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Operating system

Window 8:
Microsoft is porting basic-applications like the Internet Explorer and Office applications to the new platfrom.

The window 8 version will come after 2010 is that,
Date 2011 Sept. 2012 Feb. 2012 Aug. 1 2012 Oct. 26 2013 Oct. 18 Version Windows 8 Developer Preview Build 6.2.8102 available to public for download Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Build 8250 available Windows 8 Release To Manufacture, Build 9200 Windows 8 available on market Windows 8.1 available on market

Ubuntu linux:
Ubuntu is an African world that meaning in English is humanity. Ubuntu introduce on 10-202004 and name is Ubuntu linux,Ubuntu version 4.10 based on debian and gnomes. There are ported versions for the x86, x86 64 and PowerPC architecture. The next version release in April 2005 was Ubuntu 5.04.

The ubuntu version will come after 2010 is that,

10 Desktop and Server Edition 2010 Aug. Ubuntu 8.Date 2004 Oct.04 Desktop and Server Edition 2009 Oct.10 2005 April Ubuntu 5. alpha and x86 of systems. From the beginning the public Linux standard was considered. the preferential surface is KDE.04 Desktop and Server Edition On 17 July 1993 Patrick Volkerding announced the completion of Slackware version 1. Ubuntu 9.04 2006 Oct. Slackware was ported for Sparc.os. Slackware addresses itself to the experienced user and developers. . As package format for programs TGZ of archives are used.04 2008 Oct. It exist only a text-based Setup. Version Ubuntu 4. Ubuntu 10. Ubuntu 10.linux.04 Desktop and Server Edition 2010 Oct.10 Desktop and Server Edition 2011 April Ubuntu 11.10 Desktop and Server Edition 2009 April Ubuntu 9. Ubuntu 6.10 2007 April Ubuntu 7.0 in the newsgroup comp. interested could download by ftp the installation packages.

1998 Oct. Version Slackware 1997 July 1997 Oct.6. USB.35 . Slackware 3.1 can alternatively be used.Slackware version 12.3 1995 Aug. Slackware 3.1 1997 April Slackware 3.3.7. IEE 1394 (FireWire) and ACPI.0.0 Slackware 2.0 contains the Linux kernel 2. The operating system offers complete support for encrypted network connections with OpenSSL. The hardware support is enlarged by PCMCIA.21.1 1995 March Slackware 2. Kernel 2.0. Kernel 2.4. The slighter window manager Xfce 4.33 Slackware 3.4. OpenSSH. CardBus. Date 1993 July 1994 July 1994 Oct.0 Slackware 2. OpenVPN and GnuPG.30 Slackware 3.2 1995 May Slackware 2.0 1996 July Slackware 3.0. Kernel 2.5 and as graphic interface KDE 3.

Kernel 2.37 .16 2001 June Slackware 8. Slackware 9. Kernel 2.1.7 1999 Oct. Kernel 2.1 Slackware 11 Slackware 12 2008 May Slackware 12.2.19 based on gcc 3.2. Kernel 2. 2007 July Slackware 10.2. Kernel 2.2.0 2010 May Slackware 13.13 2000 June Slackware 7. Slackware 13.4.0. Kernel X11R6.4.1 2008 Dec.19 2002 June Slackware 8.9.26 gnome 2.7 Slackware 10. Kernel 2.2 2009 Aug.1999 May Slackware 3. Slackware 7. 2006 Oct.37pre10 1999 May Slackware 4.1 2011 April Slackware 13.18 2002 Aug.0beta.4.1. Slackware 12.0. Kernel 2.0.1 kde 3.6.2 2004 June 2005 Feb.

The following comparison of the chart lists."Ice Cream Sandwich". 2. There are two platform that have been merged to a versatile and uniform platform 1.6 % (4. the main differences between each version of the android platform using the change log of each is a software stack that include an operating system.Android: The android operating system based on the linux kernel.middleware and applications.5 % Android 4.2. while enabling new applications like Google Beam. It combines "Gingerbread" and "Honeycomb" versions in a cohesive platform for tablets and phones at the same time. This comparison table as accurate as possible. Version name Key user features added Key developer features added Releas API Androi e date Leve d l market share Android 4.4 Android 4.3 support Security and performance enhancements KitKat Jelly Bean Allow toggling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth state in Quick Settings using long-press Shows the percentage and OpenGL for 2013 18 Embedded Jul 24 Systems 3.2 4.2 2013 19 Oct 15 Secure USB 2013 17 debugging (allow Feb 11 debugging to authenticated 10. etc.2) . which has been released in October 2011. It focuses on speed and graphics smoothness of the operating system.0 graphics support Logging and analyzing enhancements Wi-Fi scanning API Improved DRM (digital rights management) API VP8 encoding targeted for small screens mainly mobile phones.2. The latest version of the platform is now jelly bean Android. Phone/Tablets: There was previously two flavours of the platform.3 Jelly Bean Dial pad auto-complete Photo Sphere enhancements Camera app UI updated 4K resolution support Ability to create restricted profiles for tablets Hebrew and Arabic right-toleft (RTL) support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support Bluetooth Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) 1.

for faster typing Wireless display with Miracast Daydream to display information when idle or docked Multi-user for tablets 2012 Nov 27 17 10.6 % (4.2 vsync timing 2012 Triple buffering Nov reduced touch 13 latency CPU input boost Native RTL support .Version name Key user features added Key developer features added Releas API Androi e date Leve d l market share estimated time remaining in computers only) the active download notifications Wireless charging and low battery sounds changed Gallery app updated for faster loading with new image transition Performance enhancements and bug fixes (Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming fix.2 4.6 % (4.mirrors the display from manifest prop External display support .run tasks on the GPU (supported devices) Renderscript ScriptGroups.2..2.1 Jelly Bean Fix missing december bug in the People app Add support for Bluetooth gamepads and joysticks HID devices Jelly Bean Lockscreen widgets 360 degree images with Photo Sphere Gesture Typing.2 4. FilterScript is a subset of Renderscript made for high performance 17 10.Display Manager Nested fragments Renderscript Compute .. built-in intrinsics like blur.) Android 4.2) Android 4.2.2) .

0.2) 36. detailed.3 Ice Cream stability improvements Sandwich better camera performance smoother screen rotation Ice Cream Social stream API in Contacts Sandwich provider to show updates associated to your contacts Video stabilization and QVGA video resolution API access Accessibility API refinements for screen readers Calendar provider updates Ice Cream Minor fixes 15 20.4) 15 Android 2011 14 0% .3 4.2 Android 4.5 % (4.Version name Key user features added Key developer features added Releas API Androi e date Leve d l market share image processing Android c) Voice Search Speed enhancements Camera app improvements Accessibility: gesture mode.. 2012 16 Oct 9 2012 16 Jul 23 app stack 2012 navigation to Jul 9 define a parent activity in manifest for deep navigation MediaActionSoun d class to make sounds like when a camera takes a photo NFC supports large payloads over bluetooth WIFI/WIFI-Direct service discovery Large.0.2) Android 4.1 Android 4.0.1. multi-action notifications Input manager allows you to query input devices 2012 Mar 28 2011 Dec 16 16 20.5 % (4.1.1 Jelly Bean Enable Home screen rotation Fix bugs and enhance performances Jelly Bean Fix a bug on screen orientation Jelly Bean Google Now ( http://youtu.1 4.1.4 Android 4.1 4.5 % (4.1.. enable braille external keyboards.6 % (4.0.2) 36.3 4.0.6 % (4.1 4.

1 % (3.2 3.2 Android 4.6) . allows up to 16 tabs Updated launcher (customizable) Android Beam app to exchange data through NFC Honeycom Minor fixes b Honeycom Added "Pay as you go" for b tablets 2011 14 Oct 19 0% Android 3. continuous focus. and image zoom Flags to help control system ui elements like system bar from apps Nov 28 14 0% Android 3.6) 0.4 2012 13 Feb 15 2011 Dec 15 13 0.6 Android 3.1 Ice Cream Facial recognition (Face Sandwich Unlock) UI use Hardware acceleration Better voice recognition (dictating/Voice typing) Web browser.0 Sandwich Ice Cream New lock screen actions Sandwich Improved text input and spell-checking Control over network data Email app supports EAS v14 WI-FI direct BlueTooth Health Device Profile Low-level streaming multimedia (Khronos OpenMAX AL Grid Layout Spell checking service Address Space Layout Randomization VPN client API Remote Device camera enable/disable ZSL exposure.2.2.0.Version name Key user features added Key developer features added Releas API Androi e date Leve d l market share 4.1 % (3.

..2.0 Honeycomb contextual action bar 2011 11 Fragments first Feb 22 introduced(support library now supports it as well) Hardware-accelerated 2D graphics Renderscript 3D graphics engine Pluggable DRM framework device administration 0% .2 Android 3.2.Version name Key user features added Key developer features added Releas API Androi e date Leve d l market share Android 3.2 3.1 % (3. gamepads.2. joysticks.1 % (3.2 3. support Resizable Home screen widgets MTP notifications RTP API for audio Multi core support Better tablet support Updated 3D UI customizable homescreens recent applications viewing redone keyboard layout Media/Picture transport protocol Google Talk video chat Google eBooks "Private browsing" System-wide Clipboard 0% Android 3.1 Honeycom Minor fixes b Honeycom Android Market updates b including easier automatic updates Google Books updates Wi-Fi improvements Chinese handwriting prediction improved Honeycom Optimizations for a wider b range of tablets Compatibility display mode (zoom for fixed-sized apps) Media sync from SD card 2011 13 Sep 30 2011 13 Sep 20 0.6) Android 3.2 3.6) 0.1 % (3.1 Honeycomb UI improvements Open Accessory API USB host API Mice.6) Android Extended API for 2011 13 managing screens Jul 15 support New resource qualifiers for screens support New manifest attributes for screen-size compatibility Screen compatibility mode which allows for phone apps to appear as if they were still on a phone 2011 12 May 10 0.

updated video drivers NDK . Native Activities + event handling.2) Android 2. WebM.2) . % (2.3.2 % (2.7) Android 2.5 % (2.7) 28. AAC.3.2..3 Gingerbread performance 2010 concurrent garbage Dec 6 collection.3.3 2.) added unsecure bluetooth sockets Updated UI Improved keyboard ease of use Improved copy/paste Improved power management Social networking features Near Field Communication support Native VoIP/SIP support Video call support 2011 Jul 25 10 Android 2.5 % (2. AMR wideband Multiple camera sensor support strictmode debugging media framework replaces OpenCore 9 0 % ( 28..3.3.Version name Key user features added Key developer features added Releas API Androi e date Leve d l market share HTTP Live streaming High performance Animation Framework RTP streaming API Forced rendering of layers High performance WIFI lock Vew network traffic stats ADTS AAC and FLAC audio LRU cache Open Accessory API 2011 10 May 10 10 28.3 2.3 2.3.3 2.2 Froyo Speed improvements JIT implementation USB Tethering Applications installation to the 2010 8 May 20 2.5 % (2.6 Android 2.5 % (2.3 Gingerbread 2011 Feb 9 10 28.3.5 Gingerbread Voice or video chat using Google Talk Google Wallet support for the Nexus S 4G Voice search issue fixed Gingerbread Gingerbread 10 Gingerbread Improved network performance for the Nexus S 4G Fixed Bluetooth issues on the Samsung Galaxy S Gmail app. khronos api audio effects api VP8.7) 28.3.3 .Native Asset Manager.7 Android 2.3 2.3. 4 Android 2.7) Android 2. improvements NFC API improvements (peer to peer communication. faster event distribution.

the ability to search text on the Messages app and geotagging photos. The iPhone 4 was already a big hit with its Retina display. Apple marketed Siri as an iPhone 4S feature. Retina & FaceTime 2010 Recent users probably cannot fathom the idea that iOS could not multitask apps at a point in time. Now a day it is known as Macintosh operating system . With this multitasking feature. a less cluttered Inbox with threaded emails. iOS 4 was when the multitasking bar was born. that together with the features of iOS 5 blew away any competition. iPhone Operating System 5: Notification Center. Other music apps other than the native music app could also work in the background too. custom wallpapers to replace the black background for the homescreen. iPhone Operating System1: app Store 2008 iPhone Operating System2: iphone Enhancements 2009 iPhone Operating System3: Multitasking. Lucky for them. together with multiple generations of iPods. Siri & More 2011 iOS 5 was the most impressive update Apple came out with in 2011. with its previously saved state intact. then take a trip with us down memory lane to check out the Operating System . They also introduced a unified Inbox on the native Mail app for users with multiple email accounts. FaceTime and Retina support for the iPhone has come a long way – 6 and a half years in the making for 6 generations of iPhones.1 Éclair Updated UI 2010 Jan 12 7 0% Macintosh: Apple’s iPhone Operating System previously known as the iPhone Operating System. Moving from the iPhone 3GS screen to Retina was a big deal as developers had to make apps look good on high-resolution screens. That together with Game Center. Apple also introduced app folders. apps could work in the background allowing users to switch between apps faster. . WiFi tethering or Personal Hotspot as we now know was also included in later updates of iOS 4. AirPrint and AirPlay were released in the first quarter of 2011. If you’re someone who started out with an iPhone 4 and not know what came before that. The Birth Of The iPhone 2007 history of Apple’s iOS and the features that were introduced in previous WWDC events.Version name Key user features added Key developer features added Releas API Androi e date Leve d l market share expandable memory Upload file support in the browser Animated GIFs Android 2. and iPods.

Apple’s Maps failed on them and many looked was re-released on the App Store Black berry: 30th January new blackberry 10 operating system will be launged 2010 the social revolution comes to blackberry In 2010 RIM launged the 6 version of its operating system.which boasted among its new features an improved browser with tabbed navigation . click on the name of the Mac (left column).It was (still) a big hit. iCloud was also released. Mac Systems: By Capability: Maximum Supported Version of Mac OS X The maximum version of Mac OS X supported by each G3 and later Mac is below. giving you the choice to interact with the notification while using an app. with voice Remember when notifications used to be a mini window right in your face? Well.the new addition in respect to version 6 were FM radio a tool for creating wifi hotspots . nition. like you can do networking notification (FM’twitter blackberry linked etc ) and a native you tube app 2011: minor tweaks Blackberry operating system of the version that to day blackberry devices are armed with at least until blackberry 10 rolls out . making backups and setting up new iOS devices easy. this is the OS where most of us are right now. bringing voice assistance and information to your fingertips instantly.NFC support 2013 :blackberry 10-RIM. iOS 6 was where we saw the release of Apple’s own Maps app with turn-by-turn voice could be RIM’s last chance to stay in touch with the competition in the smart phone wear . As they tried to step out from shadow. iPhone Operating System 5: Apple Maps & Passbook 2012 Before iOS 7 is released to users. and launch the camera app from the lockscreen.integrated system search . For complete specs on a particular system. However. Apple also released the Notification Center and the sleek notification bar.s resurgence Blackberry 10 will deliver a fresher revamped ui bringing wholesale changes made to the way user’s interact with their blackberry devices . The lockscreen also saw improvements with lockscreen notifications where you can quickly swipe the app icon to open the app. they removed the native Maps and YouTube app found in previous versions of iOS. For all Macs that are .

8 "Mountain Lion.courtesy of EveryMac. Today. with a relatively simple interface but not overly "friendly" user interface. In the 1970s before the personal computer was invented. See the specs page for a particular model for details." Note that systems marked "Current*" (Current and an asterisk) also are capable of running OS X 10. was developed for IBM by Bill Gates and his new Microsoft Corporation. called MS-DOS. He retained the rights to market a Microsoft version. called PC-DOS.compatible with a specifc maximum supported version of Mac OS X the OS of interest (right column). Systems with other OS versions listed and an asterisk are capable of running the version of the operating system (but no higher) and with limitations. ." DOS was (and still is) a non-graphical line-oriented command. The first Microsoft Windows operating system was really an application that ran on top of the MS-DOS operating system. IBM had a different and unrelated DOS (Disk Operating System) that ran on smaller business computers. Systems with "Current" support the latest version of OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" but with limitations.or menudriven operating system. PC-DOS and MS-DOS are almost identical and most users have referred to either of them as just "DOS. Windows operating systems continue to support DOS (or a DOS-like user interface) for special purposes by emulating the operating's Ultimate Mac Sort -. The first personal computer version of DOS.