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"io#hemistr ESSENTIALS OF GENERAL CHEMISTRY Chemistry 100 Syllabus Spring 2014 Professor: Dr. Barry Zimmerman Office 1313A Hunter North Bldg. E-mail: b immerm! Office Hour": #hur". 11-1$ A.%.& or any time after the cla"" or by a''ointment (but you mu"t email me in ad)ance* Required Text: +ntroductory ,hemi"try: A -oundation by .te)en .. Zumdahl& Donald /. De,o"te& 0th edition Edition ,engage 1earning Blackboard 9.1: 2ou ha)e to u"e your hunter email to log in on Blac3board. +n"truction" on ho4 to acce"" the cour"e 4eb"ite on blac3board can be found at: htt' 2ou "hould chec3 the "ite regularly. +t can al"o be u"ed to communicate 4ith your cla""mate". Blac3board i" an e6cellent tool. + 4ill 'o"t 'eriodically announcement"& additional re"ource" and hel'ful hint". #he lecture 're"ented during the cla"" 4ill be a)ailable for you to do4nload from blac3board under Course Documents Section. Each lecture 4ill be 'o"ted online 78+O8 to the cla"" 'eriod it 4ill be 're"ented. 2ou "hould read the material before coming to cla"" a" 4ell. Email: 2ou can find information about Hunter email through a lin3 at: htt':55444.hunter.cuny.edu5icit5hel'-doc"5e-mail-fa9 2our u"ername and 'a""4ord "hould ha)e been mailed to you. 7lea"e ma3e "ure that if you are not u"ing thi" email account& you "et your mail to for4ard to an account that you do u"e. +n"truction" on ho4 to for4ard mail can be found through the lin3 abo)e. :e 4ill be "ending you im'ortant email" through blac3board. #he information you may mi"" i" li3ely to im'act your grade if + don;t ha)e email contact 4ith you. Required ome!ork: :e 4ill be u"ing an on"line #ome!ork s$stem% Sa&lin'.

Required Clicker: (e !ill be usin' iclickers& 4hich you 4ill need to 'urcha"e in the Hunter Boo3"tore.D -). )lick the &lue &utton with the 'ace&ook s!m&ol on it *+ust to the le t o the username ield. or a message rom Sapling #earning and click on the link pro"ided in that email. :: e8plaining the issue. . )hoose a password and time/one$ accept the site polic! agreement$ and click ")reate m! new account". %.lic3 on that& then clic3 edit 'er"onal information and on that 'age you 4ill "ee u"ername and $= digit" number& that. Go to http://saplinglearning. 'ind !our course$ )U40 Hunter )ollege . DESCR+PT+). I !our course re(uires pa!ment$ select a pa!ment option and ollowing the remaining instructions. /.. -he Sapling #earning support team is almost alwa!s aster and &etter a&le to resol"e issues than !our instructor. I !our course re(uires a ke! code$ !ou will &e prompted to enter it. +cli3er" 4ill count a" your 'artici'ation in the cla"".a"'6 7lea"e regi"ter 4ith your full first and last name and $our unter Colle'e blackboard number "o + can "ync your iclic3er 4ith my ro"ter. 2&. I !ou alread! ha"e a Sapling #earning account$ log in and skip to step %. 2ou 4ill get a <1= rebate cou'on 4hen you 'urcha"e the te6tboo3 and you can u"e that to buy your clic3er. >uring sign up or throughout the term$ i !ou ha"e an! technical pro&lems or grading issues$ send an email to support?saplinglearning.Homework instructions: 1. 0ou can search$ highlight$ take notes$ and each homework (uestion is linked &ack to the appropriate section in the e-e8t&ook or immediate instructional help. 0ou ma! purchase the e-e8t&ook in step 9 on the homework pa!ment screen. -he orm will auto. 7. )heck !our email *and spam ilter. ill with in ormation rom !our 'ace&ook account *!ou ma! need to log into 'ace&ook in the popup window irst. )HE3 155 6 Spring17 in the list *!ou ma! need to e8pand the su&+ect and term categories. 9." the one you need to co'y and 'a"te for your iclic3er regi"tration. 1therwise$ click the ")reate an 2ccount" link. %ore detail" 4ill be 'ro)ided on the fir"t day of cla""e". After 'urcha"ing you 4ill ha)e to regi"ter your iclic3er at htt':55444.R Blackboard number: log in on blac3board and under tool" on the left "ide you 4ill "ee 'er"onal information.-<11=: 0our course te8t is a"aila&le as a low cost online e-e8t&ook. I !ou ha"e 'ace&ook account$ !ou can use it to (uickl! create a Sapling #earning account. 1nce !ou ha"e registered and enrolled$ !ou can log in at an! time to complete or re"iew !our homework assignments. .com and click on "US Higher Ed" at the top right. T) *+. +f you already ha)e one from your 7"ychology cla""& you can u"e it in thi" cla"". 2c.iclic3er. Suppl! the re(uested in ormation and click ")reate 3! account". and click the link.com5dnn5.. 2a. 0ou can then skip to step %.u''ort58egi"ter2ouriclic3er5tabid510>5Default.

3. /cademic Dis#onest$: Hunter .?N2 7olicy on Academic +ntegrity and 4ill 'ur"ue ca"e" of academic di"hone"ty according to the Hunter . !." are 'ermitted during the e6am".#hi" cour"e 4ill 're"ent e""ential fact"& la4"& and theorie" of general chemi"try. "# *C(S will be accepted for missing more than one exam. xtra time will not be given to students who arrive late. 2R/D+.2: -our midterm te"t" (1@A each* and a com'rehen"i)e final ($=A* 4ill be gi)en. 2.ollege regard" act" of academic di"hone"ty (e. B. #he college i" committed to enforcing the . All cell 'hone"& 'ager"& .g.. "# $%& '() *%$S++ . NO cell 'hone" or 'oc3et 7. Cheating on an exam will result in an automatic disciplinary F for the course. Any "tudent" 4ho di"ru't the cla"" 4ill be a"3ed to lea)e. )B0ECT+1ES ?'on "ucce""ful com'letion of thi" cour"e& the "tudent 4ill be able to de)elo' 'roblem-"ol)ing "3ill" in introductory chemi"try& u"e definition& conce't"& and idea" to 'redict ho4 a chemical 'roce"" 4ill occur& te"t the under"tanding of the ba"ic conce't".& mu"t be turned off 4hile in the cla"". C. EXAMINATION POLICY 1.ollege Academic +ntegrity 7rocedure". Students who arrive after the first exam has been turned in will not be allowed to take the exam even if the lateness was not their fault. Home4or3 (1=A* and iclic3er" (1=A* 4ill count to4ard" your final grade a" 4ell. .& 'lagiari"m& cheating on e6amination"& obtaining unfair ad)antage& and fal"ification of record" and official document"* a" "eriou" offen"e" again"t the )alue" of intellectual hone"ty.D 'layer"& %73 'layer"& etc.

Fe(.th Fri. %1st Tues. A'ri& )th Tues. Cha"te#$s (&) and !* Cha'ter 1Cha'ter 1Cha'ter 1% Cha'ter 1% Cha'ter 11 Chemi$a& 5"n#in6 Fri. Fe( 1st Tues. May 4th Tues. A'ri& 4th Fri. Jan. Mar$h 1)th Tues Mar$h 1*th Fri. !th Tues. Mar$h 11th Fr. Mar$h 1st Tues. Cha'ter 1. A'ri& 11th A'ri& 1)th7A'ri& n# Intr"#u$ti"n t" Chemistry 100 Measurements an# Ca&$u&ati"ns Matter E&ements+ At"ms an# I"ns NO CLASSES N"men$&ature Chemi$a& Rea$ti"ns Rea$ti"ns. READI/0 DA1 3I/A4 EXA )5--&!!5-- Cha'ter Cha'ter % Cha'ter ) Cha'ter . 1)th Tues. !( Cu6ulative Cha"te#$s %&!( . May -th Fri. Mar$h . . Jan. Fe(.th Tues.Re/ie0 1"r E2am EXA % A$i#s an# 5ases A$i#s an# 5ases Gases Gases M"#ern At"mi$ The"ry Fri. Fe( 1!th Fri. May 1-th Tue a2 %-th Cha'ter 1 Cha"te#$s !!&!+ and !' Cha'ter 10 Cha'ter 1) Cha'ter 1* Cha"te#$s !-. A'ri& !th Fri.Tentative Class Schedule (It can be changed without notice) DATE TOPIC th CHAPTER Tues. Mar$h !th Tues. May n# Tues. !. Cha'ter Cha'ter * Cha"te#$s %&' Cha'ter ! Cha'ter ! Cha'ter 4 Cha'ter 4 Cha'ter 1. A'ri& .. Mar$h *th Tues. A'ri& . May 1%th Fri.Re/ie0 1"r E2am 1 EXA ! Chemi$a& C"m'"siti"n Chemi$a& C"m'"siti"n Chemi$a& 3uantities Chemi$a& 3uantities S"&uti"ns S"&uti"ns.11th Fri. Fe(. A'ri& 1st Fri. Mar$h )th Fri. Fe(.th# S8RING RECESS Chemi$a& 5"n#in6 EXA + Ener6y Li9ui#s an# s"&i#s E9ui&i(rium EXA . ! Fri.)th Fri.*th Tues. Fe(. Fe(.