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Priyanka Sankepally Summary Around 7 years of professional experience in Quality Assurance and Software testing.

In depth knowledge of Software development life cycle, testing methodologies. Proficient in System, unctional, !egression and Performance testing of "lient#Server and $e% &ased applications. 'ands(on experience with diverse testing tools like HP QTP, Quality Center, LoadRunner, WinRunner. )ood *xposure to Software +ethodologies ,Agile, $aterfall model, Spiral, !apid Application -evelopment. Special Expertise • *xtensive knowledge on all phases of Soft are !e"elopment Life Cycle #S!LC$. • *xtensive knowledge of QA methodology, Standards with knowledge in %S& '(((, SE%)C** standards. • *xperience in +,ile and Waterfall models of S-/". • *xtensive experience in 0est /ife "ycle • In(depth knowledge of all QA Phases that include *anual, -unctional, System, %nte,ration, End) to)End testing. • Proficient in designing, reviewing and documenting system test plans, defining test procedures and creating test cases on the %asis of product release features, client1s re2uirements and related technical documents. • *xperience in coordinating with cross(functional team mem%ers to ensure that software QA standards and 3testa%ility1 of re2uirements are met throughout all phases of development. • *xtensive work experience in -unctional Testin,, .ackend Testin,, Re,ression Testin,, Performance Testin,, %nte,ration Testin,, /sa0ility Testin,, and !ata0ase Testin, . • Profound experience in testing e0 applications. • *xpertise in manual testing and in automation testing tools like Quality Center, Test !irector, Quick Test Professional, WinRunner and LoadRunner. • Proficient in testing the application on different %rowsers. • Strong experience in interacting with developers to analy4e the user re2uirements, functional specifications. • 'ands on experience in testing of We0 0ased and Client1Ser"er Applications. • *xtensive use of defect tracking tools like Quality Center and P2CS. • *xpertise in !elational -&+S like &racle, and SQL Ser"er. • *xpertise in writing and executing SQL Queries. • *xcellent communication, interpersonal, intuitive and analytical skills. • Proven a%ility to work efficiently in %oth independent and team work environments. Tec3nical Skills4

Testin, Tools

Quality Center '.51 '.(16.5, Test !irector 7.617.8, Quick Test Pro 9(.(1'.:1'.51'.(, Win runner 7.(18.(, Load Runner 6.(17.6, P2CS Tracker, ;)meter "5, 6isual &asic, 0S/, ASP.7et, SQ/, P*!/, P/#SQ/ 6&Script, 8avaScript, 9+/, '0+/, S:AP :racle ;i#<i#==i, +S(SQ/ Server >??? +S($ord, +S *xcel, +S(PowerPoint, +S Access +S(-:S, $indows <@#<;#>???#70#9P, A7I9

/anguages Internet 0echnologies -ata%ase 0echnologies :thers Platforms

target dates etc. 0ested the application utili4ing the Scrum . stress. !esponsi%le for analy4ing %usiness re2uirements and development specifications in order to create and execute test plans. "hecked site structure to confirm '0+/ pages are well formed and links are valid. *nsure the appropriate parties review and sigh(off on test cases prior to test execution. functional. security.Agile.Q+ +nalyst Ecommerce We0 +pplication 0he proBect is developed for Sears.s Corporation. *nd to *nd. end to end. Performed AA0. . /+T. and the site will display all prices in that currency.Education Qualification &achelor of 0echnology Professional Experience4 Sears Holdin. -epending on the complexity of the task. "ustomers will %e a%le to select their country and preferred<(' to Present • • • • • • • • • • • • • . !egression 0esting and Performance 0esting. "ustomers should %e a%le to 2uickly find a link to international shipping. *xperience in Aser Acceptance 0esting #/+T$ of various we% # client server applications. network. $rote test cases %ased on %usiness re2uirements. system. which helps the international online customers to register. *xperienced in performing various types of testing namely sanity. Prepared 0est !eports from the analysis 0ransfer of knowledge to off shore teams. !esponsi%ilitiesD • • • • • • • • Involved in different phases of Software -evelopment /ife "ycle #S!LC$. 0raining on Quality "enter and 0est Processes to the &usiness Asers and AA0 0esters -ocumented the defects in Quality Center. %uy and search for products. retesting and regression testing. integration. Products should %e clearly identified %y their a%ility to %e sent internationally .colori4ation. "reated %usiness re2uirement documents and integrated the re2uirements and underlying platform functionality. Performed End)to)End #E5E$ 0esting to validate the entire application to ensure that it satisfies previously esta%lished acceptance criteria and performs as an integrated system. $orked closely with &usiness and /+T groups and provide support during AA0. work assignments. performance. I created a test(specification or design document and have it reviewed and this document serves me to create test scripts lot easier %y using . %L Sr. executed those test cases. load. methodology. Involved in extensive -A0A validation using SQL 2ueries and %ack(end testing. Provided inputs in the strategic development of detailed proBect plans.C each swatch will have its own !egular and Alternative images. System testing. Provided key initiatives in working with users in defining proBect and system re2uirements. 0he we%site has got images of all products which are availa%le with in multiple swatches . Ased Agile +ethodology in testing the *("lient we%site -eveloped Re=uirements Tracea0ility *atrix #RT*$ to track re2uirements during the QA 0esting Phase using Quality Center. and Smoke testing.)meter.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 6erify the files in the specific landing directory />%?. network. >D Sr. getting involved early in the product de"elopment cycle and managing through product launch analy4e and design comprehensive test plan and test implementation strategies. /+T. QTP '. System 0esting and /ser +cceptance Testin. 7etwork statistics 0racked to resolution all AA0 environment and data test issues %efore code is released for test.>et. Linux1/nix. $ritten complicated SQL Queries manually for validation of data. $rote and modified re2uired />%? scripts and other SQ/ validation scripts. . $orked with o0@ect Repository to configure mandatory and assistive properties. system. functional. Performed %nte. and writing scripts in SQ/ to validate the outputs. end(to(end and system testing. Page aults. S+CS :TH +2E>/E >DC. -evelop detailed test plans from use casesC detailed specifications etc. Performed &lack %ox testing for the re2uirements %asis. %ug tracking and reporting. Integration. +nalyAed Brap3s with other team mem%ers and %usiness Analysts. Involved in 0raining and -ocumentation. Involved in /+T testing and System testing of all phases of Accumulator. security.:. re(testing. Responsi0ilities4 • • • • • Involved in different phases of Pro@ect Life Cycle. Windo s >T. %uy and search for new products. *xecuted SQL =ueries -ata%ase to validate data which flows to the end user with the actual data in the -ata%ase. $rote /+T scripts using +ercury Quality Center. Integration. !egression 0esting is done. and update defect trackin. *xtensively used Quality Center for test planning. and . document results. "onfigure test environment for specific test cases. Performed white %ox and %lack %ox testing.:. SQL Ser"er 5(((.colori4ation.atc3 Testin. +SP.C each swatch will have its own !egular and Alternative images And Performed AA. Analy4ing the &usiness re2uirements and the site specifications. develop test cases for functional. *icrosoft +ccess. *xtensively performed testing to test )AI :%Bects. 0racked %usiness and functional re2uirements throughout the proBect lifecycle.<(7 ) !ec<(6 0he proBect is developed for Saks @th Avenue. I#: Atili4ation. Q+ +nalyst +u. Support the entire test and certification process. Script. Excel.. Interfaced with developers in resolving the defects investigated in the application during testing. SQL. Performed various types of testing such as sanity. 2. systems.. and identified and isolated issues.ration Testin. En"ironment4 Quality Center '. Also performed Aser acceptance testing on completion of integration testing %efore installation of the application on user environment. 2isual Source Safe. create test data. 0he we%site has got images of all products which are availa%le with in multiple swatches . /+T and regression on all phases of Accumulator and its associated interfaces. and execute automated or manual tests. performance. 7E which helps the online customers to register. Analy4ed the pro%a%le work load against the proposed work load for scenarios with respect to the application %uild and hardware specification Analy4ed test results and identified Performance issues of software +onitored $indows 70 for Processor Atili4ation. Performed different types of testing on application to ensure that application is error free.

5. *xecuted SQL Queries and Procedures to perform data%ase testing using SQ/ Server. +SP.a"a Script.a. *S ord. "heck logs and de%ug errors when needed Provide status to the team lead. !. />%? and Windo s 5(((. Performed /+T testing with &usiness Asers.ic. $rote several System Test Scripts and /+T Scripts. Load Runner. $orked closely with &usiness and /+T groups and provide support during AA0 6alidated the data after it is loaded from 9+/ file to data%ase ta%les and made sure all fields are mapped properly. E. and update defect trackin.e. Sa"in. Anderstanding the application under test. F.Q+ +nalyst +u.ank .a"a. ?*L.5. 'ighly tested the functionality and performance of we% services using S&+P 0est.. 6alidated !efunds on *xpress pay. 6user and data calculations for executions En"ironment4 Quality Center '.>et. Was3in. Script. and System testing of all phases of Accumulator.ton *utual. C3eckin. Integrated Quality Center with Quick 0est Pro and maintaining the 0est cases and Scripts. to ensure all re2uirements are covered.s +ccount. We0 lo. a ma@or %n"estment . to extract the data from the data%ase. +!&. /everaged the test management features of Quality Center for System 0esting.!e2uirement 0racea%ility +atrix. %ug tracking and reporting. Loans. AA0 and !egression 0esting. Core . preparing the analysis reports. &racle.. "reating 6irtual user scripts for testing the application under test Analy4ed test results and identified Performance issues of software Prepared 0est !eports from the analysis Ased SharePoint e0 ser"ices and +P%s. as well as training material for clients on the use of new or updated software. /+T. systems. 2. and configured computers for use on company network. 0he main feature of the application is that the "ustomers can easily access their accounts related to the . Involved heavily in !ata0ase Testin.uly<(7 $orked as a tester on the %anking application $ashington +utual . "onfigure test environment for specific test cases. Involved in driving the team in running the scripts.5. SQL Ser"er 5(((. *! Sr. 5.>et. document results. Actively attend meetings with fellow testers and other groups to evaluate the progress and Performance of the application. repaired. "reated &est practices documents for Quality Center and Quick 0est Professional.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • "onducted helpdesk ticket tracking and ensured timely resolution for all of the client1s issues. Analy4ed &usiness !e2uirements and developed Performance Strategy for %enchmarking new application. Clear Quest. QTP '. !e%uilt. Interacting with -evelopment and other QA 0eams to ensure overall 2uality of the software. 0his application has -our *odules4 9. $orked as a liaison with Quality Assurance +anager on the execution of system testin. Excel. Performed RT* . "reated technical documentation for several product installation guides. Ased Quality Center for updating and generation of reports. Involved in /+T testin. and execute automated or manual tests. *xtensively used Quality "enter for test planning. "reated the Performance scenarios.<(8 to . . +ccounts. *ort. create test data. "hecked the data flow through the front end to %ackend and used SQL 2ueries.

!egression testing for interim modifications and production %ug fixes. $orked closely with developers. "aptured results of Process G Re=uirement +nalysis workshops and interviews. "orrelation • • En"ironment4 Quality Center 6.alore. HT*L. -eveloped Re=uirements Tracea0ility *atrix #RT*$ to track re2uirements during the QA 0esting Phase using Quality Center.four types to accounts mentioned a%ove through Internet from anywhere or any Internet %rowser. AA0 and !egression 0esting. Interacted with developers for analysis of the application. 0he Account num%er or Social Security 7um%er and PI7 num%er ena%les the customer to get connected to their account and allow them to get the current status of their account %alance and deposit#withdrawal history of their account. refined. create test data.0ransaction summary. "hecked the data flow through the front end to %ackend and used SQL 2ueries. Involved heavily in !ata0ase Testin. systems. Responsi0ilities4 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • )athered. "ontri%uted to the development of improved implementation methodologies. Script. . Smoke testing etc. *icrosoft +ccess. Load Runner. )enerated various graphs . and execute manual tests. TPS are analy4ed for each scenario. /everaged the test management features of Quality Center for System 0esting. />%?. QTP 6.ile *et3odolo. 0esting experience in multiple cross platform environments such as $indows :S. Excel. Start and *nd. Ased Ramp /P1Ramp !o n. Performed individual assigned tasks %ased on the proBect deadlines and finished the delivera%les %efore the deadlines. SQL. 0he &ank "ustomer can also get the complete information of /oans and mortgages and can make payments from their any type of Accounts %y transferring the money through<(: to . Hindustan *ac3ine Tools. Parameteri4ation. and prioriti4ed %usiness re2uirements from %usiness owners through meetings and 2uestionnaires. 0he Average "PA usage. Windo s >T. "onfigure test environment for specific test cases. Performed different types of testing on application to ensure that application is error free.y. %ndia Q+ +nalyst . "onducted meetings with the client1s team and developers to present the test results and helped in finding resolutions to the pro%lems. Performed Aser Acceptance and update defect trackin. :ver the years diversified . CH. Response time. Analy4ing the &usiness re2uirements and the site specifications.(. SQL Ser"er 5(((. document results. Involved in Aser Acceptance 0esting. )enerated reports and metrics to provide proBect status to Apper +anagement. )AI testing. !ende4vous.une<(8 'industan +achine 0ools is a leading leader in +achine tools manufacturing. $orked as a liaison with Quality Assurance +anager on the execution of system testing. in Load Runner Analysis and reported the results. PERL.5. -eveloped test plan and test cases for unit testing and performed Integration testing. %usiness analysts and user representatives and participate in the product design process including specification and other document reviews. />%?. 2. Involved in review meetings with -evelopers. to extract the data from the data%ase. 7um%er of 6Asers etc. &A1s and 0ech /ead. $indows Servers. using +.. "alled *xternal functions in 6& Script.

ile. Performed RT* .!e2uirement 0racea%ility +atrix. designing and deploying the customer1s retirement package. !eview test assignments. +SP. and "7" Systems F &earings. and />%?. Performed Scala0ility1Stress1Relia0ility 0esting and Analy4ed results using Load Runner. and content.!isk Analysis -ocument. develop test plans and scripts. "iti &ank is one of the first companies in India to offer online 0ankin. 0he proBect involved defining. 9+/. "reated 0est cases. %ndia Q+ Tester . 0est scripts as per the design documents . 0he proBect involved designing and testing of the we% interface for credit card application. 0ractors. Ased Test !irector for defect tracking and &ug reporting. 0his proBect involved providing a complete 0enefit solutions packa. analy4ed. HT*L. Imported re2uirements. '0+/. with &A1s. CH. online screens. Prepared 0est "ases from +!-. City .into $atches. to ensure all re2uirements are covered.e to a preferred "iti &ank customer. and documented software defects in program functions. Identified. Performed unctional and )AI during various phases of development of the application. Load Runner. Prepared and provided test matrix to the management. &racle. and conduct tests as assigned. +. +etal +achinery. En"ironment4 Test !irector. Printing +achinery. outputs. setting standards for test documentation. so that all the 0est Procedures created as &aseline can %e played %ack to perform !egression 0esting. "oordinated Aser Acceptance 0esting to make sure that components are working %efore engaging users. Ase "ases. test re2uirements and test procedures. />%?.. Possess experience in testing of applications developed through the use of :racle.une<(E to !ec<(F "iti &ank is one of India1s leading financial management and advisory companies. *xecuted test plans and test cases. Involved in the preparation of R+! . Participated in load#stress testing using Load Runner. It is also one of the first companies to offer online credit card applications in India. Windo s >T.%oth unctional and 0echnical -esigns. />%?.>ET. test cases from *xcel to Test !irector. Application was updated twice a week. 0hey are the pioneers in Indian online %anking. -ie "asting F Plastic Processing Involved in writing test plans and test cases using Test !irector. !eported -efects in Test !irector. Performed testing for various scenarios including the specific user specified scenarios. .ank. Interacted with &usiness Analysts#Asers#-evelopers heavily for collecting !e2uirements. "reated &usiness lows. developing and manually testing the application Responsi0ilities4 • • • • • • • • • • • -eveloped Test Plan %ased on previous 0emplates. ser"ices. It involved creating. Responsi0ilitiesD • • • • • • • • • • • • orming Presses. Involved in writing testing methodology. -ecision 0rees using 6isio and -ecision tree matrix to give the weightage for the test cases.

En"ironment4 Test !irector. SQL Ser"er. . P2CS. +SP. CH.>ET. Windo s >T.