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1he 8esulLs of Lhe London
L-safeLy Survey and 1he
lmpacL on Schools

LxecuLlve Summary

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1he London Crld for Learnlng (LCfL) has publlshed Lhe resulLs of Lhe
London eSafeLy survey. AlLhough underLaken lasL year, Lhe resulLs of
over 17,000 chlldren Look conslderable Llme Lo analyse and we are
graLeful Lo ÞeLer 1wlnlng from Lhe Cpen unlverslLy boLh for hls advlce
and supporL from a Þhd sLudenL.

LCfL has publlshed Lhe presenLaLlon, Pelen Warner from 38M LducaLlon
ÞarLners and ChrlsLlan SmlLh from SLrlcLly LducaLlon - boLh members of
Lhe LCfL eSafeLy 8oard, gave aL 8L11 Lhls year.

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• Cverwhelmlngly, mosL chlldren are havlng fun onllne and Lhey
experlence llLLle of concern and do noL puL Lhemselves aL rlsk.
• LsafeLy LducaLlon ls havlng lmpacL, buL malnly on kS2.
• ?3-6 ls a waLershed perlod.
• Pome ls where young people have mosL access and face rlsks, only
llkely Lo lncrease wlLh wldenlng moblle access.
• Schools' access ls lmporLanL, and could perhaps be lmproved.
• Cnllne bullylng ls a slgnlflcanL lssue for Lhose affecLed.
• Cender sLereoLypes are sLrong onllne.
• SlgnlflcanL numbers of boys are playlng age lnapproprlaLe games.
• Plgh rlsk behavlours dlsplayed by c3°.
• 8oys are as much aL rlsk as glrls.
• ÞarenLs' knowledge ls very lmporLanL.

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• Lmbed an eSafeLy programme LhroughouL all years and ensure puplls
know how Lo reporL concerns or lssues.
• Model good behavlour.
• lf ln London - use Lhe LCfL for resources, pollcy and currlculum
• llnd ouL abouL Lhe chlldren ln your own class / seLLlng.
• 1ackle gender lssues, carlng and relaLlonshlps wlLhln currlculum (e.g.
• vlolence ln gamlng - explore opLlons for geLLlng sLudenLs engaged ln
pro-soclal experlences.
• Access - conslder use of afLer school ºcompuLlng clubs".
• keep parenLs advlsed wlLh eSafeLy advlce LhroughouL Lhe year.
• never over reacL or lgnore reporLs - make sure you have sLaff

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• 1alk wlLh your chlld abouL whaL Lhey do onllne.
• WlLh younger (prlmary) puplls - keep Lhe compuLer ln a shared area.
• MonlLor Lhe games and vldeos your chlld plays Lo ensure age
approprlaLe or LhaL Lhe messages ln Lhem are sound.
• uo noL assume LhaL rlsks are less because chlldren are younger.
• Lnable parenLal conLrols and conslder younger and mosL vulnerable
users on shared devlces where posslble.
• never over reacL or lgnore reporLs and seek help from school sLaff or
onllne parenLal supporL.

Lessons have been learnL from Lhe 2013 survey and Lhe eSafeLy group
wlll be maklng changes Lo Lhe 2013 edlLlon.
1he presenLaLlon can be found aL: hLLp://www.lgfl.neL/esafeLy/Þages/L-

helen.warner[ | chrlsLlan.smlLh[