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Pragmatic Qigong: Unitarian thunder magic: Bodhi vs. Tao or Will vs.


8/30/13 1:43 PM




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Pragmatic Qigong: Unitarian thunder magic
Essentials of pragmatic qigong techniques and thunder magic
Saturday, May 5, 2012 Blog Archive

Bodhi vs. Tao or Will vs. Causal
To clear the air and eliminate a lot of confusion. The real main points of contention of specifically Buddhist viewpoint and Tao at least folk forms is this. There is the Individual will and the Divine will. When we say divine will this does not nessesarily imply a god for those atheists or less theological minded people out there. It means a nonindividuated will. You can understand this better in terms of the Oversoul and the Soul. The soul here means the Causal body the Oversoul is the Causal body of a collective. Like plants, animals and minerals we can form a tree and there could perhaps be a few "Oversouls" for a subgroup, group and so on. Thats all one (the lay) really needs to worry about. The problem with playing to the man-on-the-street is you not only have a language barrier but an intelligence barrier. Take for instance also the difference between the will (Zhi) and the will (Yi) using chinese terms. Luckily this one is not so difficult as the term Yi means the same in sanskrit as it does in the ancient chinese! This is the true significance of the bija YAM. It contains two important components. The "YI" and the root word AH. M generally represents silence so a mantram like AUM or YAM is really just AU or YA and the M is an extra component. There is a disagrement in the ordering of the bija mantras from school of thought to another. This is no consequence to my school of thought as we gain direct access to the infernal realms (lotus world) through the practice of dream yoga and the other "yogas of tibet" which are based on mongolian shamanism. The chinese just took things into more practical directions. Sanskrit and Mongolian are both agglunative languages. There is an issue going to chinese, the issue is one of grammar and syntax which are structural issues not conceptual. The yi is the yi no matter if it is sanskrit or chinese we can arrive at the same conclusion regardless of the terms we might be using. We have a clear methodology to approach things with. Now the chinese refer to the Zhi as the "will that cannot be willed" this is an interesting concept. I'll leave this in its abstract glory. The ancient chinese are making a distinction between a personal versus transpersonal will. The Zhi is *not* the divine will! This is the "black turtle" the Yi and the root vowel Ah are all coming from the same place! I found a text where the chinese refer to this specifically as the "spleen air". The spleen's element is earth and the earth is yellow and its shape is square this is the base of the stupha. The square can be extended into three dimensions and further into four dimensions thusly representing "perfected man". We cannot have a schema of the 4th dimension of spacetime and have any compatability here. I know lots of chinese that are self-described engineers, mathematicians even physicists, who also claim to be buddhists. The more "rational" ones further qualify the latter by saying "non-practicing".

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Causal 8/30/13 1:43 PM Lets be frank here. "Manifest in the hands" is redundant. Oversoul. But for various reasons samana was removed and realised through an indrection path and methodology and this defines various sects such as tantra. Not below the navel and not above the sternum! No! Do not make this mistake. Notice that the term sentient is used. Tao or Will vs. Buddhism at best was nothing more than just a cover story for us. This is basically a kind of trick like adding a spoiler onto you car. there is really nothing to it. ect probably because it was simply easyer to understand. The Yi is right down there in the pit of the stomach. Superconscious as the case may be). As a further extention we also have the Cosmic mind. The YI and the AH and these both correlate to the same general thing. http://pragmaticqigong. It is the YI that brings everything into equalibrium. The samana prana does all this and more. Its simply the intonation of YAM with the palms at the level of the heart like one is praying. With the addition of the YI with the AM we have a starting in the pit then moving to the throat. And this is most commonly known simply as SAMANA.Pragmatic Qigong: Unitarian thunder magic: Bodhi vs. Christos is 5th dimensional. Do not mix philosophys! No real master or guru would have let you get past day one without making things very clear on this issue. there is a larger issue here that needs to be dealt with. There is a kriya for this if you will. Manifest in latin and sanskrit (phonetically similar) means literally "Hands". Consequently this is the same location of Hiromi or windhorse. The mantra YAM has two parts. Its very easy to see where this gets to be a mess going from the square to the cube to the 5th dimensional cube then refering to the oversoul as Christos (tesseract). In other words this establishes the heart of a cultivated man (a sentient being) as being between the sternum and the navel. The goal is to bring everything into control of the center. The AH character in sanskrit is attributed to the throat it is thusly a sky-blue color. How can animals realise dharana and dhyana? How can a Hun spirit or Po spirit or Ghoul or Vampire or a Rock realize any of these things? This is why the chinese diagram putting the "Spleen air" or Yi in the middle betwen "Kan and Li" and "Green dragon and White tiger" is important. Supreme unity. Animals dont have a subconscious. Make no mistake about it. Noumenon. For all intents and purposes we can ommit the YI as you notice all the bijas end in AH anyways. Samaya or Samanta all have the same root word SAMA or SAMAN you cannot escape this. Define sentient being. As I said sanskrit is an agglunative language which means you take a larger word or even a sentence and compress it into a smaller word. Bodhi is 7th dimensional. I'll leave that for another day. Your opinions and interpretations have no place We have the cosmic mind and the cosmic soul which to put things into confucian terms the cosmic mind of a group such as old people doing qigong in a park eg. Personal will vs. The YAM sound help us to realize the ability to heal with the sound by allowing subconscious projection upon the vibration (modulation) of the vocal chords. We have the device side. In modern terms we have a tablet or android phone. Animals cant meditate (Dhyana). We come to a basic understanding of the issue as this: Someone may have thought that the concept of "emptyness" or to use chinese terms Zhongding was superior to Soul. Meditation means literally to Superimpose. Clearing the air in terminology is one step. However. RIGHT? We take AH out and work with it to establish its importance as a basis for this school of thought. It is not arbitrary we simply dont associate our personal and idiosyncratic meaning to something. Ghosts dont have a connection to divine will. Now let me clairify things a bit more on the two parts of YI and AH. They are not the same but may use equivalent protocols. doing the same thing the same time the same way in the same place creates a cosmic soul (group cosmic mind) and you can connect to that and that acts as a "divine will" or "oversoul" as the case may be.html Page 2 of 3 . This is not christianity. the heart which is located in the thorax. Divine will and Causual body (common tao) versus Constant tao (Brahma. What we would attribute to the 3rd house. This is in other words the intrathoracic mantra.blogspot. we have the application side and we have the pc side. Putting that aside Kenotic means to clear the individual will so it can connect to the divine will. Define human being. Brahma.

Posted by Ordos Incorporated at 6:26 PM Recommend this on Google No comments: Post a Comment Enter your comment. It aligns divine will with personal will.html Page 3 of 3 . It helps to balance will and make sure that it is used in a positive way. Causal 8/30/13 1:43 PM But not the physical heart! Example: Wild Yam(Dioscorea villosa): This essence governs the willpower.Pragmatic Qigong: Unitarian thunder magic: Bodhi vs.. The energy sent through distant healing will be strengthened.. http://pragmaticqigong. Powered by Comment as: Publish Google Account Preview Newer Post Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Home Older Post Simple template. Tao or Will vs.