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A Project Report Presented to the Faculty of the School of Management & Entrepreneurship AURO University Surat

In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Business Administration

Submitted by: VISHAL PATEL

Submitted to: SUBHAJIT CHAKRABARTY Management Information System DECEMBER 2013

I ISHAL PATEL, hereby submit my report on Song bird bakery management using database entitled to MR. SUBHAJIT CHAKRABARTY our module leader.And truthfully declare that the above-titled report is a product of my original research investigation. I further declare that, should the school eventually discover that a substantial portion of my paper is lifted, in to, from original sources, using exactly the words of the author in more than 50% of the whole content, I reserve the right to AURO University, Surat to recall my MBA Diploma and cancel the degree granted to me.

Signed this day of __________________________ at AURO University, Surat

___________________________ MBA Candidate

I heartily wish to extend heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to numerous Mentors, benefactors, and constituents who have collectively endowed the Wherewithal, faith and encouragement for me to navigate and complete my Project journey. To Professor Kamlesh Mishra, my primary advisor and unflagging advocate, who mustered devoted, continuing, innovative and adaptive mentorship to impel and shepherd my checked efforts through diverse and abounding challenges, I extend my deep and abiding respect and many, many thanks. To MrSubhajitChakrabarty, my supporting advisor, who gently and patiently endured my academic tardiness, I offer commensurate veneration.

To the faculty and staff of the School of Management and Entrepreneurship, AURO University, Surat.


INTRODUCTION 1. functions and programs of NGOs. where the organisation does not runs by any members income but it works from donation and sponsorship. In the long run. through capacity building.3 MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM The organized study of information which is needed for organization’s management at different level whether in making. functions and roles which assist community to become empowered. an MIS can include software that helps in decision making. broadly refers to a computer-based system that provides managers with the tools to organize. In order to provide past.1. It conducts programs which uplift its community. evaluate and efficiently manage departments within an organization.2 AKA . consistent and timely manner. children etc. present and prediction information. . The basic objective is to design and implement processes and routines which provide suitably detailed reports in an accurate. people management and project management applications. the hardware resources of a system.NGOs plays a vital role in the community. It works for the public welfare and public good. youth’s. planning and evaluating community initiation and solving problems to gain the mastery over their lives. 1.AN NGO This NGO works for the betterment of its community. adults. It assists the communities to discover their own potentials and rely on their own resources. In short. tactical. Programs and events which it conducts emphasis always on some or the other kind of learning.Whether it’s a physical activity program or the mental activity program or some classes etc. Management Information System. it gives sustainable development to the underdeveloped community. 1. and eventually attain sustainable development with equal human rights given to all the community. this paper demonstrates that all these programs and functions of NGOs could contribute towards the realization of sustainable community development as a whole. develop community capacities such as ability. senior citizens etc. It has no profit no losse nature. strategic decisions. decision support systems.1 NGO MANAGEMENT NGO are the non government organisation which work for the betterment of the comman man. It also motivates the community to participate in the projects and help them to improve quality of their lives. NGOs mobilize the communities to be self-reliant. operational etc. this economic empowerment will contribute to sustainable community development of men. NGOs have many programs. Furthermore. data resources such as databases. It conducts program for all kinds of age group like for children. where all the programs are funded by the sponsors. and any computerized processes that enable the department to run efficiently. This paper reviews some of these roles. women. It believes in the overall development of each and every person in the community. So the paper deals with sustainable development and the human rights which can play a significant role in helping to achieve human security and also social modernization. NGOs. skill and knowledge of mobilizing resources.

1 FUNCTIONALITY The following functionality is required – (a) The system will provide details of events taking place in Song Bird Bakery. (b) The list of staff working in a particular project will be provided.2.3 HARDWARE The following are the hardware required -- . (g) The system will offer the list of bills billed by a particular bill name. (d) The list of projects working whose status is completed or incomplete. 3. 3. (e) The list of sponsors who give their sponsorship in a particular period of time. REQUIREMENT 3.2 SOFTWARE The following are the software requirement --  Easy instalment  Easy upgradation  Scalable  Secure  portable 3. (f) The system will deliver the list of events which took place in Surat region. OBJECTIVES  To understand the information system requirements of aSong Bird Bakery. (c) The system will provide details of the list of members located in a particular region.  To develop an MIS for a Song Bird Bakery.  To implement the MIS as part of learning for a University course. (h) The list of bills billed and received payment can also be provided by this system.

City. Street Address. Product Type) CUSTOMER This table contain detail customer(ID.  Mouse. Minimum RAM is 256MB. First Name. Email. Zip Code. Add to mailing Listing?.  Minimum Hard Disk is 20 GB. Other Note) . State. Phone Number.  Any regular colour monitor. Last Name.  Keyboard.  CATEGORIES This table contain detail of Categories (ID. Phone Number.



Product ID.MENU ITEMS This table contain detail Menu Items(ID. sale Unit ID. Price) .

Quantity) . Menu Item ID. Order ID.ORDER ITEMS This table contain detail Order Items (ID.


Pre Order. Notes. Pickup Date) . Customer ID.ORDER TABLE This table contain detail Order Table(ID. Paid.

Product. Sales Unit . # of sales unit Sold. Actual # Sold) .DECEMBER 2013 This table contain detail Orders: December 2013 (Product Types. Value of Sales Unit.

Description) . Product Name.PRODUCT TABLE This table contain detail Product Table(ID.

Product Name. sales Unit Val) .SALES UNIT This table contain detail Sales Unit(ID.

Explanations of these queries are as given.1 Cakes and pies sold:. . There are several queries related to the tables prepared.this query shows that which cakes is sold in how much quantity. 5.5. SQL view and output of this query is shown below.QUERIES A precise request for information retrieval with database and information systems is called a query.

2 Customers who’ve ordered from nearby towns:.5. SQL view and output of this query is shown below. .This query shows that which customer is ordering from the nearest supplier.

5.this query shows the all custmoers who have ordered twice.this query shows that which custmer has given order on what date and has paid or not. SQL view and output of this query is shown below. . SQL view and output of this query is shown below.3 Duplicate Query Customers: .4 Orders query:. 5.


5.products detail discription is shown in this query. .5 Product query: . SQL view and output of this query is shown below.

5. . SQL view and output of this query is shown below.6 Menu items ordered: .this query shows which item is ordered in how much quntity.



.1 Following is the report of the query where list of all staff who is working on the particular project is named.6. REPORTS 6.

.2 Following is the report of the query where list of all staff who is working on the particular project is named.6.3 Following is the report of the query where list of all staff who is working on the particular project is named. 6.

4 Following is the report of the query where list of all staff who is working on the particular project is named. .6.


.6.5 Following is the report of the query where list of all staff who is working on the particular project is named.




6 Following is the report of the query where list of all staff who is working on the particular project is named.6. .



And so one can get all the information at whatever time they require them in the future.BENIFITS AND FUTURE WORK From this report we can analysis that the Song Bird Bakery if done with the help of MIS on database will be very useful and from this records any one can keep a track of what is going in the Song Bird Bakery.CONCLUSION Using database one can keep a track on what is going in the Song Bird BakeryIt is very useful for each and every one in today’s world to keep a track on the field in which they are working. how many events need a push meaning need to be taken care off. how many times can they give their sponsorship. 8. how many projects are going on. etc. . All these benefits of keeping a track or say are record is only possible if we take the help of database from MIS. how much staff is required. how many sponsors are available. the place from which maximum sponsorship is bough in. how much payment is done. how many projects are completed. which member operates from which place. how many people are ready to give their sponsorship.7. how many members are there in the Song Bird Bakery. how many bills are made. how much payment is on credit and how much on cash. This report shows a glance of how Song Bird BakeryManagement can be done with the help of database in MIS. how many events takes place in a particular year.