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The Avengers Trailer Analysis By Krishan Patel I have chosen to do my research on a trailer which is of a similar format to what my group

and i will be making. The Avengers is a 2012 superhero science fiction movie and i have chosen this trailer as its target audience is similar to ours and always we will be trying to recreate some of the key aspects which helped to bring this movie together. Conventions: From the first image seen on the trailer video, the audience can immediately tell that the type of movie this is going to be is Sci-Fi and this is because of the large green monster that is shown right off the bat. This is one of the main conventions that Sci-Fi movies use where mutants or supernatural humans pose a threat to Earth and its population. Another convention of Sci-Fi movies is that there is always one brave individual who is willing to risk his life in order to save the world as we know it, however this convention of Sci-Fi movies is altered here as a team of highly skilled individuals risk their lives together to defend the Earth from an alien invasion. This very stereotypical convention of the chosen one(s) is what begins to lead the audience to truly believe that only these people can save them from what is to come and the sense of danger in the Sci-Fi is increased as only this team of heroes who are not all completely human can do something about it. This reinforces the genre of Science Fiction to the audience. Another main convention of Sci-Fi movies is the way that Earth and Non-Earth inhabitants always oppose each other in the form of war. In the Avengers it is clear that the experiments occurring are not with human resources and it is quite easy to guess that a war will break out after the avengers have come together between humans and non-humans. Technology is another major aspect of all Sci-Fi movies because of the futuristic theme that the majority of Sci-Fis use, therefore meaning that the technology must be very advanced compared to the technology that currently exists. For example, in The Avengers, The Iron Man suit is a very advanced and futuristic piece of armor which also has built in weapon systems and scanners and the software/hardware that was used to create it would not exist currently or is not as good yet due to the limits that exist in the modern world, however in Sci-Fi themed movies the limits seem to be almost non-existent. Camera Techniques: Mid shots and long shots were used frequently in The Avengers and this was to capture the action or the movements of characters as they were in mid-air or simply talking about a serious issues. The audience can tell how serious the issue is through the use of medium camera shots which allowed the audience to see the characters body language which generally inferred the seriousness of the topic at hand. Close ups were also used to show how humans in this movie react to the newly discovered non-human race and their dangerous and intimidating exterior. Camera techniques such as these are very effective when it comes to Sci-Fi movies because they are able to easily portray the current situation to the audience without them having to search for specific information. Editing Techniques:

Continuity is a vital aspect of every film genre, however it is especially important for Sci-Fi movies as they can become some what confusing at times therefore there must be no errors in the continuity of the Sci-Fi. The main editing technique in The Avengers is the CGI (computer generated interface) which has been used many times over in different forms in this movie because Sci-Fi movies are typically set in the future so there must be a lot of visual technology such as bright lasers and holograms to make the media piece fit the purpose. For example in The Avengers during the scenes of war and battles, the city surroundings such as cars, roads and buildings all get dented, damaged and destroyed because due to stereotypes, we believe that non-human creatures posses a lot of destructive force and have not been trained to handle their surroundings with care, which is also comes into the next part of the CGI where the aliens have been made to be destructive and aggressive. Sound: Sound is a very influencing aspect of Sci-Fi films because of the atmosphere it creates for the audience along side the camera, editing and mise en scene. The use of sound can easily reinforce the current environment portrayed to make it a much more believable scenario and also can add a lot of emphasis on parts of the Sci-Fi film trailer where necessary. For example, when the explosion takes place in the Avengers trailer, the explosion sound is very loud and accurate to the footage which captures the audiences attention a lot quicker than it would if there was no sound at all and the sound also engages the audience as they begin to wonder why this has happened or who could have been responsible. Mise-en-scene: At first we see the sky scrapers and the yellow cars and we can instantly connote these scenes to large cities especially American cities as they are known for their yellow taxis as where as London is known for their red buses. We also however see fires and this brings a sense of chaos to the scene. The cars are scattered and abandoned and in such a popular city we instantly know that this is abnormal and something is wrong. We also then see two short scenes of people running away again indicating something is wrong and is happening. We then see some scenes where there are explosions this clearly indicates some sort of attack or destruction is happening. We then see a man with an eye patch on. Half of his main facial features which help him express feelings is gone. This could be signs of him as a character and that maybe later on in the film he hides things or has trouble expressing certain things.