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The Boy in Striped Pajamas

1. What images are juxtaposed [contrasted] during the opening credits? 2. What is Bruno’s reaction to the news that he must move? 3. What conf ict arises during the part! for Bruno’s father" #a ph? $. %ist five adjectives to descri&e Bruno’s fami !. '. What is Bruno’s initia response to his new home? What other character seems to share this response" &ut (eeps )uiet? *. +n what wa!s does this home resem& e a prison" itera ! and figurative !? ,. What has Bruno mista(en for a farm? -. What advice does .aria give Bruno? /. 0haracteri1e .aria. 12. What does Bruno draw a picture of? 11. What is Bruno’s &iggest comp aint a&out his ife now? 12. 3ow does Bruno get the tire for his swing? 13. What surprising fact does Bruno earn a&out 4ave ? 1$. What mixed emotions does Bruno’s mother fee when she comes home and Bruno is hurt? 1'. What is Bruno’s mother starting to rea i1e a&out the peop e in the striped pajamas? 1*. 3ow o d is Bruno? 1,. Wh! doesn’t the tutor agree with Bruno’s choice of reading materia ? 1-. What is ironic a&out Bruno sa!ing it’s not fair that 5chmue gets to &e in the 6farm7 with friends? 1/. 3ow is 8reta changing? 22. What misunderstandings do we see Bruno has during his second conversation with 5chmue ? %ist at east four. 21. What is Bruno’s reaction to 5chmue ’s reve ation that he is 9ewish? 22. What is the horri& e sme coming from the chimne!s? 23. What are the chi dren &eing taught? 2$. 3ow is Bruno’s mother changing? 2'. Wh! is there tension at the dinner ta& e? :here are a few reasons; give one. 2*. What is .aria scru&&ing off the f oor. <#emem&er 4ave .= 2,. Wh! is 5chmue in Bruno’s house?

Wh! does Bruno want to go inside the compound" instead of having 5hmue coming out? $2. . 3ow do the &o!s ta(e after their respective fathers in the scene in the dining room? 32. %ist three themes < essons a&out ife= of this fi m. What is one iron! of Bruno’s death? $2.. What is Bruno’s concern a&out his father? 2/. What does the impending storm s!m&o i1e? $1. 3ow does Bruno’s grandmother die? 3'. What does it sa! a&out 5hmue that he forgives Bruno? 32. Wh! does #a ph thin( the (ids need to go? 3-. Wh! is it ironic that #a ph" Bruno’s dad" sent >urt to the front for this infraction? 3$. Wh! was >urt <the !oung so dier= sent to the front? 33.The Boy in Striped Pajamas 2-. What was the purpose of the propaganda fi ms i(e the one Bruno sees? 31. 3ow do we (now that Bruno sti does not grasp the seriousness of 5hmue ’s situation? 3/. Wh! is Bruno so frightened &! the idea of moving awa!? 3. Who was the card on grandma’s grave from? 3*.