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ITSM Capability Assessment for Data Centers

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This service evaluates the capabilities of the facility infrastructure (FI) design strategy, maintenance strategy, and maintenance practices in support of the delivery of IT services (compute capacity, cost, and availability) essential to meeting the business strategy of the company. It uses IT Service Management (ITSM)-based Capability Maturity Model scales in the same manner that the capabilities of the IT architecture and processes are evaluated, leading to a common evaluation scale for the data center environment. By using the same scale, both FI and IT can align their resources and processes to deliver the required services at the specified quality level, and at an agreed cost level, which is the ultimate goal of IT Service Management. The service is meant to complement existing IT-focused ITSM capability evaluation methodologies, tools, and services by providing additional depth in reviewing the data center space, and power and cooling assets on which IT service delivery processes and equipment is based. Failing to employ these assets in an appropriate way may significantly impact the delivery of IT processing capabilities.

Service benefits
The ITSM Capability Assessment for Data Centers provides you with: • An evaluation of your data center design strategy features based on fundamental data center attributes, which include redundancy, concurrent maintainability, and system-plus-system approaches to delivering service reliability • An evaluation of the maintenance strategies directed at enhancing the performance, lifespan, and reliability of core data center infrastructure systems supplying space, and power and cooling • An evaluation of the maintenance practices employed in implementing the maintenance strategies on a system-by-system basis • A comparison of the capabilities of three elements (design strategy, maintenance strategy, and maintenance practices) against the existing IT Capability levels (as identified by existing ITSM CMM assessments or self-evaluation) to align resources for end-to-end service delivery

HP Technology Services are governed by the HP Single Order Terms for Support or Customer's purchase agreement with HP.

roles. and the anticipated time required of the Customer’s staff • Review the plan. excluding HP holidays. During the conference call. to improve the likelihood that capabilities meet end-to-end service-level requirements • Graphical summaries of the assessment results to increase the understanding of which strengths can be leveraged and where gaps need to be addressed • Delivery of the service at a mutually scheduled time convenient to your organization Service Feature Highlights • • • • • Service planning                 Orientation to ITSM Capability assessment methodology for facility infrastructure systems      IT management interviews               Site survey and analysis              Final report delivery             Specifications Table 1. and maintenance practices. Service features Feature Service planning Delivery specifications An HP service specialist will plan all the necessary activities. and define the level of support that HP will require from the Customer's personnel The HP service specialist will email the plan to the Customer for review. Meeting preparation Management Meeting Based on the results of the assessment planning conference call. and processes in meeting the service-level agreements for purposes of comparing them to the ITSM CMM level of the FI support systems • The level of understanding of ITSM principles by IT and FI staff and management On-site Data Collection and Report Development HP will conduct an onsite visit to the Customer’s facility. which shall be during local HP standard business hours. and responsibilities. Any services provided outside of HP standard business hours may be subject to additional charges. HP will meet with the Customer onsite to conduct interviews with IT management to determine: • The business goals driving the data center service-level strategies • Service-level agreements that define the facility infrastructure performance expectations • The ITSM Capability level of the IT architecture. 2 . unless otherwise agreed by HP.• A list of recommendations to increase the Capability Maturity in the design and maintenance strategies. at which time HP will: • Determine the ITSM Capability level of the fundamental design strategy as employed at the data center. including the following elements: Overall Data Center Design Strategy UPS Design Strategy HVAC Design Strategy HP Technology Services are governed by the HP Single Order Terms for Support or Customer's purchase agreement with HP. schedule. An HP service specialist and the Customer will conduct an assessment planning conference call to prepare for the meeting. including the identification of any prerequisites. which will be provided at the on-site kick-off meeting • Outline the expected time commitment from the Customer's staff • Detail the schedule for the onsite meeting and data-gathering activities. and requirements for data collection • Discuss the Customer preparation material. software. and schedule the delivery of the service at a time mutually agreed upon by HP and the Customer. where necessary. the HP service specialist will: • Review and discuss the project objectives and methodologies • Determine project team members.

The HP CFS consultant performing the analysis will review the findings with the Customer via an HP Virtual Room presentation. or where necessary to assure that service-level expectations (as identified by the Customer) are met. which will identify the capabilities of the FI systems in supporting IT service levels using the following scale (from highest to lowest): 5 – Optimizing (“Best-in-Class”) 4 – Managed 3 – Defined 2 . ITSM Capability scale 10-page summary report in Microsoft® PowerPoint.Building Architecture Design Strategy • Determine the ITSM Capability level of the maintenance strategy as employed at the data center.Standby Generator Design Strategy . including the following elements: . as observed by HP.. The summary report will include the Title Page. which will be scheduled at a mutually agreed time. Executive Summary.Building Management System (BMS) Design Strategy .Facility Management Problem Management Process . with a 6. Final report delivery HP will provide a final report to the Customer based on the proprietary ITSM Capability Assessment for Data Centers tool following completion and approval through the HP QA/QC process. where necessary. and recommendations for improvement. based on HP’s proprietary ITSM Capability evaluation tool.Electrical System Management Strategy . is below the level needed to match the capabilities of the IT systems.Repeatable 1 – Initial 0 – Absence HP will provide specific recommendations to improve the Capability rating of specific site elements where the Capability rating.Fire Suppression Design Strategy .Data Center Facility Technology Tool Usage • Determine the ITSM Capability level of the maintenance practices followed at the data center to implement the maintenance strategy.Facility Management Strategy . including the following elements: Facility Staffing Practices Data Center Facility Technology Training Methodologies Vendor Management Program Practices HVAC Maintenance Practices Electrical Maintenance Practices UPS Maintenance Practices UPS Battery Maintenance Practices BMS Maintenance Practices Standby Generator Maintenance Practices Fuel System Maintenance Practices Fire System Maintenance Practices HP will develop a detailed report. HP Technology Services are governed by the HP Single Order Terms for Support or Customer's purchase agreement with HP. Graphs of findings. 3 . The report will be delivered in PDF format.HVAC System Management Strategy . - Service eligibility The ITSM Capability Assessment for Data Centers service is available to all HP customers.Data Center Facility Definition of Services .

Customer responsibilities The Customer will: • Contact an HP service specialist within 30 days of date of purchase to schedule the delivery of the service • Assign a designated person from the Customer's staff who will. • HP’s ability to deliver this service is dependent upon the Customer’s full and timely cooperation with HP. and any network connections required • Allow HP full and unrestricted access to all locations where the service is to be performed • Provide details of the IT and data center strategy. and the ITSM Capability rating of the IT systems and processes in previous assessment reports. HP Technology Services are governed by the HP Single Order Terms for Support or Customer's purchase agreement with HP. power. on behalf of the Customer. The fee for the service is based on HP’s and the Customer’s initial estimate of the size and power usage of the facility. 4 . which will result in extra fees. • Travel charges may apply in some geographic locations. for any additional work over and above the service package pricing that may result from work required to address service prerequisites or other requirements that are not met by the Customer. Please contact your local HP representative for detail. Subsequent determination that the facility is larger or consumes more power than estimated may result in additional fees. grant all approvals and provide information that the HP service specialist will need in order to deliver this service • Provide a suitable work area for delivery of the service. • HP reserves the right to charge. The cost of implementing the recommendations made will not be included. No narrative report will be provided unless specified by the Customer. including access to an outside telephone line. or provide a self-assessment of the ITSM Capability service delivery capabilities using the same scale as that used in the HP assessment tool General provisions/Other exclusions • Any services not clearly specified in this document • HP reserves the right to re-price this service if the Customer does not schedule and provide for subsequent delivery within 90 days of purchase.Service limitations Any services not clearly specified in this document or in an associated Statement of Work are excluded from this service. on a time and materials basis. as well as the accuracy and completeness of any information and data the Customer provides to HP. © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company. HP Technology Services are governed by the HP Single Order Terms for Support or Customer's purchase agreement with HP. 1. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty or condition. express or implied.hp. Microsoft is a U. HP Care Pack Services: www.hp. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. May 2011 . in fact or in law.For more information For more information on HP Services.P. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. contact any of our worldwide sales offices or visit the following websites at: HP Critical Facilities Services: HP support services: www. 4AA3-4386ENW Rev.