Predicting Education with the D-24

July 31, 2011 Vedic Astrology Diary Archives

By Vaughn Paul Manley, M.A. There are several heated debates among Vedic astrologers, and one that hovers near the top of the heat index is, "Which is the primary house of education?" enerally, north !ndian astrologers attribute the "th house, #hile south !ndians give the $th house. !%ve addressed this issue in three previous articles& 'hat is the (ouse of )ducation*, !deas About the "th (ouse and )ducation, andThe Three Most !mportant (ouses of )ducation . 'ith regards to this +uestion, both north and south !ndians are right in my opinion. (o#ever, the $th house is typically seen for compulsory foundational education ,precollege., #hile the "th house is seen for non-compulsory college education, or the point #hen the student has choice in the sub/ects to study, and pic0ing a ma/or. 1o for educational counseling purposes, meaning #hen someone is trying to determine #hat they should study or ma/or in, it%s a "th house matter. Also, the "th house, "th lord, or 0ara0as 2upiter and Mercury #ill reveal favorable dasha periods as #ill be sho#n in the follo#ing example charts. !n 3.4. 5ao%s excellent boo0, Astrology, Destiny, & the Wheel of Time, he says& "The great Maharishi Parashara stresses the role of the 5th house for education. ne need not go into this contro!ersy at the moment. Through illustrations and one"s o#n e$perience one can understand these pro%lems." This article provides a fe# good illustrations of ho# the "th house can be seen for predicting periods of education. This is sho#n not only in the natal chart, but also in the D-6$ divisional chart, also called the &hatur!imshamsha or 'iddhamsha, #hich is the primary divisional chart for education. But first let%s discuss the +uote by Maharishi Parashara that 3.4. 5ao refers #hen he says that Parashara stresses the "th house for education. (ere%s the +uote& "(rom the 5th house are to %e seen amulets )yantras* sacred spells )mantras*, learning, the splendor of the intellect, +no#ledge )!idya*, sons )children*, capacity to manage affairs )royalty*, and fall from position ),th house from the house*." - /rihat Parashara 0ora 'hastra, verse 7, chapter 89 'hile the translated #ord is not %education% itself as in %academic pursuits,% it%s hinted at by %learning,% %intellect% and %0no#ledge.% The "th house is the process of learning, increasing 0no#ledge and exercising the intellect. 'hether it%s formal or informal education, or ac+uiring secular or spiritual 0no#ledge it can seen primarily from the "th house. Another hint from classic texts that education can be seen from the "th house, is in the 2aimini 1utras. !n the 2aimini system, the 0ara0amsha lagna and the "th house from it indicate one%s professional inclinations and the educational training suitable for that profession. (ere%s a +uote& "1f 2enus is alone in the 3ara+amsha or in the 5th from it, one %ecomes a poet, an elo4uent spea+er, and a good critic of literature." 5 6aimini 'utram

the most important 0ara0as or significators for education are Mercury and 2upiter. #hile the 9rd house represents one%s casual hobbies. regardless if they have a connection #ith the "th or :th house or not. and 5ahu is disposited .sing the principle of /ha!at /ha!am. Moon is the :th lord. aspected by exalted Mercury. because it%s the :th house from the :th house.D6$. #hile the :th house can be seen for higher education or post graduate studies. but can also indicate post graduate degrees secondarily. Therefore. as can be seen in the follo#ing examples. The "th house can also secondarily represent the :th house.The "th house can be seen for undergraduate studies. being the 9rd house from the 9rd house. #hich is in the :th house from the Moon. )xample 8 4atal =hart This is the chart of a #oman #ho began her master%s degree in =ivil )ngineering during her Moon-5ahu dasha. 2upiter is the "th lord placed in the "th house. can be seen as the higher octave of the 9rd house. 1he is no# completing her degree during Moon-2upiter. or the higher level or higher octave of the "th house. <astly. it primarily represents undergraduate degrees. 1imilarly. the "th house. the :th house is the "th house from the "th house. . by Venus.ruled. !t%s the house of one%s strong and intense interests. )xample 8 =haturvimshamsha =hart . . and either planet%s dasha can indicate a period of education.

and in the "th house from the Moon. 1aturn. Moon is in the "th house aspected by :th lord. 4otice that Mars is #ith "th lord. This confirms that her Moon-5ahu and into her Moon-2upiter dasha #ould be favorable periods for education. 1un. 2upiter.!n her D-6$ chart. )xample 6 4atal =hart This is the chart of a man #ho started his > year Mars dasha in 4ovember 8::9 at age 87. and con/unct the 1un. 1hortly after 5ahu dasha began. #hich is aspected by :th lord.ruled. #hich combined too0 him about 8? years to complete. !t #as in this dasha that he began college and completed his undergraduate degree.D6$. !t is placed in the >th house aspected by "th . con/unct the "th lord. 2upiter. 4otice ho# 5ahu is disposited . by Mercury. 2upiter. the position of Mars confirms that a Mars dasha #ill give be an educational period. #hich is placed in the :th house aspected by "th lord 1aturn. 5ahu is in the $th house aspected by "th lord. and disposited by the Moon in the "th house. the same is true for 5ahu%s placement for his 5ahu dasha. Mercury is also in an exchange #ith :th lord Venus. =haturvimshamsha =hart . <i0e#ise. )xample 6 <oo0ing at his D-6$ chart. Mars is the :th lord. the "th lord from the Moon. he enrolled in a Masters degree program follo#ed by a doctoral program in )ducational Administration. After his Mars dasha came his 5ahu dasha begriming in 4ovember 6???.

that a dasha period is indeed a time for education and . one P(D. Mercury is in the "th house con/unct mulatri0ona "th lord. albeit heavily afflicted and debilitated in the Ath house.lord 2upiter. @rom the Moon. the D-6$ lagna #ill change every " or 7 minutes. 1aturn is again the "th lord. The D-6$ chart should be made use of to confirm a pattern in education that is already seen in the natal chart. !t #as in Mercury mahadasha that she ac+uired t#o M1 degrees. 1he started a graduate level M1 degree during her 1aturn-2upiter dasha.D6$. and exalted :th lord. )xample 9 4atal =hart This is the chart of a #oman #ho has received numerous post graduate degrees. =haturvimshamsha =hart . 5ahu is also in the :th house. Typically. !t #ill confirm #hat is already seen in the natal chart. 1aturn. it needs to be understood that the D-6$ chart is a very refined division and it can only be reliably used if there is an accurate birth time. !f you have an accurate D-6$ then you can predict education #ith much confidence. Venus. as sho#n in these example charts. (o#ever. 4otice ho# 1aturn is both the $th and "th lord. and :th lord Mars. and exalted Mercury is con/unct the :th lord Venus and $th lord 2upiter. 'ithin " months she began her 8> year Mercury mahadasha. @rom the Moon. 1aturn. and one 2D degree. 4otice ho# Mercury is the :th lord con/unct exalted "th lord. )xample 9 !n her D-6$ chart. !t #as in her 1aturn mahadasha that she entered college and completed her undergraduate B1 degree. 1he is no# a practicing la#yer.

9rd house sho#Bs oneBs inclination to specialise in any sub/ect. Mars is aspecting Mercury and 1aturn. (ere Mars is in the star of 0no#ledge. :th house is higher education. the occupant of :th and sub of Mercury. There are many more example charts that ! could post because !%ve seen these patterns emerging +uite consistently. But $th is a must to develop habit to study and industry. The birth detail along #ith the chart is as follo#s & !n the chart the lord of $th in $th along #ith lord of 9rd can be seen. is good for longevity but delaying for other things. posited in $th.e. But as it is strong due to occupancy in its o#n house. higher 0no#ledge and higher thought. But don%t ta0e my #ord for it. Education is essensial for every body. it #ill cause delay but not deny. is much . Mercury is the planet of intelligence. there is one house i. The sublord of the $th is 2upiter. he #as disappointed and hence #as serious to 0no# his fate about higher education. Besides these houses. the portfolio of :th house. where as higher education and research are denoted by 9th house. !f 9rd house is concerned #ith ordinary mental inclinations. :th #hich indicates chances for studies further or higher education. 1o. as per house position. but did not received any information till April B:A. the occupant of $th.and :th house. 4th house indicates school and college education. The next things is the o#ner of 8?th is in :th #hich means a Coga comprising house of fate and the house of 3arma. no#. But this is a start to hopefully convince students of the use the "th house . <ord of 7th and 88th Mars is in !stD a good combination for success. not only in the natal chart but in the =haturvimshamsha or D-6$ chart. 1aturn the lord of Ath and :th in Ath. #ho is #ishing to get higher education in medicine after completing MBB1 course. 1o the chart. #here as the combined effect of 9rd and "th sho# oneBs intelligence. #e shall study the nativity of a doctor. posited in :th and sublord of :th is Mercury. for education. a good change in the house of general education and higher education. !n the light of above principles. Test it out yourself and submit comments here or post a discussion on the forum. is good and strong. $th house indicates oneBs regular attendance in a school or a college and studies. in #hich higher education also comes. #hich #hen combined #ith 1un in rapt con/unction causes 4ipuna Coga. (e had appeared in the #ritten test for diploma in medicine course during the year 8::".

$7 2upiter Dasha #as ending on 66."6 E 8.$7 ?6 days only .69 !V 8."7 Mar 6$. Balance Dasha of Mars at birth #as 8C 8?M and !!! 8.8:76 5ah 86.$7 1un $. a house of delay and disappointment. a doctor.$7 6?. The native. But 1aturn himself in the star of Moon and sub of Mars #as suitable to give higher education. Delaying tendency of 1aturn did not end even after getting an intervie# letter.:A and there after the ma/or period of 1aturn #as to come. Moon is con/oined #ith Mars and in the star of Mars is also not bad."> !E 8.?$ Mer 6>. 88. #hich #as the o#ner and occupant of Ath.?$ V ". Ayan-69?8$F Mrigshira-9rd Pada."7 V! 8?. Cuspal detail Cusp ! !! !!! !V V V! V!! V!!! !E E E! Star lord 5ahu 1aturn 3etu 1un Mars 1aturn 3etu 1un Mars 2upiter 3etu Su lord Mercury Mercury Venus 2upiter Moon 1un Mercury Mercury Mercury 5ahu 5ahu Planet Moon Mars 5ahu 1un Mercury Venus 1aturn 3etu 2upiter Planet detail Star lord Mars 2upiter 1aturn 1un Mars 5ahu Moon Moon 5ahu Su lord Venus Mercury Mars 1aturn 1aturn Moon Mars 5ahu 1aturn .$7 3etu 86. 2upiter.$7 E! ". Moon 9. 1ame thing happened #ith the end of 2upiter Dasha on 66. though posited in :th house. 1o.8? ! 86.>."6 3.6. the native #as told that he #ill get diploma in medicine."A V!! 86.P.ra $. received a letter for intervie# on 6>. any planet in the star of sub of Mars #ill be able to give higher education. (ence."? V!!! 7-$7 !! 7.$7 2up . did not give the chance only due to 1aturn.?>.$7 Ven 8A.stronger to give higher education. But no# the doctor is happy 0no#ing an that he #ill get diploma in medicine.5.>."6 1at 88. 1o.:A."8 4ep 8A.:A.$7 E!! 8?.

E!! Moon Moon .

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