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Kentucky Jobs with Justice 2013 Annual Report

On behalf of Kentucky Jobs with Justice, I am pleased to share with you highlights of our 2013 activities to advance our workers rights and social justice agenda and to create an economy that works for all of us. Despite the political and economic ups and downs of 2013, we supported a strong and fearless movement against corporate greed. Workers at Lynn’s Paradise Café stood up to protect and defend their livelihood to achieve better living standards and equality in the workplace. Hundreds upon hundreds took to the streets to protest the growing political influence of corporations. Courageous men and women blew the whistle on exploitation, retaliation, and abuse by their employers. This year was eventful in so many ways. Notably, Kentucky Jobs with Justice ushered in its 21st year, motivated by a deep desire to be a stronger and more effective advocate for workers’ rights, and a partner to labor and to the needs of the community. As we look ahead, we are incredibly optimistic about our upward trajectory of engagement in creative, high-impact work at the national, state, and local levels. We believe 2014 is the year we can win major policy and organizing breakthroughs for working people. This year, we’ll further invest and expand our strategic campaigns for low-wage workers, like CHANGE WALMART, CHANGE THE ECONOMY, SERVICE WORKERS FOR JUSTICE, BAN THE BOX, and RAISING THE MINIMUM WAGE in KY. We will advocate for more inclusive labor protections for workers, including those who lack formal coverage under labor law. Whether through immigration, direct worker organizing or taking the lead on social justice campaigns, we will continue to mobilize and empower advocates, activists, our network, allies, and workers themselves in order to improve bottom lines for workers every step of the way. We cannot recognize the events of the past year without acknowledging the important role institutions and individuals like you played in advancing our success and growth. Your contributions to our organization over the years highlight your steadfast commitment to workers and their families. Thank you!

Bonifacio Flaco Aleman Executive Director Kentucky Jobs with Justice


Kentucky Jobs with Justice Fundraising

KYJwJ Fundraising
19.00% 16.60% 64.40%

Foundations Organizational Members (faith, labor, & community) individual Donors

INDIVIDUAL DONORS In 2013, we increased our individual donations to 19% of our overall income. This was in increase of 4% from 2012. We owe many thanks to everyone that contributed to Kentucky Jobs with Justice. MONTHLY DONORS In addition, we saw a 75% increase in the number of activists who signed up as monthly supporters. Monthly supporters give as little as $5 per month on an automatic basis. Many of our monthly donors give more, seeing the value of their dollars reflected in our work.

CONFLICT MONEY Kentucky Jobs with Justice does not take government or corporate money. Fighting for workers’ rights, at times, puts us on opposing sides with government and corporations. And in those instances, it could seriously hamper or derail our work.

FAITH FUNDING Approximately 60% of our income in 2013 was faith-based. We would like to send a huge Thank You to the Universal Unitarian Veatch Program at Shelter Rock for believing in and supporting workers rights for well over two decades.

Friend, the fight for workers’ rights and to create an economy that works for all of us is not an easy fight. Opposition comes in many forms and from many angles, while corporations are throwing millions of dollars into suppressing workers’ voices. As we move forward, as battles heat up, and as workers continue winning, the fight will get harder. And it is because of that that we rely on your giving. Will you become a monthly donor today? You can do this by visiting our website: or scanning the QR Code to the right


Putting the Needs of People & Community Over Profits
Change Walmart, Change the Economy In 2013, we partnered with UFCW Local 227 to mobilize hundreds of activists in taking action to support #walmartstrikers in Kentucky and across the region. Walmart is listening. The more we mobilize, the louder our voices, the more #walmartstrikers who stand up, the more Walmart is listening. As we head into 2014, with a potential Walmart in West Louisville, we are leading the conversation to change our economy by changing Walmart. Service Workers for Justice In January 2013, we partnered with UFCW Local 227 and the Kentucky Equal Justice Center to support the workers at Lynn’s Paradise Café in standing up to the corporate greed and compounding abuses that the workers lived with daily. It was these brave workers that sparked the larger dialogue about workers rights in the restaurant industry. And it was this fight that launched our Service Workers for Justice campaign. From surveying restaurant workers to supporting Fast Food Strikers, this is reshaping notions about low-wage workers as we fight to raise the minimum wage for tipped and non-tipped workers in Kentucky in 2014.

Restoration of Voting Rights for Former Felons As part of the Voting Rights Coalition, along with partners like Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, several unions, faith and community groups, we have been fighting to automatically restore the right to vote to former felons in Kentucky. Part of a strong democracy is civic engagement. And as we shape the fight for workers’ rights on a legislative front, the right to vote is imperative.

Ban the Box In 2013 we lead a coalition to curb employment discrimination by launching our Ban the Box campaign. Ban the Box legislation requires that inquiries about a criminal background not be made until after the first interview. Our first step in this campaign is to codify the practices of Ban the Box by Louisville Metro Government into legislation. As we move into 2014, we are preparing to win this campaign, and to move onto a Statewide Ban the Box campaign in 2015.

Workers Rights in Immigration Reform With the hope of Comprehensive Immigration Reform on a national level in 2013, we worked with a wide array of allies and partners, both locally and nationally, as we held fast to protecting workers rights, calling for an end to deportations, and a clear pathway to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented people currently in America. As we face fierce opposition against immigration reform going into 2014, we remind folks that twothirds of Kentuckians support immigration reform with a clear path to citizenship.*


Kentucky Jobs with Justice Leadership
2013 Board of Directors Jackie Floyd Tammy Berlin Maria Schrenger * Harold Embry Thomas Pearce Wanda Mitchell-Smith Donald Duncan Lillian Williamson Bryan Burns

2013 Organizational Members Kentucky AFL-CIO UFCW Local 227 AFGE SEIU 32BJ NCFO CWA Local 3310 ATU Local 1447 IAM Local 681 IBEW Local 369 LiUNA Local 576 IATSE Local 17 USW Local 1693 IBB Local 40 Jefferson County Teachers Association AFSCME Organizing Committee 962 KY Sierra Club, Beyond Coal Campaign St. Williams Catholic Church Ancient Kemetic Cultural Institute Socialist Organizer, IN-KY Greater Louisville Central Labor Council Ironworkers District Council 290 Greater Louisville Building & Construction Trades Council

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The Kentucky Jobs with Justice Pledge
I'll be there at least five times over the next year... ...standing up for our rights as working people for a decent standard of living; ...supporting the rights of all workers to bargain collectively; ...fighting for secure family-wage jobs in the face of corporate attacks on working people and our communities; ...organizing the unorganized to take aggressive action to secure a better economic future for all of us; ...mobilizing those already organized to join the fight for jobs with justice.