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1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 5.1 5.1.1 5.1.2 5.1.3 5.1.4 5.1.5 5.1.6 5.1.7 5.1.8 5.1.9 5.1.10 5.1.11 6.0 7.0 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 8.0 Introduction Technical Data Controls Function Operation Function Selection Using Password Setting Rapper Times Setting Real Time Starting and stopping a Rapper Starting and stopping a rapper manually Setting Program set no. Checking the Rapper Times Checking the Real Time Checking the RAPCON-24 Address Checking the Program set NO. Alarm Action Standby System Messages RAPCON-24:MASTER Key Board Timeout 2004.04.25 09:10,40 Input Out of Range! Fault Finding




RAPCON-24 (Rapper Controller) is a microprocessor-based unit that controls and surveys the operation of rapping motors in Electrostatic Precipitators. One RAPCON24 unit can control up to 24 rapping motors. RAPCON-24 starts and stops the rapping motors as programmed and will give an alarm if a rapping motor fails. RAPCON-24 is a component of BHEL’s Integrated Operating System (IOS), but can also be used as a stand alone unit. In BHEL’s Integrated Operating System a maximum of eight RAPCON-24s will communicate on a data link with other control units. From RAPCON-24 each rapping motor can be manually started or stopped during operation, without interfering with other rapping motors. The operation state of each rapping motor is indicated with light emitting diodes on the RAPCON-24 panel. The RAPCON-24 is pre-programmed with number of Rapping Sequences, any of which can be selected depending on the field failure condition of the Electrostatic Precipitator.


Technical data
280mm 180mm 210mm Weight Operation Temperature Storage Temperature ~8kg +5 to+50C 0 to +70C

Dimension Width Depth Height Cutout Width Height

255mm 180mm

Panel Protection

IP 54

Mains Requirement 24V10% (RAPCON-24 only) 50Hz 5%, 50VA All RAPCON-24 inputs & outputs are brought to screw type terminal strips via short (2.5m) Flat Ribbon cables

Inputs Outputs

:One for each rapping motor: (Opto coupled that acknowledge Rapping motor ON/OFF status.) : One for each rapping motor.(A relay contact. Closure operates the Contactor of the rapping motor.) Page. No.: 01

Communication link: 10mA, (balanced current loop.)

rappers on and off and password entries. 4. during setting and control of process times..20 08:10.Pushbutton for clearing the display e.0 Controls RAPCON-24 FRONT PANEL 2004. 2. ACTIVE . 7. STANDBY . 13. rapping motor numbers. CLEAR(OFF) . SET FUNCTION 12. Appropriate number lights when rapping is in programmed running . REMOTE 9.Pushbutton for selecting of LOCAL control . DISPLAY . or if the rapping motor stops during operation or rapping motor runs more than 10 mnts.for entering times. continuously in manual mode.Pushbutton for confirming commands and data entered 8.Rapping motor No.05. LOCAL 10. ERROR .Green LED that lights when the rapping motor is running.RED LED indicator to BLINK to show healthiness of the controller Page No. ENTER(YES) . MOTOR mode. after typing errors.RED LED indicator to show the unit is controlling the rapping motors 14.. alarm resets. ALIVE .Pushbutton for displaying the desired value. or before entering new values and for OFF commands 6.3.Alphanumeric display that presents the functions.30 ALIVE ACTIVE 01 02 03 ERROR 1 7 4 1 ON OFF 8 5 2 0 9 6 3 ENTER YES SET FUNCTION 2 `3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 MOTOR RUNNING STANDBY 13 12 11 10 09 08 ERROR 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 LOCAL MOTOR RUNNINGCLEAR REMOTE RAPCON-24 04 05 06 07 1.Numeric pushbutton also used for ON commands 5.RED LED that lights if the rapping motor does not start within 3 secs. password etc. 3. RUNNING .Pushbutton ON/OFF selection of standby . 11. 1(ON) . After start order. set value etc. 02 .g.Pushbutton for selection of control by Integrated Operating System . Numerical Pushbuttons .

RAPCON-24 gives a relay contact closure to order a rapping motor start. RAPCON24 has three timers for each rapping motor. This will also occur if the rapping motor should stop during the set run time.0 Function RAPCON-24 controls and monitors the operation of up to 24 rapping motors. minutes). so that start time.4. R R R S G G G G G G S – Start time (reset every 24 hour) R – Repetion time G – Run time Timer operation principle. The start time is set in actual clock time (hour. The repetition time is set in hours and minutes and the run time is set in minutes and seconds.(Only one rapper shown) Page No. 03 . an ERROR alarm will be obtained and the rapping motor will be switched off. If the rapping motor has not acknowledged the start order within 3 secs. repetition time run time can be independently set for each rapper.

SET AUTO ON/OFF? 5. SET REAL TIME? FFFFF SET AUTO ON/OFF? 4. PASSWORD? 2. PASSWORD? SET RAPPER TIMES? 1. while others require the RAPCON-24 to be in LOCAL mode.0 5. SET RAPPER TIMES? SET REAL TIME? 3.1 Operation Function Selection Function selection and settings are both made interactively using the RAPCON-24 pushbuttons and the display.5. and will appear as text on the display. 04 .2 to 6) Only permits access if the password is answered correctly. The first event operation from (no. Some function can be used during operation. NEXT FUNCTION NO = 1. EVENT/OPERATION PUSHBUTTON DISPLAY Push the “SET FUNCTION” Push button SET FUNCTION And you will get “NEXT FUNCTION NO =” where you can select the function you went to use. SET MANUAL ON/OFF? SET MANUAL ON/OFF? Page No. The following are available.

when you are at “NEXT FUNCTION No. SET PROGRAMSET NO? DISPLAY TIMES? 7. Method A: Jump directly to a specific Function by entering the Number of the function you Want NEXT FUNCTION NO = 7 NEXT FUNCTION NO =7 You confirm the selection With “ENTER (YES)” Pushbutton.SET PROGRAMSET NO? 6. RESET ALARM? RESET ALARM? SET MOTOR LABEL? 12. DISPLAY TIMES? DISPLAY REAL TIME? 8.=”. ENTER YES 7 DISPLAY TIMES? Page No. SET MOTOR LABEL? There are two methods to reach a function. RAPCON-24 ADDRESS? 11. 03 Page No. PROGRAMSET NO? RAPCON-24 ADDRESS? 10.05 . DISPLAY REAL TIME? PROGRAMSET NO? 9.

LOCAL NOTE: To reach function no. LOCAL Push the pushbutton LOCAL so that the Light Emitting Diode In the pushbutton light.06 . 1 to 6 the RAPCON-24 must be in LOCAL mode. Page No. You will automatically Get function No. 7 DISPLAY TIMES? SET FUNCTION 8 DISPLAY REAL TIME? NOTE: To reach a function with Function no.Method B: NEXT FUNCTION NO = SET FUNCTION Step from function to Function by pushing The “SET FUNCTION” Pushbutton repeatedly Until desired function Is obtained. 2 to 6 also have to answer the password.2 after Answering the password.

1 Using Password This function will only appear if the RAPPER is in LOCAL mode. e. ENTER YES Give the Password code.1. PASSWORD = 1 2 3 4 Confirm by pushing the ENTER (YES) pushbutton. Consisting of 4 numbers. EVENT/OPERATION PUSHBUTTON DISPLAY 1 PASSWORD? Push the pushbutton ENTER (YES) and “PASSWORD=”appears on the display.5. On the numerical pushButton. The Password is factory set and there is on provision to set a new Password.2 to 6. 07 PASSWORD = **** .g. To know the set Password refer Appendix-A Password is required to reach the set function of no. ENTER YES Page No.

The display answers with START TIME =hh:mm. 2 RAPPER NO: 2 …. ENTER YES RAPPER NO Give the desired rapper no. ENTER YES START TIME =09.01 as default. And push the “ENTER (YES)” pushbutton. (1-24) On the numerical pushbuttons. During Power ON.(Ref. 08 .1. CLEAR OFF START TIME = Page No.00 Press “CLEAR (OFF)” Pushbutton to erase the Old time. Set times will be valid until you set new times or charge the Program Set No. In this function you set the different times for each motor. The function SET PROGRAMSET NO.).5. The rapper motor will not start to operate according to set time if the rapper is not selected in AUTO ON. EVENT/OPERATION PUSHBUTTON DISPLAY 2 SET RAPPER TIMES? Push the “ENTER (YES)” Pushbutton. all the times will be set as per the Program Set No.2 Setting Rapper Times Refer the function “Using Password” also.

To change the run time do the same as for setting time Valid value is 00:01 to 59:59 To leave the SET RAPPER TIMES Press “SET FUNCTION” pushbutton Until next function appears. If you want to change the Repeat time(hh:mm).run time (mm:ss) will appear on the display. Valid value is 00:00 to 23:59 0 9 2 7 Confirm by pushing “ENTER (YES)” Pushbutton. Valid value Is 00:01 to 24:00 Otherwise push “ENTER (YES)” Pushbutton and……. ENTER Repeat time Will appear on the Display.Give the new time by The numerical pushbuttons. YES START TIME = 09:27 RAPEAT TIME = 00:06 ENTER YES RUN TIME = 00:00 . do the same As for the setting time.. SET FUNCTION Page No.09 .

10 .15 Press CLEAR (OFF) to erase The old date and…… CLEAR OFF SET DATE: .15 If you want to change date push The “ENTER (YES)” push button Again.5.1.01. . ENTER YES 10:23. Push the “ENTER (YES)” push Button and the display shows The real date and time. ENTER YES SET REAL TIME? 1995. Page No.45 SET DATE 1995.3 Setting Real Time Refer the function “ Using Password” also EVENT/OPERATION PUSHBUTTON DISPLAY 3.01.

27 Confirm by pushing “ENTER (YES)” Pushbutton. If you want to change the time. do The same as for setting date.01.11 . 1 9 2 7 SET DATE 1995.…. SET FUNCTION Page No. ENTER YES Set time will appear on the display. SET TIME 10:24. If you don’t want to change The date push “ENTER (YES)” pushButton for the next function.12 To leave the SET REAL TIME press “SET FUNCTION” pushbutton until next function appears.give new date by the numerical pushbuttons.

1. During power ON. ENTER YES RAPPER NO 2 OFF Push the “1(ON)” Pushbutton for ON. the rapper has been shut off.) EVENT/OPERATION PUSHBUTTON DISPLAY 4 SET AUTO ON/OFF? Push the “ENTER (YES)” pushbutton. The rapper will now stop & Start according to set new times & The “MOTOR NO” on RAPCON-24 Panel ligts..and push the “ENTER (YES)” Pushbutton.12 . CLEAR OFF RAPPER NO 2 OFF Page No. the motors As per the project configuration will be set ON. The display now Replies with ON or OFF. as default. (Refer Appendix-A.e. This function allows the operator to set the required rapping motors in auto sequencing (as per the rapping program set) mode.5. 1 ON RAPPER NO 2 ON Push the “ CLEAR (OFF)” PushButton for OFF. ENTER YES Give the desired rapper number (1 – 24) on the numerical push-button…… RAPPER NO 2 RAPPER NO 2 ….4 Starting and stopping a rapper Refer the function “Using Password” also. The rapper will Not any longer operate according To set times i.

independent of set times. Now the rapper is set to AUTO ON .13 . EVENT/OPERATION PUSHBUTTON DISPLAY RAPPER NO Push the “ENTER (YES)” pushbutton.and push the “ENTER (YES)” Pushbutton. ENTER YES Give the desired rapper number (1 – 24) on the numerical push-button…… 2 ….(start) The rapper will now Start running continuously until you push the CLEAR (OFF) push button for OFF (stop) . RAPPER NO 2 ENTER YES RAPPER NO 2 OFF 1 ON Push the “1(ON)” Pushbutton for ON.To have the SET AUTO ON/OFF Press the “SET FUNCTION” pushButton until next function appears. If manual runtime exceeds 10 minutes an alarm will appear as warning.1. SET FUNCTION 5.5 Starting and stopping a Rapper Manually Refer to the function “Using Password” also. In this function you can start a rapper manually. the rapper continues to operate according to set times RAPPER NO 2 ON Page No. After start the Rapper will run continuously until it is shut off and if the Rapper is set to AUTO ON it continues to operate according to ser time. The display now Replies with ON or OFF.

= 2 Page No.. Any desired program set among the available program sets can be selected.) CLEAR OFF 2 PROGRAMSET NO .e. CLEAR OFF RAPPER NO 2 OFF To have the SET MANUAL ON/OFF Press the “SET FUNCTION” pushButton until next function appears. (for X ref.14 . 01 is loaded as default set number. repeat time and run time of all the rappers are replaced with the set of new times as per the selected program set. By pressing the numerical pushbutton. the rapper has been shut off. Maximum Set Nos. During power ON the PROGRAM SET No. The existing start time .programmed with number of program sets to operate the RAPCON depending upon the ESP field availability. Valid value is 1 to X.give new program set no.. The rapper will Not any longer operate according To set times i.6 Setting Program Set No. Refer the function Using Password also The RAPCON is pre. SET FUNCTION 5.1. According the rappers are switched over to new timings with out any disturbance to the ESP operation. in Appendix-B. ENTER YES PROGRAMSET NO = 1 Push the “CLEAR(OFF)” PUSHButton to erase old program set On.Push the “ CLEAR (OFF)” PushButton for OFF. EVENT/OPERATION PUSHBUTTON DISPALY 6 SET PROGRAMEST NO ? Push the “ENTER(YES)”pushButton.. And.

Confirm by pushing “ENTER(YES)” Pushbutton.7 Checking the Rapper Times The function does not require password. EVENT/OPERATION PUSHBUTTON DISPLAY 7 DISPLAY TMES? Push the “ENTER(YES)” PushButton ENTER YES RAPPER NO = Give the desired rapper no.1. 2 RAPPER NO =2 …and push the “ENTER(YES)” pushbutton. ENTER YES STSART TIME = 00:00 To continue push the “ENTER (YES)” pushbutton ENTER YES ENTER YES RAPEAT TIME = 00:06 Page No. SET FUNCTION 5. 15 . The display now replies with START TIME= hh:mm. ENTER YES To leave the SET PROGRAMSET Function pushbutton next function Appears.(1-24) On the numerical pushbutton.

To leave DISPLAY REAL TIME press SET FUNCTION Pushbutton until next function Appears. To leave the DISPLAY TIMES Press ”SET FUNCTION” pushButton until next function appears.15 The display then shows the Real date and time.15 10:35.8 Checking the Real Time This function does not require any password. EVENT/OPERATION PUSHBUTTON DISPLAY 8 DISPLAY REAL TIME? Push the “ENTER(YES)” pushbutton ENTER YES 1995.The display now replies with REPEAT RIME =hh:mm ENTER YES RUN TIME = 01: 00 The display now replies with N RIME =mm:ss SET FUNCTION To continue push the “ENTER (YES)” pushbutton.1. 16 .01. 5. SET FUNCTION Page No.

The RAPCON-24 Address is set using DIP switch (SWI) provided in the CPU card of the RAPCON-24. SET FUNCTION NOTE: RAPCON-24 address is required to be set when the RAPCON-24 is communicating with BHEL’s Integrated Operating System.5. The following table shows the switch position for various addresses.9 Checking the RAPCON-24 address This function does not require any password EVENT/OPERATION PUSHBUTTON DISPLAY 9 RAPCON-24 ADDRESS? Push the “ENTER(YES)” pushbutton ENTER YES RAPCON-24 ADDRESS = 1 To leave the RAPCON-24 ADDRESS Press SET FUNCTION until next Function appears.1 Maximum Address Acceptable =16 1 2 3 4 OFF OFF OFF OFF ON OFF OFF OFF OFF ON OFF OFF Address Set at factory 1 ON ON OFF = OFF OFF OFF ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF OFF ON ON OFF ON ON ON OFF OFF OFF OFF ON ON OFF OFF ON OFF ON OFF ON ON ON OFF ON OFF OFF ON ON ON OFF ON ON OFF ON ON ON ON ON ON ON ADDRESS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Page No. Address set at factory .17 .1.

EVENT/OPERATION PUSHBUTTON DISPLAY 10 PROGRAM SET NO? Push the “ENTER(YES)” Pushbutton. 2 RAPPER NO. affected (1-24) on the numerical pushbuttons..1.11 Push the “ENTER(YES)” Pushbutton. Select function No.5.11 Alarm Actions This function does not require any password. 2 Page No. ENTER YES RAPPER NO 11 RESET ALARM? PUSHBUTTON DISPLAY Give the rapper no.10 Checking Program Set No. EVENT/OPERATION Note the type of alarm and What rappers are affected. press SET FUNCTION pushbutton until next Function appears.18 .1. To remedy the alarm refer To plant instruction manual. SET FUNCTION 5. ENTER YES PROGRAM SET NO = 1 To leave the PROGRAMSET NO.

ENTER YES MOTOR No:1 PASS-A CERM-1 Page No. To leave the RESET ALARM Press ”SET FUNCTION” push Button until the “NEXT FUNCTION =”appears on the Display. ENTER YES RAPPER NO 2 ALARM CLEAR OFF RAPPER NO 2 ------------ To reset the alarm push “CLEAR (OFF)” pushbutton.1.12 SET FUNCTION Set/View Motor label DISPLAY This function does not require password EVENT/OPERATION PUSHBUTTON Select function No.12 12 SET MOTOR LABEL? To VIEW Press “ENTER(YES)” Pushbutton. 19 . The display then changes from ALARM to------------.and the Summation alarm are reset. 5.Push the “ENTER(YES)” Pushbutton.

CLEAR OFF MOTOR No:1 (1) (2) (3) Press “1” to change ‘PASS’ information.Press “ENTER(YES)” to see next motor’s assignment (For every ENTER(YES) key press.4.3.5. EERM & EEGD. next motor label will be shown) ENTER YES MOTOR No:2 PASS-A CERM-2 To SET Select appropriate motor number using the above procedure Press “CLEAR(OFF)” Pushbutton. 1 ON MOTOR No:1 PASS-A ( 2 ) ( 3 ) 2 Press “2” to change ‘RAPPER TYPE’ information.1 Page No. The built-in motor numbers are 1. PASS-B PASS-C & PASS-D. “3” key can be pressed repeatedly to select one of those rapper number labels. 8. “2” key can be pressed repeatedly to select one of those rapper type labels.9.11 & 12. The built-in rapper types CERM.7.6.( 3 ) 3 Press “3” to change ‘RAPPER No’ information. MOTOR No:1 PASS-A CERM. “1” key can be pressed repeatedly to select one of those pass labels.2.20 .10. The built-in pass names are PASS-A. MOTOR No:1 PASS-A CERM.

0 Standby This operation requires password to be answered. STANDBY (Those rappers that for the moment run according to set run time will continue to operate until actual runtime is over and then they will stop) STANDBY Push the STANDBY pushbutton Once more to override the STANDBY mode. ENTER YES 6. The labels are saved in NVRAM to retain values even during power-off. (All rappers that have been set to AUTO ON will now continue to operate according to set times.After setting all three individual labels. Press “ENTER (YES)“ to save the change. EVENT/OPERATION PUSHBUTTON DISPLAY Push the STANBY pushbutton And Rappers will be shut off.) Page No.21 .

For subsequent resets. Rapper Labels Push the “SET FUNCTION” pushbutton and you will get “NEXTFUNCTION No=” in the display. Manual Mode 2. RAPCON-24 will start functioning only from stored set values. User entered rapper times 6. SET FUNCTION NEXT FUNCTION NO = Page No.7. Auto Mode 3. Real Time 5. 22 .1 RAPCON-24 : MASTER EVENT/OPERATION PUSHBUTTON DISPLAY During startup. VFD display will show “RAPCON-24 : MASTER” RAPCON-24 : MASTER ALIVE LED will start blinking & ACTIVE LED will glow if controller is active ( meant for redundancy) RAPCON-24 will start functioning based on default values (company set values) for the first time it is switched-on. The following are the list of parameters stored in NVRAM 1.0 System Messages 7. All operating parameters are stored in NVRAM (Non-Volatile RAM) to preserve the system status. Program Set Number 4.

23 . By pushing any key you will return To the previous display.2 KEYBOARD TIMEOUT EVENT/OPERATION PUSHBUTTON DISPLAY If no action has been performed by The operator during the last 2 minutes.20 10:15. KEYBOARD TIMEOUT 4 EVENT/OPERATION If no action has been performed During the last 2 minutes.01. The RAPCON-24 gives a timeout warning By the text ”KEYBORD TIMEOUT” In the display. PUSHBUTTON DISPLAY 1995.3 1995.17 By pushing the ”SET FUNCTION” Pushbutton you will get the display “NEXT FUNCTION No=” SET FUNCTION Page No.20 10:15. the RAPCON-24 times out with the Display “KEYBORD TIMEOUT” And operator doesn’t respond for the Next 2 minutes display shows the Real time and date.

Reset by pushing any key INPUT OUT OF RANGE! 4 Note: Key 4 is an example only.4 INPUT OUT OF RANGE! EVENT/OPERATION PUSHBUTTON DISPLAY All invalid values that are entered Via the keyboard will be indicated By the text “INPUT OUT OF RANGET!” falashing on the display.24 . Page No.7.

Motor ON command Is not excetended a. Change power supply and Dig.0 Faultfinding S. Power supply & Digital I/O card faulty. Break in serial loop b. I/O card faulty. if there is any problem correct it. Change the power supply and DIG. Check the loop and polarity.8. Digital Buffer Card faulty b. VF display faulty Change the VF display unit. b. Change the relay Card b. CPU card faulty Page No.No 01 FAULT Front panel Dark CAUSE a. Change the card Change the CPU card 03 Alpha-numerical Display dark. Change the CPU card. Check & correct the Mains power b. Mains power failure b. Relay Card faulty b. Check the Dats Communication card cable. Change Digital buffer Card b. I/O Card a.25 . 06 Serial Communication With other sub-units are Not established a. Power supply and DIG. I/O Card faulty a. 02 Key board LEDS Are blinking Faulty CPU card REMEDY a. If faulty change it. Power supply and Dig. I/O Card. 04 05 Rapper ERROR LED (s) are glowing permanently thought the commands are acknowledged by the respective motor Modules. a. a.

Serial Communication 2.Receive .0 RAPCON-24 General Scheme 1.S.& I/O CARD DATA COMMUNICATION RAPPER-24 REALY CARD DIGITAL BUFFER CARD 1 2 3 4 5 .Transmit . CONTROL BUS FLAT RIBBON CABLE DISPLAY CARD CPU CARD P. 24V AC(INPUT) 5. Digital Inputs .I/O.A DATA ADDRESS. Sum Alarm 4.External Annunciation 6 1. Serial Communicaiton 3.9. 26 . from Rapping Motors (Max 24) (FOR DETAILED SCHEME REFER TO THE RAPCON-24 PANEL WIRING DRAWING) Page No. Pontential free NO contact – To extend commands to Rapping Motors (Max 24) 6. Serial Communication -Receive RAPCON-24 APPENDIX .To receive ack.


F3………Indicates Field No Prg. Rapping frequency for GD rapping motor :___raps/hr PROGRAM SETS WITH RESPECT TO FIELD AVILABLITY 0=Field ON: 1=Field OFF.F2. Rapping frequency for emitting rapping :__raps/hr 2.APPENDIX-B RAPPING FREQUENCY CHART 1.Se t No 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 FIELD STATUS F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 RAPPING FREQUENCY F6 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 . F1. 3. Rapping frequency for last field collecting rapping motor : __raps/___ hr.

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