NAT Reviewer in English Direction: Write or encircle the best answer. 1.

A child’s development involves the participation of both parents and teachers; are expected to monitor the progress of their child after school. A. however B. therefore C. although D. because they also need to D. while _____, parents

2. Not only do they need to help their children with their homework guide them in having the right values. A. but B. and 3. C. so

, on their part, children are expected to cooperate with their parents and teachers. A. Although B. Thus C. However D. Furthermore

4. Which of the following bibliography entries is correctly written? A. Robertson, G. Carl. Theme Writers Series. New York :: McGraw Hill, Inc. 1979 B. Carl G. Robertson. New York:: McGraw Hill, Inc, Thomas and Writer Series. 1979 C. Robertson, Carl G. 1979. Themes and Writer SERIES. New York: Mc.Graw Hill, Inc. D. Carl G. Robertson. 1979. Themes and Writers Series, New York: McGraw, Inc. For items 5 -7 . Study the card catalogue entry below. Lifestyle Health and Family: Desiree S. Ching . The Philippine Star: E1 – E3 July 15, 2008 5. What is the title of the article in the entry card above? A. The Philippine Star B. Health and Family 6. What is the subject heading of the periodicals? A. Health B. Family C. Lifestyle D. Philippine C. Desiree S. Ching D. Lifestyle

7. What is the year of issue of the periodical? A. 2005 B. 2006 C. 2007 D. 2008

For Items 8-9, study the index entry below.


Storm Helen B. He lives at 364 Paco St. . LAST NAME FIRST NAME MI Address: . He is asked to fill out the following form: nd Name : . Philippine Storms D. Rice. enrolled at Ramon Magsaysay High School. 2008 D. cortisone drugs Beer/wine/spirit making. Cruz. Orlando Gonzales is a government employee while his mother Maria Lepanto Gonzales.Philippine Storms Storms Helen Hits Luzon: Aries Flores – Phil Star. . His father. L B. July 15 C. baking. Gonzales C. Romeo Gonzales is a 2 year student. 2008 B. soy sauce. Manila. Magsaysay D. Josephine Angeles. G C. Sta. He belongs to the Sampaguita section and his adviser is Mrs. A Analyze the table below then answer Items 12-14. July 1-2. BASICIOMYCOTA club fungi basidiospores in clubshaped basidias Mushroom 2 . What is the title of the news item? A. Lepanto YEAR LEVEL : ADVISER: 11. refer to the given situation below. Angeles B. R D. Storm Helen Hits Luzon 9. is a bank employee. Philippine Star C.Penicillium 2. July 15. citric acid. 2008 8. . wine. ASCONYCOTA sac fungi spores in sac like ascus 3. What is the complete publication date of the news item? A. vinegar. 2008 For Items 10-11 . COMPARISON OF THE DIFFERENT GROUP OF FUNGI Division 1 ZYGOMYCOTA Common Name Terrestial molds Reproductive structure Sexual zygospores Economic & Health Impt. HOUSE # STREET TOWN CITY FATHER : MOTHER: 10. What should he fill up on the blank marked MI? A. Penicillin. What information should he fill NAME OF SCHOOL : up on the Last Name? A. cheese Representation Rhizopus stolofor Rhizopus Sacibaromycys ( yeast) Aspergillus. 1 – 2 July 15.

sac fungi B. 3 . club fungi C. Ascomycota B. 1995 C. Which fungi have no known reproductive phase? A. Deuteromycota 13. 1996 1997 16. Fungi come in different shapes and sizes D. 1994 B. terrestrial molds 14. What was the trend in enrolment from 1995 to 1998? A. Which statement is TRUE? A. Most fungi produce products which are beneficial to man Study the bar graph below and answer Items 15-17. what conclusion can you derive? A. Enrolment in 1995 was higher than that of 1994 D. fluctuating C. Enrolment in 1994 was lower than that of 1996 B. DEUTEKOMYCOTA imperfect fungi - - 12. imperfect fungi D. Some fungi are toxic to our health B. decreasing 17. increasing D. Zygomycota C. There are fungi with no common name C. In which year was the third highest enrolment recorded? A. 350 325 300 275 250 225 200 175 150 125 100 Enrolment 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 15.4. Enrolment of 1996 was higher than that of 1994 D. Basidiomycota D. constant B. By what name is Basidiomycota commonly known? A. Based on the table. Enrolment of 1996 was lower than that of 1994 C.

Comedy is the least popular among all TV shows B. When you concentrate on lack. Giving thought to what is missing. Spend no time it was better.000 0 TV movies News Tele Serye Sports Reality shows Cartoons Comedy 18. Sports C. 21. Give no thought to what is missing. it is sure to become a reality. energy and talents to do the best you can right now.V. Movies C. Tele Serye and News B. Cartoons and Comedy D.000 Adult viewers 6. Comedy D. Sports and Reality Shows 20. fault and blame. A. 4 . but is a sure thing that you will get back what you give. News and T.000 8. 22. you will get back exactly that. Giving and doing the best one can. your talents and assets. A. Make sure you give all that you have. What conclusion can be derived from the graph? A. B. Spending one’s time thinking about what one cannot do. but everybody has something. Nobody has everything . There is a variety of movies people watch.000 2. C. Asking for help from others. Tele Serye are the most popular among the TV shows. what type of TV show is most popular among the viewers. to make sure you will get all that you need. If you give 100% of your attention. freely. Spending your time and attention focused on what you cannot do and do not have assures that more of the same will come. weakness. Based on the graph. C. Wherever you are. You miss what you give. What type of TV shows are equal in popularity among television viewers? A.What is likely to happen when you start to give? A. with love. C. There are more viewers who watch sports then reality Shows D. News B. energy and time to a thing. You spend more time with others. Tele Serye 19. D. Use what you have right now! Use it wisely. What value is emphasized in the selection? A. Items 21-26 There are no guarantees in life. use your time.000 4.Study the graph below and answer Items 18-20 10.

What could be the author’s purpose in writing selection? A. One reaps what one sows. 5 . B. Everybody has something. B. 24. At first it was travelling smoothly though very slowly. C. To emphasized that in order to get one has to give. You get back what you give. did not exert effort to help the carabao. D. C.” 27. One learns from experience. rough B. The carabao tried hard to pull the cart. What is the best paraphrase for the passage below? “Give no thought to what is missing” A. 23. To show how easy it is to give. weak D. wealthy 30. A. 28. D. B. More of the same will come to us. What common belief is expressed in the selection? A. wet 29. The good -for-nothing driver just looked on and fell down on his knees. strong C. He prayed for strength in his arms to pull out the wheels. The wheels of the cart sank because the road was A. Nobody has everything B. After sometime there came along a sturdy farmer riding on the back of his carabao and passing the same road. Don’t worry too much. There are no guarantee in life. To show the good things that come from giving. You make others dependent on you. D. D. C. C. lazy B. One should follow in others footsteps. B. Don’t focus on the negative. According to the author. raised his arms while praying. To discourage others from giving. why do we have to give to others? A. muddy C. Though the carabao pulled it with its greatest strength the cart couldn’t go any further. Items 27 – 32 One day a carabao cart was passing through a muddy road.What does the idiom “ good-for-nothing” mean? A. It can be inferred in the story that the driver. D.What is the best paraphrase for this line? “The good-for nothing driver just looked on and fell down on his knees”. Don’t give more than what you have. He prayed to the God of strength. C. 25. He whispered.B. Recover what you lost. helped the carabao pull the cart. 26. prayed hard in order to help the carabao. One can’t give what one doesn’t have. B. soft D. D. Suddenly the wheels sank deep in the mud. “God only helps those who help themselves.

C. 36. It is only those who help themselves that God helps. What is the main cause of air pollution in Asia based on the above text. Which among the following statements is an opinion? A. and clear air acts and other anti-pollution laws will merely be another flash in the pan. along with other environmental hazards. A sudden change C. What would likely happen if air pollution is not controlled? A. What value is given emphasis in the selection? as used in the selection? 6 . C. Population B. The farmer was so helpful. C. Environment 34. We have the power in our own hands! If one person can make a difference. B. There is always hope for tomorrow. Honesty is the best policy. will get better only when the urgent need for environment is instilled in the consciousness of every individual and is manifested in our everyday actions. Children will be the most affected of all. imagine what 33. Air pollution. 32. D. children will continue to suffer. The driver did not exert any effort to help the carabao. Citizens C. A rule to break B. D. the largest continent in the world can do when it works together. B. The driver could not do anything so he fell down B. What conclusion can you draw from the selection? A. A difficult problem to solve D. C. Children will be careless with the environment. The driver should have worked hard. A. Items 33 – 38 One of the root causes of air pollution in Asia is the region’s rapidly growing population. What is the meaning of idiomatic expression “ flash in the pan” A. The carabao exerted much effort. Until every citizen realizes that air pollution is their direct responsibility. The driver just prayed. A brilliant idea that does not push through 35. Children will neglect the environment. Crime does not pay. B.The driver had to look at his weak knees. Children D. C. Children will learn the wrong values. The driver was so weak that he fell down on his knees. 31. A. D.

But they may lower the number of A. an inhaled insulin. Taking the right medicine B.” C. But two new breakthrough offer painless alteration. It seems that the new cure for diabetes is effective. Brotherly love D. Hearing “The diabetic’s blood sugar shoots up.A. Overpopulation is a serious problem n the world today. 43. To entertain readers. B. C. Items 39-44 If you have diabetes you know insulin injections are no fun. where it’s absorbed and filtered into the bloodstream. the major benefits of these products is the speed at which insulin starts working. Familiar unity 37. is already being used in Ecuador but likely won’t be widely available from about 3 years. Getting enough exercise D. D. What is the meaning of the following line? A. Every citizen should take responsibility in preventing air Pollution 38. Asia is the largest continent in the world. Besides being easier to sue. B. The Us Food and Drug Administration is currently considering approval of Exubera. Eating the right foods. Patients breathe in the powdered medicine. They will experience less pain. D. Love of nature C. Blood sugar increases D. What could be the author’s purpose in writing the solution? A. Neither will replace shots. says Robert Rizza of the American Diabetes Association. To call attention to a social concern. Insulin injections are not fun B. Oral-lyn. There will be no significant difference. To explain phenomenon D. What will likely happens to userswhich of alternative cures for diabetes? day. many people need to set a baseline level throughout the 39. Children should be educated on the hazards of air pollution. This is key because diabetic’s blood sugar shoots up after eating and insulin is needed to bring it down. 40. The powder turns into a liquid in the lungs. Love of culture B. Blood sugar fluctuates C. Sight B. Blood sugar stays the same B. A mouth spray. To which of the following senses does the following line appeal must? ”Patients breath in the Powdered medicine” A. Taste D. What conclusion may be drawn from the selection? A. A diabetic’s sugar shoots up after eating. Taking care of one’s health C. Which of the following statements expresses an opinion? A. Touch 41. C. They will cure eventually. using an inhaler. What value is implied in the selection? A. C. Blood sugar decreases 42. To criticize negligent people D. shots required. They will become immune to the treatment C. Source: Readers’ Digest B. Insulin is needed to bring down blood sugar. 7 . D. Patients spray the drugs into the mouth. suing a device that looks like an asthma inhaler.

Biochemical importance of food 8 . Constant pain because of the irritation of the foreign material cause the liquid to accumulate around the foreign body. B. The liquid then hardens and forms a pearl. The prize of the pains of the oyster is a beautiful pearl. According to the selection. In fact. How to reduce heart disease B. we believe that theWhat study of how food can heal is the frontier in medical research. 46. 50.44. B. Vegetables are food for the body. Hearing D. What conclusion may be drawn from the selection? A. And that’s the kind of nutritional power you find only in the way nature make our food. Simile D. A grain of sand that enters the oyster irritates it and cause it pain. Medical research will show that food heals. Where there is no suffering and no struggle. Personification B. Metaphor C. This marks the beginning of a pear. what could be the next breakthrough in medical research? A. Irony D. The oyster reacts by releasing liquid to ease the pain. It is difficult for medical research to prove that food heals. Items 45 – 50 Don’t be misled into thinking that it’s better to take vitamin pills than to eat vegetables. B. D. The liquid accumulates and covers it. What does the last sentence in the paragraph mean? A. create magic 49. To discuss two new ways for treating diabetes. Eating food is better for one’s health than taking vitamins. C. To analyze how diabetes is acquired. To report a cure for diabetes. Which of the senses may trigger sensation of the previous passage? A. Medical research will not able to prove that food heals. they can create a kind energy force in your body For example. C. there is no prize. D. figurative language is used innext the following phrase? “… the nutritional power you find in the way nature makes our food” A. accomplishes the goal C. So the pearl is a consequence of the oyster’s resistance to the pain of a foreign object. 47. What does the underlined phrase mean? “The combination of several ingredients does the trick” A. develops strength D. A cure for cancer patients C. Taste C. Sight 48. Orange juice has more in it than just vitamin C. What is the author’s purpose in writing the selection? A. And foods just don’t have a biochemical importance. To explain how diabetes can be inherited. E. breaks the rules B. but rather the combination of several ingredients that does the trick. The next discovery in medical research will be how food heals. Touch B. The story of the pearl is reflected all around us. 45. The healing power of food F. it may be that it’s not one nutrient that helps prevent cancer to reduce heart disease. Items 51 – 55 Out of pain can come a beautiful jewel like the pearl. D. Foods don’t have biochemical C. Orange juice has more Vitamin C than vegetables.

Poor health affects productivity. Amusing C. Most people would buy pearls. saddening 58. easily D. B. Feeling B. about 75 percent of the causes of death among our rural folks are communicable and preventable diseases. Some people may engage in pearl cultures. D. The national jewel of the Philippines. Improve rural health services D.51. There is loss in productivity. It can be inferred in the selection that pearls are formed A. liquid C. salt B. 55. safety and security 57. There is also the factor of mental anguish. Communicable diseases can be prevented. B. temporarily C. 54. This is a heart-breaking situation. Many people live in the rural areas. The sense of insecurity and the disturbed tempo of living. What will health practitioner likely do given this information? A. sand D. What values does the selection want to emphasize? A. A product of the pains of the oyster. By a numerical coincidence. 60. Hearing C. What does the oyster release when irritated and which it becomes the pearl? A. quickly 53. Smell D. What sensory image is expressed in this line? “There is also the factor of mental anguish. 52. peace and hope C. It can be concluded in the selection that the pearl is A. Apply for jobs aboard B. frightening D. enlightening B. a perfect gift for a loved one.” A. this is even greater when we include the expenses incurred for medical care during illness. In terms of pesos. Pearls would become more expensive. What conclusion can be made based on the selection? - END OF ENGLISH - 9 . D. A jewel for those born in June C. one can see the enormity of the loss in productivity from avoidable deaths. health and productivity B. thrift and economy D. 56. D. Pearls will become popular. Focus services in urban areas A. the sense of insecurity. To instruct G. Make a list of communicable diseases C. C. Sight B. What is the authors purpose in writing the selection? A. B. solid C. and the disturbed tempo of living. To persuade 59. To entertain D. From these two figures. What would likely happen given the preceding ideas? A. As used in the selection what does “hearth breaking” mean? A. Items 56 – 60 About seventy percent of the Philippine population live in the rural areas. To enlighten C. gradually B.

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