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Technical Data Sheet

BHC309Z 8.500 in (215.9 mm) x 4.000 in (101.6 mm) Core Bit

The QuickCore™ BHC309Z core bit is designed for use in a wide variety of formations. This low invasion design incorporates ports in the face of the bit which divert drilling fluid away from the core and optimize the cooling and cleaning of the cutters.
Standard Features

BHC309Z 8.500 in (215.9 mm) x 4.000 in (101.6 mm) Core Bit IADC M-443

The BHC309Z core bit uses a short parabolic profile to core at optimum penetration rates and reduce the likelihood of jamming. This particular design controls the aggressiveness of the cutters, resulting in high overall ROP.
Cutter Technology

The cutter layout is designed to ensure that each successive cutter has its own clear path for removal of cuttings from the cutter face. The premium Zenith™ PDC cutters reduce shear forces, significantly improving penetration rates in hard formation.
Gauge Configuration

The OD gauge of the BHC309Z features flush set, tungsten carbide inserts. These wear resistant low-friction gauge pads are fundamental components of forced-balance technology. The ID gauge of the BHC309Z incorporates shaped PDC trimmers.

Technical Specifications
Hole Size Core Size Core Barrel Size Body Type Number of blades Number of Nozzles/Ports Total Flow Area (TFA) Port Flow Area (PFA) / Total Waterways (TWW) Cutter Quantity OD Gauge Length & Type ID Gauge Length & Type Updrill Junk Slot Area Overall Length Length to Shoulder Makeup Torque Recommended Operating Parameters Flow Rate Rotation Speed Maximum WOB 8.500 in (215.9 mm) 4.000 in (101.6 mm) 6.750 in (171.4 mm) HT30 Infiltrated Tungsten Carbide (matrix) 9 9 - 0.250 in Ports 1.84 in2 (1187.1 mm2) 0.44 in2 (283.9 mm2) / 1.40 in2 (903.2 mm2) 87 / 0.375 in (8 mm) 2.000 in / (50.8 mm) 0.590 in / (15.0 mm) N/A 6.99 in2 (4509.7mm²) 16.79 in (426.5 mm) 10.98 in (278.9 mm) 30.000 ft-lbs (40.675 Nm) 250 - 500 gpm (946 - 1892 lpm) 60 - 240 rpm 45.000 lbs (20.4 metric tons)

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