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Sandra Kahn

1. Are you pro-life? I am absolutely pro life. It is not, however, a no brainer issue. I was young when abortions were illegal. Women did get abortions. They got abortions under unsafe conditions. Doctors routinely "broke the law" by giving abortions in their office at night. If there was an unexpected complication, they had to decide whether to abandon their patient or have her transported to emergency care and lose their medical license and perhaps go to jail - good luck Mom and baby. "Safe" sex was not talked about and not easy to come by. In my opinion (and observation), passing laws will not save the unborn and it will harm scared, clueless young women. If we REALLY care about this issue, we must educate and strengthen vulnerable young women. It is a CULTURE issue. I personally know women who had abortions. The mental (not physical) pain has scarred them for life. I know other women who carried their babies to term and gave them up for adoption. This healthier decision sometimes led to their reuniting with their child later in life and produced a loving, supportive "no guilt" relationship with both the child and the very kind loving family that adopted them. We need to tell these stories and get serious about the issue (provide support, counseling, easy access to adoption services and LOTS of back-up to those young women who do chose to keep their child. Right now we are just screaming at each other over this issue and neither side is offering practical solutions. It pains me. 2. Do you believe the entire ObamaCare law should be repealed or replaced as some Republicans have suggested? I desperately believe ALL of Obama care should be repealed. I have little hope that it will happen. I have had years of experience in medical administration, particularly as it involves patient payments, private insurance, medicare and medicaid. It was (pre-ACA) a travesty. ACA has addressed none of the problems and piled on many more (as we are seeing). Greed and vested interests (doctors, unions, insurance companies, drug companies, medical devise companies and hospitals) created the mess. Do you notice something missing in this list? The PATIENT. I support medical savings plans. Where was Dr. Ben Carson when this debate was taking place? Although some Republicans whispered about the concept they were too bullied by the Democrats to make an effective case. Too bad. It is an easy case to make. 3. House Speaker Jase Bolger has suggested opening up Michigan's Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include, sexual orientation, and gender identity and transgendered. Would you support this? Why or why Not? No. I am tired of putting people into "victim" groups. In my opinion, it is nothing more than political pandering.


4. Do you believe that anything should be added or subtracted to the current 2012 GOP Platform? If so what would you like to see added or subtracted? I do not have an informed opinion and have not looked at the platform closely this past year. Happy to consider the thoughts of others , however. Oops one more opinion: We did a crummy job of defending the 2012 platform in 2012. I would like to see us to do better. 5. Do you support or oppose homosexual marriage. I do not support homosexual marriage. Neither do I think homosexuals are destined to burn in hell. I share the opinion of a conservative Lesbian, Maggie Gallagher: "...marriage cannot be separated from its procreative origins - and allowing gays to marry would undermine the institution as a whole." 6. What is your stance on the National Popular Vote (NPV) You mean versus the electoral college? I hate it. It would result in governance by the East coast and the West coast. No thank you. 7. How available to you believe a National Committee person should be to the Party membership? The National Committee person should be readily available to county parties and to sub-groups of the Republican Party. As a long time "grassroots" Republican, I know well that those are the people that freely give their time and energy with little thanks or attention (except when asking them for something). I do most of my communicating by email or by visiting. Michigan is not so large that one cannot take a "day trip" to anywhere. That is my preference. I do not now have a website, but have a supporter that is working on one for me. I don't like them much because they are generally full of "pap". They are handy, however, for downloading semi-permanent info and people like to see them. Facebook is okay with me. Currently, I keep my facebook page small and impersonal and use it for communicating with "closed" political organizations. 8. Do you believe that a National Committee person should speak out if Michigan elected officials are advocating policy that is in direct opposition to the Party Platform? Yes, I do. This also is not a cut and dry issue. HOW you speak out makes all the difference. 9. Considering the recent calls for Dave Agema resignation and the fact that Mr. Agema has chosen not to resign do you feel under these circumstance that you can forge a working, productive relationship with Mr. Agema in the best interest of the Party and Platform 2

Why not? Dave is a good looking, smart, talented guy. In my opinion, he has much promise. He is fervently supported by many grassroots Republicans in Michigan. I do not agree with some of Dave's initiatives. He has occasionally been "indiscrete". In my opinion, that is because of the passion of his beliefs. Again, it is not about where you stand, it is about how you make your case. He has something to learn in this regard. Will his pride and his passion allow him learn it? I don't know. Pres. Reagan would be a good example to study. He did not veer away from his principles and he did not offend. People will not hear you if they are busy saying "ouch". 10. What do you feel you could do for Party unity? LISTEN AND REPRESENT! We are not the divided party that we think we are. We, basically, have the same Core beliefs and we MUST win elections. Let's do it! Past political activities: 1. Multiple fundraisers and campaign advice/assistance for candidates from township offices, county commissioner races and State Reps. and Senate. 2. GOTV coordination for multiple Pres. races. 3. Hostess for Laura Bush event during her husband's primary against McCain 4. (Apparently "permanent") Precinct Delegate Chair for Saginaw County 5. Host and presenter for Precinct Delegate training seminars 6. Several Terms as County RP Recording Secretary and County Convention coordinator 7. Initiated and coordinated a 5 County Candidate Forum for 2010 Republican Gubernatorial Candidates 8. Volunteer coordinator for MRP gun show tables 9. Election Inspector 10. Election watcher 11. 15 year member of Saginaw County Exec. Committee - chaired several committees 12. MRP Ethnic Committee member (not now) 13. MRP State Committee member 14. Phone Bank/Door to Door as needed (ugh!) 15. Saginaw County RP donor recruitment committee. 16. "Usual and customary" hostess and coordinator for Bi-Annual "Meet the Candidates Picnic" 17. Saginaw County Republican Women's Club - all offices at one time or another - two terms as President 18. Republican Women's Federation of Michigan treasurer - 2 terms 19. National Federation of Republican Women Board of Directors 20. "Women for Mitt" panels 21. Precinct Delegate 21. and on and on and on.... 3

Present political activities Most of the above, plus currently.... 1. Saginaw County RP Secretary and County Convention coordinator 2. Precinct Delegate Leader, Saginaw Township #16 3. Saginaw County Republican Women 's Board of Directors 4. President, Republican Women's Federation of Michigan - 2nd term 5. NFRW campaign Committee - Michigan Chair 6. MRP State Committee 7. Run with Rick and Brian trainee