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SEMESTER 1 Chapter 10 Planning and Cabling a Network V 4.0 10.1.1 What are router pri!

aril" u ed #or$ What doe ea%h port on a router %onne%t to$ To inter%onne%t network Ea%h port on a router %onne%t to a di##erent network and route pa%ket between the network 'road%a t and %olli ion do!ain

What two thing %an a router break up to i!pro&e o&erall network per#or!an%e$ 10.1.1.( What doe a hub do when it re%ei&e a ignal$ What i the !ain proble! with u ing a hub$ What are o!e rea on that hub are till u ed toda"$

) hub regenerate it* and end the ignal o&er all port +t hare bandwidth between de&i%e whi%h %an redu%e per#or!an%e o# the ,)N -ub are le e.pen i&e than wit%he . ) hub i t"pi%all" %ho en a an inter!ediar" de&i%e within a &er" !all ,)N* in a ,)N that re/uire low throughput re/uire!ent * or when #inan%e are li!ited. What doe a wit%h do regenerate ea%h bit o# the #ra!e on to the when it re%ei&e a #ra!e$ appropriate de tination port What i the ad&antage o# ) wit%h eg!ent a network into !ultiple u ing a wit%h & . a hub$ %olli ion do!ain -ow %an a wit%h in%rea e a wit%h pro&ide dedi%ated bandwidth on per#or!an%e on a ,)N$ ea%h port 10.1.( What are o!e #a%tor that Co t need to be %on idered when Speed and T"pe o# Port 0+nter#a%e ele%ting de&i%e #or a E.pandabilit" ,)N$ Manageabilit" )dditional 1eature and Ser&i%e 10.1.(.( What deter!ine the %o t o# 1eature and %apa%it" a wit%h$ What are the #a%tor o# a 3 o# port and peed o# port wit%h2 %apa%it"$ What are other #a%tor that network !anage!ent %apabilitie * e!bedded a##e%t the %o t o# the e%urit" te%hnologie * and optional ad&an%ed wit%h$ wit%hing te%hnologie Wh" would the %o t o# ) #ew long %able run in tead o# !an" long pur%ha ing !ore than one %able run wit%h o!eti!e be the better %hoi%e than one wit%h$ 4e %ribe the pro%e o# )dd a e%ond or !ore wit%he between u ing redundan%" in a node o that there i not a ingle point o# wit%hed network. #ailure

pan ion.pen i&e !edia t"pe$ 'andwidth B 4oe the te%hnolog" u ed with the !edia pro&ide ade/uate bandwidth$ Ea e o# in tallation B 4oe the i!ple!entation tea! ha&e the abilit" to in tall the %able or i a 10.N)T< and 4"na!i% -o t Con#iguration Proto%ol .10.:oS< Voi%e o&er +P .(.1 What are the #our ph" i%al area to %on ider when wiring a .ture o# 8TP peed $ 'oth 8TP and #iber port $ E.( What are the three t"pe o# !edia we tud"$ What #a%tor need to be %on idered when ele%ting the !edia to u e$ .a"er 5 proto%ol Spe%ial er&i%e u%h a Network )ddre Tran lation . 1i.4 What are the #a%tor that need to be addre ed when ele%ting a router$ What i the di##eren%e between a #i. 8TP .1.Vo+P< Routing !ultiple .i t the #eature and er&i%e that %an be pro&ided ba ed on the operating " te! ele%ted.pandabilit" Media 9perating S" te! 1eature ) !odular router ha e.5 What are the three /ue tion "ou hould a k when ele%ting a wit%h$< Work area Tele%o!!uni%ation roo!* al o known a the di tribution #a%ilit" 'a%kbone %abling* al o known a &erti%al %abling 4i tribution %abling* al o known a hori=ontal %abling 100 !eter > !eter 10 !eter hori=ontal !edia run #ro! a pat%h panel in the tele%o!!uni%ation roo! to a wall ?a%k in ea%h work area 'a%kbone * or &erti%al %abling* are u ed #or aggregated tra##i%* u%h a tra##i% to and #ro! the +nternet and a%%e to %orporate re our%e at a re!ote lo%ation.)N$ What i the total di tan%e that a 8TP %able %an be per %hannel$ -ow long %an a pat%h %able #or inter%onne%ting pat%h panel be$ -ow long %an the %able be #ro! the wall ter!ination to the %o!puter or phone$ What i hori=ontal %abling$ What i ba%kbone %abling$ 6u t enough port #or toda"7 need $ ) !i. Se%urit" :ualit" o# Ser&i%e .ed and !odular router$ .(.ed %an not be %hanged.Categor" >* >e* @* and A< 1iberBopti% Wirele Cable length B 4oe the %able need to pan a%ro a roo! or #ro! building to building$ Co t B 4oe the budget allow #or u ing a !ore e. 10.pan ion lot that %an be %hanged #or #uture e.(.(.

Whi%h %onne%tion are li ted that re/uire a %ro o&er %able$ &endor re/uired$ Su %eptible to EM+0R1+ B + the lo%al en&iron!ent going to inter#ere with the ignal$ )ttenuation i redu%tion o# the trength o# a ignal a it !o&e down a !edia.4 Can !odern de&i%e be et o that di##erent t"pe o# %able are not ne%e ar"$ 10.(.i t in nu!eri% order the ea ie t to !o t di##i%ult !edia to in tall. What are the two #or! o# inter#eren%e that %an a##e%t the network ignal $ 10.1. 1iber 9pti% EM+B Ele%tro!agneti% +nter#eren%e R1+B Radio 1re/uen%" +nter#eren%e >@C) D >@C' Pin 1 D ( Pin 5 D @ When %onne%ting unlike de&i%e When %onne%ting like de&i%e Swit%h to a router Ethernet port Co!puter to wit%h Co!puter to hub The tran !it o# one end %onne%t to the re%ei&e o# the other end and &i%eB&er a Swit%h to wit%h Swit%h to hub -ub to hub Router to router Ethernet port %onne%tion Co!puter to %o!puter Co!puter to a router Ethernet port Ee 4'B@0 or a !art erial %onne%tor 10.5 What are the two t"pe o# %onne%tor #or the router .( Whi%h pin are u ed #or tran !itting in a traightB through %able$ Whi%h pin are u ed #or re%ei&ing in a traightB through %able$ When do "ou u e a traightB through %able$ When do "ou u e a %ro o&er %able$ Whi%h %onne%tion u e a traightBthrough %able$ 10.(.(. What i the !a?or #a%tor that a##e%t attenuation in network %able $ What two %o t #a%tor !u t be !at%hed when ele%ting the !edia$ 4oe a er&er need !ore or le bandwidth than a ingle u er$ 10.(.(. Cable length !at%h the per#or!an%e need o# the u er with the %o t o# the e/uip!ent and %abling to a%hie&e the be t %o t0per#or!an%e ratio More 1.(.5 4e %ribe the end o# a %ro o&er %able.10.5 4e#ine attenuation.(.1.(. 8TP 5. wirele (.(.1 What are the E+)0T+) %able pe%i#i%ation #or the end o# 8TP %able $ 10.(.4 .(.

5.1 Whi%h end o# the %able i re pon ible #or uppl"ing the %lo%k rate$ Whi%h end de&i%e re/uire an +P addre $ 10.(.)N inter#a%e Router W)N link Manage!ent a%%e Conne%ting to .4CE< B ) de&i%e that upplie the %lo%king er&i%e to another de&i%e.)N inter#a%e Router W)N .>.( 4e#ine a 4CE. erial< inter#a%e Swit%he Wirele )%%e Point Manage broad%a t tra##i% 4i##erent network re/uire!ent Se%urit" ) uni/ue ubnet and ubnet !a k #or ea%h ph" i%al eg!ent ) range o# u able ho t addre e #or ea%h ubnet Feneral u er Spe%ial u er Network re our%e Router .5.1 We will go o&er the e in %la . 4ata Cir%uitBTer!inal E/uip!ent . What are router Ethernet %onne%tion u ed #or$ What are router Serial %onne%tion u ed #or$ What i the router2 %on ole inter#a%e u ed #or$ What i the e%urit" %on%ern in&ol&ing the %on ole port o# a router$ .end o# a erial %onne%tion$ What i the %onne%tor at the network end %alled$ 10.5. 4CE 8 er %o!puter )d!ini trator %o!puter Ser&er 9ther end de&i%e u%h a printer * +P phone * and +P %a!era Router .4TE< B ) de&i%e that re%ei&e %lo%king er&i%e #ro! another de&i%e and ad?u t a%%ordingl".4 10.5.5 10. 10. T"pi%all"* thi de&i%e i at the W)N a%%e pro&ider end o# the link.)N Conne%tion between W)N +t i u ed #or the initial %on#iguration o# the router with ph" i%al a%%e to the router7 %on ole inter#a%e* an unauthori=ed per on %an interrupt or %o!pro!i e network tra##i% 4e#ine a 4TE. Win%he ter 1> pin %onne%tor 4ata Co!!uni%ation E/uip!ent . T"pi%all"* thi de&i%e i at the W)N %u to!er or u er end o# the link.( Whi%h network de&i%e re/uire +P addre e $ Whi%h network de&i%e need +P addre e #or !anage!ent$ What are the three rea on gi&en to ubnet a network$ What two %al%ulation are ne%e ar" a#ter the re/uire!ent are deter!ined$ What are the di##erent t"pe o# ho t on a network$ 10.

>.iliar" port o# a router u ed #or$ What de&i%e i nor!all" atta%hed to the au.iliar" port$ What o#tware i u ed when %on#iguring a router$ What t"pe o# %able i %onne%ted between the router %on ole port and %o!puter$ What are the erial port %onne%tion etting re/uired$ What do "ou do to a%%e the router i# all %onne%tion are !ade properl"$ To re!otel" %on#igure a router Mode! Ter!inal e!ulator R6B4> to 4'BG 'it per e%ondH G@00 bp 4ata bit H C Parit"H None Stop bit H 1 1low %ontrolH None -it enter .( What i the au.10.