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Direct / Sparking: Oxygen ionizes due to the gap between the electrode and the skin tissues which then creates Ozone. (HF + Oxygen = Ozone) Indirect A current is generated by high rate of oscillations (cycles) per second which then caused friction of water molecules within the skin tissue.

Electrical Information
    Alternating (Oscillation) Current Oscillation rate from 20,000250,000 Hz Frequency = Measure of Hertz (Hz) per second Hz = Unit to measure the frequency of the number of wavelength pass through per second. Electrodes – Mushroom, Neck, Rake, Fulgurator & Saturator. Metal plates & pins Pacemakers Heart Conditions Cancers (Abnormal tissues) Diabetes Epilepsy Asthma (ozone can precipitate attack) Thrombosis Pregnancy Open cuts or abrasion & sunburn Extreme vascular conditions – due to increase warmth & stimulation Jewellery

High Frequency Or Tesla Current

General Effect
  Thermal effect. No Mechanical effect

Specific Effects & Benefits
Direct  Anti-bacterial and germicidal due to Ozone production, Increased cellular metabolism, Dries and regulates sebum flow & Desquamation encourage skin shedding on scar tissue. Indirect  Relaxes client, Soothes nerve endings, Creates warmth, Increase circulation – increase metabolism, Improves skin texture due to desquamation, Encourage product absorption & Increases elimination of waste products due to increase of skin temperature.

           

Gases  Neon = Orange  Argon = Violet /Purple

Used for how long?
Sparking  8 taps on local areas & not lifted higher than 7mm. Direct  5-7 mins using small circular movement.  Gauze should be placed over electrode to create gap Indirect  10-15mins using Viennese massage with effleurage movement & NO tapotement.

         Sharp/soft or Hot/cold sensitive test All jewellery taken off NO WATER around area Feet flat on floor No contact with other metal (bed frame or trolley) Do not lifted Sparking electrode higher than 7mm Use gauze to create gap for Direct H/F treatment No tapotement movement for Indirect H/F treatment Remove INDEX FINGER OFF client face

Skin Type /Condition
Sparking Pustular skin. Direct Oily, pustular skin. Indirect Mature & dry skin.

Application Methods 1. Ensure machine is swithed off or on zero before the electr ode is in contact with client’s skin, 2. Then turn dial to the intensity which client is comfortable, 3. Turned back to zero before removing electrode from client. OR 1. Start the machine at a minimum level and place your (therapist) forefinger on the glass electrode, 2. Then position the electrode on client’s face before removing your forefinger from the electrode & increase the level which client is comfortable, 3. On completion of treatment, lower the intensity to minimum, replace your finger on the electrode & remove from client’s skin and then switched off the machine. C/my document/teresa/beauty training material/advanced facial treatments/high frequency/19/7/2008