 24-07-2008 “I love the things that you have made” Louise Servin. Trollehojolskolan. Mullsjo.Sweden 03-11-2009 “You are fantastic. go instead where there is no path and blaze a trail” Elder Dallin Trent De Kock14-07-2009 “I love you” Carina Bergqvist. Uganda 25-10-2008 “Interesting to see what such a small organization can do. University of Alberta. Skellafta-Sweden 17-08-2009 “May God bless you and all the work you do” Chris Tanton. 23-10-2008 “Quite a good service to God and man” Mr & Mrs Alibu. Trollehojolskolan.Sweden 04-11-2009 28 . TWAM Ipswich-UK 29-10-2009 “No one is able to do everything. Good for them and for the community” Carin Gardbring. Deutschland 16-02-2009 “I like this working with young girls. Debora & Martin.

TWAM Suffolk UK 19-04-2011 “Lovely to see all the work that you do God bless you all” Graham Hart. The End. God bless you. Australia 11-02-2011 “Really pleased to see such a brilliant end result of stuff sent” Malcolm Owers. so full of life and positivity. May you be blessed and keep growing! God bless you” Lynette Bakashabaruhanga. Entebbe 12-02-2010 “We are happy to see you Maureen and give all the love from Sweden and from your friends there.Sweden 29-03-2010 “Bless you heaps” Pastor Mike Tyrrell. St John’s Church Entebbe Youth 23-10-2011 Thank you. Rose is an excellent chapatti teacher” Terry & Gill Heath. 19-05-2011 “Who knew cooking could be so much fun?” Rachel Nasinguza. Skara. TWAM 19-04-2011 “What an amazing and successful project. BE BLESSED.“Amazing project. 06-01-2010 “I’m very excited to hear about this kind of service to the community. your welcome to visit us in Sweden” Bjorn and Birgitta Birkoff . Thank you” Kristine Halandt. Looking forward to being a part of this project. 29 .