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3D Dimension lines

Scia Engineer


Scia Engineer


Scia Engineer 2010.0

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1 Introduction
3D Dimension lines are a tool for dimensioning structure in 3D model window. There is a possibility to create dimensions in 3 directions – x, y, z. The user must select dimension for the x direction if he wants to create the dimension along the direction of the x axis.


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2 Settings of 3D Dimension lines
2.1 Menu
Functions for the 3D Dimension lines are placed in tree menu Structure. The group name is Modelling and drawing -> Dimension lines -> Linear, Stationing, Baseline, Circular, Angular, Brake DimLine to single DimLines.

Linear – group with horizontal, vertical and aligned dimension lines.

Stationing – group with horizontal, vertical and aligned dimension lines.

Baseline – group with horizontal, vertical, aligned and angular dimension lines.

Circular – Radius, Diameter and Arclength

Angular – Angular, Arclength

Brake DimLine to single DimLines – command for splitting of the whole dimension line to single dimension liness


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2.2 Creating of Dimension

Dimension lines can be snapped to point on the structure, to grid points or by the mouse placed in free space. Even tracking points can be used for creating dimension line.


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3 Dimension line properties
Properties of dimension line can be used for adjusting dimension line or for editing the dimension style in the Dimension style manager. The Dimension style manager is also accessible from the properties of the dimension line.


Name: standard property for all entities in Scia Engineer Layer: standard property for all entities in Scia Engineer Style name: tells which predefined dimension style is used for creating dimension line Type: Inactive, type of used dimension Length: length of dimension line Shape: tells which standard tool was used for creating dimension line Label prefix: this value can be used as prefix for text label of dimension line Display only prefix: here the user can check if he wants to use only the prefix on selected dimension lines, then he will have all dimensions with same text label on them Label suffix: this value can be used as suffix for the text label of dimension line Display units as suffix: this check box automatically adds units as suffix to the text label of dimension line Rotate angle: value specifying the rotation of the dimension line from the working plane, example with 25°



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Plotline offset type: Style, User defined – Option Style sets the plotline offset according to the value in the Dimension style manager, - Option User defined – the user can set the value for offset directly in the properties


Extension line offset: the value for offset from the dimensioned point to the starting point of extension line


Extension line: Short, Long – option Short makes the Extension line offset inactive and the dimensions have short extension line, option Long makes the Extension line offset active and the user can change it in properties


Dimension label: Above, Inline, Below – moves position of the text label



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4 Dimension style manager
This dialogue is used for creation of 2D Dimensions, 2D Linegrid dimensions and 3D dimensions. It is placed in tree group Libraries. Here the proper style for dimensions can be predefined. It’s a standard database manager with possibility to save (load) styles to format DB4. The dimension style is used for creation of dimension lines when Plotline offset type in the properties is set to Style.


Scia Engineer Name: standard property for all entities in Scia Engineer Font from palette: text font used for dimension, adjustment is possible through Palette settings – link to it by Select palette: defines which palette will use adjusting, White background – 3D model, Graphic output – 2D window... Palette text definition: Values taken from Palette settings Text width factor: width of text Plotline offset: offset of dimension line from selected nodes Plotline offset angular: offset of dimension line for angular dimensions Baseline spacing: offset between dimension lines for baseline dimension line Endmark style: shape of end mark of dimension line Size definition: settings for end mark – whether it will be displayed according to Graphic device or Structure geometry Endmark size: size definition for end mark Extend beyond dimension: size of overlapping for extension line beyond the end mark, it also depends on Size definition