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Ronna Romney McDaniels

1. Are you pro-life? If so, with or without exception. If exceptions, what are they? a. Pro-life. Exception for Life of the mother. I had an extremely difficult time conceiving my first child. The emotional toll that took on me and my husband was difficult to bear as each pregnancy test came back negative. I will never forget the joy I felt the moment I learned I had life inside me. 2. Do you believe the entire ObamaCare law should be repealed or replaced as some Republicans have suggested? a. Repealed. Period. I speak regularly with small business owners in my area who are frightened about the ramifications of Obamacare once the employer mandate does kick in. Many will be forced to cut hours for their employees or cut jobs altogether. 3. House Speaker Jase Bolger has suggested opening up Michigan's Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include, sexual orientation, and gender identity and transgendered. Would you support this? Why or why Not? a. I do not believe in discrimination against anyone however I do not believe the Eliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act needs to be replaced. 4. Do you believe that anything should be added or subtracted to the current 2012 GOP Platform? If so what would you like to see added or subtracted? a. I would keep the platform as is. One of my main priorities as National Committeewoman will be to promote and communicate our platform. I have had experience with media in the past and I think that experience will help me be an effective spokesperson for our party, our platform and our candidates. 5. Do you support or oppose homosexual marriage a. I support traditional marriage between one man and one woman. ! "!


What is your stance on the National Popular Vote (NPV) a. I am against the National Popular Vote. I am a Constitutional conservative and believe strongly in the formation and purpose of the electoral college. As we are a diverse nation, it is critical that each state is involved in the selecting of our President.

7. How available to you believe a National Committee person should be to the Party membership? How will you communicate with Party membership to keep membership abreast of current issues pertaining to the Party? a. As National Committeewoman I will frequently communicate with the party membership through a newsletter, phone calls, texts, social media and e-mail. I have told the State Committee Members to save my contact information and speed dial me anytime. I plan to work as team with the many exceptional grassroots leaders we have throughout the state. Together we will help get Republican candidates get elected, convey the conservative message and support our party platform. As National Committeewoman I will represent the voice of Michigan Grassroots at the National level. I will communicate regularly with the grassroots the policies and rules being considered at the National level. 8. Do you believe that a National Committee person should speak out if Michigan elected officials are advocating policy that is in direct opposition to the Party Platform? a. It depends on the circumstance. The National Committeewoman should help communicate the conservative message. 9. Considering the recent calls for Dave Agema resignation and the fact that Mr. Agema has chosen not to resign do you feel under these circumstance that you can forge a working, productive relationship with Mr. Agema in the best interest of the Party and Platform a. I have always enjoyed a good working relationship with Mr. Agema. If I have an issue with what another Republican has said, I will reach out to them privately and have a discussion instead of taking those issues to the media. I intend to focus my criticism toward the destructive policies of the Democratic Party.



10.What do you feel you could do for Party unity? a. I believe I can help unite the party. I have worked with many different groups within my District and am known as a hard-working, likable conservative. I am thankful for the friends I have made and believe I am the best choice for National Committeewoman.

Business Experience: I have served as a Production and Staffing Manager. Prior to leaving the paid workforce to become a stay at home mom in 2003. I served as a Business Manager for an Event Planning company in Ohio. Where I managed finances for projects with budgets ranging from $10,000 to $1,500,000. I analyzed monthly P&L statements. I acted as on-site controller for events with budgets exceeding $500,000. I developed and implemented procedures to improve financial control and profitability of within my department. Under my management profitability increased 7%. For this success I was awarded the Employee and Peer of the Year Awards. Grassroots Background: My activity in our party has been entirely as a volunteer. I have never held a paid position on any campaign. I have served as a Precinct Delegate, a District Committee Secretary and State Committeewoman. I currently serve on the Policy Committee of the State Party as well as on the Board of Marriage and Family Therapists. In 2012, I served as Chairwoman for the Women for Mitt Coalition where I conducted roundtables of Women Republican Leaders, including Secretary of State Ruth Johnson and our future Senator Terri Lynn Land, throughout our state. I was also elected the National Delegate from the 11th District to the Tampa Convention. In 2013, I served as Co-Chair for the Mackinac Leadership Conference. I have worked on many, many campaigns throughout my life. I have assembled phone banks, made countless campaign calls, walked doors, helped in parades, conducted precinct delegate training sessions, sealed envelopes and handed out literature. In my local community, I have served on township committees, as a cub-master, a youth leader in my church and as a room mother / PTA member at my children’s school. Fundraising Capability: In addition to attending and selling tables to local Lincoln Day dinners, I have also helped secure speakers and personally held fundraisers for local candidates. I have participated in many fundraising call days where I have spent hours on the phone reaching out to donors to contribute to a campaign. As National Committeewoman, I will advocate for our candidates at the RNC, NRSC and NRCC to invest dollars in our Michigan races. ! $!

I will also help District and County leaders secure speakers for their local Lincoln Day Dinners and Fundraisers.