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 A muscle stimulation treatment used for lifting, firming, relaxing and smoothing muscles. It is mainly used as an anti-ageing treatment for the prevention of fine lines or the correction of lines already present. Also, beneficial as a corrective treatment after illness, such as bell palsy.

Skin Type /Condition
 All skin type unless contraindicated



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General Effect  Mechanical and also chemical due to the Desincrustation and Iontophoresis treatments Current  Modified Direct Current  Low frequency of 0.6 Hz and a pressure of 50 volts.  This current is applied using 2 electrodes to create a circuit, these stimulate a sense organ within the muscle (Golgi tendon) helping to firm and tone the muscle Client Sensation  Metallic taste  Slight tingling  Flashing in the eyes Probe Movements 1. Slide (relax muscle) ← . muscle .→ Both probes start at the point on the bulk of the muscle and move away from each other. 2. Grab (tighten) Origin . → ← . Insertion One probe is stationary at the origin of the muscle, the other is placed on the insertion of the muscle, pressure is placed towards the origin puckering the tissues. Both probes are stationary at this point for the duration of the movement (lifting the muscle). 3. Glide (lift and smooth) (towards) . ← or . → (away) One probe is stationary on the origin of the muscle, the other probe moves towards it with a gliding movement (shortening or moves away (stretching)).

Benefits  Anti-ageing –rejuvenate and recontour clients muscles as soft tissue is stimulated and muscle is toned  Correct sagging muscles  Refines fine lines and wrinkles Special Effects  Stimulates circulation  Stimulates production of collagen  Stimulates healing on a cellular level- great for stretch marks and scars tissue  Increases cells permeability – allowing nutrients into the cells and easy removal of waste  Lifted and toned muscles

             Metal plates and pins Pacemaker Heart conditions Epilepsy Diabetes Cancer Pregnancy Neuritis (Inflammation of nerve) New scar tissue or recent operation Recent botox injections Recent collagen implants Facial implants Muscle relaxant medication

  Check for contraindication Water is placed safely away from the electrical machine  Check machine in safe working order  Keep electrode in contact with client skin at all time  Cotton tips and sponges must kept moist Golgi tendon  Presented in every muscle and is responsible for keeping the muscle toned and healthy.  It protects the muscle against tendons breaking and rupturing by preventing excessive contraction.  If excessive tension is present it responds by causing the muscle to relax

Electrical Information / Time 1. Mains on indicator /start button 2. Treatment indicator sequence a. Stand by b. Cleanse -3mins Black lead (-) with special sponges c. Circulation – 10mins d. Lymph Drainage – 10mins e. Contour lifting – 15mins f. Contour lifting – 15mins g. Iontophoresis h. 5mins Black lead (-) i. pH regulator j. 2mins Black lead (+) 3. Intensity dial 4. Outlet for electrodes:  sponges for cleansing, iontophoresis and ph regulator and cotton tips for other treatments.