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Direct current used to deep cleanse or infuse water soluble substances into the unbroken skin. Iontophoresis Infusing specialized water soluble products that are repelled into the unbroken skin. Desincrustation Deep cleansing treatment used to remove sebum and dead skin cells. Body Galvanism Uses sodium chloride to disperse hard fat.

Electrical Information
   Constant Direct Current Low voltage of up to 100 volts Three devices: 1. Transformer - reduces voltage 2. Rectifier – changes AC to DC 3. Capacitor – smooth out any irregularites Two electrodes: 1. Active – therapist 2. Inactive – client Tingling sensation and metallic taste Metal plates and pins Pacemakers Heart conditions High or Low blood pressures Thrombosis Cancer Diabetes Epilepsy Rosacea or Erythema Open cuts and wounds Skin diseases and infections Loss of skin sensation


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General Effect
Like charges repel and Opposite charges attract Chemical Effect – due to the polarity change, chemical reaction occurs within the pH as the direct current reacts with the sodium salts in the body. Cathode (-) → Anaphoresis  Alkaline effect  Changed to Sodium hydroxide Anode (+) → Cataphoresis  Acidic effect  Changed to Hydrochloric Acid

Cathode (-) Anaphoresis  Alkaline reaction  Open pores, warms skin tissues, stimulates nerves, vasodilation, increase circulation, breaks down acid mantle, enables saponification, breaks down keratin, drying effect on skin & produces sodium hydroxide. Anode (+) Cataphoresis  Acidic reaction  Closes pores, soothes nerves, vasoconstriction, decreases circulation, hardens tissues, warms tissues, restores acid mantle & produces hydrochloric acid.

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Used for how long?
Iontophoresis  Anaphoresis: 2-3mins  Cataphoresis: 5-7mins  Use toner or O2 uptake for both procedures. Desincrustation  Anaphoresis: 5-7mins  Use scaling fluid for anaphoresis  Extraction after removal of scaling fluid  Cataphoreses: 2-3mins  Use toner or O2 uptake for cataphoresis to rebalance skin.

         Check for contraindication Perform sharp/soft test Remove jewellery Keep skin moist during treatment Inactive electrode must be wrapped in gauze Ensure client is comfortable with the level of intensity Intensity must always be reduced to zero before removing electrode Intensity should not exceed 3 mA Keep active electrode moving over the skin at all time

Skin Type/Condition
Iontophoresis Infused water soluble products into the following skin conditions  Dehydrated  Sensitive  After electrolysis Desincrustation Deep cleansing and removal of excess sebum for the following skin  Oily  Congested / Clogged skin  Acne

Anaphoresis – pushing (-) ions towards (+) polarity = creates alkaline effect Cathode (-), the active electrode which therapist hold ↔ pushing anions (+) ↔ towards Anode (+) the inactive electrode which client holds = chemical reaction = Sodium hydroxide Cataphoresis – pushing (+) ions towards (-) polarity = creates acidic effect Anode (+), the active electrode which therapist hold ↔ pushing cations (-) ↔ towards Cathode (-) the inactive electrode which client holds= chemical reaction = Hydrochloric acid c/my document/teresa/beauty training materials/advanced facial treatments/19/7/2008