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Sajid Hussain ,National Manager of Mercy Mission Malaysia      Allah puts love in our heart to gather and seek knowledge. Theme for the programme is The Sunnah The Better. We forget the sunnah of the greatest man that have ever walked in the earth. We forget about the comfort we have in this dunya to our sisters in Palestine. "Dear brothers, marry a practising Muslimah and sisters please, choose the one who fear Allah  Sh. Alaa Elsayed, The Sunnah The Better.  Vivid statement of Prophet SAW to his ummah. “I will know my ummah on the Day of Judgement.They will come to me with ablution(wudhu’) lit on them.”     Value the gift of life On the Day of Judgement, even if you give up everything, everything will run away. (Nafsi nafsi) Walk on the talk, follow the sunnah. Ask yourself this question: “If Prophet Muhammad SAW is to walk in front of you right now, will he recognised you as a Muslim and his ummah??”  Check the last ayah of Surah al-Kahf. Message: Do not deny to follow the Quran and Sunnah. : Do not please the people but please Allah.     ‘Amilan amalan soliha: Ilm and amal. 2 things which will bring you to Jannah (this is the meaning of Twins of Faith: knowledge and action upon it.) What are you all about? Who would you follow? Differentiate between Ibadah and Adah. Ibadah is the command of Allah while adah is only tradition. The difference was already shown by Prophet SAW. Remember, Ibadah is NOT same with Adah.  If you claim that you love Allah, and want Allah to love you back, please Follow Muhammad SAW.

Wallahi)  Sh Daood Butt.please forgive me. reflect and analyze your day. the Merciful. Allah will surely grant you wealth and children. We have knowledge but are we working on it? Dont put your books into shelves until you have at least read the introduction. Many times in our life. .  “ Kul ummati fi Jannah” – Ya Allah make us people of Jannah. Sh Alaa recited surah Az-Zumar verse 53 Say. Nuh as is told to build the ark. When it is time for you about to sleep. He is the One who forgive. "O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning]. masyaAllah this trembles our heart)  Show your repentance by making righteous deeds and Allah will surely expiates and turn all the bad deeds into good deeds (barakah of repentance and hijrah made solely for Allah. With istighfar. I may have made mistake.masyAllah feel the love of Allah when you ask for His forgiveness. do not despair of the mercy of Allah . Indeed. Please use time wisely! The problem is we dont know the value of time. Sunnah of Previous Prophet                   Reflect how Ibraheem as felt when he was told to sacrifice his own son. seek forgiveness from Him. we make mistakes. At that time they need rain. Indeed. Allah SWT controls time.See how your life will change. it is He who is the Forgiving. they seek forgiveness and Allah sends beneficial rain as blessing." (please refer this verse whenever you feel down. Nuh as also made istighfar. Do we on the spot say Astaghfirullah? Ask Allah for forgiveness as we may have make mistakes! Ya Allah. Rain is also a blessing. Repentance is a very special dua made by every Prophets. Adam as make this dua and Allah forgive them at that very moment. Allah forgives all sins. Adam as: “Rabbana zalamna anfusana waillam taghfilana watarhamna lanaku nanna minal khasirin” (Refer to Quran and see the translation please) Seek forgiveness from Allah.

Whatever the messenger tells us. Exactly. In Akhirah. Have trust in Allah as Nuh alaihissalam trust Allah completely. The perfect role model. we are so jealous of people that we cannot even give salam to them (Salam means no harm. They wish that they could follow Rasulullah SAW. Teach them to your children rather than giving them an iPad. take it.  Sh AR McCarthy. “Testify me Ya Allah that I have delivered your message. Note to myself too. ear and eyes. leave it. the people will shut their mouth. .this is what happening right now. Right 4: Love Rasulullah SAW. Take values from all the Prophet and practice it. Say. Other examples of patience include the story of Ibraheem as when his own father is against him. He did his job by delivering message. people will bite their finger. “Hal ballagh”. if you obey Allah then follow Rasulullah SAW. Allah grant you the same peace and no harm on you)       Be steadfast as Hud as. Be patience as Nuh as.. 7 Rights of the Prophet                Right 1:Believe him.This shows your condition of imaan. So much can be reflected. Kaafirin. And whatever he prohibits. “To believe me is to obey Him”. Right 6: Judging by what Prophet come by sunnah. Right 2: Obey him. Every single time Nuh as give call to Allah. Right 5: Respect him. Rasulullah SAW was sent to mankind.” He puts believe in our actions. Today. Train yourself to give salam and wait until they reply you who turns away from Allah. Make time to learn the stories of Prophets. regretting that they do not followed Rasulullah. A real muslim dont talk bad about Prophet SAW. Allah says again and again-Obey Allah and Rasulullah SAW. Right 3: Follow him Indeed he is Husnul Hasanah.

Among the best speaker. Thank Allah for the eyes which blinks 12 times per minute. judge concerning that over which they dispute among themselves and then find within themselves no discomfort from what you have judged and submit in [full. Ears when used with the correct heart become witness of Allah on the Day of Judgement. His lecture is full of dua made and glorifying Allah. Show your thankfulness via body. willing] submission. by your Lord.”    We are no a true believer until we accept it. Sajid Umar. surah An-Nisa’. Aisha ra witnessed Rasulullah SAW standing so long in salah until his leg is swollen and his skin cracked. Worship increases. He was al-Hameed before we praise Him. “The stingy one is the one who dont say SAW when he hears the name of Prophet Muhammad is mentioned. Yet today all secrets can be seen through facebook.”  Sh. Eyes when used with the correct heart become witness of Allah on the Day of Judgement. Are You A Grateful Servant?       MasyaAllah Sh Sajid Umar had a very eloquent speech. [O Muhammad]. Feel the love and obedience. Say Alhamdulillah. Speak about thanking Allah is an act of worship. . Show your thankfulness via your tongue. it benefits us. Right 7: Saying SAW. Aisha ra asked Rasulullah SAW the reason for it and emotionally Rasulullah SAW replied: “ Afala Akunu ‘Abdan Shakura?” “Should I not be a thankful slave?”        This is the man of Ihsan and Excellence. “But no. they will not [truly] believe until they make you. Refer verse 65. Remember when we thank Allah. Rasulullah SAW said: “Assist yourself by not exposing your secrets”.

Allah can wipe you out from this land and take over with another nation. He is the thankful towards Allah." They thanked Allah.  Sh Sajid Umar. Allah chose Ibraheem as and guide him to straight path. who has favored us over many of His believing servants. Allah granted Ismail as. Ibraheem as made dua to Allah asking for a child for many years. they cannot thank Allah.   We forget the need of the one who needs us the most (the orphanage) The true yatim is one who does not know Allah.Remember that.  Acknowledging Allah's blessing and thanking Him for the sustenance He blessed us with is a sunnah Allah is independent. The takbeer that we hear today on every Eid was the takbeer of Ibraheem as. Every prophet was from the lineage of of Ishak as. Live life not till the grave.  Sh Assim al-Hakeem. . Our second father is Nuh as. and they said.           4 gifts of Allah when you is thankful: Contentment . Live it beyond the grave. Surah An-Naml: 15 “And We had certainly given to David and Solomon knowledge. dua of Angels and Allah is proud of you. Mercy of Allah. “Innahu kana ‘abdan shakura”. Allah honoured Nuh as.and Allah granted them greater gift. translating speech from one of the Sheikh involved in Charity Cup Awards Ceremony to the orphan. The one who dont thank people.avoid truth when it is apparent and who does not take the goodness when goodness exist. "Praise [is due] to Allah . Love the Young Ones. Everything you do in this life should create ripples in your next life.    Thank Allah for every waking in the day Thank Allah for every sleep in the night. O mankind you are poor and dependent on Allah. Only Prophet Muhammad SAW is from Ismail as.

the more tolerance/patience you will have. Refrain your children to go out 15 minutes before maghrib. Rasulullah SAW give supplication to protect children. Seek refuge from Allah. Rasulullah SAW gives unconditional love to children. Dont show your love only to one child because they can FEEL your love.Rasulullah SAW. Give love and also knowledge.  Sh Dr Tawfique Chowdhury. Conduct tahneek to your child. He said : “ He who does not have mercy. Dont associate prayer with punishments. Instruct children to pray when they reach 7 years old. Paradise Guaranteed!  Everyone of us had our name written on a stone in both Jannah and Jahannam. One day while Prophet SAW was giving khutba. Because woman is the nucleus of a family. Rasulullah SAW was so loving towards children. The most beautiful name are Abdullah. Give beautiful names to your children. It is sunnah! “The more responsibilities you have. Then your children wont love and enjoy praying. Allah will not be merciful to him. MasyaAllah. Give gift and kisses to EVERY child.”. Prophet SAW saw his grandchildren Hassan and Hussin are running happily towards masjid with their long jubah cloth. .               Rasulullah SAW instructed to choose pious spouse. Founder of Mercy Mission Malaysia. Abdul Rahman. Rasulullah SAW then get them and put them on the mimbar and continued the khutba. Rasulullah SAW then stopped the khutba for a while and rushed to get his grandchildren in fear that they would fall down because of the long cloth.” Be just to your children. Rasul SAW teach dua to protect children from shaytaan.

Get married early. Authentic hadith: “ No reward for one who make other Muslim happy except Jannah!”                 Go find them and make them happy. Remembrance of people is a disease. Your tongue and your private parts. The haq of your husband is more than the haq of your parents. Get maaied if you want to become rich! Struggle and do as much Hajj as you can. Allah wants you to enter Jannah in group. Tabarakallah. Category 4: Authentic hadith “ Guarantee me 2 things. Allah is preparing Jannah for you. Umrah made in Ramadhan equals to Hajj made by Rasulullah SAW. Obedience is which you dont like.” Remembrance of Allah is the cure. How many of us know the good deeds and the bad deeds? You cannot count your good deeds. Putting smile on their face. I guarantee you Jannah. Say Subhanallahi wabihamdihi subhanallahil azim. I cannot ‘chill’ because every single day. you deserve a princess. Always think about things which can bring you to Jannah. . no arguing). Listen to your husband. What a blessing Hajj is to visit Allah’s house.      If you die as a believer. Category 6: Umrah & Hajj Mabrur. As long as you guard your tongue and private parts (no sex falling. Jannah guaranteed Biiznillah.) There are 7 categories of deeds which can bring you to Jannah. I see people dying in front of me.(Sh is a Dr and also hafidz. The hardest thing for every woman. you can attain mabrur hajj. When you become a prince. place of Jannah will be shown to you and your name on Jahannam will be erased and vice versa. Category 5: Only for woman. Category 7: Helping a Muslim.

Work for akhirah. Rasulullah SAW taught to help the oppressed and oppressor.Promise of Allah in Surah AsSaff. )            The better you become for your husband.  Sh Abu Bakar al-Ghaith. Category 1: Have iman in Allah and Rasul SAW. It will argue to forgive you. Rasulullah SAW teach to love each other for the sake of Allah. submit and come to it with a serene heart. dont blame directly. Be of those who recite the Quran. (Remember to define beauty correctly. Islam is a perfect justice. The category is from easiest to highest. . Spread peace and salutations. When someone come and tell you something. It saves you from Jahannam. Category 3: Actions done with ikhlas. Oppressor: help him to stop oppressing. the higher the level of paradise for you. It is not something which external but beauty is always shown from internal to external. Read Surah Al-Mulk.              Refer to Surah al-Hujuraat. Be a beautiful wife. Dont abandon other Muslims for 3 days. Be happy with less. You are going to be answerable on every make up and lipstick your wear for other than your husband. Dont ever forget to recite Ayatul Kursi after every salah. When one party wants to stop fighting. You will enter Jannah definitely. You will not enter Jannah untill you become a believer. Beautify yourself for your husband. support him. The Bleeding Ummah. Find out proper way and deal with proper conduct. Category 2: Zikrullah. Ways to reconcile Muslims problems (between a believer and a disbeliever) Know the rule bestowed upon us so that we know how to react. Remember the story of a prostitute with a dog? Reflect upon it and you wil get the point.

Mother of Imam Malik: “Teach him manner than teach him knowledge” Having modesty is not being weak but it is a meter to understand that you are stronger. Sh Alaa Elsayed and Sh Sajid Umar ( I am giving out points that I feel useful for everyone of us even it is session for sisters. No better way than following the teachings of Muhammad ibn Abdillah PBUH. Be a Muslimah. Sisters. Charity begins at home.              Be strange in a right way.see command on fasting. Be careful of shaytaan trap. Islam asks us to seek knowledge and act upon it.    When we talk on the Prophet’s wives. Sisters Q and A. Allah has prepares ‘way’ for every command of Him. For instance: Allah prepared fasting to achieve taqwa (Surah al-Baqarah. Fix your family first. Glad tidings to the stranger ones. The Prophet’s Wives. Allah prepares way to avoid stealing by a perfect solution which is Zakah. Be best friend to your husband as Khadija binti Khuwailid been to Prophet. A mother is from a highest position that a person can hold. Never ever think that you have achieved taqwa. La’al lakum tattaqun).)   Rasulullah SAW teach how Allah wants us to worship Him.Wallahi this is very2 useful for all my beloved sisters.u are the nucleus of the family. Woman are half of the ummah and make up the whole ummah Make Islam taught your priority. Give nick names to your wife as Rasulullah SAW gave to Aisha ra (Humaira) .  Sh Alaa Elsayed. Allah dont give you taqwa meter. Islam has nurtured us to become a responsible people. The most honorable among you is the one who has Taqwa. Follow sunnah. we are actually talking about our mother. Dont be shy but be modest.beautify yourself for your husband.

and I am the best to my wife and children. (if you are not just. Map of life is the Quran and Sunnah. and you will be spent” Ya Allah inspire us with practice until the Day of Qiyamah.”  Sh AR McCarthy.Ameen. Make this your new year kickstart. . So many people claim to follow Quran and Sunnah.         Rasulullah SAW help Aisha ra to settle home duties (sawing. in the Day of Judgement you will be walking with one side leaning near the hellfire) Aunthentic hadith: “ The best of you man is the best to his wife and children. Prophet SAW married to more than one wives. Be careful there are going to be a lot of diversions.  Sh Sajid Umar. Only Aisha ra is virgin. As his last sermon saying behold to Quran and Sunnah. Dont be shame to declare your love. Download 1000 sunnah apps and please practice. Islam restricted polygamy (to four wives) Severe warning to be justice to every etc) Rasulullah SAW used to race with Aisha ra. The Upper Hand      Rasulullah SAW: “Spend O Son of Adam. Rasulullah SAW came not to give us content but to give us context. Allah warns all of them are going to be in hellfire. Understand this: “ Jannah is surrounded by difficulties while Jahannam is surrounded by lust and desires”. The sunnah the better. Same as Daud as and Sulaiman as. He came to connect us to the hereafter. Road to AlKauthar          Rasulullah SAW has left the path to guide us. Love story of Rasulullah SAW is even greater than other love story. He came to tie that we love to the One who should be loved. Make Nawafil / Rawatib prayers.

You are made for Jannah. Means to earn Allah’s mercy. Shaytaan makes you feel as if the wealth is the twin of yourself.                  People. .” Refer al-Hadid: 18 Loan to Allah a good loan.Remembered and act: 1) Speak good or be silent. Allah distributed wealth to us as amaanah. Refer Quran 3:134: “Who spend [in the cause of Allah ] during ease and hardship and who restrain anger and who pardon the people . Authentic hadith: “ No soul shall taste death until the last sustenance come into his mouth” Time and wealth are two things that Allah lends to you. Wealth is not something obtained but ordained. 2) Leave that about which you are in doubt for that about which you are in no doubt. Prophet SAW: “When Allah gives you. Al-A’raf: “My mercy encompasses everything” Means to remove our sins. Means of gaining closeness to Allah. you are in need of poor person. He is also testing you.and Allah loves the doers of good.. Allah surely rewards you when you spend. Yet Jannah has a greater width than the Earth. And honour neighbour and your guest. We dont own anything. Refer at-Taubah:99 Allah increases Taqwa. Your loan will be multiplied and get noble reward. Make sure you are answerable to these two things on The Day of Judgement. Al-Baqarah”mimma razaqna hum yunfikun” Allah bless us with Jannah. 3) Be in this world as though you are a stranger/ traveler. “ Authentic Hadith from the Mercy of all mankind. Spend.