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Value Added Services Provided To Retain Customers.

Harshdeep Singh Nirav Seta Pranav Trivedi Rizwan Pathan Service Marketing Presentation 1

Flow of the Presentation. · · · · · · · · · · Technology. Bharti Airtel. Core Values of the Company. Airtel`s Model to . 3 P`s Of Airtel. What is Value Added Service. Service Flower Of Airtel. Servic es Provided By Airtel. E-Crm at Airtel. Success Pyramid. Service Marketing Presentation 2

Creating Perception & Value.· · · · · · Gap Analysis of Airtel. Feedback at Airtel. Service Recovery. Service Marketing Presentation 3 . Success¼ Conclusion/Suggestion to Airtel.

Currently commands 70% of mob ile subscribers in India Service Marketing Presentation 4 .Technology CDMA ± Already there are big players in this segment Reliance . Tata 3G ± Value adde d services potential still to be tapped fully GSM.

com Service Marketing Presentation 5 .Bharti Airtel · Largest Private Integrated Telecom Company in India · Largest & Fastest Growing Wi reless Operator in India · Largest Telecom Company listed on Indian Stock Exchange Source: airtelworld.

to do their best · Being Flexible .with an initiate desire to do good · Creating Positive Impact ± with a desire to create a meaningful difference in Service Marketing Presentation 6 .Core Values Of the Company · Empowering People .to adapt to the changing e nvironment and evolving customer needs · Making it Happen .by striving to change the status quo. innovate and energize new ideas with a strong passion and entrep reneurial spirit · Openness and transparency .

Airtel`s Model to success Service Marketing Presentation 7 .

We deliver what we promise and go out of our way to delight the customer with a little bit moreº Source: Mr.People · ª We at Airtel always think in fresh and innovative ways about the needs of our cust omers and how we want them to feel. Rajvinder Singh ( Sales Head Airtel Ahmedabad) Service Marketing Presentation 8 .

Source: Airtel World @ S.G. Service Marketing Presentation 9 . has the the ·The Company has made the systems as the Customer wants.Highway.Process ·The Company ensured that waiting time in Airtel world is low.

Service Marketing Presentation 10 .Physical Evidence ªThey Communicate what they serveº And make the intangible thing Tangible.

value-added services add value to the standard service Source: Brand Equity (Economic Times) Service Marketing Presentation 11 . in short. it can be used in ANY service industry for the services provi ders provide for no cost to promote their main service business.VAS{Value added services} A value-added service (VAS) is popular as a telecommunications industry term for non-cor e services or. all services beyond standard voice calls and fax transmissions but. In telecommunic ation industry on a conceptual level.

Service Flower of Airtel Service Marketing Presentation 12 .

Services Provided by Airtel. Service Marketing Presentation 13 .

Way finder. Source: Airtel World @ S. Service Marketing Presentation 14 .Postpaid ·Airtel brings voice assisted turn-by-turn navigation with Way finder Navigator™ on BlackBerry 8800/8820/8310/Storm be guided to it. by car. public transportation or by bike.G. All you have to do is choose how to get there.Highway. ·If you enter a destination you w ill both by voice directions and on the map.

In essence.M. M-Commerce off ers personalization and real time Service Marketing Presentation 15 .Commerce-Postpaid M-Commerce has a distinctive advantages namely flexibility. consumers can conduct business transactions without being fixed at a compu ter terminal or being physically present at the shop. Through the mobile p hone.

Highway.G. Source: Airtel World @ S. Simplest way to find the Hello Tune of your choice ·Call 5 43215 and say the name of your song or movie to search for your favorite Hello T une.Hello Tunes ·ªGaana bolo Hello Tune Paoº. Service Marketing Presentation 16 .


Airtel now implementing e-CRM. · e-CRM imp lementation partner is IBM · Would provide a host of services now running on Oracl e CRM ± Online customer support ± Customer profiling ± Web interface ± Sales management for ve ndors and partners .e-CRM Initiatives · After implementation of the Oracle CRM.

Success Pyramid for Airtel Service Marketing Presentation 19 .

Gap Analysis Of Airtel Service Marketing Presentation 20 .

Service Marketing Pre sentation 21 .Creating Perception & Value Delivery. ·Creating Perception & Delivering Value as per Gap Analysis.

(Key driver) · Offer of the day.Service Recovery @ Airtel · Retention plans · Loyalty Plans · 100% bill accuracy guarantee. · World on finger tips Service Marketing Presentation 22 .

Feed Back · Ensuring Feed Back from all in Airtel World. Service Marketing Presentation 23 . · Feedback survey done every week. · Ensuring Feedback on all calls from 121.

Airtel's success. · Word of mouth Service Marketing Presentation 24 .

Suggestions to Airtel/Conclusion · The call centre to should divulge be more more equipped information. ·  Increase in advertisement to compete against Vodafone. Service Marketing Presentation 25 .

Thanks!!! Service Marketing Presentation 26 .