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Ko te Mana te Mea Nui Honour Above All

Ph 06-3876860 Email Web Ruapehu Road, Waiouru Issue 2 February 7th 2014

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all well and rested with your kids all back at school ;-) The kids have all certainly returned fresh and ready to learn. It is also so great to see how quickly our new students have settled into their new school, not an easy thing to do at times, but definitely a testament to their resilience. I believe I have managed to meet most of our new parents, and I will keep an eye out for any new faces to say hi. I thought I should take this opportunity to introduce myself to you all, especially since I will be taking a wee break during the second half of this term. This wee break is due to, as many of you may have noticed, my rather large baby belly which is due to pop with our first child on the 6th of March. My husband, Cody, has twelve weeks left to go on his teaching degree so you will no doubt see him around school now and again helping out and coaching the school rugby teams. This is my second principal's position, the first being at a small sole charge school east of Taihape called Pukeokahu School. Prior to that I taught at Russell Street School in Palmerston North. Both my husband's and my families come from Whakatane in the Bay of Plenty, though I have lived all over the country as my father was a PTI, first in the army and then for the police force. In fact I spent the first three years of my life here in Waiouru in Currie Cres. I am a keen Netball and Basketball player and hope to get back into it once the baby is born. So that's enough about me. Over the next few weeks we will profile each of our lovely staff members so that you are able to make connections to them too. Now just to finish I would like to explain the arrangements we have made for while I am away. I will be going on maternity leave on the 3rd of March (unless my little one decides to come early, who knows? Not me?), I return to work with the little precious at the start of term two. While I am off Petra Corbett, our Deputy Principal, will be stepping up as acting Principal. She will be in her class Monday to Wednesday continuing as New Entrant Teacher and will be released on Thursdays and Fridays for principal and administration work. We ask that if you need to speak to Petra in her roll as Acting Principal that you make an appointment with Kerry to see her on those to release days (Thursday and Friday). If it is urgent, still make an appointment with Kerry and Petra will see you as soon as possible. Christine Wallace, our very experienced regular reliever teacher, will be in Petra's class on Thursdays and Fridays. Christine has a very long history with our school and I am sure our little ones

will have a lovely time carrying on their learning with Whaea Christine. Ka kite ano, Marama Notices It is so wonderful to see so many kids and parents riding their bikes and scooters to school. Please remember that all students must where helmets when riding their bikes to school and they must walk their bikes to the racks from the school gates. No riding around the school before and after school (that goes for you too Dads!). Children may ride their wheels during lunch time, but all wheels must be accompanied with a helmet, wore correctly. This includes scooters, skateboards, and skates/roller blades. We are just too far away from a major hospital to risk a head injury. Our car park is not the best set up and unfortunately there are many blind spots. We are really appreciative of how careful our parents are when they pick up their kids. To keep our current accident rate unblemished and accident free we are asking that all walking children and families use the side gate, by the koru garden, and not walk across the car park. Parents picking their children up in cars, do not park in front of or between the school gates. This blocks other cars line of sight and creates a blind spot for drivers coming into the car park. I know that so far we have been fine, but it only takes one moment of inattentiveness (or an ill timed sneeze) on a wet murky day that we will all be regretting we hadn't been more proactive with our car park safety.

Have a great weekend :)

*Lunch Order Menu Monday - Thursday * Mini pizza $2.50 Chicken Wrap $2.00 Toastie 1 filling $3.00 Toastie 2 fillings $3.50 Sausage Roll $2.00 Garlic Bread $2.00 Soup with Toast or Garlic bread $5.50 Juice $2.00 Fruit cup $1.50 Cookie $1.00 Friday *Friday Only Menu* all $6.00 a pack *Pack 1* Mini fish bites, chips & Juice *Pack 2* Mini hot dogs, chips & Juice *Pack 3* Pie, chips & juice *Pack 4* Chicken nuggets, chips & juice

Or *Orders to Kerry no later than 9.30am. You are Pie $3.00 - Chips $2.50 welcome to order and pay at Twinstacks if you like. Could orders please be placed in an envelope with the correct money in it.