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Project: Preparation of DPR for proposed Improvements , Strengthening and Asphalting Roads in White field and Mahadevapura Zone

, Bangalore.



General For many years, Bangalore was known throughout India as the most green, liberal and forward-thinking city. In recent years, these attributes have propelled Bangalore to the forefront of the high-tech industry boom in India, and it currently ranks as India's most developed city and one of the world's fastest growing urban areas. The name Bangalore appears to come from an Anglicization of the native name "Bengaluru" - an adaptation of the earlier name in Kannada: Benda Kaale Uru (The Town of Boiled Beans). Apparently this rather humble name was bequeathed to the city by king Vira Ballala. Once while lost in the area, he was offered boiled beans by an old woman, and it was out of gratitude that he named the area after this simple offering


Project Background BBMP have taken up a programme of ‘Development of Export promotional industrial park ( E P I P ) zone roads at White field’ to facilitate the flow of traffic. In spite of frequent traffic jam due to break down of vehicles and very poor road condition the through traffic is using these roads The growth in vehicular traffic and industrial activity in this area and associated activities necessitates the improvement of the project road to a good riding quality and of adequate width which enhances the level-of-service, driving comfort and safety. The road network through the project road is inadequate /deficient and the condition of some of the existing roads is very poor to cater to the normal traffic and likely additional traffic due to growth in industrial activities. Reconstruction of existing roads by incorporating geometrically adequate alignment design, CD structures, Utility ducts, and other road components will ensure enhanced driving comfort, level of service and safety which will go a long way in achieving a dedicated and motorable road to International tech park Bangalore ( I T P B ) Area. Project road will contribute to the growth in economy of the region as a whole. In general, the road proposal includes improvement of existing alignment with respect to geometrics, total reconstruction of the project road and CD structures (as necessary) to cater to the traffic anticipated at the end of horizon year.

Detailed Project Report

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Bangalore.Project: Preparation of DPR for proposed Improvements . which comprises of:       Adequate width of carriageway and CD structures to cater the anticipated traffic volume in the horizon year. 1. and Adequate Utility ducts & man holes along both side of the road & across road Highest safety of road users achieved through improvement to road & junction geometrics. 1. road signs and illumination.4 Engineering Surveys and Investigations The various engineering surveys/investigations.3 Objective The objective of the study is to recommend an optimal proposal for implementation. Provision of road and CD structures to meet functional and structural requirements. Provision of CD structures across all river / stream / nala / water crossings. appropriate street furniture. Strengthening and Asphalting Roads in White field and Mahadevapura Zone. which will be carried out include:        Reconnaissance Survey Road Inventory Survey Pavement Condition Survey Traffic Survey Material Survey Topographic/Levelling Survey Inventory and Condition Survey of Bridges and CD Structures Detailed Project Report Page 2 SRUSHTI . Adequate road side drainage to preserve the road assets.