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Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is used to obtain muscle contraction to improve muscle tone. Passive exercise Isometric exercise no joint movement

Electrical Information
A main control switch Pulse Sequence 1. Biphasic 2. Monophasic 3. Biphasic irregular 4. Monophasic irregular Contraction: 2.5 seconds Relaxation: 3.0 seconds Frequency: 120Hz = Strength 60Hz - Slow pulses penetrate deeply and suits deep muscles 90Hz - Average depth 120Hz - Facial muscles Pulse Width: 90 =Depth of surging current Timer: 20mins per session Pads: Black = Cathode (-) = Insertion Red = Anode (+) = Orgin

Interrupted or Surged current Low intensity but Long duration to produce a contraction Low frequency between 10120 Hz


General Effect
Mechanical Effect

Specific Effects & Benefits

Stimulation of motor nerves results in contraction Improves skin circulation, skin texture, tone and colour Increases metabolic rate Stimulates sensory nerve Produces vasodilation and erythema under the pads Improves facial contours Increases nutrients and oxygen Speeds up the removal of waste products No water near the machine Check for contraindication Sharp/soft sensitivity test Apply conducting gel to electrode Apply electrode as close to motor point as possible Intensity should be turned off before moving electrode to the next area Increase current only during contraction phase Re-adjust electrode only during relaxation phase

Muscle injuries or spasm Muscle fatigue Lack of skin sensation Metal plates and pins Epilepsy or nervous disorders Heart conditions and Thrombosis Pacemakers Cancer Diabetes Pregnancy Hypersensitive skin Varicose veins Broken bones Skin Types / Conditions All skin types unless contraindicated. Poor Muscle Contraction Large quantity of adipose tissue Oil left on skin Intensity is too low Insufficient gel on electrode Muscle fatigue Faulty connections on machine or leads Electrode not firmly in contact with skin Incorrect positioning of electrodes Pulse frequency & width not set correctly.

Electrode Pads Setting

Monophasic Regular (Face) Electrical pulses pass only in one direction going form (-) (+) Negative pad has stronger contraction than positive pad Biphasic Regular (Body) Current travels back and forth to both (-) & (+)

Used for how long? 20mins per session 8 contraction per muscle Increase current only during contraction phase Re-adjust the electrode only during relaxation phase Must treat both side of face Monophasic Regular (face) Motor Point Muscles 1. Sterno cleido mastoid 2. Platysma 3. Masseter 4. Depressors 5. Risorius / Buccinator 6. Zygomaticus & Levators 7. Orbicularis Occuli 8. Frontalis and Corrugator


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