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Portfolio Presentation Problem



Annotate: 4 t.

Mr. Brown loves going on destination vacations. One time he went to Alaska to visit his brother and did an array of activities. The gra h starts when Mr. Brown left his brothers ho!se. Mr. Brown left his brothers ho!se at "#$%& feet above sea level and took a hike ! to the to of a mo!ntain that was &# '(& ft above sea level. After his ho!r and a half break he went straight to the Ocean to go snorkeling. )e co!ldn*t stay too long so he was only diving aro!nd "$% ft !ndersea level. +oon after the dive Mr. Brown went to back to his brother*s ho!se to catch ! on a nice mid,day na . -hat is the total distance Mr. Brown traveled on this artic!lar day. +how and /0 lain yo!r work.



-riting 1/0 lanation2

N!mbers 13alc!lations2



Pict!re 15ra h# 6iagram# etc.2 The gra h on the front shows at what elevation Mr. Brown was at d!ring his activities. The gra h also shows how long he did each activity. 7e,ill!strate the gra h that was shown in the roblem bo0 and correctly label each line of the gra h with where Mr. Brown was and what he was doing. 18o! m!st also label the diagonal lines2.


Goals for Portfolio Presentations

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Presenters Goals Annotate or identify the important numbers, words, and phrases in the problem Write an explanation that answers an open response question. The explanation must include a problem solving technique. Show all the calculations needed to answer the question. All the calculations should be presented logically and in order with the final answer correctly labeled. llustrate your answer by using diagrams, graphs and pictures. . llustrations should be clearly labeled

Presenters !riting

4 "xplanation is concise, accurate, and uses appropriate math vocabulary




"xplanation are somewhat "xplanation are not concise, "xplanation is wrong concise, mostly accurate, and many inaccuracies, and uses and uses no math uses some math vocabulary little math vocabulary vocabulary more than one calculation is no calculations are incorrect and answers are not correct and answers labeled are not labeled llustrations show little information and incorrectly labeled no llustration

#alculating calculations are correct one calculation is incorrect and answers are correctly and answers are correctly labeled labeled llustrating llustrations display correct llustrations display some information and correctly correct information and labeled correctly labeled