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New Yoik, Apiil 2S, 2u1S

Inteinational migiation is the main topic of the 46th Session of the Commission on
Population anu Bevelopment (CPB46), being helu fiom Apiil 22-26 in New Yoik
City. The feminist oiganizations in this meeting uenounce the global tenuency to omit
the integiality of human iights.

In spaces of inteinational negotiation, some human iights aie piioiitizeu ovei othei
human iights. This ultimately iepiouuces, within the 0niteu Nations system anu in the
uiscussions between State Paities, the seveie human iights violations that aie
supposeu to be eiauicateu. This situation iestiains auvances towaius the iecognition
of human iights foi eveiyone.

At CPB46, nations acknowleuge human iights in theii uiscouise, but iefuse to
guaiantee the piovision of seivices to migiant people, that woulu enable them to
exeicise theii iights. Countiies fiom the noith claim theii willingness to acknowleuge
sexual anu iepiouuctive iights, but only as a stiategy to shift the focus of the
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uiscussion away fiom the issue of guaianteeing human iights foi migiant people
within theii teiiitoiies. Countiies fiom the south stanu up foi the piomotion of
human iights of migiant people, but iefuse to acknowleuge sexual anu iepiouuctive
iights. 0ltimately, what lies beneath is the manipulation of women´s human iights,
incluuing sexual anu iepiouuctive iights, which have become the baigaining chip in
inteinational negotiations.

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1. uoveinments of the woilu who aie baigaining human iights of migiant people
anu thus uamaging the univeisality, integiality, poitability anu inuivisibility of
these iights. In paiticulai, uevelopeu countiies aie piioiitizing theii economic
inteiests ovei human iights.
2. The iefusal to incluue in the uocument the commitment of states to pioviue
compiehensive seivices foi euucation anu sexual health anu iepiouuctive
S. The low piofile of iepiesentation of goveinments, as well as the exclusion of
civil society -especially of migiants' human iights uefenueis anu
oiganizations- in official uelegations.
4. The alliance of some states fiom Latin Ameiica anu the Caiibbean with
countiies that aie openly opposeu to the iecognition of human iights of
women. Such is the case of Nicaiagua anu uuatemala, who auheieu to the
pioposal of Iian anu Qatai to eliminate eveiy mention in the final iesolution of
health anu sexual anu iepiouuctive iights.
S. Biazil, which useu to be veiy active in the uefense of human iights at the
0niteu Nations, is not giving any piioiity to the issues of sexual anu
iepiouuctive iights.

It is impoitant to acknowleuge the effoits maue by some countiies to guaiantee the
iights of migiants. Bowevei, this is not enough if we want to move foiwaiu in
guaianteeing the piogiessiveness of human iights.

In the face of this scenaiio, we expiess oui ueep concein foi the possible backlash that
the CPB46 Resolution might biing to the iecognition anu commitments to the iights of
migiant populations anu especially women.

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