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Theology 121 G

Aug. 2, 2012

The World in the Eyes of Martin Luther King Jr. Every person dream to have a purpose, no matter how big or small that they think that purpose is. Everybody dreams of becoming a “somebody”, dreams of having a meaning in life and dreams of having their own niche in this society. Some others may be fortunate enough to realize this at an early age so they start working to achieve whatever it is that they want to achieve. Some others realize their purpose when they have fulfilled it later on their lives. Some others may originally have planned on having a different purpose in life. Unfortunately, there are also some others who do not realize their true purpose up until their last breath. In order for one to have more a less concrete view of a purpose in life one must have a vision. It [1]i is vision that enables us to acquire o direction in life . It clears the path for us to achieve our purpose. It [2] also enables us to “make a change towards something meaningful” . Vision enables us to see our purpose. Many are called to a greater purpose in life, a purpose that transcends all their presupposed plans and expectation, a purpose that transcends what the eyes can see and what the human mind can think. One particular example may be a man who dared to move mountains for the liberation of his race. That person is Martin Luther King Jr. It may be assumed that all of us may be familiar with or may have heard who this Martin Luther King Jr. is or what he has done for his race. His legacy to his fellow Black Americans is all summed up in his famous speech with its sensational line: “I have a dream”. In this speech, he includes of all his hopes and his dreams for his race, his visions of his own American dream. “I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self -evident: that all [3] men are created equal…” This vision enabled him to see that his race deserves to dream and achieve greater than their human minds can expect and perceive. This vision enabled him to dream not just big nut dream greatly for his race. This vision enabled him to pursue the great legacy that he can give his fellow Black Americans who are oppressed. This vision enabled him to see clearly what he was called to do. This vision gave him his greater purpose. The oppression that the Black Am erican experienced was Martin Luther King Jr’s calling towards a changed for something better. Like King, all human beings have their own calling. To others their calling comes naturally as the sun rises in the east. But often times, these calling may occur very vaguely before we can fully understand what it really means. Even then, the process is very slow. A lot of self reflection, self mediation and (although optional) retreats are needed to reach the stage of enlightenment. But all this boils down to the fact we all have our calling towards a purpose. We all have to work towards something worthwhile. All of us are entitled to do something for this world and everything that is in it like what Martin Luther King Jr. did "Every human being must work on something and thus all human beings [4] have a created purpose… all of has a place. We just need to discover it.” Because of what Martin Luther King Jr. did for his race, he was loved and valued by the people around him. He became their defender and his words alone was able to achieve amazing things for their race. He achieved what his race has been crying for generation and generations. He achieved peace,

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a sense of value. 3 “Vision is the art of seeing the invisible” (995) 2 . He dreamed of things greater than what his mind can perceive and what his vision can see. He had come to care and show concern for his race. Lecture Notes on Thesis 3: The Mystical Imagination. Martin Luther King was one of those who were oppressed by discrimination. [3]Martin Luther King Jr. “the fact that God continues to sustain us affirms the fact that we [6] are worth something…” The fact that Martin Luther King Jr. was called towards a greater purpose. Ever since then. both the black race where able to enjoy the rights and privileges that they once craved for. This is his eternal purpose. a purpose to defend his fellow black Americans. History has been made by the efforts of the man who dared to dream big. For other races. to live harmoniously with other races and enjoy their rights and privileges as human beings. helped his race earned the sense of eternal thou. 3 [5] Ibid.1 [2] Ibid. the blacks and whites learned to live harmoniously amongst each other “Humanity is meant for harmonious relationship with other creatures… [5] as well as harmonious relationship with each other…” In this sense Martin Luther King Jr’s dream for his race was realized. He has given his race a sense of self-esteem. Finally they had achieved what they had wanted for so long. if not of no value. especially for the whites. Martin Luther King Jr. This is what God has called him to be. he. 2. Before the liberation of the black Americans. [1] Justin Joseph Badion. 2012 harmony and equality among the blacks and the whites. fought for the rights of his race proves that he believes that the Black Americans are worth to be called humans as much as the whites are. that they must also be treated equally as with the other race. Lecture Notes on Thesis 3. 8 [6] Ibid. I have a Dream [4] Badion. a servant and a defender. In this sense. Martin Luther King Jr. together with his fellow Black Americans is of lower race. of lower value.. Ever since then.113382 Theology 121 G Aug. But because of his visions and his dream he was also able to prove that they are worth something.