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APPLICATION FOR EVALUATION OF FOREIGN EDUCATIONAL CREDENTIALS Person whose educational credentials are to be evaluated
Name: Prev Name(s): Mailing Address: Nazimabad 4D 14/3 Karachi, Sindh 74700 Pakistan +923362262894 AHMED, Ali Educational Institutions Located in Country: E-mail: Use Email: Birth Date: Gender: Previous Report: Pakistan Yes Jun 08, 1991 Male No

Phone 1: Phone 2: Fax: Credentials Sent: Name on Credentials Sent:


Evaluation report, services & copies to the applicant
Report Type: Rush Service: Course by Course Twelve Business Days $140 $50

Additional report copies
Additional Mailing Addresses Name Thomas Edison State College Address Office of Registrar Thomas Edison State College 101 W State Street Trenton, NJ 08608 Copies Courier US/Canada ($35) $45


Total Method of Payment
Check or Money Order enclosed payable to ECE VISA Exp. Date Card # MASTERCARD




If you're paying by Visa or MasterCard we may require your 3-digit Card Security Code to complete your 1/4

S. Certificate or Title awarded: 2) Name of Institution: City: Country: Dates of Attendance: Name of Diploma. This 3-digit code is your Card Security Code. Security Code Cardholder's Signature Cardholder's Name (please print) Billing Address (if different from main address) Purpose of evaluation 1) Further Education Educational Level: Field of Study: Desired Institution(s): Undergraduate or transfer Business Administration Thomas Edison State School Educational History 1) Name of Institution: City: Country: Dates of Attendance: Name of Diploma. check or Visa or MasterCard. If the money order https://www. This additional information will allow us to complete the charge in most cases.ece. Certificate or Title awarded: Al-Wadi International School Jeddah Saudi Arabia From Jul 2008 to Jul 2009 O Levels Avicenna Karachi Pakistan From Jun 2011 to Jul 2012 A level PAFKIET Karachi Pakistan From Aug 2012 to May 2013 BS-ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Terms & Conditions FEES Payment must be made in U. Please flip your card over and look at the signature 2/4 .1/18/2014 ECE Online Application charge. dollars by money order. Certificate or Title awarded: 3) Name of Institution: City: Country: Dates of Attendance: Name of Diploma. You should see either the entire 16digit credit card number or just the last four digits followed by a special 3-digit code.

all other parts of this agreement and certification will survive. the difference in cost between the report requested and a General report will be refunded. Inc and the person who has signed the application. I understand that if false information or forged. No refund will be made when an application is canceled after the application form has been submitted. the designees for copies of the report will be notified. from any liability for damage to or loss of any documents submitted. However. I understand that the information provided by Educational Credential Evaluators. A $40 fee will be charged for all returned checks. a General evaluation report will be prepared. or falsified documents are submitted to ECE at any time. from any liability for damages resulting from the use of an evaluation report by me or any third party. If a Course-by-Course. and will not be returned. I release Educational Credential Evaluators. ECE guarantees that each evaluation report will be prepared by its qualified professional staff. ECE has no obligation to review or revise the report in accordance with any changes that may have occurred in the interim. REFUNDS A refund will be made only when an applicant has paid to ECE more than the cost of the evaluation report prepared by ECE. resulting in different statements of equivalence than were provided prior to the completion of such research. bank with which the bank is affiliated. professional organizations and other evaluation services. I understand that any copies of an evaluation report sent to third parties after 5 April 2013 may be delivered electronically along with electronic copies of some or all of the educational credentials and documents used to prepare the evaluation report. or Health Professions Licensure report was requested. Subject 3/4 . The foregoing steps will be taken in all cases of falsified documents. I understand that evaluation reports prepared by Educational Credential Evaluators. All documents (originals and photocopies) will become the property of Educational Credential Evaluators. no evaluation report will be prepared. Catalog Match.1/18/2014 ECE Online Application or check is issued by a bank outside of the U. Inc on the application and instructions is subject to change without notice. I release Educational Credential Evaluators. government agencies. Inc. no refund will be made.. and changes occur in all countries. no report will be prepared and no refund will be made. Inc. it must contain the printed name of the U. It is understood that all previous evaluation reports will have been based on the best information available to professionals in applied comparative education in the United States at that time. OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION ECE reserves the right to contact educational and governmental institutions and agencies for additional information and/or verification of the authenticity of the credentials submitted. I certify that I have read all of the information provided in the application. I understand if this evaluation report order is canceled or inactivated.S. or when all required documentation is not provided. ECE's on-going research may identify new equivalents for certain credentials from other countries. Inc. If copies of an evaluation report are requested at a later time. and I accept the terms and conditions stated therein. We cannot accept bank drafts or cash.ece. organization. Equivalency conclusions stated in the evaluation report reflect the judgment of ECE based on in-depth research of applied comparative education. Education is dynamic. and the information will be shared with academic institutions. are advisory. even if an evaluation report was issued or the report order was canceled or inactivated. If the signer is not the person whose educational credentials are being https://www. altered. This application creates a contract between Educational Credential Evaluators. If ECE determines that the education completed is not the equivalent of credit course work offered by a regionally-accredited postsecondary institution in the United States. All fees are subject to change without notice. Inc. or agency which may use them. Certification I certify that all of the information provided in the application is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. and are not binding on any institution.S. 4/4 . the act of signing certifies that the signer is acting on behalf of the person whose educational credentials are involved. Inc.1/18/2014 ECE Online Application submitted for evaluation. P. Box 514070 Milwaukee WI 53203-3470 U S A https://www. Name (printed): Today's Date: Signature: Signature is required in order to process this request for an evaluation report If you are not the person whose educational credentials are being submitted for evaluation.ece. and has the authority to do so. what is your relationship to that person? Educational Credential Evaluators.