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syllabus: constitutional law I description: an in depth study of the structure and powers of the government of the republic of the

philippines, and treats of the relation between the state and its body politic. specifically, dealing with the nature of the state, supremacy of the constitution and the observance of the tenets of democracy in the different workings of government organizations and operations. chapter i- general considerations a. political law and constitutional law, concept, relation, definition -macariola v. asuncion, 114 scra77(1982) a1. role of constitutional law -authority v. liberty/right and responsibility chapter ii-constitution a. concept and purpose b. distinctions from inferior laws c. classification c1. as to form-written and unwritten -the magna carta of great britain, june 15, 1215 c2. as to origin c3. as to manner of amendment d. qualities of a good written constitution d1. brevity d2. clarity d3 comprehensive e. essential parts of a constitution -preamble, true office and function e1. constitution of liberty e2. constitution of government e3. constitution of sovereignty chapter iii-state a. definition and concept

natural born citizens-sec 2 d2. concept. ca 63. of sept. distinction from nation c. administrative screening but confirmation by legislation -see loi 270.see commonwealth no. 41 scra 292 f. judicial. 1989 . state and nation f. citizenship and suffrage b1. origin d. who are citizens? art iv. elements of state-people. en masse e2. modes of acquisition c1.sec 2 e. citizenship by naturalization e1. the philippines. sec 1 c. civil code-state as a juridical person b. of immigration.. naturalization d. sec 1 d1. kinds: natural born. structure e. legislative-individual. territory. 63 -see pd 725(1976) -frivaldo v. naturalized-art iv. comelec. a state? chapter iv-people a.b. 176 scra 1(1989). naturalized citizens. comelec. citizenship.44. 473 e3.sovereignty (minority view to include recognition and high level of civilization) -the vatican. government. res. jus sanguinis c2. loss and reacquisition -art iv. as element of state -art. ca no. sec 3. distinguished from nationality b2. 174 scra 245(1989) -labo v. 26. comm. pd 491 -moya lim yao v. jus soli c3.

a. 4 art vi. ra 5446 -pd 1596(june 11. and other submarine areas. insular shelves. dual allegiance. 159 scra 364(1989) -aznar v. seabed. manzano. comelec g. philippine territory c1. generally terrestial. occasion for exercise -election -plebiscite -initiative and referendum art xvii. subsoil.-yu v. 1978) -pd 1599(june 11. 185 scra 703(1990) -jao v. 3. and fluvial. sec 2. terrestial. sec 5 h. philippine archipelago c2. airspace. -art i. concept h2. 121 scra 358(1983) -mercado v. suffrage-art iv. other territories over which the philippines has sovereign jurisdiction 1. airspace c. components. elements. concept b.const. sec 1 -ra 3045. sec 4 h1. maritime and fluvial. eez . art iv. sec 16 r. republic. sec 32 art xiii. 6735 chapter v-territory a. 1978) -200 mi. comelec. qualifications and disqualifications h3. maritime. defensor-santiago. -valles v.

1930) . 100 phil 468 e. gr 713148.73972.-kalayaan islands a. flashpoint in international law -philippine claim to sabah -unclos convention on the law of the sea(1982) sec 46-54 -law of the sea(other sources. 20 -marine radio communicationn assn. distinguish from state. aspects . may 22. administration c. reyes. nacoco.. sec 4.73990. aquino. aristocracy.see ii. democracy -according to relationship of executive to legislative. sovereignty-definition. treaty between spain and the us(nov 7.k.a spratley claim. a primer on the law of the sea (1997)pp. treaty between us and great britain(jan 2. tribunal) limits of the archipelago 1. treaty of paris. art iii(1898) 2. v. 1900) 3. 191 scra 205(1990) chapter vii -sovereignty and jurisdiction a. classification -according to legality of creation. int'l. 1986 -according to division of powers within the state-unitary and federal -according to number of persons exercising powers. v. duty of gov't. functions -bacani v. mixed -according to accountability to people-autocracy and democracy d. pres. 75-95 chapter vi-government a.presidential and parliamentary. definition jure and de facto -lawyers league for a better phils.

1992 1993) -rep v. ruiz. basis -us v. 219 scra 192 (mar 1.1. rosa mining co. penal code 2. civil code c. 1994) -jusmag v. ca 327. 136 scra 487 (may 22. art 2189. personal-art 15. how consent is given -rep v. 51 scra 346 (1973) . pabalan.0. indivisibility 3. purissima. 78 scra 470 (1977) -pnb v. 2189 ncc. 34 phil 311 (1916) -usa v. 1985) -holy see v.1. min. inalienability -acquisition b. 83 scra 595 (1978) -merritt v. immunity from suit -art xvi.-essential qualities 1. 1994) -us v. classes 2. nlrc. sec 3. reyes. rosario.2. concept 2. 238 scra 524 (dec 1. 54 scra 83 (1973) -rep v. 182 scra 644 (1990) 2. 1981) c1. rev. jurisdiction 1. sandoval.0. extraterritorial-art 2. 156 scra 1(1987) 2.3. 239 scra 224 (dec 15. action v. pd 1807(jan 16. -act no. pva. legal omnipotence -sta. of pi. civil code 2. villasor. v. govt. public officials -del mar v. guinto. 220 scra 124 c2. of natural resources. territorial-art 14. 3083.

sec 2. 79 scra 17 (sep 9. 136 scra 487 (1985) -sanders v. 40 scra 465 (1971) -amigable v. judge firme. cuenca. veridiano. 43 scra 360 (1972) . monte de piedad. imperium: act of state -go tek v. 196 scra 206 2. 31 scra 616 (1970) -rep v. 87 scra 294 (1978) -us v. 182 scra 644 (1990) 2. 23 scra 899 -mun of makati v. 162 scra 644 (1990) -us v. parents patriae -govt. san diego. 195 scra 616 (1970) chapter viii. distinguish between suability and liability -mun of san fernando v. implied consent -ministerio v. guinto. 1977) c. of public highways v.2.santiago v. rights and prerogatives of states a. 35 phil 728 (dec 13.3. scope of consent -comm. ca. of pi v. cfi of cebu. deportation board. regalian doctrine d. dominium -art xii. rights existence and self-preservation equality independence: territorial and personal sovereignty good name diplomatic interchange b. ruiz. 1916) . palacio.2.4. republic.

117 scra 668 (sept 16. 1976) -mitra v. 19.-cabanas v. comelec. 88211 a2. 1974) chapter ix -adoption and amendment of constitution a. 1997 a2. comelec. . 1995) gr 967521 b.l-32432 -javellana v. constitutional convention. comelec. electorate. comelec. 245 scra 253(jun 22. legislature. 1973. 104 scra 59 (april 4. proposing-agent-legislature: concon/concomm. manglapus. 270 scra 108 (mar. sec. 1970) gr. methods of amendment -art xvii. 41 scra 702 (oct 16. 1989) gr. 50 scra30 (mar 31. 23 sept. membership -tolentino v.electorate. participantsa1. 1987 consti. 58 scra 94 (jul 25.. 1971) c. government structures under: -1935. sec 1-4 -imbong v. 1981) chapter x -structure of government a. orbos. pilapil. 1997) -pirma v. underlying priciples a1. ratification -gonzales v. separation of powers and corollary principles -marcos v. stages in adoption: proposal. submission. comelec. 1973) -sanidad v. comelec. non-delegation of powers -chiongbian v. ratifying agent. conventions b. 35 scra 28 (sept 11. comelec. other agents -defensor santiago v.1967) d. 21 scra 74(nov 9. 73 scra 333(oct 12.

sec 13 art vi -prohibitions. discipline of members. 1995) gr 119976 -aquino v. officers. sec 12. pacana. 1946) l-543 . 1985) l-61859 -conflict of interest. 248 scra 400 (sep 18. 1982) gr 53869 -adaza v. journal -avelino v. duty to disclose.(impeachment initiation case)(nov 10. 17 scra 376 (aug 3. 15 scra 479(dec 18. cabangbang. 242 scra 211(mar 7. 1949) l-2821 -vera v. art vi sec2 -house. 2003) gr 160261 a2. 20. election. house of rep. composition and appointment -senate. 113 scra 31(mar 25 1982) gr 51122 -villegas v. comelec. 1960) gr l-17144 -jimenez v. 135 scra 431 (18 mar. sessions. organization and membership a1. 113 scra 39 (25 mar. 77 phil 192 (aug 31. 1965) gr l-23326 -osmena v. 109 phil 863 (oct 28. 1966) gr 15905 a4. quorum. de guzman. cuenco.1995) gr 120265 a3. gimenez. legaspi.chapter xi -legislative department a. 248 scra 300 (sep 18. comelec. art vi -internal government 1. disqualifications and disabilities -incompatible and forbidden offices.compensation and privileges -philconsa v. art vi sec 5-8/ ra 7941 -mariano v. pendatun.1995) gr 118577 -francisco v. term and contests -qualifications -residence -marcos v. avelino. comelec. 83 phil 17(mar 4. sec 14 art vi -puyat v.

b. 214 scra 292 (aug 20. title of bill 2. enriquez. legislative inquiries. judges assn. electoral tribunals and comm. 27 scra 703(nov 11. 1962) l-19721 -abbas v. 166 scra 651 (oct 27. cuenco. 236 scra 506 -power of taxation. 180 scra 496 (dec 21. pineda. prado.1992) 106971 -bondoc v. alba. set. pons. effectivity of laws . procedure of enactment 4. 168 scra 391 (dec 8. 5 scra 1 (may 10. non-delegation of powers. 78 phil 1 -phil. submission to president 5. 148 scra 197 -guingona v. 1939) 2. non-encroachment on other departments -constituent powers. legislative process 1. scope and limitations -concurrence in treaties and international agreements -war powers -power to fix tariff rates. lopez vito. 34 phil 729 (aug 12. v. 1916) 11530 -mabanag v.1991) 9771 -powers and functions-3 inherent powers -no power to pass irrepealable laws. supra (oct 28. hret. pendatun. etc. carague. 1988) 84297 -daza v. 103 phil 1051(feb 28. 201 scra 292 (sep 26. substantive requirements and limitations 6. origination 3. 1988) l-83767 -lazatin v. 1960) -us v. on appointments -tanada v. 1989) 86344 -guingona v. singson. 196 scra 221 -philconsa v. tan.-osmena v. 1957) l-10520 -cunanan v. gonzales. appropriation -demetria v.

247 scra 652 -philconsa v. govt. enriquez. 50 phil 259 -marcos v. 146 scra 446 -eo 200 (jun 18. carale. mison.-lidasan v. de leon. 167 scra 393 -power of control -power of appointment -springer v. the president -qualifications -term. prerogatives -executive power -webb v. 136 scra 27. comelec. 151 scra 208 -chiongbian v. 50 phil 259 -sarmiento v. 1987) chapter xii -executive department a. 235 scra 506 -springer v. compensation. supra -tanada v. manglapus. orbos. of finance. makasiar. videogram regulatory board. 177 scra 668 -executive immunity -soliven v. 158 scra 549 -quintos-deles v. tuvera. 6734 -tolentino v. sec. disabilities -vacancy. 208 scra 254 . govt. 177 scra -calderon v. concomm. 285 scra 253. 21 scra 496 -tio v. functions. succession -impeachment -prohibitions 1. powers.

supra -olaguer v. drillon. executive clemency (pardoning power) -pardon. comm. 208 scra 133 . 121 acra 538 -aquino v. 59 scra 183 -aquino v. 2. garcia. mil. ponce enrile. macaraeg. supra -deportation of undesirable aliens -treaty making. suspension of the writ of habeas corpus 3. gella 7. 121 scra 472 -morales v. deportation board. 42 scra 448 -garcia-padilla v. 150 scra 14 4. no.-power of removal -commander in chief powers 1. 9 scra 27 -go tek v. military powers 2. power over foreign relations -gonzales v. mil. comelec. veto power -gonzales v. 191 scra 452 -bengzon v. no. martial law -lansang v. ponce enrile. definition and distinctions -kinds. hechanova. deportation board. supra 6. comm. effects -commutations. executive agreements -qua chee gan v. ponce enrile. 63 scra 545 -sanidad v. reprieves -amnesty 5. executive legislation. art vi sec 23 -rodriguez v. 34.

176 scra 393 b. inhibitions. the vice-president chapter xiii -judicial department 1. 94 phil 534 3. administrative functions chapter xiv. admission to the bar -in re: cunanan. reorganization. compensation. manglapus.lower courts-establishment and jurisdiction. 117 scra 668. makasiar. 235 scra 506 8.the constitutional commissions -common provisions on compensation. supreme court-membership.-philconsa v. discipline 3. disqualifications. enriquez. power to appoint personnel. qualifications. immunity from suit -soliven v.judicial power in general-in re sotto (contempt) 2. judicial and bar council -powers and function 1. rule making. removal 2. power over local governments 9. 178 scra 760 10.constitutional requirements for exercise of powers -rule making functions. compensation. qualifications. tenure. residual powers -marcos v. appointment. composition. tenure. autonomy. procedure the civil service commission -no partisan political activity -right to self organization -right to strike the commission on elections -administrative functions -adjudicatory or judicial -registration and accreditation of political parties .

sandiganbayan 2. services and resources 5. commission on indigenous cultural minorities chapter xv -local governments 1. special prosecutor 4. creation. autonomous regions-creation. comelec. napolcom 9. 1997) 4. central monetary authority 6. powers. general supervision by the president 2. agency on cooperatives 7. general supervision by the president chapter xvi -accountability of public officers -public office as public trust .(mar 5. neda 5. powers -revenue raising and taxing -share in the national taxes -share in the proceeds of the national wealth -coordination of efforts.-rule making the commission on audit -powers and functions the commission on human rights -powers and functions agencies constitutionally mandated: 1. recall -malonzo v. abolition or division of lgu's 3. ombudsman 3. national language commission 8.

agrarian and natural resources g. health and environment d.urban land reform and housing h. acquisition and disposition i. ermita (april 20.-neri v. protection of labor e. social justice and human rights c. republican state -adoption of generally accepted principles of international law -duties of states -separation of church and state -defense and police -family. youth. national economy and patrimony . and women -autonomy of lgu's -flag b. state relations and symbols -democratic. regulation of monopolies f. 2006) gr 169777* -impeachment -disclosure of assets. senate committee (may 2008) gr 180643 -neri v. peoples organization j. regulation of private land ownership. senate committee(sep 2008) Motion Reconsidered -senate v. liabilities and net worth -ban on financial accommodations -actions for recovery of illegally acquired wealth agencies for accountability -congress by impeachment -sandiganbayan -ombudsman -office of the special prosecutor chapter xvii -principles and policies a.

k. academic freedom m. communications . science and culture l. education.