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Summer Project Report

Unitech House, Unitech South City-1, Gurgaon

Author of the Report
Satish Kakani PGDMHR 2007-0 !nternationa" Manage#ent !nstitute, $e% De"hi

Organizational Coordinator
Ms& Shireen Cho'ra Manager- HR, Unitech (t)&

Project Title
!n)uction Master Duration- *1st +'ri", 200, to 11th -une 200,.

Submission Date
11th -une, 200,


The summer internship, one of the critical components in the MBA program provides the students with hands on experience of the corporate world. I have been able to accomplish this only with the help of able guidance and support from various people. irstly, I would than! Unitech and IMI, New Delhi for providing me this wonderful opportunity to wor! with a dynamic team of "uman #esource $epartment at %nitech. I would li!e to than! Ms. Pratibha Mala i!a, "ice Presi#ent$ Gr%&' (ea# (), Unitech, for her invaluable support and for providing me with a learning environment. I would also li!e to express my deep gratitude towards my pro&ect mentor Ms. Shireen Ch%'ra, Mana*er$() Unitech, for giving me valuable inputs from time to time which helped me to ma!e necessary improvements in my pro&ects. I than! her for her incredibly genuine guidance and also for being so patient in answering my 'ueries during the pro&ect. I also express my “Sincere Thanks” to Ms. S& arna Cha+rab%rt!, Mana*er$() Unitech, who guided me in the "#I( pro&ect, and to Mr. Pan+a, Ailawa#i, Mana*er$(), Unitech who guided me for the training benchmar!ing pro&ect. )ast but not the least I would li!e to than! the incredible staff of %nitech for providing me the support I needed throughout the period.


apital #egion =<. rom power transmission lines and highways to theme par!s. In 1431. (oon .An undisputed real estate leader and the first to receive the coveted I(2?4--10*--.----. . . this was !nown as 1lobal Business /ar!. crore.#> focused real estate developer. In the seventies they got into construction business and later in the mid eighties they focused on more on real estate and they started to buy land in 1urgaon.O)GANO-ATIONAL P)O. *. )a0esh Chan#ra an# Unitech/ #amesh . . Thirty0seven years later. from indoor stadiums to C . and (ABs. %nitech has fast established a pan India presence. In 1446 %nitech built its first commercial office complex. with an investment of &ust #s. In the next six years.handra came to India after the India0/a!istan war. he chose to &oin government service as a pool officer at a research centre in #oor!ee. Amusement par!s.ILE (ist%r!/ Around four decades ago four young technocrats from IIT +haragpur.handra found the scope 8too limited9 for his area of expertise. "otels. from steel plants to residential developments. is among top *.ommercial@ Information Technology =IT> par!s. rom being a <ational . A post graduate in structural engineering from the %niversity of (outh "ampton in the %+. )td0 a soil mechanics and foundation engineering consultancy. %nitech has the most diversified product mix comprising #esidential. . "e is once again ran!ed by orbes as the second richest self0made millionaire in India and among the top seven in Asia. founded %nited Technical . 2n 13th 2ctober. real estate companies in the world. 145. %nitech )td. largely on overseas contracts from )ibya. It too! eight years before his business cloc!ed a crore in turnover.onsultants /vt. /ushing aside offers from the private sector. In the nineties they started to wor! on middle income residential housing pro&ects. the business grew 8rapidly9 to #s *.handra changed tac! to construction as the mar!et was virtually limitless. the name was changed to %nitech )td.handra started his own structural design practice and started %nitech Technical . today is a leading real estate company in India with a mar!et capitali:ation of around %(. today %nitech )td.status in <orth India.handra7s story could well be India7s best rags0to0riches story. #etail. .onsultants with five others.billion and a huge potential for growth.

#eebo!. G .residential pro&ects. %nitech commands strong brand e'uity as also a pan India presence with focus on residential development 0 the most profitable real estate segment. ritolays.allison Inc =%(A>. It has an impressive mFlange of heavy construction. including shopping malls and various types of dwelling units. . International "otel 1roup. #MDM =%+>. Today. ran!s amongst the top . . "ewitt.commercial properties as well as many flyovers..anada>. transmission lines. %nitech )td. schools. %nitech has long partnered with internationally acclaimed architects and design consultants including . A$(. Axxon Mobil.16-. roads. (eagrams.#eal Astate companies of the world.onsultancy and Management ee for turn!ey operations. mar!eting of real estate ventures for associate and &oint ventures. The #s. "2+ =%(A> and many others for various pro&ects. /erfetti.apital #egion. airports. Its clientele for commercial pro&ects include global leaders such as its wor! is pioneering and always challenging. hospitality business and development of mini cities@townships construction of residential and commercial complexes. . =. powerhouses. The company at present is in the process of building 'uite a few retail and entertainment pro&ects. %nitech has been !eeping pace with the rapid growth in the Indian #eal Astate (ector and currently employs nearly *3-. hospitals and various types of other buildings@structures in India and abroad. (EA. (un )ife Insurance. %nitech has more than 1-. %B (tarcom. Its business operations comprise #eal Astate .onstruction activities include construction of highways.. AT +earney. hotels and transmission lines to its credit. leisure and entertainment pro&ects.people. Bharti Televentures. ord Motors. It wriggled out of the shadows of real estate giants li!e $) to gradually assert itself in the real estate mar!et of the <ational . <i!e.crore %nitech 1roup is one of the ma&or township planning and real estate development companies in India. IBM $a!sh and )owe. refineries. It is unmatched in overseeing pro&ect execution.onvergys. The achievements have been made possible by the highly motivated wor!force who is committed to deliver 'uality and design excellence for this generation and those following. %nitech7s enviable trac! record proves their ability to deliver. 2##A. hotels. +eane. highways.

. construction and mar!eting of real estate in the <.onvergys. hotels.  %nitech is also the longest listed real estate company in India.# region has led to some edifices %nitech )td also has 'uite a robust presence in commercial spaces. I. and construction of thermal power plants. even as these come complete with club. 1reenfield 2nline. %T (tarcom. Aach one of its pro&ects offers over 3-I to 4-I of green cover. flyovers. steel plants. amusement par!s. a virtual who7s who of Indian and multinational industry.  )eader in concetulai:ing new formats. which are completely self0sustained. transmission lines. Asahi India 1lass. . infrastructure development. The company has an important list of clients. %nitech 1roup is the largest listed real estate company in India with a mar!et capitali:ation of %($ * billion.I. #emfry and (agar. /I Industries.  2nly real estate company listed in <I TJ. industrial facilities. Hertex. #eebo!. %2/ India.creativity centers. #oyal Ban! of (cotland and many others figure in it.certificate. "ewitt. multiplexes and amphitheatres. 2sram. . central par!s. . 1illette. highways.%nitech7s expertise in infrastructure development is well recogni:ed and can be discerned in its development of residential townships. Its involvement in design. and overseas turn!ey pro&ects. schools .  Brand0neutral hotel partnership model. Axxon Mobil. planning. A$(. "/.  It is first real estate company in India to receive I(2? 4--10*--. 1eneral Motors. Avalueserve. Uni1&eness %2 Unitech/ %nitech pioneered the concept of self contained living habitats that complement nature. +eane.houses.  irst to have pan0India footprint.  )argest wealth creators in India. idelity Investments. %nitech has brought many firsts to the Indian real estate sector.hurchill India.

6 . Accessible and comitted top team  lexibilty  (peed in decision ma!ing  #espect and concern for people  A'ual playing field for men and women.

Bagged India7s )argest single )and deal. 13.onsolidated in 1uragon with (outh .%nitech 1rande..onstructed the #adisson "otel. Mumbai Antered Bangalore . %/ Too! +ol!ata by storm. Awarded the Title of Business (uperbrand Eon biggest land deal in India. $elhi Awarded the I(2 4--* certification )aunched the first of its mega residential pro&ect. %nitech entered <2I$A. "aryana. Astablished office in (ingapore 3 . CGC acres of prime land in <oida.Awarded the license for 1-. %/ Axpanded into 1reater <oida. *--6 *--3 %nitech started out as a company dealing in (oil Mechanics $iversified in to construction 1st International /ro&ect in Ira' and )ibya Hentured into #eal Astate and started shaping 1urgaon.Milest%nes/ 143* 143. Awarded .acres plot in Hi:ag. %niworld .ity in 1urgaon. with international specifications.acres residential pro&ect in Mohali.handigarh Amusement /ar! /ro&ect . "aryana Antered )uc!now.ity0I .ommenced operations in $ubai in March *--3. Awarded the Amity "# Axcellence Award. )aunched the most premium )uxury pro&ect in India. 1435 1456 1453 1455 144* 1446 1445 *--C *--G *--.

5 .

ity <2I$A. "yderabad. Transmission towers and Turn!ey pro&ects both in India and 2verseas. %nitech Trade Tower. Hillas. +ochi. %nitech . 1reater <2I$A and +ol!ata. /ower plant chimneys. O22ice an# IT 'ar+s/ %nitech (ignature Towers. #ow "ouses. of Eest Bengal for developing two (ABs. )etail an# A0&se0ent Par+s/ Antertainment . Hi:ag 4. %nitech is also a part of the consortium <ew +ol!ata International $evelopment /vt )td.ourse . Industrial civil structures. SE-s/ %nitech has received an in0principle approval for development of multi product (AB at +undli. ID/ Infrastructure $evelopment? %nitech was among the first players to enter organi:ed Infrastructure $evelopment and has wide ranging experience in construction of "ighways.hennai. that signed a contract with the 1ovt.--. )esi#ential S'aces/ development of Apartment .omplexes. %nitech Business /ar!.Areas %2 O'erati%n/ %nitech has a diversified real estate development portfolio comprising? 3. <2I$a. (iliguri. Infocity and Infocenter. 7. Adventure Island #ohini. 6. Millenium /la:a.acres. . Mumbai. %nitech at present has nearly C. 1lobal Business /ar!. Haranasi.ity and 1reat India /lace Mall <2I$A. 1olf . and $eveloped /lots. 5. uture residential pro&ects are at Agra. 1oa. Trivandrum. "aryana of nearly 1-.million s' ft of residential area under construction which probably is the highest in the country. Mohali. 4 . At present there are six infospace coming up in 1urgaon.ommunities.yber /ar!. .handigarh Antertainment .

• • • • • • • 1- . Identify areas with high growth potential in near future. Ac'uire land at the right price. To build whole communities across India.*11 acres. Affective utili:ation of capital for rapidly growing its pan0 India land ban! of 1G.Ke! Strate*! The +e! ele0ents %2 Unitech8s b&siness strate*! are/ • ocus on residential development =the most profitable segment> and outright selling of developed non0residential properties =the most capital intensive segment>. Balance the ownership model with the sales model. (tress on speciali:ation. Maintain the %nitech brand value.

<ow it is also planning to enter on a large scale in communication.The )%a# Ahea# %nitech as a leading real estate developer is well poised to benefit from the unprecedented growth being witnesses in the real estate sector in the country. It has built a large land ban! of over 1G. %nitech has also scaled up both its internal and external resources to be able to execute large pro&ects.. hospitality. education and hotel industry and is all set to embar! on a high growth path. 11 .-acres spread across some of the fastest growing cities in the country.

its previous. These "# polices included in the induction presentation involve mainly the compensation. including the terms K conditions governing his@ her relationship with the organi:ationL his leaves. offered a warm welcome.ect. The presentation also includes a detailed introduction about the company. )et7s have a loo! into the Induction process. there is some scope for improvement to ma!e the process more effective and efficient. Se1&ence 2%ll%we# • • • • In#&cti%n < br%a# % er iew Pr%ble0 i#enti2icati%n Meth%#%l%*! The Wa! Ahea# = I0'le0entati%n T(E INDUCTION MASTE) In#&cti%n The first day at the organi:ation for any new &oinee is a very important day for any person. The person handling the induction has to ta!e utmost care to ma!e it memorable and lively. salary details. current and upcoming pro&ects and the "# policies. is made to sit in a conference room. the "# staff had the duty to ensure that the first impression is positive and everlasting. benefits. The first impression of the company on any new &oinee is dependant to a great extent on the "#. benefits and training policy. (o. then ta!en through the documentation formalities. The &oinee comes to the office.P)O9ECT ACCOMPLIS(ED The In#&cti%n Master :Pr%ble0 S%l in* Pr%. leaves. welcomed with the welcome !it followed by a comprehensive presentation about the company. Although the "# department is ta!ing good care of the process. 1* .

duties and responsibilities. what a silly 'uestion indeed. As I have already explained. To familiari:e the employee with the organi:ation7s culture and values Pr%ble0 I#enti2icati%n This idea of coming up with an Induction master first struc! my mind when I had called the concerned person. This was the point of time I decided to come out with a master. (o. To ensure that the employee is familiar with the company7s policies. (he was hospitalised due to bad health but even then. the &oining formalities can be done effectively. . To facilitate and foster the employee7s social and professional integration into the wor!place. To enable the employee to obtain answers to his or her 'uestions and to access relevant information. the system of Induction K &oining was a typical example of a person based tas! and in case of any emergency. To support the employee and enable him or her to become autonomous as 'uic!ly as possible. the 2rgani:ational culture and finally. T(E INDUCTION P)OCESS/ 1. overtime.. To ascertain if the employee clearly understands the expectations with regard to his@ her tas!s.the $o7s and $ont7s. the process was bound to get effected because the specific domain !nowledge resided with only the person who was handling this at the organi:ation. 6. O>9ECTI"ES O. *. 3. To demonstrate to the new employee the company7s desire to help in his or her adaptation. salary account opening form. our Induction form expert. even in the absence of the particular employee due to any emergency or leave. there was an urgent need to call her up and as! for the formalities to be done with the "$ . as!ing a patient lying on a hospital bed to help out in filling the ban! form. the wor!ing hours. the Induction master. <ow with the process orientation ta!ing place. C. G. place of posting and reporting authority. my tas! now was to transform this person based approach to a process based approach. 1C .

the employees has to fill them and return bac! to the "# department. . Application form C. Mediclaim /olicy M =1> 1-.. 6. if in case the "$ . /ayment of 1ratuity <omination orms0 =*> 5.ode 1*. This whole repetition of the process causes delay and frustration for all the people concerned.>ene2its The main benefit is that the employees need not bother about filling the forms repetitively. Chec+list The proposed format contains the list of documents that needs to be filled along0with the detailed guidelines to fill up each and every form so that there is no scope for any discrepancy. Doining formalities0 forms filling *. orm 11 M / =1> M =*> orm 4 M / M =1> orm N * <omination K $eclaration forms M / 0 =C> 3. Ste's 2%ll%we# 1. Doining reports =*> G. Amployee . (ite Advice 11. Ban! Account 2pening form 1G . ban! salary account opening form gets re&ected. or eg. <((< form M =1> 4.

B Mobile /hone Mobile /hone (uperannuation A. . <o. 3 9%inin* )e'%rt @ 3 <ame to be filled $esignation with %nitech /lace of /osting =Doining> $ate of &oining $ate of 2ffer letter (ignature . <. B (uperannuation A.Additional (pecific forms depending upon the 1rade of the Amployee@ <ew Doinees Sn% 1 * C G . 6 M$III Hehicle #unning K Maintenance Mobile /hone M$I" M$" M$" ? = Ab% e Telephone Allowance Telephone Allowance Telephone Allowance Hehicle #unning K Hehicle #unning K Hehicle #unning K Maintenance Misc #eimbursement A.%r0. B Mobile /hone Maintenance Misc Maintenance Misc #eimbursement0 #eimbursement0 A. < in lieu Allowance Instr&cti%ns 2%r 2illin* &' the 2%r0/ A''licati%n 2%r0 (. B A. 1.%r0 33 :P. (. 10. 6 Amployment "istory Begin with your present employment =latest organi:ation you have wor!ed for prior to &oining %nitech> and wor! bac!wards. . B .? ill as per guidelines of the form (.

Age@ $2B . N%te? There are two tables out of which you are re'uired to fill your details in the first table =If you are married> and in the (econd Table =If you are single> Details 2%r Table @ 3 1. N%te/ /lease fill only the details mentioned below.%r0..There are two similar forms 11 of different colours which are to be filled with similar details. <ame of the nominee =anyone from the family members> *. <ame ather@ "usband@ Eife@ (on7s name $ate (ignature .%r0 A :P. .%r0 4 :N%0inati%n = Declarati%n 2%r0. Total amount in percentage to be shared with the nominee 6. N%te/ /lease fill only the details mentioned below. <ame K address of the family member =wife @children> *. /art A? =A/ > 1. (ignature at the bottom =Mandatory> Part >/ :EPS. Address of the nominee C. N%te/ /lease fill only the details mentioned below. As per guidelines 3. <ame ather@ "usband@ Eife@ (on7s name $ate (ignature . <ominee7s relationship with the member G. Age@ $2B 16 .

)eave blan! 6. (ex C. <ame K address of the family member =any> *. (ignature at the bottom of the page =Mandatory> . <ame in full <ominees • • • • <ame K address of the nominee #elationship with the employee Age@ $2B of the nominee /roportion by which the gratuity will be shared =in percentage terms> *06.. 3. General #etails 1. =To be left blan!> 1. <ame of the employee in full *.. $ate of appointment 5. )eave blan! 3.C. /ermanent address 4. #eligion G. Marital (tatus . :Pa!0ent %2 Grat&it!. ToOOOOO. Age@ $2B C. #elationship with member G. (ignature at the bottom of the page =Mandatory> Details 2%r Table @ 4 1. #elationship with member G. /lace 1-. (ignature 13 . $ate 11. #ead carefully the #ules.%r0 .

ity@ $istrict@ (tate@ %nion Territory@ .urrent / <o =if any> /ension account number =optional> ull name of the subscriber =<o Initials@ <o Titles@ /refix eg Mr. . Certi2icate b! E0'l%!er/ )eave Blan! =for official use> Ac+n%wle#*e0ent b! the e0'l%!ee $ate K (ignature NSSN :Nati%nal S%cial Sec&rit! N&0ber. even from the people &oining with you today.%r0 <ote? /lease fill in . Mrs. $ate of birth /lace of birth =Hillage@ Town @ . • • .> P irst name@ Middle name@ )ast nameQ • • • • • • • • • • • • ather7s name P irst name@ Middle name@ )ast nameQ Mother7s full Maiden name =Before marriage> P irst name@ Middle name@ )ast nameQ (ex. ill a new form in case of any mista!e.orrespondence address /ermanent address Amail =if any> <ame in Bloc! letters =As you want it to appear on the <((< card> ather7s name in Bloc! letters =As you want it to appear on the <((< card> (ignature /aste passport si:e photograph =Mandatory> Me#iclai0 P%lic! 15 . /lease ensure that eraser@ cutting@ overwriting@ white in! should not be used for correction.ountry> <ationality =/lease dar!en the corresponding circle as applicable> .A/ITA) Anglish letters using blue@ blac! ball pen.Declarati%n b! witness? A witness here can be anyone.

Site A# ice (ite advice to be given by "# department. If any #esidential Address (ignature of Amployee $ate (elf @(pouses and * children photograph to be pasted. It is to be given by "# department. • • • • • • • • • • • • <ame of the employee Amployee code =Ehich /resent site@)ocation =/lace of /osting> $epartment $ate of Doining 1rade =Ehich is mentioned on 2ffer@Appointment )etter> Amergency . >an+ Acc%&nt O'enin* 2%r0 14 .N%te/ Medical .ontact <umber =Mobile@)andline> Amail address.laim will not be processed without this form or with an incomplete orm. #eporting Manager Rualification of the new &oinee $ate of Birth Address of the (ite E0'l%!ee C%#e • • Amployee code is a uni'ue six digit number. It contains all details regarding • • • • • /lace of /osting. =--S S S S> which is different for every employee.

*- . <ext. or this purpose. =If want to register with net ban!ing> Mobile number and name of the connection to be filled= If want to register with Mobile ban!ing> /hotograph M =1> (igned a crossed 2ne signature in the signature box below the photograph.=mention name and signature> MotherUs maiden name is the mandatory field %nitechUs address should be mentioned in Mailing address <othing to be filled in the nomination column #esidential address should be mentioned as a /ermanent address A0mail address to be filled in bloc! letter.T T T T T T T T T T T T <othing to be filled in the /refix column ull <ame to be filled in bloc! letters with one space in between $ate of Birth /an card number@form 6. I too! a &oining set and with its help filled out the &oining form. Thus. There was a drastic change in the process. Analysis After finishing with the tas! of the instruction set. (ignature verification letter to be attached with the ban! form /hotograph M =1> (igned a crossed C (ignatures below the photograph <ote? The employee should submit a copy of all the documents about his academic records. wor! experience. it will help to save a lot of valuable time of the concerned "# staff and will also prevent any confusions or any probability of miscommunication. Si*nat&re "eri2icati%n letter T T . Interpretation The forms are very easy to understand and can be interpreted well even by any new person who is &oining the organi:arion. I thought to fill up and enclose a filled sample Doining set along0with the Induction masters so that any new &oinee can have a loo! at the filled in sample form for any clarifications. I thought to chec! it out myself.

#eferences? Annexure? • The Induction Master *1 www.economictimes.unitechgroup.