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2/13/2014 Lok Sabha Groups - bhanuthukral@gmail.

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सभी Îम×| का अÎभन7दन
यह Íकसी तरह का Íव7ापन नह|ं यह एक Îम× Íक 9ाथ ना है जो यह सोचता है के इस बार आने वाले २०१४ के
आम चनाव| म दे श क| बागडोर ÷ी नर g मोद| जी को सlपनी चाÍहए और ऐसा के वल म ह| नह|ं दे श के करोड़|
लोग भी इस समय यह ह| सोच रह ह |
इस बार कां0ेस तथा अ7य को न चुने (यह अ7य भी आÍखर म कां0ेस से ह| हाथ Îमलात ह , इसका ताज़ा
उधाहरण Íद~ल| म दे खने को Îमला)
अतः 1वयं को इस अÎभयान से जोड़ और अपने Îम×ो, सहयोÎगय| तथा स+बि7धय| को भी ऐसा करने का
अनु रोध कर
इस बार २०१४ म Îसफ मोद| जी और भाजपा |

पया ऐसा करके के रा*ç के Îनमाण और भारत, धम, आने वाल| पीÍढ़य| तथा अपने 1वयं के उ7नत भÍव*य
का माग 9श1त कर |
मे र| यह 9ाथ ना यÍद Íकसी Îम× को पसंद न आये तो उसके Îलए म पहले से Hमा मांगता ह

आपका शु भे छु
भानु ठकराल
Hi All friends
This is not an advertisement its my humble request that all of you kindly Register yourself for Modi's campaign
n do vote for Modi Ji in upcoming general elections of 2014.
Kindly don't vote for Congress n others (as we seen recently in Delhi, that in the end these others only
supports Congress)
n kindly share this message to ur near n dears and also request them to spread this message more n more n
register with this campaign.
Only Modi ji for PM & BJP in 2014.
Become part of nation building n future of Bharat, religion, generations n urself.
If this of mine humble request didn't looks good to some one then kindly pardon me.
Bhanu Thukral
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2/13/2014 Lok Sabha Groups - - Gmail 2/3
Date: Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 6:33 PM
Subject: Lok Sabha Groups
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Narendra Modi values your support for Mission272+. Now is the time to take Mission272+ local!
Join the India272+ Volunteer Group specific to your Lok Sabha (Parliamentary) Constituency - & make your voice heard:
On local issues
On constituency specific manifesto
And on local leaders who are making an impact in your Lok Sabha Constituency
Every Constituency has its own set of very important local issues. The "Manifesto" Tab within each
Constituency Group invites you to share your ideas and inputs for local manifestos i.e. local issues
that merit the attention of our leaders and policy makers.
The most active volunteers in Lok Sabha Constituency specific India272+ Groups will get to meet
Narendra Modi in the near future.
Get started today by updating your contact details on India272+ and identifying your Lok Sabha

Once you are logged into, you can provide your Mobile Number and
Parliamentary Constituency by clicking on "View/ Edit Profile" at the top right hand corner.
Update these details by completing the "Personal Details" Section.
We are less than 100 days away from the most important elections of our lifetime. If each of us can
contribute 100 hours in the next 100 days, we can positively impact the next 100 years of our
collective future in this country. Take the above 2 actions now!
Now is the time to reaffirm your support to make Narendra Modi India's next Prime Minister.
Jai Hind!
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2/13/2014 Lok Sabha Groups - - Gmail 3/3