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February 2014
EDUCAUSE Connect, Portland

Veronica Diaz, PhD
Associate Director, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative
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Spring Focus Session
April 1-3, 2014
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! Management of faculty development programs
(CRM systems; tracking efforts; using data to
inform future work/investments)
! Connecting faculty development initiatives with
institutional needs--demonstrating the
alignment (improved instruction; innovative
instructional approaches; instructional
expertise in new instructional models; effective
use of instructional technologies; student
! Faculty development financial and/or business
models (governance model?)
! Faculty development in emergent/highly innovative
areas/approaches: learning analytics, new
instructional models, CBE, adaptive learning;
faculty working across departments; new faculty
roles (tech developers, coaches, etc.)
! Faculty development models to engage,
incentivize, and reward faculty (SOTL;
compensation; publication teams; COP; P&T; etc.)
! Faculty development evidence of impact (practices
that lead to faculty adoption of new approaches,
new instructional models, new technologies)
ELI Faculty Development Program
• ÞarL 1: !"# %&'(&) *)+(&,-.
/)0)-+(&(&1 02) !3)456)&)77
8,49'0: /)6)';<+)&0
=-;1-,+7: March 17, 1-4p L1
• ÞarL 2: !"# %&'(&) 8;497
*)77(;&. 8,49'0: /)6)';<+)&0:
Aprll 1-3
• ÞarL 3: !"# %&'(&) *2;-0
>;9-7). 8,49'0: /)6)';<+)&0:
!une 4, 11, and 17

Faculty Development
Effective Practice or
Project Nominations
7 Things You Should Know!™ Series
A curated set of
resources on topics
important to the
teaching and learning
?6,(',@') (& )=9@ A;-+,0
7 Things You Should Read About!™ Series
ELI Focus
! 3 days
! 18 speakers
! Cases of effective practice
! Tools to explore and do
! Resources (15-40 minute
presentations; white paper)
! Public in 3 months
Veronica Diaz, Associate Director, ELI