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10 Things I Hate About You Year 10 Film Study Visual Text

poster – write all of the examples that your group has found and explain each one. (resent what you have come up with on an -. .description of it • )here it occurs • )hat it tells us Every member of your group should be writing these down – then you will collate everything that you have recorded. It is important because we base our perceptions of what the film will be about and what the characters will be like from what we see at the very beginning. A ti!ity" Get into six groups. Each group will be looking at a different aspect of the exposition: Group ne: !ighting Group Two: Types of shot Group Three: "amera angles Group #our: $usic%soundtrack Group #ive: &se of colour Group 'ix: (rops and costume )e will watch the exposition – the first few minutes of the film * twice. +ou need to .10 Things I Hate About You – The Exposition The exposition of a film is the beginning – when we are introduced to the characters and the setting for the first time.ust look for the aspect that you have been given – write down: • .

Aerial Shots 'hots of 'eattle and (adua 2igh 'chool are used to introduce the scene and conclude the film. 3ianca says5 8. $r $organ says to :at5 8I know how difficult it must be for you to overcome all those years of upper middle class oppression.10 Things I Hate About You – Te hni#ues $sed 'everal film techni/ues are used in 01 Things I 2ate about +ou. ask them why they can4t ever buy a book written by a black man9.students4 party5 the doorbell rings and 3ogey says5 6That4ll be 7igel with the brie45 but the audience knows that it is actually a wild5 party crowd that has turned up. $s (erky ?the guidance counsellor@ says5 8I4ve got deviants to see95 and in walks (atrick with the reputation of being a deviant5 but not the behaviour to match it.ust after she has shown "ameron :at4s room and is now refusing to let him see hers.4 plays when we first see shots of the 'tratford house. . It is also used to show character.girl4s room is very personal95 . They include: %ramati Irony #or example – at the $3. The price (atrick asks for taking her out goes up to =>1. Irony The humour in the film comes from the sharp social comment used. 3ianca eyes "ameron up to the music5 6can4t get enough of you baby4. )hen <oey talks to (atrick on the sports field5 we see behind them :at giving a particularly fierce tackle in soccer practice. next time you4re storming the (T-. This techni/ue suggests that we are swooping into a 6world4 like gods or fairies – and then we leave it once the story is wrapped up. This comment makes fun of :at4s self*important attitude. 3ianca4s dress is described by $ichael as 8a strategically designed sundress to make guys like us realise that we can4t have her and guys like <oey realise they want to9. This comment makes the viewer realise how opposite to a garment the sundress is – it is a statement of 3ianca4s power over men. &usi The music comments on the action: 6'unshine5 on the window5 makes me happy. Visual Irony The camera is used to comment on the action.

Te hni#ue Aramatic irony Irony $etaphor Bisual irony Stereotyping by ars" "ameron :atarina (atrick <oey $ichael Shots" 'low motion 2igh -ngle shots !ow angle shots *lothes symbolism" "ameron :at (atrick 3ianca )alter 'tratford %etail 'eason(e))e t .Film Te hni#ues A ti!ity Give specific examples of the techni/ues used in the boxes below.

This is called a 6talking heads4 scene – why do you think it is called thatF C. Fill in the )ollo+ing +or.sheet" 0. 2ow does the body language of :at and 3ianca show that this is a serious sceneF I. Aescribe 3ianca4s room.*lose Vie+ing Exer ise The *on)rontation bet+een . 2ow is the shot of the television showing 6The Eeal )orld: 'eattle4 an example of dramatic ironyF D. J. The shots of the girls talking are all at the same angle – what does this symbolise about the girlsF and -ian a Biew the scene at 0hr 00min CDsec that begins with 3ianca lying on her bed watching The Real World5 and ending with a shot of 3ianca on the swing. )hy is the following /uote importantF ‘I swore I would never do anything else just because everyone else is doing it’.. )hen :at sits on the bed next to 3ianca5 3ianca gets up – this shows that she is exerting power over her sister. )hat is the colour symbolism in this scene5 shown in the clothes that the girls are wearingF >.The cut to :at lying on her bed is what kind of shotF . The /uestions follow the action of the scene. 2ow does this mark a change in their relationshipF 01. . )hy do you think the director used so many close*up shots of :at4s face in this sceneF H.

:at: a. )hy do you think this is doneF ?)hat is the effectF@ D.2ow does the camera tell us a story without wordsF *lose Vie+ing /ui0 At the 1rom – starts 1hr 12min 13se onds -nswer the following /uestions about the prom scene.2ow do the lyrics at the end of this scene complement itF 0C. 2ow are they made part of the plot rather than .)hat is the effect of the 2igh -ngle 'hot looking down at 3iancaF 2ow does 3ianca4s costume add to this effectF 0.2ow does :at4s room compare to 3ianca4sF 2ow does this show the differences in character between the sistersF 0D.. )hereF b. Aescribe )our techni/ues used to show the importance of the band shown in the first shots of this clip.ust an extra to the actionF c.00. 2ow does the angle of the first shot of :at coming up the stairs show her feelingsF . . a. 0. )e see the band Letters to Cleo three times during the film..)hy is this an important sceneF 0>.

2ow are we reminded of a fairy storyF b. )e are left with a feeling of sadness. 2ow is surprise created when 3ianca hits <oeyF 01. In the action b. 2ow are we shown "ameron4s innocence when <oey hits himF )hat is the purpose of thisF b. a. #ind three specific shots that show examples of movement – and explain the techni/ues used. 2ow is this achieved – which characters are involved and what kind of shot is usedFF . )hich oneF c. J. 2ow is her nervousness shownF C.b. 2ow does $ichael4s outfit show that he is ready to go along with $andella4s 6involvement4 with 'hakespeareF I. 2ow is suspense created when (atrick meets :atF a. )hat is the symbolism of the red rose that (atrick gives :atF >. )hat effect is the director trying to establishF b. In words G. )hat is the name and effect of the shot used when <oey calls at the 'tratford houseF H.-s :at leaves (atrick: a. #rom the time that $ichael and $andella leave (atrick and :at5 until it cuts to 3ianca in the bathroom5 the camera seems to stay stationary and the shot siKe doesn4t seem to vary. "ameron and 3ianca: a.

)hat do you think the significance of this song isF b. -t what point in the film do we hear itF C. a. . 2ow does the music complement the action of the filmF b. "omplete the following activities: 0. Eead the lyrics to the song 7ne 5ee. 2ow is the soundtrack used in this filmF )hy does it seem to be so importantF D.html and read the lyrics to the songs that form the soundtrack of the film. a. -re there any other songs that you can think of that could have been used instead of this songF )hyF Luote the lyrics to support your answer. )hy do you think the director chose to have this music playing at this point in the filmF*things*i*hate*about*you*lyrics.lyricsdownload. 2ow do the lyrics relate to the filmF >.com%soundtracks%1%01thingsihateaboutyoulyrics% 7r http:%%www. -t what point in the film do we hear this songF b. Eead the lyrics to the song -ad 'eputation. Eead the lyrics to the Letters to Cleo song I 5ant You To 5ant &e. by the Barenaked Ladies.4yri s in the )ilm 5eb6based a ti!ity Go to the website http:%%www.. )hich character does it portrayF c. a.lyricsondemand. 2ow do the lyrics complement the actionF . "hoose t+o more songs that play in the film5 and answer these /uestions: a. -t what point in the film do we hear this songF b.

e a *hara ter &ap about .ectations and not %y own'# J. $2ust once* a!ter (o% le!t.# .at 5hat !alues it sho+s that she has 5here it is in the )ilm &a.ersuasion. 8 bitter sel!" righteous hag who has no !riends# D. to .eo. &e wants %e to be so%eone I’% not/ Bianca. The prom – $ n anti0uated %ating ritual# I.ect. $&ave you seen the unwashed %iscreants who go to that school'# C.. (atrick5 talking about her father: $Is he a .# H. 3veryone was doing it so I did it.The *hara ters "omplete this table: . )alter: $(ade anyone cry yet'# :at: $)o* but it’s only +. Why should I live u.# >.# G.-.# 5hat it sho+s about ..eo. $I don’t like to do what .at8 "omplete this table: .ain in the ass'# :at: $)o. $In this society being %ale and an asshole %akes you worthy o! our ti%e.le e1.le’s e1.atarina Strat)ord /uote 0. $ ngry girl %usic o! the indie rock .

# D. $5he’s totally .# C.rincess# .ure.# >. $ snotty little .e the one belo+ )or -ian a8 "omplete the table: ..eo. To her father5 $What’s a hot rod'# 5hat it sho+s about -ian a 5hat !alues it sho+s that she has 5here in the )ilm it is *omplete a hara ter map li.le like they don’t %atter.-ian a Strat)ord /uote 4. $(y sister’s a .end the rest o! our lives not having. $&ave you always been this sel!ish' 2ust because you’re beauti!ul doesn’t %ean you can treat .articularly hideous breed o! loser. $5he is what we’ll s.# G.

$Why would I be a!raid o! you'# $(ost .(atrick Berona /uote 4.# H. $6ee..# . $7on’t let anyone ever %ake you !eel you don’t deserve what you want.ointed %e. To :at5 $9ou never disa. D.# :.eo.# #ill out a "haracter $ap for (atrick. 5hat !alues it sho+s that he has 5here it is in the )ilm The Theme . $&e sold his own liver on the black %arket !or a new set o! s..# C.ouch#. "reate "haracter $aps for t+o of the following characters: • <oey Aonner • $ichael Eckman • "ameron <ames • "hastity 5hat it says about 1atri .# 8.le are. $9ou’re not as bad as you think you are.eakers. it in your . $I lived on %y grand!ather’s couch.

&nselfishness is a lesson that 3ianca certainly learns5 but :at does too.. )hat mistakes does each makeF 2ow has this changed by the end of the filmF . In what ways has her mother4s departure affected :atF o) others 0. Aiscuss :at4s attitude to men and how this seems to change over time. Explain the changing relationship between :at and 3ianca. Is (atrick 6true4 to himselfF G. )hat is her attitude to other womenF . 2ow is :at 6true to herself4 in the filmF D. )hat is the function of <oey Aonner in the filmF )hat values does <oey have that the film teaches us to despiseF Thin. )hat clues are there that she may be playing the part of a stereotypical 6intelligent young woman4 instead of being 6true4 to herselfF >.In groups5 discuss the following /uestions: -eing true to yoursel) 0. 2ow do they both show selfishness%unselfishnessF D.

2ow does it affect the relationship between :at and (atrickF . )hy is it significant to the charactersF D.e me laugh: e!en +orse +hen you ma.. 0. . It must be about a specific person5 a sport5 or me rhyme8 I hate the +ay you9re al+ays right: I hate it +hen you lie8 I hate it +hen you ma.: it e!en ma.at9s poem 10 Things I Hate About You This is the poem that :at writes to (atrick: I hate the +ay you tal. )rite your own 401 Things I 2ate -bout +ou4 poem. )hat do you think about the poemF C. to me: and the +ay you ut your hair8 I hate the +ay you dri!e my ar: I hate it +hen you stare8 I hate your big dumb ombat boots and the +ay you read my mind8 I hate you so mu h it me si .e me ry8 I hate it +hen you9re not around: and the )a t that you didn9t all8 -ut mostly I hate the +ay I don9t hate you: not e!en lose not e!en a little bit not e!en at all8 This poem is a significant moment in the film.

cummingsstudyguides. Araw a Benn diagram to show the similarities and differences between the two me sin a+ards me pain8 :at4s poem I hate the +ay you me si .1 and .com%sonnets%0C0. . It provides the basis for the assignment he gives the class – to write their own sonnet.e me laugh: e!en +orse +hen you ma.eness o) a man: Thy proud hearts sla!e and !assal +ret h to be" 7nly my plague thus )ar I ount my gain: That she that ma. 2ere are the two poems: 'onnet 0C0 In )aith: I do not lo!e thee +ith mine eyes: For they in thee a thousand errors note< -ut =tis my heart that lo!es +hat they despise: 5ho in despite o) !ie+ is pleased to dote< >or are mine ears +ith thy tongue=s tune delighted: >or tender )eeling: to base tou hes prone: >or taste: nor smell: desire to be in!ited To any sensual )east +ith thee alone" -ut my )i!e +its nor my )i!e senses an %issuade one )oolish heart )rom ser!ing thee: 5ho lea!es uns+ay=d the li.at9s poem 'onnet 0C0 is 'hakespeare4s sonnet that $r $organ reads out to his English class. Go to these sites for help: http:%%www.htm Then write out 'onnet 0C0 in modern English. D. to me: and the +ay you ut your hair8 I hate the +ay you dri!e my ar: I hate it +hen you stare8 I hate your big dumb ombat boots and the +ay you read my mind8 I hate you so mu h it ma.*omparison o) t+o texts Sonnet 1.htmlM0C0 me rhyme8 I hate the +ay you9re al+ays right: I hate it +hen you lie8 I hate it +hen you ma. )hat does the 'hakespeare sonnet meanF "ircle any words that you are unsure of and find out what they mean.nosweatshakespeare.: it e!en ma.e me ry8 I hate it +hen you9re not around: and the )a t that you didn9t all8 -ut mostly I hate the +ay I don9t hate you: not e!en lose not e!en a little bit not e!en at all8 Eead both poems and do the following activities: 0.

2ow has 'hakespeare4s message stayed currentF Eemember that this film is based on a 'hakespeare play – why do you think that his stories stay popular todayF ...

'esolution * the period of calm after the climax. &ini limax * there may be several of these5 and they are often leading up to the main climax. )e get to know some of the characters and settings. 0@ 'tart by plotting the 01 most important events in order that they happened D@ )rite the following terms out with an example from the film for each. In most texts this involves tying up most loose ends and life attempting to return to normal.@ (lot these events on to the graph5 showing the events with the most tension over time.or event of the novel happens5 and characters must deal with the situation. *limax * where the ma. They are smaller events that add interest to the novel. . . %e!elopment * where things happen5 making the novel more interesting or tense. Exposition * in most novels5 this happens at the very beginning.1lot In your books create a graph of the plot.

Explain ho+ verbal and % or visual features were used in this scene ?or scenes@ to suggest +hat the text +ould be about8 Aescribe an interesting idea presented in the text. ?8 A8 . Explain ho+ verbal and % or visual features were used to ma.e you )eel shocked or surprised.ed or surprised you. Explain ho+ verbal and % or visual features of the text were used to help you understand +hy this setting was important. Aescribe an important setting in the text. Support your points with spe i)i details from the text. Each part is e#ually important to help you show understanding of the text. T71I*S 18 Aescribe a memorable hara ter in the text. Explain ho+ verbal and % or visual features of the text were used to help you remember this character. $ake sure you understand both parts of the topic before you start writing.8 @8 28 . Aescribe a situation or e!ent in the text that sho . Aescribe the )irst 7>E or T57 s enes in the text. )rite at least ?@0 +ords for your answer. $ake sure you ans+er both parts of the topic. Aescribe an important on)li t between hara ters in the text. Explain ho+ verbal and % or visual features were used to help you understand this idea.Essays and exam pra ti e "hoose 7>E topic. Explain ho+ verbal and % or visual features were used to help you understand why this conflict was important.

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