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Sales Force Training in Women’s Health

The women’s health landscape is complex, with health needs starting during puberty, through childbearing years, past menopause, and into old age. Ob-Gyns establish close, durable relationships with their patients. Meredith Xcelerated Marketing (MXM) Health has been at the forefront of women’s health for many years. We have a deep understanding of the customer, the science and the marketplace and will partner with you to deliver unique and engaging sales force training solutions that will give your representatives that competitive edge.
To become trusted partners, sales representatives must demonstrate an understanding of the special physician–patient relationship. They must also be able to work with primary care practices to address appropriate preventive services and wellness counseling to women. We encompass a total solution that includes: ›› Seasoned, proactive, and strategic in-house medical expertise ›› A thorough understanding of the concerns and challenges of the customer, as well as the patient ›› Deep experience in training both seasoned and inexperienced representatives to deliver in this space ›› A combination of the latest technology and interactive instructional design to provide flexible and nimble solutions

We have proven expertise in science and medicine, communications, adult learning, and technology, as well as a solid history of leveraging these areas of expertise to become leaders of sales training in women’s health. In order to develop effective selling strategies, MXM believes that the sales force in the women’s health space must be designed to excel in 5 main areas: ›› Possess customer and patient insight —— Develop a deep understanding of patient and customer journeys as well as the medical specialists’ spheres of influence ›› Understand the marketplace —— Know how the product fills the unmet need amongst the competition ›› Be conversant in the science —— Excel in explaining product attributes that translate into compelling messages ›› Build relationships —— Establish close customer interactions based on trust ›› Know the reimbursement landscape —— Be skilled in support of reimbursement processes

We’ve developed and implemented engaging and effective sales force solutions within the women’s health space: ›› Oral contraception ›› Intrauterine device contraception ›› Implantable contraception ›› Urinary incontinence/ overactive bladder ›› Infertility ›› Aesthetics (BOTOX® Cosmetic) ›› Breast cancer ›› Ovarian cancer ›› Cervical cancer ›› Post-menopausal osteoporosis ›› HPV vaccines ›› Migraine ›› Anti-infectives (yeast infection) ›› Depression ›› Endometriosis ›› Menorrhagia

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We provide impactful and inventive training solutions for sales forces and other industry professionals tasked with the important job of informing clinicians on the issues of women’s health. Please call Nate Johns, Managing Director, Client Solutions, at 248.246.5322 or 734.545.3361 to learn more.