Letter to Festival Producers

Hi Amit and Daniel, Thank you for asking my ideas on this, it's something I've thought a great deal about. Here's a rundown of elements I think should be involved in a next level festival, and/or Evolver plug-ins for existing festivals, and a reportback of what other festival producers are working on. People recommendations are NorCal or SoCal unless otherwise noted. I can get you contact info and websites for nearly all my recommendations if you want.

:::::Festival format::::: One idea people are working on is a festival that can be on an ecovillage and support that village with building or infrastructure, or foster ongoing relationships with workshop teachers and healer residencies, etc. Laura Fox created a layout for a festival that "births an ecovillage" (versus leave no trace). Her graphic is attached here. You might consider using her format, or taking inspiration from it. I'm on a coalition of 10 people who are creating a network of "land nodes" that could host gatherings etc. (I maintain a list of ecovillages that might participate in something like this- http://imaginationhealer.weebly.com/permaculture-villages.html). Andrew, one of the organizers of Lucidity Festival, is doing much groundwork on this festivals format. One request has been for a resources-sharing web platform for land-based communities and allied organizations, that lists gifts, needs, and goals. Project Nuevo Mundo is set to release such a platform in early 2014 - http://projectnuevomundo.org/ . I've also attached Tribal Convergence's guilds map. Their Awaken Festival (http://awakenthefuture.com/) will model networking and ongoing support/empowerment among visionary leaders via a guild system. I believe we could apply to Burners Without Borders for a grant toward building Evolver Fest. I can put you in touch with Carmen, their ED, or speak with her myself. I think HiveMind is a reliable urban festival format that can provide integration and default world grounding of the consciousness we raise at things like Evolver fest and other festivals. (You can learn about HiveMind on Evolver Bay Area's website.) Digital Renaissance Faire is a new a quarterly festival produced by the Perma-Culture Communities Network. PCCN will be a network of self-sustaining moneyless permaculture communities. DRF has a new monetization model where the event income is split into 100,000 shares, and every person helping create the festival receives a certain number of shares depending on their involvement. Each person or group gets their own promotion code which is tracked for sales. 5 theme camps bring in music and education programming, instead of the festival producers doing it all. Amber Doleman in LA has been pushing for people to instead of going to Burning Man, drop $1000 toward collectively purchasing land to Perma-burn. Jonah Bolt from Evolver Asheville is working with a government official to bring something festival-like to 2nd and 3rd world countries. Tune in with him. U.S. government is funding it. You could talk to Jamaica Stevens, head of Tribal Convergence, for info and speaker recommendations as well. At the last TC I met many speakers who are working more enmeshed in urban systems and with transforming and evolving corporate culture too, etc etc. You could also ping Chris / Pez of Palenque Norte. They're moving from psychedelics-focused speakers to more broadly visionary.

:::::::::::Here are my suggestions for programming elements and marketing strategy::::::::::: Music: Don't make it all electronic. Have times when the music is acoustic or silent and people can hear the environment, feel the Earth vibrations over the sound systems. This is crucial IMO. The music needs to be way more diverse. This will be of great benefit to everyone's consciousness. There is plenty of trippy and far-out and trance-inducing music in other genres. Ask the musicians if they'll donate their time so not so much of the budget goes to the DJ's. The distribution of budget/proceeds needs to be more equitable and cross-disciplinal. I'm working on on a timebank model/module but might not have it ready until the next Evolver Fest.

) I'm not saying no electronic womp womp. Gongs. I'd say this is very important. Next level festivals market to more diverse target-audiences.several of her pieces could be performed by the whole audience in connection with each other. I think that's fucked up. including awesome Steve Reich and Terry Riley. He plays music made entirely out of animal sound samples. IMO. pitched percussion instruments (Daniel Garcia from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala lives in Oakland now and makes the most beautiful polyrhythmic pitched percussion music I've heard in my life). one-man white dude DJ's as predominating the energy = fail IMO. The spirit of this is so different from computer. electronics. is playing in Baltimore in a few weeks and has played at Sonar in Barcelona. I can't remember their name. gesture-controllers.tend to be wealthier. Terry Riley on piano sends people into transcendent states. like mushrooms.com/boom/?page=about Native American musicians Ernesto Olmos from the Bay Native sound people from Joshua Tree.harp with electronic and gesture triggers.there's a group from L. etc. I cannot believe the festivals we 're creating are so electronics-focused. I could tell you in great detail why I think that if you'd like. Electronic recommendations Mark Heley (he's been involved with Evolver/RS) Kalya Scintilla Merkaba Kaminanda Desert Dwellers -Advertise this festival to diverse groups of people. If you want more recommendations I can ask Jon Leidecker who is developing the 80-speaker surround system for Dolby. dangerous. clay flutes (ocarinas). stellar trip music .A. San Pedro perhaps.the music at these festivals has been lagging behind the consciousness."deep listening" . Get Funktion 1 speakers if you can. Get Karma Moffett there. would be the biggest gift to everyone IMO. Tibetan channeling straight up cosmos transmission. SF Sound is an orchestra that plays contemporary classical and experimental music.Here are examples of music I'd love to see at a consciousness festival: Greg Ellis (LA) .rhythmpharm. They released an electronic album with LA producer Carmen Rizzo. Also. You could also ask David Gibson of the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in SF. but am not finessed enough for this level of performance. Go more experimental . Zeena Parkins . as can Marya Starck. What we need is people from different viewpoints communing with each other. -Connecting with place: Is there a ceremony traditional and native to Joshua Tree that we can participate in / receive / give back to? Does community in Joshua Tree need anything we can give? Is there any ecological restoration or cleanup we could assist with during the festival? Could a portion of the event proceeds go toward a community project or group in J Tree? .wood (didj and flutes). that would be awesome too. Huun Huur Tu fans are an example . (None of the sound healing / new age musicians I've mentioned are cheesy. Many people are introduced to psychedelics via festivals . Live bands . Laeticia Sonami. he knows everyone in sound healing and would love this festival. and loop-based music. that works with Rife frequencies. but that there's more far out and appropriate music for what we're trying to evolve. Cross-pollinate the consciousness. Digable Planets? Daniel what are your favorite musicians? I've generally found it effective to invite all the people and orgs and musicians I'm most inspired by. in addition to the bass in your face electro-transmission. India has lots of great trance music with acoustic instruments that can get quite wild and ecstatic. They tend to understand what I'm doing and be on board with it working toward the same ends. Throat singing is about / is literally communing with the spirit of place. often performs in NYC but teaches at Mills in Oakland. man. and earth-conscious. or in J Tree. Pauline Oliveros . etc. and takes people out of the depth of connection they could be having with any natural psychedelic they might be on. If you can find a throat singer who does sound healing. I do it. Reggie Watts "conscious hip hop" Liberation Movement Goddess Alchemy Project Instruments made of natural instruments . Getting Huun Huur Tu there (nomadic throat-singing band from Tuva).http://www. well-educated.to do so in a club-scene-in-the-forest or desert is counterproductive to sustainability. Jesse Noemind will know.middle eastern and North African. He knows how to create standing soundwaves. Fred Frith. Latina experimental guitarist Ava Mendoza would crack your skull open. Put sound healers on stage at some point . I can lead large-group participatory vocal rituals.world percussion instruments.

Product demos? Permaculture and sustainability things (focus on DIY where possible) Healing technologies Herbal tinctures Invite Searl Magnetics . food justice. or ecology-compatible tech applications. or are connected to large raw food health communities. and he could double on heroic dose mushrooms education and physical integration of psychedelic experiences. He said yes to HiveMind but ended up moving before it happened. What kinds of science people could you invite? Can the tech and science community be invited in a way that can help break up the disconnection between research. too. who can boost attendance numbers . Bamboo building. I think next level festivals could do much toward rediscovering shared (and embodied) vocabulary at a fundamental deep level. Permaculture: . Integration and Education group . They're not going to be ready til 2014. spoke at HiveMind and is presenting at Lucidity. Drug policy Traditional medicine containers. Ryan Rising (SF) can teach much of that. to participate in someway? Is there an arts or performance group who would be appropriate to invite? A wilderness training group where the kids could teach *us* something? Take people on walks and hikes into the desert. agroforestry and wild food forest gardening. and environment? What rad materials science.Could we invite students.Cassidy of Beyond Body-Mind healing Superfoods education: L. Herbs for common ailments Immune system education . You could offer a Permaculture Design Certification course the week before the event. and how they are integrated into tribal life. Carl Gnosis could as well. occupying unused plots of land with gardens.Entheogenic Research.* Psychedelics: ERIE . Hyperspecialization is part of what's keeping the solutions from being enacted. founder of City Repair in Portland . Herbalism How to make tinctures Wildcrafting (Joshua muscat and adriane Bovone of the SF Botanical Medicial clinic would probably be down to teach both of those). Mark Lakeman. but Sustainable Living Roadshow could provide the bulk of permaculture programming.from CIIS in SF. k-12. and/or afterward. people with a big following.A.fruit tree maps. are happening? Can you invite a major philanthropist/entrepreneur who is on our side to speak? A major environmental advocate or famous biologist? Cross-pollinating communities and industry is going to help foster a shared sense of and purpose and responsibility.Jason Verbelli just started working there . dome insulation Urban gardening . They're worth dropping in with.Don Tipping from Oregon Local people who could teach cob building or aquaponics or permaculture gardening. He's a beautiful rock-solid facilitator.free energy researcher. not just spiritual practices and talking heads. community gardening. funding.they're expanding to other cities. ::::::::Workshops:::::::: *Teach people practical and community-applicable skills. etc. locally or not. Breakout think tank sessions? I can update you on how Tribal Convergence's guild model goes. free farmers markets.

Tonya Ridgely / TBird. It'd be rad to get a government official of some kind to come speak and play.A. poly. That would be a nice panel or three-person workshop. Open relationships. gender alchemy and experimentation. Conflict resolution techniques From two-person to governmental From somatic and sound-based to NVC.autonomy.bring some sexy and conscious New Yorkers out here to cross-pollinate! Dee Dussault . Zapatistas education . mystery school. Creative Energy Studios . tantra.new age is too hetero. if we don't know a Zapatista in our network. I can teach that and know several people who specialize in all that.Ganga yoga. Unify could host it if they're still going. Alternative Economy Education Chong Kee Tan and Kendra Chanley of Bay Bucks.tantric practices Jenn's friend from India/South America Elizabeth Bast? * Big name L. Jude Currivan from Great Mystery Don Estes . civilization. tantra teachers* . someone from CIIS can probably teach this. Textile & clothing industry is the other single topic that brings the most fundamental and interwoven understanding of sustainability. Shayna Gladstone .and NYC teachers .I can teach this. Teach about watersheds . Transition SF. Time Banks Gift Circles Charles Eisenstein Troy Dayton on marijuana-related businesses.Open-source technology Esoteric. voice and flute).Davin Infinity. Is there one who is openly an advocate of ending the drug war? Feminine sexuality Magenta . visual communication and mass grassroots media campaigns (Daniel would the author of The Media Ecosystem participate?).could potentially tag team with Julian Reyes of KeyframeEntertainment.mega important and core issue that brings awareness of *everything else*. sensuality Queer something or other . ancient and future wisdom Jenn Zahrt from SF teaches global astrology history Seven Sisters Mystery school wants to partner with SF's HiveMind.purchasing land as a community Marketing for sustainable and evolutionary businesses . education on sustainability in the textile industry .The Galactic Orgasm: Fully Embodying Creation Energy Jennifer Schmidt . borders/territory/politics and industry. She's a black woman and goes to festivals (also a music performer. etc. especially for artist entrepreneurs. free or for a donation-based fee Enable global participation Mark Heley knows the tech to do multi-presenter live streaming. to smarter diplomacy and negotiation. .how to consciously purchase clothing . water programming Broadcast the workshops online. Natural dyeing and fibers.Alternative Careers and entrepreneurial marketing She lives at EVO ecovillage near San Diego and is starting a Spore in SD Yona Fy (also from EVO) . negotiation and bridge-building with neighboring people. and the Time Bank. Julian is Columbian."Activated Villages" .vibration science and video acoustic healing. can also teach that.

. shipibo. More diverse style . Janelle Orsi focuses on that. This could potentially give a massive international promo / PR / involvement boost. Ok I probably have more ideas but this gives you an overview. Forest Stearns. Link art expression with community involvement and ecological connection. and what are solutions? Make your burn more sustainable .look at Milkdrop (Milkdrop is a global collaboratively designed music visualizer for WinAmp). Chris Tittle might be able to speak. Islamic. Group panel after individual descriptions. Throw a fundraiser for Evolver Fest through the NYC burner party crews . Get Transition Town represented. This would make a fabulous panel discussion.. Use it to show art but also give documentation of the movement . CA's cottage food law. Legal structures in the transition . Contact arts workshops. Group healing rituals went over great at HiveMind . *more participatory culture instead of consumer. a free cd download of live sets from the festival.Huichol. though we should absolutely not advertise it as that. Trippy art is mega mainstream at this point . and the consciousness. but might not yet know TEN exists and how awesome it is? Who do we know that could connect the dots? . etc.in the long run it would diversify it and bleed into default world cottage economics / empowered right relation. not glowsticks Workshops on creative el-wire costuming. how to pull off illegal building (I can track down a guy in Mendocino who's known for it).. and open-ended depictions of "god".screen The Bloom .shamanic journeywork (find your power animal. we can use that as social media to bring funding to Evolver.post a framed list of local affiliate orgs. 501c4-29. would any of your artist friends from NYC come out? This could be an opportunity for you to get them involved with Evolver.* Have strong spores describe what they're doing.have a speaker on opening night (the local sporeganizer) . Sustainability What are the ways you can most easily make a much lighter impact What industries or practices cause the most harm. SF.Danger List. Chicago... Empower the conscious people to make art and share it. documentation. Makeup and clothes-making workshops (my grass valley family can teach the latter). reuseable jars not disposable plastic. Tibetan tankhas. the finger lights people use to trip people out at raves. reusable lights. photography. and as PR for TEN and all related organizations and endeavors. soul retrieval etc). essentially. medicine. also from The Sustainable Economies Law Center in Berkeley. awareness of art as magic and conscious language. Much of my suggestions are for implementing practical enlightened anarchism.bulk food buying.A. That in itself is a huge consciousness bomb.same as the music. right?).. we might be able to involve her. interviews. sound healing Artists Amanda Sage Jessica Perlstein MARS-1 and the other Further collective guys (slightly more graffiti/abstract style.. and they show in NYC at Joshua Liner Gallery). Host a panel or meetup for MilkDrop designers at Evolver Fest. etc etc. is into Evolver and collaborating. Who in L. How close to mainstream can we safely invite media representatives? If we get good footage. Sydney Australia and São Paulo (there's a spore there... Daniel.. the "why" and "what about" of their art teaches unified mysticism. Rites of Passage. actually. Partner with Deviant Art. I'd include crop circles. vendors etc) . NYC. Their art director. Latin American and African American artists who tend to paint more community-focused themes as opposed to individual visionary experience.. Media Ask Elevate or The Bloom to film Evolver Fest. or a pre-festival compilation of tracks..Art education of indigenous art . Offer as a gift with admission. Pair Evolver Fest with a gallery show in LA. I can help enact any of this if somehow employed to. *Sporeganizers panel. has major dollars who would love this and continue to be a supporter.coops. Partnering with Deviant Art could also be a vehicle for massive grass roots media campaigns that are both effective and celebratorily mega-diverse. connections with animal and plant spirits.* It wouldn't squelch the consumer element (booths. Marketing/outreach strategy.

I'm happy to help with finding the right person to ask at orgs or agencies. I've found inviting organizations or speaker representatives of organizations has given us access to kick-ass promotion because the orgs push it through their social media. more integrated and integrating. but builds bridges and depth. music. Next level festivals are much more connected to nature than the way we've been partying. And there's a place for new festivals that bring us back into perma-culture with each other. practice and teach shamanism and psychic skills. or going to a festival . at the very least on strategy. And celebrating at night. in a way that doesn't create a default world and wonderland paradise dichotomy.promote it through them. acrobatics. the earth.I work to example and lift the lid off what we're capable of as humans. and civilization. SF and NYC . I call myself an Imagination Healer . There's a place for the lose your lid and merge with the oneness.. I'm a muse chasing the rainbow tail of amusing.weebly. and keep me in the loop as you see fit. Have people learning and healing together during the day. dance. Keep in mind that many many people are willing to contribute gifts of time and resources to Evolver. . With HiveMind. I have nearly a 100% success rate with HiveMind requests so far. I make art. Building things together to do something tangible and permanent and give a visceral sense of working together. and sit with my favorite being.Who / what orgs have the biggest "consciousness" followings in L. ask my genius friends questions about what they know. I have time to help with Evolver fest if you'd like that. the river. I can drill down into any of the elements or programming I suggested. poetry. playful and selfdiscovery kind of festival. I also maintain a massive visionary art tumblr that has a growing following. Would VICE promote Evolver fest? Daniel could ask Hamilton. They're less wildly hedonistic. Someone like Bassnectar would likely volunteer his DJ time for something like that. but I can delegate most of that now to smart and capable volunteers. I feel it's best for me to prioritize HiveMind (our next one is in late May or early June). He paused a set he was playing at Burning Man in '09 to say he wasn't coming back unless it moved away from being so purely hedonistic.A. clothing. Hamilton could do an episode on Evolver somehow. Imagine what you want of whom.dont know how much control he'd have over putting in a free ad for Evolver Fest.com Ping me back with any questions or thoughts or sharings. the cosmic giggle. and ask for it. Oh you asked what I do. dork out about how human biocircuitry works.. Besides brainstorming and enacting planetary balance and health through social systems design. My website is http://imaginationhealer.. and more grounded. Good luck and thank you!! M Addendum: Next level festivals might be less music-centric. This week I'm hoping to focus that on finding sponsorship/donors for it..

"eco village birthing device" by Laura Fox .

Tribal Convergence's guild wheel .

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