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BEFORE OPERATING: The Aurand MP Pneumatic Tool has been thoroughly tested and shipped complete, but DO NOT

attempt to operate without reading the following instructions. 1. The air line must have automatic filtering and lubrication. The compressed air to the motor must be free of moisture and dirt or damage will occur. The equipment must be capable of handling at least 42 cu. ft. of air per minute at 90 lbs. air pressure. 2. Connect to air line, using a minimum 3/8” inside diameter hose. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Wear safety glasses and hearing protection. 2. Grasp both handles and raise front of tool from surface. 3. Squeeze trigger and allow cutters to come up to speed before applying to surface. 4. Using both hands, guide tool in a forward and backward motion to assure complete coverage. Let weight of tool do the work. Never apply pressure as this will slow down motor speed and cause damage to motor, gears, and cutter bundles. DEPTH ADJUSTMENT: When adjustment is required to compensate for cutter wear: 1. Loosen SCREW (7M) 2. Move DEPTH SHOE (6M) up or down as required. (Cutters should have play in them when touching work surface) 3. Tighten SCREW (7M) CUTTER BUNDLE REPLACEMENT: 1. Install COTTER PIN & WASHER (28M) on both ends of SPINDLE (24M-1 or 24ME-1). Cutter tips must point in direction of rotation. 2. Slide CUTTER BUNDLE (90M) and CUTTER BUNDLE FELT (29M) from SPINDLE. 3. Slide new CUTTER BUNDLE FELT & CUTTER BUNDLES on SPINDLE. CUTTER TIPS must point in direction of rotation. 4. Install COTTER PINS & WASHER on both ends of SPINDLE.


LUBRICATION: Check oil (1245) in Gear Housing after every 8 hours of operation. Remove Screw (4M). With tool sitting level add 1245 Oil through hole. Then replace SCREW & PLUG.




90 p.s.i.g. (6.2 bar/620kPa)



Wear hearing protection when operating this tool.

Wear eye protection when operating or performing maintenance on this tool.

Do not overreach when operating this tool. Keep body stance balanced and firm

Operate at 90 p.s.i.g. (6.2 bar/620kPa) maximum air pressure

Turn off air supply and disconnect air supply hose before installing, removing or adjusting any accessory on this tool, or before performing any maintenance on this tool.

Do not use damaged, frayed, or deteriorated air hoses and fittings.

Parts List & Operating Instructions

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Aurand has manufactured exclusively in the USA since 1937.

Tube) . Worm Shaft 17M Screw. Handle 17MP Trigger 18MP Gasket 21MP Bearing Retainer 25MP Worm Wheel 29MP Motor Housing 41MP Rear Plate 42MP Ball Bearing 43MP Spacer Washer 45MP Gasket 46MP Rotor Blade 47MP Cylinder 48MP Rotor 49MP Shaft 50MP Front Plate 56MP Trigger Pin 62MP Jet 64MP Weight 65MP Pin 66MP Plunger Head 68MP Plunger Stem 69MP Spring 70MP Rotor Key 79MP-1 Handle 79MP-2 Handle Support 79MP-3 Axle 1245 Oil (8 oz. Worm Shaft 90M Cutter Bundle 90ME Cutter Bundle (Not Shown) 24M-1 Spindle 24ME-1 Spindle (Not Shown) 26M Worm Wheel Key 27M Ball Bearing 28M Washer & Key 29M Cutter Bundle Felt 30M-1 Guard 30ME-1 Guard (Not Shown) 31M Guard Screw & Washer 32M Housing & Bering Plate 33M Screw & Washer 76M Cotter Pin 78M Side Gasket Plate 79M Shaft Seal 80M Rear Bearing Gasket 81M Side PLate Seal Screw 85M Wheel 86M Washer 87M Stop Nut 1MP Valve Plug 2MP Taper Plug 3MP Screen 5MP Valve Rod 7MP Hub 9MP Valve Spring 10MP Dowel Pin 11MP Adapter 12MP Handle 13MP Worm 14MP Gasket 16MP Screw.19M 65MP 66MP 42MP 64MP 43MP 7MP 56MP 17MP 2MP 10MP 31M 32M 11MP 3MP 18MP 12MP 5MP-1 769 9MP 14MP 1MP 79MP-1 79MP-2 664 86M 85M 85M 79MP-3 28M 19M 81M 79MP-2 87M 62MP 45MP 31M 86M 29M 21MP 80M 26M 14M 13MP 16M 17M 29MP 4M 5M 7M 27M 79M 78M 31M 3M 16MP 69MP 68MP 64MP 65MP 27M 47MP 49MP 48MP 50MP 15M 29M 28M 46MP 90M 78M 79M 27M 24M-1 25MP 26M 6M 30M-1 2M-1 31M 41MP 1040V-14 1043-V5 90M 1087 PART NUMBERS 664 Screw 769 Ball Valve 1087 Handle Grip 1040V-14 Screw 1043V-5 L’ Washer 2M-1 Spade Handle 3M Handle Screw & washer 4M Oil Screw 5M Plug 6M Depth Shoe 7M Shoe Screw 14M Worm Key 15M Ball Bearing-Worm 16M Washer.